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BOG7- Teacher Functions

2004-08-13-Teacher Functions
Bogus Basin #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Teacher Functions
o 1.2 Group: Bogus Basin
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Lantarnek, Tomas, Althena, Arestion
o 2.2 TR: Rick Giles, Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Teacher Functions
Group: Bogus Basin
Teacher: Lantarnek, Tomas, Althena, Arestion
TR: Rick Giles, Gerdean


LANTARNEK:  I am one Melchizedek, I am Lantarnek.


LANTARNEK: I have accepted assignment upon this planet with the purpose of instilling morontia methods of progress. It is my desire to foster your pre-morontia unfoldment by overlaying patterns that are used in the training you will undergo subsequent to this human life. Primary in all attainment in personality ascension, in soul growth, is the acquirement for the ability to love. Love is the primary receptor, it is the opening to greater experience, it is the method whereby all learning take place. You are aware of the distinction between knowledge in the mind and experience in the soul. One learns in the mind and can do so without love. Soul learning requires love as its partner. Coupled with love and learning is the true test of your morontia training and that is living, living your experience ever adjusting and refining your understanding, ever deepening your ability to receive and express love.

This wonderful world of Michael is spectacularly beautiful. Were you able to draw far in miles from this little orb, you would be profoundly attracted to its vitality. Life crawls all over this rock, a cosmic ecology. You who identify with one or more expressions of spiritual ministry are part of the balance required to reveal the Father more fully. Existential absolute is impossible of description. Father presence is freely revealable, but Father is not simply one spark within one. Father turns in all directions through each one of you my friends.

While you seek ever more deeply the divine presence, and while you investigate further cosmic understanding of deity, remind yourself when you feel yourself inadequate as a representative of God, that you are his unique directional manifestation, and your neighbor is a complementary manifestation of a slightly different character. Assembled together you are as like a giant meadow of wildflowers.

Behold one in its’ beauty, behold all in its’ beauty. To you I give the salute from my order of beings for your dedication to the outworking of the plans for light and life upon your world. The work is great, your patience will be required coupled with your perseverance. My friends do not wait, work. Thankyou for allowing me into your consciousness this day. Thank you for reflecting upon my message. Love Michael, love his associate, Spirit Mother. Learn from one another, live for God, live for your fellow man. Thank you, I take my leave.

TOMAS:  I am Tomas. I am one of the teachers in the notable teaching corps that has approached you in terms of super-consciousness in order to adapt your lifestyles in ways that will lend you to be more spiritually fragrant to those who hunger and thirst for greater truth, beauty, and goodness. You are the seed planters, those who come before in order to till the soil, cultivate the land so that the seeds fall on fertile ground, and can be fertilized and watered by those who come after, creating a great swelling of collective consciousness that includes the divine and thus we embark upon the march to the next plateau towards planetary light and life and towards the ultimate goal of destiny for your superuniverse, even the overall scheme of all that is.

We are all advancing together and it is our intent to give you an appreciation of your place in this advancing reality. When we come to impart to you these views that we know and that you are eager to learn to take into yourself, there is always an outside chance that the news will befall you in such a way as to render you imbalanced. This has been our only concern in this project with mission of connecting you with greater consciousness and in the overall the good has so far outweighed any possible negative effects. We are encouraged to proceed in good faith that Gods’ divine will is being done and we are a part of it.

Welcome to this gathering, those of you who have been my comrades and associates for many years, and those of you I am only now beginning to make the acquaintance of. As in any relationship and any friendship, is a matter of spending time together and those of us who have spent many hours engaged in affectionate discourse of matters relating to the soul have grown within ourselves individually and have grown as a body, as a living organism of loving, laughing fellows in the greatest adventure of all time, that is coming to know God within yourself and enjoying his will, doing it as you pass by, as you develop yourself to be the best that you can be in terms of this wonderful reclamation project we have embarked upon.

It is good to see you discuss the merits of unity, building community, bridging gaps and spanning the globe for these planetary perspectives of the brotherhood of man is indeed our ultimate goal for Urantia, even as it continues to be our primary focus to deal with you, each one on one, to allow your soul to come forth from its’ encasement, its’ conditioning, it’s programming and allow these eternal parents to provide the impetus and inspiration for you to learn anew those values that the Father and the Mother would have you know that have been somewhat thwarted by your unfortunate history but we are reclaiming you from even that history and rendering you blameless as you become again as little children trusting the master teacher, Michael of Nebadon, our parent and brother to mold us in the way that only a true parent can do for his children.

We rejoice in the efforts ongoing and in front of us and behind us. The swell of divine love that has leapt into your own pores and that exudes the divine in your expression are the freeze of our labors. We love you with such an affection as you are only beginning to respond to in the way you are learning to find that same affection between yourselves. The Father is the source of this divine love and we give thanks to him today and everyday for the gift of life, the gift of freewill that has given us the key to open the many doors that he provides in our [only?] of many mansions but in the many available experiences to us here in particular on this experimental plane of Urantia.

Blessed be art thou, children and friends. We are here in mass, all of your great aunts and uncles and cousins surround thee, that family of celestial beings and have been rejoicing with you in the coming together of the factions of fraternity that will one day create the composite global family that will welcome the living Lord in its mix, by and through your making him available into your own heart, mind, soul, being. Amen and farewell.

ALTHENA:  Greeting to each of you, greetings to all, I am Althena. I too am a teacher, a cosmic citizen who has volunteered to live and learn and teach among you. As my brother Tomas has said, we truly love you with a deep and unending love, for we have many of us volunteered for entire periods of your history and we are able to see the astonishing importance of the coming together this gathering represents and other gatherings such as this.

The seeds of Light and Life are in your stillness. Seek in your stillness, open your heart to Michael and Mother Spirit, the Father, and as in your life you begin to perceive your particular sprouting seeds. what you in your uniqueness can allow to be born within you. Nourish this seed with your questions for Michael, for our Father, for any of us who work to assist you. Nourish your seed, your sprouting seed with your prayers. Attend to the yearnings within your spirit and your heart for these yearnings are also part of the nourishment your sprouting seeds require.

And when in your stillness you become aware of sprouting seeds that bring you joy, stimulate you with a vision of your destiny, then ask for guidance and strength in sharing the sprouting of your seed above the surface of your inner life, and seek to follow this growing plant into the relationships with your brothers and sisters, and seek to perceive the seeds, the sproutings, investive, hybridized, the seeds in you with the seeds in them. In discovering your mission, in discovering your mission of the moment or sometimes more than one mission, seek to perceive those missions of others with whom you may be brought in contact.

Seek opportunities to hybridize and remember that your relationships are the core of your potential to fulfilling your missions. Do not spurt ahead in your urge to fulfill your mission without honoring your opportunity to assist others in the growth of their spirit seeds and simply to enjoy one another’s friendship. In you, I repeat, are the seeds of Light and Life. I joy in this opportunity to assist you and accompany you on this journey, good day.

ARESTION: Greetings friends of my friend, Bill Bryan. I am Arestion whom I am a companion in the spirit. I thought since my companion, my buddy, told you his side of the story that I would tell you mine. I will make it very brief, but I thought it might be of interest to you who have shared this experiment and communication that you call the teaching mission, to understand a little bit more about this side of the perspective of human interaction.

Bill explained to you that he was sent a companion. It was sent out of his sense of loneliness and his aging body. He long had this quiet internal cry with his own personal teacher [ur???}. His own teacher being female of her origin, thought that it would be good to choose a man and made the request. Thus I came into the picture for I was at loose ends, short of receiving an assignment. This was my first assignment in such a manner on another planet. It was an exciting opportunity for me. The planet I came from is many, many, universes away from this one. My planet was settled in life and life, well established in light and life. I was chosen, I think as much because, I represented almost the polar opposite of what this planet experiences in terms of the turmoil and dysfunction that my planet had relatively long since overcome.

I view this as an opportunity of great learning for me, and that I would like to emphasize for you today in this small discussion, that we as teachers, companions, guides or whatever term you might choose to give to our relationship, it is an opportunity for us too. It is the way of the universe to learn not only in the role of teacher but also in the role of student, much like a ladder you climb. You are there to help someone below where you might have already trod but you are also there to take the hand of those who have gone before. Well I view this as a ladder that may not be in a hierarchical or upright manner but a horizontal manner.

My friend Bill has taught me many things. He has shown me the courage and the spirit of a mortal on a planet that is struggling to find itself in a comfortable spot in the universe. He has also shown me the majesty of great love for his companions, the people whom he comes in contact, and also his universal love goes beyond this planet, out into the cosmos. To me it is a very beautiful thing and that brings me to another reason why this assignment has been such a blessing to me.

I lived on a planet that had very little diversity in terms of its’ topography and even in its’ peoples. I really never had the opportunity on my planet to fully experience the beauty of such diversity and so it has been a revelation to me to witness the different cultures, peoples, languages, ways of relating and so on and just the simple glory of a very, very, beautiful, gorgeous planet in which to grow in the love of God. So for me it has been a rounding out and a fulfilling and enriching experience. I thought these few things that I could share with you would perhaps expand your concepts of what this conference is all about. I leave with you my final thoughts. May the peace of God abide within you.


ARESTION: May you share this peace wherever you go.

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