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SPK100- Confusion

Spokane #100


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Confusion
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Solonia
o 2.2 TR: Daniel Megow
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Confusion
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Solonia
TR: Daniel Megow


SOLONIA:  (T/R Daniel): This is your sister, Solonia. (Jill–Thank you for coming here tonight with us.) It is always a joy. It is one of the ways in which I can serve our Father. I would like you to remember back some years to when so many of us were teaching you in your Spokane group. Those were, indeed, interesting days. If you will remember, we had been telling you of a time soon to come in which changes would be occurring, and in which the majority of the people would be in a relative state of confusion as to what was going on. We explained somewhat that it would be a feeling, a pressure if you will, and that it would be difficult for many to cope in a spiritual manner with the pressures.

If you will also remember, we had told you that we were preparing you for these times, and that you were doing well with your individual preparations. And that whereas you also would feel the transition which would so confuse the majority, that with the stillness relationship with our Father, that you would be able to make the transition far more easily than most would be able to. Back when we spoke with you of this, you perhaps may have thought that the coming of this time was more imminent. Indeed, is that not a normal, human characteristic that most share? And yet, today I say that we are in this transition that you were preparing for, and that the time between then and now truly has been very, very short. Always will we have difficulties comprehending each other’s time frame. While we may understand it, it is still not something we have personally experienced in quite the same manner.

You can see that there is confusion. You have experienced in your own lives a certain difference. And yet, all is as expected. All goes forward according to The Divine Plan. Not all that happens in your observations are truly divinely planned for, but the evolution of human society and Divine Order are being served. It is easy to be distracted from your spiritual train of thought in transition times such as this. Do not judge yourselves harshly when you are unable to easily show forth the spiritual attitude that you know so well, for if you would observe all of your friends and acquaintances whom you know to be highly spiritual individuals as well, discernment will allow you to recognize that they all struggle through this, as well, in various different levels. I would remind you at this time of the antidote, so to speak, that we gave you back then.

Indeed, you already know what it is. It is the one- on-one, personal time with our beloved Father. It is stillness. It is meditation. It is at-oneness. It is time set aside from the daily toil to commune with your Divine Parent. Truly it is wonderful to be aware of our Father’s participation in our daily activities, and it is good to recognize and give thanks for those moments that Father and Michael and Mother work with us and through us. You should expect no less, for your desire to serve is well noted and greatly appreciated. When the child desires to serve, the parents are always there to assist.

But the time I speak of now is special time you set aside outside of this; the time for personal, intensive communication. When the Master walked this world, ever was he open to personal human contact with his Heavenly Father. He shared his experiences with our Father. He kept himself aware of Father’s presence in every moment and did as you have been told, he went off by himself frequently to commune with the Father in private and this is what we offer you as the antidote to your personal stress that you have been experiencing and will experience throughout this transitional growth period in your world.

Go apart by yourself with your Father and commune. We cannot stress this enough for it will not only help you to survive this growth period but indeed, to thrive through it and in the process serve so many, many others who do not share your understandings of God and His ministers and His vast host of beloved children. Forget not for one moment that we are with you, and that we are working with you, and in turn that you are working with us. You are surrounded constantly by a vast host of helpers of many different Orders. Make time for sitting on your Daddy’s knee and telling him about your dreams as well as your fears. Allow Him to comfort you and to soothe you in His way.

The world is becoming a better place, my dear friends. All is not as it seems. There are, as you have observed, those who cling to and fight for the old, outmoded ways, and at this time it appears that they are fighting even more determinedly, for they can feel they are losing their grasp upon it. Change is occurring I assure you, and it is a change for the better, dear ones.


SOLONIA: I leave you with this for tonight. I have filled your plate full enough for now. Let us, indeed, gather together more frequently than we have. There is much to share in the times ahead. I love you, and good night. God’s Love, after a little detour through me, to You!

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