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BUF2- To Grow Spiritually, Loving Service

1996-07-29-To Grow Spiritually, Loving Service
Buffalo #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: To Grow Spiritually, Loving Service
o 1.2 Group: Buffalo TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Andrea
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean, Donna Painter
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Growth, Decisions
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Healing, Presence
 3.3.2 Angelic Contact
 3.3.3 Teaching Mission
 3.3.4 Parenting, Stillness
 3.3.5 Service
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: To Grow Spiritually, Loving Service
Group: Buffalo TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Andrea
TR: Gerdean, Donna Painter

ANDREA: I am so pleased to be with you. I look forward to a discussion with you. On behalf of the many teachers gathered here this evening, I wish to extend their greeting to you as well.

Growth, Decisions
ANDREA:  Tonight I would like to present a brief lesson on what it means to grow spiritually. Based on your reading of the bestowals of our beloved Sovereign Michael, we see that all life is a progression. It is varied, it is experience, it is making decisions and experiencing the consequences of those decisions, whether they are negative or positive, that contribute to your overall life plan.

Beginning here is the first phase of your life, the first, phase of how you learn to make decisions. Experiencing life as you do on this material plane is very narrow; it is very circumscribed in its focus. It is based on what you see with your physical eyes. However, you have been given a wonderful guide, a spirit pilot, an indwelling God Fragment which acts as your compass to guide you in a direction. This is our purpose of our presence with you. How you live now colors your perceptions, your experiences and your decisions leading to serving outcomes.

To put it succinctly, the decisions you make here and now color the success or the lack thereof that you experience. Living here and now, living this first life of mortal creature, the decisions you make here and now color the success or the perceived successes that you wish to achieve in life. Living in the material realm may produce those acquirements of material possessions if you are able to get into a, so to speak, stream of material prosperity, but are these the lasting treasures? Is this what will add depth and breadth to your soul? Will this give you the lasting happiness that you seek?

I challenge you tonight to renew your commitment to the spiritual path, to spend some time each day in spiritual, communion with your indwelling Thought Adjuster, to commune with the Father Fragment, to renew and to refresh yourself with the peace and the love and the comfort that you need to go forth in this material life. I believe each and every one of you is fully aware of the many challenges that the material life presents. You need much strength and much stamina to endure the many vicissitudes that this life presents.

I encourage you to spend time seeking the stillness each day, finding the love of the Father, drawing upon the strength in that relationship, to give you the spiritual nourishment you require, you need each day, to help you meet the challenges of life with more . joy, courage, tolerance and patience. You breathe the air, you eat food, you sleep, you meet your bodies’ physical requirements. Now is the time to meet the requirements of your spirit, for this, my friends, is truly the most important component of your being. It is the real you.

After a few days of not eating, you feel hungry and you go in search of food. Your spirit is calling you to enter into this relationship with the Father. Spend time each day, if you can, developing this relationship. Spend time drawing in the love, breathing the love, the guidance, the nourishment for your soul. True and lasting happiness will be yours, will grow. You will feel the peace, which may sometimes seem so elusive.

This is the great lesson of our Master’s life. This is the real significance of his bestowal efforts. He, at each level, revealed another component of the Father’s love, and at the physical level he manifested the Father’s love to all with whom he came in contact, but first he was able to master the human life, what it means to feel the love of the Father on a daily basis and throughout the day. He lived in a continual flow of unconditional love.

This is the challenge of the mortal career. It is not easy, my friends, but it is very worthwhile.

I will pause now and entertain your questions, and please do not be hesitant. I am here to be here in this process of spiritual growth.

Leah: Could we know the teacher’s name that is talking to us tonight?

ANDREA: I am Andrea. I have been here many times before.

Leah: Yes. Welcome, Andrea.

ANDREA: Please, treat me as one of you. I am your sister. Although you cannot see me, I am just as you were, at one time. I had the mortal experience. I understand the difficulties that life can present.

Healing, Presence
Satya: I have a question. I have been experiencing headaches on a daily basis and the lower- part of my head and down my spine and I want to be able to function at top capacity and physically so I can do what I’m here to do and I would like to know if you could help me understand what is the nature of that and how 1 can heal myself.

ANDREA: Healing is a natural process of the body correcting certain energy patterns, certain thought, patterns, certain living patterns that have not always produced a state of health, a state of free movement and mobility. I encourage you, my sister, to spend some time each day in focus on the experience of the Father’s love. Love is a healing energy. It is a healing presence.

Envision yourself, as you may, surrounded by a field of light. If you are able, envision your hands, loving hands surrounding your head, as if they are feeding energy into your head, into your whole being. I encourage you to spend time with the Father each day, asking for His healing presence in your life, asking for His guidance to help you find the answers that you seek regarding the alleviation of symptoms.

It’s not for me to say the nature and cause of this problem, but I encourage you to seek out those who offer energy re-balancing and techniques whereby you can relax yourself and allow the Father’s healing love presence (to) overtake your system. I encourage you to meditate on a daily basis, to surround yourself with the love of the Father and let His love be the healing presence in your life. Is this helpful?

Satya: Yes, thank you.

Angelic Contact
Student: I have a question, Andrea. I have tried to practice the stillness on a regular basis and the name Marius has come to me and I seem to have thoughts that I am not sure are my own, like a continuing dialog, and I wonder how I can tell if it ‘s coming from another source or what is in my own mind. How can I be sure?

ANDREA: Does this information help to enhance your ability to understand the Father and His love for you? Does this seem to broaden your perspective, the nature of reality? Does this seem to fill out, as it were, an understanding that you may have previously? Does it seem to ring a bell of truth within you?

Student: It has helped me change certain attitudes and realize certain priorities and look at things differently, yes.

ANDREA: Then I would encourage you to continue this conversation, and do not dwell so much on “is this me or is this another being.” Focus on what is being said, and in time the distinction whether it is your mind or another being’s attempt to communicate with you will become more pronounced and you will be able to better discern the difference. Do you need further clarification?

Student: No. Thank you very much.

Teaching Mission
Julie: I have a question and it has to do with the T.R that a lot of people are experiencing, and is the way that this information is coming across, is it necessary for everybody to have this kind of experience or are there other ways that people experience this information without this phenomenon? Do you know what I’m saying?

ANDREA: I believe I understand, and let me clarify — this question has several components to it. Let me address the T/R component first. We are here to present a level of instructions heretofore unrevealed on this planet. This is based on the curriculum that the Melchizedeks have prepared for us and it is intended to help to prod (is a word I shall use) the mortals of this world into being more attentive and more stimulated to seek spiritual guidance.

Your minds are naturally active. It is difficult to seek the stillness, therefore we have come to encourage you to walk you as you would, hand in hand, step by step each day in this process. We teachers are here to assist you, to guide you, to direct you, to answer questions about this process of spiritual growth and to also encourage you to share this message with others, to encourage them to seek this path also. Had you lived on a normally developed planet, this intervention would not have been necessary for there would have been those habits cultivated from an early life that would have encouraged you to spend time communing with the Father on a daily basis.

There are many ways to serve. Having or acting as a T/R is important in the sense that these words can reach many people; however, you can and many people here do have personal instructors who are able at times to convey certain higher impressions on your mind. You also have your Thought Adjusters.

Parenting, Stillness
A Child: I have a question. If children practice meditating, will they also see the light?

ANDREA: Yes, my dear, and I am glad you have asked this for this is something that children are very receptive to; children are very open to spirit. Encourage them to spend time with God, to seek the stillness. You will see the light for you have a light within you. Spend time talking with God, just as if you would when you are talking to your best friend, for He is the Best Friend you will ever have. He will help you with all of your problems. He will help you find the true path in life.

Getting back to Julie’s question, I would also like to add that each of you has a life path that your Thought Adjuster presents to you. How you wish to serve, how you wish to develop yourself and your gift in your personality potential is your free will. When you spend time in communion with the Father on a daily basis, you are more receptive to listening to the impressions that this Most Marvelous Monitor presents to your minds.

The diversity of expressing God’s love is infinite; it is boundless. Seek what your role is. Allow the Adjuster to guide you. Whether or not you wish to serve as a T/R, whether or not you wish to serve in this Mission, is between you and the indwelling Spirit. Do what you can. Find those ways to allow you to present your gifts and you will be very blessed indeed.

Julie: Thank you.

Leah: Andrea, I’m very happy that you’re here with us. I realize that you have been with us, but to hear you audibly is a very (?) for us. Based on what you were saying to Julie, we had a transmission recently that had to do with loving service, and when you spoke of presenting, you know, do what you can when you can present your gifts — I feel like

I’m in the Transportation Corps. (Group Laughter) But there are times when I don’t feel like I want to present.. Generally, I’m 99% willing to present that aspect of myself. I also think that I’m a. malfunctioning copier/copyist, but I do the best I can on that to disseminate information.

But, would you say something about when you feel the impetus to do something but you really don’t want to do it, would you say something about that? I mean, I know that we’re supposed to care about our brothers and sisters, but there’s times they — speaking for myself — I just feel like, um, — I Know this can’t happen unless I allow it, but I feel I am being taken advantage of. Actually, I don’t feel so much that way anymore, but I’d like to hear a little bit more about it.

ANDREA: Michael and the Father do not expect you to do that which you do not want. Never is your free will superseded, nor are you judged for not performing a certain task when you feel you should. This is the balance of life, the balance of giving and receiving. You must learn how to walk this fine line. Is this not what Jesus took many years to perfect in his life? The giving and receiving? Freely he gave to others and then he would retreat into the bosom of the Father to commune and receive the spiritual sustenance he needed to go out and give again.

This is your challenge. You will never be asked to do what which you truly do not wish. If you find there are times when your mind says one thing and your heart says another, pause, still your mind and ask for guidance. If you feel that you do not have the strength or the courage to do something, but yet you want to, draw your strength from the Father who will give you the tools, the ability to do it if it is your desire. This is not easy. Walking this fine line takes much mastery, it takes much persistence. But truly, it is your will, it your decision to make, how much you wish to serve.

This is another reason why the stillness on a daily basis is so important, because it refuels you, it restores a feeling of rejuvenation, of new life, new energy. You cannot expend when there is nothing inside to give. Let the Father fill your cup with love and courage, strength and fortitude. Allow those moments for quiet time, for reflection and re-nourishment in your life so that you can perform at a level that is more compatible with your heart’s desire. Is this helpful?

Leah: It’s very helpful, very helpful and reassuring. I think part of my problem is that my ideal is that I just don’t want to say “no” to anything, and I know that I have to say “no” sometimes, I just don’t know how to do it.

ANDREA: Still your mind and ask the Father to give you the words, with graciousness, with compassion, with respect. If you can do this, you will be surprised to hear the words come out of your mouth. You will not believe that with such poise and gentleness, but truly you must make that decision in your mind if this is something that you wish to do. There are gracious ways of saying “no”. Let your spirit lead you to them.

Leah: Thank you. Those are very comforting words.

ANDREA: You are welcome.  I will pause now and ask, if there are no more questions, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity of speaking with you tonight. Our friend Tomas is here and if Gerdean is willing, I believe he would wish to address this group for a few moments.

Thank you. I visit you frequently and I extend my love to each and every one of you here. Good evening.

TOMAS: Thank you, my co-teacher, for your presence this evening, for your words, for your kind encouragement and invitation to us all to administer ourselves in such a fashion as to spiritually progress. I have enjoyed, as has Gerdean, the experience of savoring the flavor of your personality and basking in the fragrance of spirituality when it is allowed to waft its scent in the atmosphere.

Of course, this is made possible most poignantly by the method of stillness, through repeated experience in stillness, to appreciate the pace and poise of relative perfection. How much more sensitively we hear one another, we listen more graciously to that which is between the lines, to that which the soul calls forth.

“The young man who was afraid” might never have been stimulated to progress in his own spirit reality, were it not for the assertive conference which Michael brought to their relationship in discourse as he passed by and as he asked for help. And so as you progress and as you seek to serve and as you seek to augment and encourage the spiritual reality of others, it is well to learn to beseech aid, to ask for help, to submit to being available.

Not that you will be walked on, no. Not that you will be taken advantage of, certainly not; for you have your will dignity, your self-respect, your sonship/daughtership to afford you strength and fortitude — but that you can and may humbly appeal to the soul of’ your brethren and elicit their trust, thereby calling forth their own understanding of their own indwelling deity reality; waking, yes, their own spiritual progress.

And so it is not too difficult. It is not impossible. It is certainly not necessary that you have the skills of a Creator son (although I would suspect that that would be a great advantage), but we do have each other, we do have frequent visits and opportunities to investigate this elemental interest in our lives, and so as you anticipate more and further contact with teachers and believers, prepare in your heart and in your mind inquiries of those facets of life that have intrigued you, that have aroused your curiosity, those intellectual probings, those emotional responses, those gut reactions which are fodder for the service mill. Do not be afraid to share your inner life.

How lovely to have a literal child attend this evening. I was certainly reminded of the Master’s tendency to stop even a serious discourse to attend to the needs of a. child, and it has been a privilege for us here to be witness again to that character which allows for love on many different levels at one time.

TOMAS: It is wonderful for me, Tomas, to be in your presence again. As Andrea has said, there are many beings here this evening. On behalf of them and Michael, and in the interest of the Teaching Mission at large, I will close my remarks for the evening. I would ask that we hold ourselves in stillness for yet another moment of prayer and appreciation for the thrilling enterprise upon which we nave embarked: the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, in living color, on Urantia. Farewell.

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