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BUF3- As an Elder Brother

1996-12-12-As an Elder Brother
Buffalo #3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: As An Elder Brother
o 1.2 Group: Buffalo TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, a Melchizedek
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Progress
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Love
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Teaching Mission
 3.3.2 Transmitting, Teacher Contact
 3.3.3 Healing
 3.3.4 Stillness
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: As An Elder Brother
Group: Buffalo TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, a Melchizedek
TR: Gerdean

“Dear Father, we come to you this day, this group of your children, desirous of Your overcare, Your love, Your direction and Your blessing. We seek to know You, Father, in our mind, our heart, our soul, that we may then reflect You and be an honor to Your gracious name. Teach us how to be, and teach us how to be with each other ~ for Michael’s sake. Amen.”

A MELCHIZEDEK: Good afternoon, assembled friends.
Group: Hello, Tomas.

A MELCHIZEDEK: I am sorry. I am not Tomas. Ordinarily you would first hear from him — and he will present a lesson during the course of the day — however, I am a Melchizedek and I am summoned to greet you, to open this meeting today in appreciation for the great strides which have been made by your several communities in bringing about this unique gathering of seekers after truth and workers in his vineyard.

Your development has been fascinatingly watched by myriad celestials. Not only are we personally delighted at your individual evolutionary status which would lend your interest to our mission, but also to the joint workings of those of you in the flesh and in the spirit who are commissioned to bring about beauty, truth, and goodness in your lives en route to light and life for all of Urantia. And thirdly we are delighted that the boundaries of nations have been superseded, for as you conjoin as sons and daughters of the living god, you tear down all barriers between you, you open yourselves to the flow of divine will.

You are all His children. Black and white, Canadian American, young old, male, female, rich and poor. All of humanity are Michael’s charge, our charge, and so I have been the emissary today to greet you and to praise your efforts, your decisions which have brought you here today.

Let me, with that greeting, now return you to Teacher Tomas with whom some of you are already intimately familiar. Good afternoon.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon, Tomas.

TOMAS: It is wonderful to be here again with you. I have been with you all a lot recently. I have been spending more time up here than I have been in Pittsburgh where most of my students have been bowed under the flu virus. Not only for that reason have I attended these more northerly climes of late, but because of the increased interest in this Teaching Mission of Correcting Time and your personal growths and developments.

Midwayers have been engaged almost incessantly in this process of bringing you all under one roof this afternoon. I regret, on your behalf, that our influence over the Physical Controllers cannot stop the snow. We will, however, do our best to oversee your safety in your comings and goings.

TOMAS:  I understand there are some time constraints, as there almost always are in your realm, but while we have a moment, I would like to speak briefly on the facet of being that was alluded to in the reading of Michael as a boy: Jesus as an elder brother. In your study of the Urantia Book (which is our text in the Teaching Mission), you will read, if you have not read and learned already, that the golden rule involves brotherly love, but that Michael would have you go farther and begin to perceive each other with a fatherly love and I will call to your attention today the beginnings of a fatherly affection for one another if you could construe yourself as the eldest, the eldest daughter, the eldest son, and look upon your brothers and sisters as if they were your younger siblings.

In this way you may begin to perceive of human failings as immaturities and as an elder brother, elder sister, you can serve as an example. Not to box their ears, but to establish a role model of maturity or aspiration for behavior that is becoming to a son or daughter of the Most Highs.

It is wonderful to have children present here today — little children as well as big children — for the presence of a child always renders an environment more tender, more sensitive. Always are adults aware of the presence of children. They mind their behaviors better; they mind their language better, and this is what I call to your mind and ask of you to think of today, that you yourself are the elder brother or elder sister to each other.

I am aware, again, of time constraints and I am aware, too, that there are many questions. I will allow the hostess to direct us to some extent. That is to say, if and when we need an intermission, let it be known. If and when you tire, let it also be known. I have long awaited this opportunity, this joy today, and so I am at your service. How may I help you or assist you?

Charlotte: (Paraphrased) We are in a spiritual state of mind and are eager to proceed.

TOMAS: Indeed, gracious hostess, we are in a spiritual state of mind. It is very evident from our vantage point that the energy levels are high, as you might say. Your lights are burning steadily, as you might envision. It is an interesting thing about working with you who are in the finite realms, for you have heard us make reference to density, the density of the material realms, and this density is a reality, for as I speak with you here, as you all could if you would sense the elevation of “energy” in the room, the atmosphere, if you will, it is lifted, and not dense.

When you are ill or tired or fearful you become completely enshrouded in the density of your material existence. It is always refreshing to see you come up from the morass of material life into the more illuminated realms of the spirit, that we may then gain strength in these realms, in order that we may begin to function in the more morontial range of thinking, being, doing and so on.
Are there questions?

Teaching Mission
Jeff: Yes. I have three questions and what I’ll do is just ask them one at a time and get an answer?


Jeff: A member of our group is concerned about the transmissions. The first question is “on whose authority is the T/R Mission being conducted?”

TOMAS: As you might imagine, it is a well-organized local universe, and Christ Michael has inaugurated this Teaching Mission and is working it through the Melchizedeks . Primarily it is a function of Machiventa Melchizedek, your current Planetary Prince. He, Machiventa, is operating under the authority of Michael and the many teachers who have volunteered to begin to contact and teach the many teachers and believers of the mortal realms, fall under his jurisdiction.

There are other administrative nuances. Abraham was one of the first to make contact in this context, made public, but even prior to the more formal inception of what we call Correcting Time, there were many Midwayers who had made contact with certain minds of the realms toward this new beginning. There is an administrative staff, of course, but we are all under the banner of Michael of Nebadon. Does that clarify?

Jeff: Yes. I guess we are on the second question. The second question was “at what level of administration in the order of the Sons of God was the T/R mission approved?”

TOMAS: As you know, my son, you are on an experimental planet, a decimal planet, and you also are on a planet of unique history in terms of default, rebellion and so on. And whereas your, shall we say, negative polarities have been great, so also are your positive polarities, to coin a phrase, for you have been visited by the Creator Son himself, and similarly, the Teaching Mission has been proscribed as a response to the relative emergency status of your planet at this time.

Be aware, too, that the Teaching Mission purports the end of the Lucifer Rebellion, that the adjudication is final, that Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia, Daligastia and those non-repentant hosts of space are no more. We are embarked now upon Correcting Time which is a method, if you will, of rejoining Urantia with the cosmos, of re-establishing those circuits that were disconnected, if you will, at the time of the rebellion, and so as you are reconnected, as the circuits are being reopened, you are being flooded, barraged, beleaguered and blessed with spiritual energies.

The upshot of these spiritual energies lambasting your sphere is a handful.
Correcting Time is a time to bring you all into alignment with the First Source and Center and it is understood that, given the history of Urantia and given its evolutionary religions and many other variable factors, it is quite a challenge. Therefore the teachers who have come and who are coming through the Melchizedek Order are intending, hoping, planning, working, conspiring, to contribute to the easy adaptation of this convoluted world into the next stage of its growth, those first rungs of the ladder toward light and life.

And so our purpose is to bring all of Michael’s children together in some degree of respect and tolerance and indeed love that will enable all to transcend, while still incorporating, the myriad colorful backgrounds of belief systems and historicities and cultures and so on and so on that comprise the peoples of Urantia.

It is a big order. We ask for your assistance and we are here to assist you. And so this is a communal effort, you see. It is a matter of co-creating. As we encourage each other, as we reaffirm each other’s true reality, faith grows, trust grows, the living brotherhood grows. It is viable, palpable. It can be recognized, seen and felt by those who have not touched spirit with the same yearning as you have.

Part of our format are the many, many lessons that have been outlined and overseen by Machiventa and even Michael to bring to you pieces of truth for you to chew, to assimilate, to take as nourishment that will feed your spirit, that will help you become strong, have stamina for your work in the field of bringing good cheer to the forlorn, of having courage in the face of despair and cowardice, in truth, of manifesting the fruits of the spirit in your daily life and doing it with an eye to serve the Master and his family.
Has that responded to your second question?

Jeff: Yes. In other words, in one sentence, this level of administration is the Melchizedeks, under the direction of Michael of Nebadon.

TOMAS: Correct.

Jeff: Thank you. The third question: “when was the mandate for the T/R Mission received?”

TOMAS: It has been underway for quite some time. It was incorporated initially as a possible parallel with the textbook, the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It has been (“it” — the Fifth Epochal Revelation) has been a long time in coming also, as you know. The Book, having been issued, having been protected for a period of time, having been intellectually assimilated and emotionally appreciated, and certain growths and strengths having resulted from its very existence, it was and is and remains a natural support of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (“it” being the Teaching Mission).

It has been approved, and for many decades workers have been learning how to make contact with certain mortals without rendering them fanatics, or unbalanced, for the process of making contact between the mind of a mortal and the actuality of a celestial personality, is a progressive development. It has taken time to make certain inroads. It also has required your growth, your crisis, your decisions.

The rift, the chasm, which occurred between the legal aspects of the revelation and the social aspects of the revelation [Ed.– Foundation and Brotherhood] was the natural occasion for the announcement of our existence, our purpose, our agenda. There is more to come.

Jeff: May I ask a question, Tomas?


Jeff: Can you be more specific in the time this Mission was issued? Time, as it is known on Urantia?

TOMAS: Well, let me say that in your time frame, Teacher Ham, who made first contact with the Woods Cross group in Utah in 1991, made his announcement to the General Council of the Urantia Fellowship February 1st, 1992, and so that day was the day that is recorded as the inception, the official beginning of Correcting Time. You may know however that a preliminary notice was sent out from New Zealand in the late 1980’s indicating that something was afoot.

There are many mortals who will testify to their own uncanny, unexplainable experiences with the spirit since perhaps 1912 or so, and these have increased as your planet has approached a point of ripening sufficiently for the Fifth Epochal Revelation to make its appearance. And then, of course, there are the subsequent effects of such a mighty impression on a given world. Has that helped?

Jeff: Surely. Surely cleared it up for me. And I’ll pass that information on to the person who was concerned with that. Me personally, I can’t think of anything. Anybody else?

Perihan: Hi, Tomas. Good to see you.

TOMAS: Good to see you, Perihan. Wonderful to be in your exuberant personality presence once again. You have been a busy girl and we are grateful for your many efforts. A worker in the field. What have you brought for me today?

Perihan: I think you are aware of the contacts that have been made with the group in Grand Prairie Alberta and the Sunshine folks? Yes?


Perihan: And their plans for the solstice celebration of light and life next June. As soon as I heard of it I felt called to be there and I’m trying to do what I feel to be training for what needs to happen there. I would like to have any input, confirmation about this upcoming event.

TOMAS: Spiritual festivals and gatherings are going to replace family reunions. Or perhaps I should say they are going to embellish the concept of a family reunion. And I am not making light of your inquiry, but I will say that in future you will discover there are many, many joyous events. Indeed you will be hard pressed, in time, to know which to be called to attend. It is with joy, then, that we anticipate the future.

Judy: Thanks for asking the question. So the enlightened ones are with the Melchizedeks.

TOMAS: You know that it is a divine conspiracy . ..

Judy: Oh, thank you.

TOMAS: . .. and if it has to do with the First Source and Center, Second Source and Center, Third Source and Center, Christ Michael, his consort Nebadonia, our local universe, or our neighbors in our neighboring superuniverses, we are mightily interested. You are being re-assimilated into the living cosmic neighborhood. You are in the kingdom in the spirit and in the greater kingdom at large.

It is natural that you should see, feel and perceive the effects of these causes, one of which is gathering together in full awareness and appreciation of each other as a living child of God. And, of course, when children meet to celebrate they have fun, they raise their energy level, they feel good, they praise God, they give off good energy, they take good news home to their arenas, and this is supportive, but there is work in this effort as well as play.

It is a great heartening to you when you realize that we are here to help you in your work, in your work in your own personal growth and in your growth development with your myriad relationship situations: your spouse, your children, your boss, your parents, your neighbors, your politicians, your bankers, your farmers, your starving artists and your starving children in Ethiopia.

There are many, many realms of growth development, as well as joy and, yes, reward that will come. If you are interested only in the celebration and the party, you will not be able to withstand the actual work, and so I say, it is fair to forewarn you of the work involved, the responsibility of being an elder brother, an elder sister to your siblings.

Transmitting, Teacher Contact
TOMAS:  Who is going to transmit your teacher, now? Have you discussed this among yourselves? Have you discussed this in your own mind with your indwelling God Fragment? Oh, but, I rush you. We will instruct the jury to ignore that remark.

(Group laughter)

Jeff: Is that a question to our group? in Canada?

TOMAS: Indeed, it is. I would also, of course, like to see Buffalo become active on-line.

Judy: Wouldn’t it take a lot of self-discipline?

TOMAS: I suspect that what it takes is devotion.

Jeff: I would suggest that it takes a lot of devotion, a lot of commitment.

TOMAS: A leap of faith. Yes, sir. It is that, but it is also very satisfying, very fulfilling. Let me compare it, if you will, with a hobby you love to do. Some of you may like to work on automobiles, some of you may like to work on computers, some of you may like to cook and some of you may like to sew. That which you truly love to do is not difficult to do.

If you are eagerly learning how to cut out a new pattern two sizes larger than last year’s pattern, you are excited by the challenges and eager to apply yourself to the role and the occasion, having full confidence that despite some normal fear and anxiety, the end result will be divine, will be delightful, for you have sewed, you have cooked, you have done this task joyously for many years, for a long time.

It’s the same thing. Very much the same thing. Except that this entails perhaps a little more intimidating aspect of creativity in that there is a certain sense of responsibility on the part of the transmitter/ receiver, but surely and truly as the transmitter/ receiver becomes less and less a part of the process, the Teacher gets more and more of an opportunity to teach. Gerdean, for example, never knows what we are going to discuss or who, if anyone, is coming to visit. She is as entertained by the process as you other listeners.

It’s a simple matter of showing up and being willing, to the extent, of course, that you want to show up or that you remain willing. Everyone is able to contact spirit reality now. There are no evil spirits out there, and so there is no reason to disallow access to your mind. If you understand that you are reaching for contact with a spirit reality, a personality in truth, your mind wanders naturally into that realm where that personality may attempt to manifest to you.

For instance, the essence of a celestial artisan may visit and may accompany you on your artistic ventures; you can feel free today to call upon the celestial artisans to help you in your creative works and they are delighted to do so. The Midwayers who have been your cousins and co-workers for centuries are always happy to be acknowledged, to attempt to work with you in your united goals.

The personal teachers that are assigned to help you to bring your own configuration into alignment with the Father and his will for you are invaluable assistants, and the Teachers in the Teacher Corps are all interested in finding that relationship with an individual with whom they can effectively work, that they may establish a Teacher Base, such as I have in Pittsburgh.

Jim: Question.


Jim: What’s the process to get there? How do we make ourselves more receptive? What does a person do to make themselves open?

TOMAS: In terms of the Fifth Epochal Revelation and the readers of the Book, many of whom do not respect the intentions and motives and realities of the Teaching Mission, go back to your group and lovingly present them with what you have heard and pray that you all ponder in your hearts what direction He, the Master, would have you go. If they opt not to go forward into this Teaching Mission, embrace them in the spirit of love as the Master did and does do.

If they opt, in their private meditations, to proceed with investigating the Teaching Mission and the processes involved, then as a unit of believers, seekers, students and teachers, request a Teacher be assigned to your group. Request this aloud, and as possible, reaffirm your decision by a second request — that is, two of you — and then wait.

Do not wait passively, but wait eagerly, and observe in your own mind, if you have made the determination that you want a Teacher, are you willing then to be a transmitter for the Teacher? Observe your body chemistry, your electro-chemical system. Sense if it is “going through changes.” Are you hearing your brain begin to tick? Are you getting muscle tightening in your neck? Are your ears beginning to hum? These could be indications that your circuits are being adjusted to allow for teacher contact.

It is not a painful process. There are no mechanical devices involved. But there are adjustments to your circuitry, essentially in the back of your skull in and around your ears and your inner mind, that enable this process to take place.

I am going to leap far here and suggest, at the risk of offending someone, that this is not channeling in the way that you have heard of channeling. I am not setting it up as something superior or channeling as being something lesser, for all things that introduce concepts of faith and belief have value. But in this process the mortal has free will, and always is the free will of the mortal honored. Never does the teacher come in and take over a mortal mind. That will never happen.

As you allow the Teacher to prevail by your free will choice, he can teach then, or she can teach, through accessing your language center and utilizing your vocal mechanisms, but it is not the mortal who teaches. It is the mortal who learns and sits listening to the teachers as you do.

Never will a Teacher ask a transmitter/receiver to deliver information which the transmitter/ receiver cannot accept by their own free will choice. If the mortal opts not to transmit something the Teacher would like transmitted, this is honored. And so sometimes a T/R, as they are called, will not opt to state what a Teacher feels are certain truths. This is primarily true having to do with facts, figures, names and the more logical ilk.

Jeff: I have a question.


Jeff: How do we know, as a group, we are ready for someone to become a T/R? Is it just by prayer? The reason I say that is many of the physical things you have explained, I have been experiencing myself. It is not really my concern to become one, but what you said just blew me away. I’m not ready willingly to do it, but if it has to be done, I’m not going to back out either, so I don’t know if you can explain that.

Jim: I’ve had the same feeling and I’m more than willing and ready at any time.

TOMAS: I commend you both and congratulate you both for your sensitivity and your willingness, relative and otherwise. For those of you who are not feeling the inclination, do not assume it is because you are not willing or worthy, for the Father uses his children in whatever ways they will allow in order to serve the greater good.

You will know because you know, as you know that God is. It does not require proof. The Spirit of Truth has spoken to you, and even though you stand alone, you stand shoulder to shoulder with Reality, greater reality, that of Michael and his Spirit of Truth — that of your Thought Adjuster and the reality of your belonging to divinity. Those are inalienable feelings, as it will be when you begin to perceive the presence of a Teacher’s influence in your language center, in your mind.

Have patience with yourself. Allow the process to develop naturally. Do not do yourself a disservice of trying to control the process, but rather always say “Thy will be done in your time, Father; I await your time. How may I serve?” Allow this process to develop naturally and egolessly and you will be amazed, and you will have fun.

Jeff: Should we force . .. No. How do you, for lack of a better word, convince members of the group that this is required? Do we have to do anything or would the teacher . ..?

TOMAS: This is not required. It is not required. You recall when after the Master fed the multitudes he had a great following and some wanted to remain with him but he said, if you seek miracles, you might as well return to your homes, and he sent them away to return home in good faith as disciples, but the apostles trudged on with him, and in some ways it is the same, for there are many who will not put up with the rigors involved of exposing the soul to true growth. Let them return to their homes in peace. In fact, there will come a day, my son, that you yourself will look to them with envy and say, “I wish I had remained with my simple God, my simple lifestyle. I am tired of this stuff.”

Jeff: I am saying this now! (Group laughter)

TOMAS: But trust me, those moments are fleeting and brief and they become lesser and lesser as you become stronger and as you are bolstered more by your friends in the flesh and in the spirit. We are a family. We are a growing reality. The brotherhood, the sisterhood of humanity is for real. The living gospel is that –it is alive. It is not in a book; it is not in a theology. It is bigger than that.

Charlotte: Someone has suggested that we have an intermission.

TOMAS: Let us then take a recess and stretch and ponder what further inquiries might lead to. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.


TOMAS: We welcome one another back. I perceive that you have slid into density.

(Group laughter)

It is always the case when food is ingested. One day we will “get our ducks in a row”. In the meantime I have faith that as we persist, you will rise above the comfort zone of your tummies. At least we can make that attempt. Are we ready?

Group: Yes.

TOMAS: Then let the questions begin.

Judy: I’d like to ask a question about natural healing. I’m very much interested in furthering myself in that regard. I have great inadequacy, in that, I’m burdened with low self-esteem and I feel that I cannot do it and I very much would like to do it, with hands on healing.

TOMAS: I am eager, then, to minister to you and to bolster your spirit, both human and divine. I will speak in general regarding healing and that is to say that healing is one of the more obvious and needed services to be performed in this time, this Correcting Time.

The two primary themes thus far seem to be serving as a transmitter/receiver or as a healer. These are the most current, popular roles to play; however, there are many, many more services that will be brought to light and I want to say that these services are important and as you are called to serve, you are then assisted in your endeavors.

You have been gifted with the electro-chemical system that provides for adequate availability to the healing processes, the healing energies, and you are encouraged and appreciated for that which you do now and for your desire to continue to serve and to serve more better (“mo bettah” is a Hawaiian phrase; it is not good English but it speaks the truth).

The Life Carriers are eager to assist in healing. They are part and parcel of your Reiki techniques but the Life Carriers can go even further. There are many spirit helpers that are intrigued by and interested in supporting your work in the healing arts. I am not in the least reluctant to commend you to their overcare.

Your matters of worth and self-esteem will give way as you become a student of the Teachers who will help you set aside your lesser opinions and lesser expectations and allow the spirit to operate for you are truly just the vehicle. As you are willing to help guide the vehicle, you are helpful in serving, but without powers greater than yourself you are impotent to heal.

Put your trust, therefore, in the Eternal Parent, in the Universal Mother Spirit who oversees the healing realms as physical energies and love energies contributory to the physical, emotional, mental, psychic and so forth realms. It is necessary work, valuable work, satisfying work in the field. Have you considered sacral/cranial development?

Judy: I am particularly fond of polarity. I feel that there is really something tuned in . .. I’m very willing to develop myself in polarity, but I am not sure how to go about it.

TOMAS: Pursue your dreams. Allow for the synchronicities of time to bring you into contact with those who will help stimulate your thinking along these lines. Help them as they will help you and allow the spirit to direct your forward progress. Sometimes it is necessary that you branch out alone, that you step out in faith into that which you know to be true in and for truth itself rather than because you have been told or commended or instructed by a peer.

Forerunners have the ability to step out and lead the way. Find those avenues that then are supported by others of like mind. Be fearless. Be advised of our assistance, for you are not alone. You are entering realms of service that you can only go because you are a mortal, but we can go with you because you are spirit. Work with us as we will work with you in leading humankind into new realms of healing, into new realms of light and life.

Judy: Thank you.

TOMAS: It is growing late, my friends, and the snow is still falling. A beautiful sight, but potentially treacherous to you material creatures. Let us ponder one more question or concern before I help you call it a day.

Julie: I have a question, please.


Julie: I am going through a time of severe emotional stress and am very busy, will be very busy and will not have a lot of time to sit or to walk or to pray like I would like. I don’t see that I’m going to be able to get up in the woods, and I’m wondering if there is some sort of mantra or something that will enable me to reach a somewhat centered and relaxed state in as little time as possible so that I can reach that state of centered-ness.

TOMAS: Yes. The ability and skill surrounding the practice of stillness, like any habit, is time-consuming at first, but when once developed and polished it can be done quickly and effectively. There is no short cut for stillness. There is no substitute for quality time spent with the Father.

The drag is the time necessary and as you perfect your technique of centering, you can do this without it taking luxurious chunks of time. Indeed, there does reach a point in the evolution of a meditator that the stillness is a luxury, a true indulgence, that it is more fun to spend time in stillness with spirit help and companionship than it is to walk those difficult paths of earthly endeavor.

I have always found the Teachers to push their birds from the nest when it is time for them to fly and perhaps, my child, this is your opportunity to learn to fly. That it is an act of faith that you are with the Father and that He is with you. That although you do not have time now to sit in the nest in the woods, you have the understanding that you were born to fly and so take the leap in faith that you are being upheld, that you are doing what is natural for you to do. Fear not.

Jeff: Tomas, this is not a question, but I would just like to thank you on behalf of those who have visited here and on behalf of the other group members. It has clarified a lot of things for me and I would ask for your help and your prayers as we take this explanation up to the rest of our group and I would ask if you can help convey this message and let them know how important this is. And an invitation that you can come and visit our group at any time.

Jim: Any time.

TOMAS: Thank you very much. I cannot express to you, also, what a privilege it is for me to spend time with you. I sincerely have been very engaged in observing and, to some extent, participating in the evolution of your several growth situations that have resulted in today’s gathering. I am intrigued with the process and very happy at your contributions in making this day possible.

It is a privilege to be part of the Teaching Corps and to help to oversee the furtherance of the Mission into new realms. As it is the work of the Thought Adjusters to work with you individually, it is our more sociologic approach to the brotherhood that we visit and attempt to assimilate you as neighbors into the family, and so yes, you are welcome, and thank you in return.

I always look forward to the opportunity to visit with you recognizably as in these formal situations, but I want you to know that it is possible to attain contact with me through your meditation practices as you learn to access the energies of the personalities of the celestials.

I wish you well in your efforts on that count. I have every faith in the circuitry and in the system and in the ministry of Michael and his many associates. I look forward to our development and our next encounter and have ever so much enjoyed my time here with you today. If there is anything that comes to your mind that you want to ask a Teacher, never hesitate to post a question to any of the teachers at their teacher base.

Indeed, it might be an interesting project to see what Will in Florida, or Welmek in Indianapolis, Tarkas in Cincinnati, Daniel in Pocatello, Tomas in Pittsburgh, etc, etc, how they respond to your questions. It is an interesting experimental avenue if your group should be interested in such an experiment.

Jim: Please come to Canada.

Jeff: What is our teacher’s name, please? Before we close?

TOMAS: One moment. There are two Teachers who have been hovering in the area of Hamilton: a female teacher by the name of Muriel, and a male teacher by the name of Bertrand. If you should happen to find them picking your brain, do say “hello.”

Leah: I have a question. Is this the same Bertrand as from California?

TOMAS: Always are the Teachers interchangeable in terms of visitations, but when a Teacher is assigned to a base, that is his name, and so if there is a Teacher in California by that name, it is not the same as the Teacher assigned to Hamilton. There may be a difference in their name spelling, as there is in my name spelling (no “h”) as compared to Teacher Thomas of Kansas City.

Jim: What can one do to make contact with either one?

TOMAS: Sit in stillness and anticipate their presence in your mind, somewhat as we discussed earlier. The practice of stillness, meditation is key — a key factor. Sit and in the stillness of your mind. Seek spirit. Seek guidance from the spirit, from the Father. You will be guided. You will be led. And it may come to pass that you will be contacted by a Teacher who will work with you if you are available, if you are willing.

Jim: You talk directly to the Father then and it will come down to, say, Bertrand? Or do you talk to Bertrand directly?

TOMAS: Always speak directly first to the Father, to remember your Source. He will introduce you, then, in good conscience, in good faith, to that which he would have you know, that which is an answer to your prayer, you see. Then you in good faith can say, “I recognize this as an answer to the prayer.”

Jim: Is Christ Michael the same Source and Center for that?

TOMAS: Essentially, yes, for they are One, with obvious differences, but since no one sees the Father except through Michael, they are one. “I and my Father are one” says he and so to many extents and purposes that is the overview. Pray to Michael; worship our Father; and receive guidance from whence it may appropriately come in the universe. It is a friendly universe, once and for all.

TOMAS: Daughters and sons in the spirit and in the flesh, I embrace you and bid you temporary farewell.

Group: Thank you so much, Tomas. Good night.

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