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BUT72- Taking Charge

1999-10-05-Taking Charge
Butler PA #72


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Taking Charge
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Surrender
 3.2.2 Action
 3.2.3 Ego
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Urantia
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Taking Charge
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am Tomas, your teacher.

THOROAH: Good evening, Tomas.

TOMAS:: I’m glad to be with you. I’m glad that that you opted to be with me this evening in our customary configuration of learning how to assimilate Our Father into your very lives. This evening I would like to spend a few moments discussing the phrase “taking charge”.

I come into your environment and take charge. I can do that for a number of reasons:

  • One is I have assumed the responsibility for you as my assignment.
  • Another is because you have given yourself over to me as your teacher to be taught by me and thus putting yourself in the position of being students.
  • Thirdly, it is because it is sanctioned, ordained that you advance and be brought forward, that you learn these many lessons in conjunction with the lessons of other Teachers as well as your own life experience, your real workbook.
  • And last but not least, because our will has willed it to be so.


TOMAS:  Surrender to God is a paradox, indeed, although many people regard it as a blanket reality allowing for no variation. Surrender, yes. To surrender to the will of God is to allow God to guide your life. To surrender to the love of God is to fill yourself with that energy which allows for you to carry on. To surrender to that which is good for you allows you to thrive. But surrender also entails mortal involvement, for whereas you may surrender, you do not merely become subject to whatever happens to you. Your free will is involved and you become a co-creator. You participate in your destiny by your free will decisions. Thus your surrender coincides with your willingness to act. To surrender is to surrender your self will to His will. It does not mean you quit. Yes, God will do it all, but it is required that you assist. In this way you begin to participate in the development of the Supreme, in the building of your own soul, and any number of valuable results come from your willingness to surrender your will to His will.


But there are those who feel that to take charge is an act of self will. To take control of a situation implies self will in action, without considering that it is possible for you to attain the integration which allows for your will to be in alignment with His. The idea of such self-acting behavior can be intimidating to those who feel that total surrender infers total helplessness. When you step out of your self will sufficiently to allow divine will to act with you, when your self will is spelled with a capital S as a conjoint cooperative with divinity, you too can take charge and you too can wield spiritual power.

Wielding spiritual power does not mean ruling over unwisely, but ruling in such a way as to be harmonious with the Father’s will. The text indicates that religionists will act, (102:2.9) and this is the context of such a statement. When you are infused with the desire to do His will, you will respond to that desire by attempting to take charge in such a way as to do something to help evolve the darkness into light, the ignorant into enlightenment, and the fearful into the courageous.


Be aware then that when and as you choose to take charge in conjunction with your perception of His divine will for you, you will meet with opposition. You will even meet with opposition within your own being. This is when the ego identity exerts itself the strongest. This is when the master intellectual fraud known as fear will rise up in order to effectively way-lay you from taking charge in your faith path. This is the time now for you to take charge of your will and your persona. It is time to tame the beast, time to train the animal. Make it heel and become subservient to the greater will of the higher mind which is aligned now with Universal Mind, with the mind of majesty.

My friends I have observed your worksheet in terms of this very lesson. Your on-going experiential training is a topic of taking charge of your will in your life, in submission to His will for you. For those of you who think that this is an easy task, be advised that it is not, for your wills and your egos are powerful in and of themselves. These can be contemplated as conflicts of the soul, but when your vision is clear, you can see the Spirit of Truth directing you in the way to go. There will be no progress until such time as you again align yourselves and your will with that divine will which you languish without, for it is and has become your very reality.

These soul struggles are admirable growth steps for you in your experiential path. They are as if you were to encounter a large boulder in the road, a tree felled across your path. These are the matters of cosmic problem-solving which make you into spiritual adults. They are not tests; they are exercises designed to increase your stamina and to increase your fortitude and therefore your ability to preach and teach that which is real, that which is of the Father Himself. And so proceed, my young students. Proceed to take charged and forge into the Kingdom. Will there be commentary?


THOROAH: This is a complex formula, this proper arrangement of the ego and the will and the way. I’m wondering if the ego doesn’t to a certain degree represent what some people think of as the “devil”, and I’m also wondering if on worlds such as on the one that you are from, if you had to deal with ego as we do here on this dark planet.

TOMAS:: The response to your first inquiry/analysis is yes. These are often construed as bouts with the “devil”. But on normal worlds where our Planetary Prince was true to his task, we recognized a developing ego for what it was and it was made more apparent by being able to simply accept that the human mind was at mischief without all the complications and colorations of a rebellion. We were not able to blame it on the devil. We had to assume responsibility for our behavior in ways which you here have not yet begun to assume.

However, you do have to respond in part to the Luciferian legacy, which has completely infused your existence. Your behaviors are grossly complicated, and thus your egos are twisted beyond recognition on occasion and in certain circumstances because of the major fallacies inflicted upon your world and its general learning abilities. It is an incessant challenge for us to realize the extent of the damage that has been done here and we continue to marvel at those of you who choose to take charge of your own correction in order that you may begin to build anew the world of Michael’s nativity and your own. When we come in with praise, we are not merely flattering you with flowery phrases, no, but truly in support of the complexities which have arisen around your approach to something meaningful and of lasting value for yourself and your progeny.

I was from an advanced portion of my world, and even though I visited the more primitive peoples of my world as an anthropologist, as a scientist who studied the behaviors of the less sophisticated, it was much, much more like observing the behaviors of your primates in terms of their behavior; whereas you mortals who inhabit Urantia are extremely complex creatures, not at all as simple as a mere animal species because of the fact that your minds have been so affected by your legacy of Lucifer, and, I must say, by the Adamic default, for as you well know, had they succeeded, their influence would still be among you, giving you stabilization and direction for your civilizations and your societal behaviors.

Without this kind of guidance, you are like a ball of twine that has gotten all knotted up from the cat toying with it, and it’s a wonder your circuits can make connection at all. But we are attempting now to reach a point of operation wherein we set aside, as we can, that blame theory and say “the devil made me do it” or “it’s Adam and Eve’s fault.” My responsibility with you includes enabling you to assume your own center, your own cosmic connection with divinity, to impress upon you the inherent connection between you and your First Source and Center sufficiently that you become well-grounded in this fundamental and essential reality, which is the only way that you will get your wires uncrossed and the knots out of your ball of twine, and which is also why we encourage you to be mindful when you go into the outer arenas that you not become toppled by the incredible downpull of the fears resident on Urantia, those fears which have been able to take charge of your very world because of the self-will of the undisciplined and unsupervised egos of your myriad ancestors.


Is there further discussion?

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