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BUT73- Your Higher Nature, Faith v Belief

1999-10-05-Your Higher Nature
Butler PA #73


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Higher Nature
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Superconsciousness, Circuits,
 3.1.2 Urantia, Rebellion
 3.1.3 Belief, Faith
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Your Higher Nature
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean

Superconsciousness, Circuits,

THOROAH: I think I grasp what you said and I get the feeling that this intent, this desire, this surrender of the will to do the Father’s will, gives us sort of a magnet or a sensor that allows us, as we practice and practice, to sense more objectively our ego when it’s taking place. Maybe it’s a sense of uneasiness or a gut feeling or something but there is more of an indication as we go along of when our ego is playing games with us, and we get to see it more as you might have on your planet.

TOMAS: : Yes, good perspective. Yes. The response herein refers once again to circuitry. There is a gravitational pull between you and the Father, and once you have found that sense of gravity which leads you back to your Source, you become familiar with its energy such that you know you are more or less on track, but when you become derailed from the awareness, it is because you have indeed somehow allowed some lesser reality to thwart you and revert your focus from your faith path.
What I suggest here is that as soon as you realize your discomfort or sense of disconnection or alienation from that which is your umbilical cord to life itself, that you take charge.

Encourage your higher nature to restrain your lesser self in its myriad distractions willing you away from that which is for the greater good. This takes stamina and discipline, but it is not so difficult as you might think because the discomfort in being seemingly cut off from that gravitational pull which you know to be your lifeline to infinity, will produce within you such a yearning to restore yourself to wholeness, that you will find your way back. You have at your disposal many resources which also seek to retain you and return you to your path, not the least of which is your own Adjuster.

Being able to identify the circuits is very beneficial, for you can study there energy pattern and observe the way your life is progressing within that framework, whichever circuit that may be, which there are many, but they are all ascending and connected, and only as your complicated ego-system opts to argue with or lead you away from that which your higher mind would choose to do, do you feel the difference, so yes, you are gleaning correctly, Thoroah.

Urantia, Rebellion

THOROAH: I also got the impression that maybe our world — and I’m not using the rebellion as a crutch either– but I just get the feeling that our destiny — which we seem to be being guided back to — was quite special. Your analogy of the complexity of our mind, et cetera, compared to those less sophisticated people on your world, even though your world wasn’t affected by rebellion, that this planet had some unbelievable potential, maybe even as compared to other worlds. Is that…?

TOMAS: : Oh, no question about it! Your world began as any world, with a plan for its ultimate perfection. Your being a decimal planet would guarantee some adventures, but nothing as outlandish as you have had to experience as a result of your unfortunate isolation. Your world is, in your terms, a shining example of Murphy’s law, and if you will observe even your own interactions involving your own peers today, you will find residue examples of Murphy’s law in operation because all the wires aren’t straightened out yet, all the twine is not untangled.

When and as you apply yourself to your own healing and correcting, you contribute greatly to the annihilation of Murphy, and as your co-workers and peers also work to control their wiring and to put themselves into appropriate alignment, their victory over Murphy is also afforded. Thus in the course of your working through your own growth steps into alignment with divine will, will all of your communications improve and prosper. Has that been helpful?

THOROAH: Very much. I have a question from a friend.

TOMAS: I am eager to hear it.

Belief, Faith

THOROAH: He appreciated everything from our last get-together and he misses the immediacy of the contact and being here. His question: “Am I correct in encouraging my siblings in the trust that belief is but a mite better than the little bit we know, whereas faith is that place which in this very moment we embrace all that was, is and ever shall be?”

TOMAS: : Yes, you will do well to encourage the supremacy of faith over belief. But do not disparage their beliefs, for it is the scaffolding upon which their faith will be built. Encourage the embrace of living faith, in that which is alive and which transcends the borders of beliefs. Beliefs are discarded over time, as the snake molts its skin, but faith is enlarged and added to and made more because it is freeing, liberating, expansive and vital.

Faith as an adjunct of that which is alive is not able to be crystallized as beliefs can be. Therefore do not reduce your concept of faith to mean “a faith” or “a mere faith”, but allow it to remain alive and living and free, that you may be spiritually free also. Free to grow in the spirit and in faith.

We appreciate your connection to this group, my friend. I enjoy addressing you in your long-distance questions, in complete appreciation for your yearning for the immediacy of this kind of contact and for the immediate soul satisfaction which it brings. Be at peace, however, my friend, when you know that I visit with you and there are others who visit with you, including Merium, who sit with you and enjoy with you your repose in the Father’s arms, bringing a sense of immediacy, even as you experience that same immediacy in and with Our Father.

Yet let it be said, we enjoy your companionship and miss your mortal company in this configuration. Do visit again soon, for your own nurturance and for the camaraderie of your fellows. Be of good cheer.
Are there other matters this evening?

THOROAH: I was just mulling over in my mind the beautiful explanation that you gave in the difference between belief and faith. That’s very helpful.

TOMAS: : It is my pleasure to be a teacher, and to receive immediate feedback that my teaching is falling on fertile soil, is more than I would expect. I appreciate your remark. I appreciate even more, however, your fertile soil, which has taken the seed and allowed it to grow within.

THOROAH: I wish to be a better teacher myself. I have a note on my monitor that says “be a teacher” and sometimes I forget and I become a preacher instead of a teacher and I just need to be cognizant of being a teacher without trying to patronize. All the Teachers that I have witnessed are so very patient and able to take almost the impossible and turn it into a lesson, and that lesson itself is as educational as the object of the lessons.


TOMAS: : My son, the clue is to enshroud your heart with love and the Source of such love is to be found in the relationship between the child and the Father. “Be still and know that I am God” is the only way you can infuse yourself with the love (tape failed; closing lost. Too bad! It was an inspiring depiction of the love of Michael.

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