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BUT79- I Am With You

1999-12-28-I Am With You
Butler PA #79


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: I Am With You
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: I Am With You
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Michael
TR: Gerdean


SIVAD: Tomas, there’s something I would like to say and it stems from a deep gratitude that I have, having met you and drawn more close to those who are engaged in this drama, this effort of teaching, uplifting, correcting, and in part, I need to address this to Our Master, my brother, my friend, who I know is always near and I wish to thank him for this gracious gift, his generous love, his on-going bestowal, for having made possible the reuniting of siblings separated for their own safety. It is out of this gratitude I make this request.

Having had my heart awakened to the joy, the great delight of this cosmic socialization, this awakening of the universe friendship, I am now moved to embrace my siblings at various stages of ascension, and now that they are here with You, I would delve more deeply in this fashion, and I would ask You to allow us the privilege of checking out the great library in Salvington those narratives portraying Your (seven) bestowals, that we might draw closer to one another and to You in this time of correction, that we might have this available, in circulation, that we might more fully appreciate Your methods, of revealing Your life and in so doing reveal the methods and manner of Our Father who extends himself in sevenfold nature.

Nevertheless, I know my heart may be responding, foolish perhaps, askance of Our Father’s will, for I am but an imperfect creature, but this hope and desire you planted in me, so I offer it to you who knows how it serves Our Father’s interests. I thank you for the gift of sonship.


MICHAEL: My cherished son, my arms reach out to enfold you to me, to hold you to my heart in response to your divine love for me. I re-give it to you. Your prayer is as music to the spheres Your expressions of joy, appreciation and humble exaltation in the living experience of being my son and part of my family in sharing your essential reality with those who reach in love for you, who hold you also fast to them, are expressions of prayer and praise which is heard in Paradise and which creates those chords of harmony upon which we dance together throughout the universes of time and space.

Beloved child, your heart’s desire is also mine. It is music to the ears of my children to hear my voice, to feel my presence, to reflect upon the value that I place on all my children and to see these values understood even by the lowly mortal. This treasured truth that the Father loves His children and knows the count of the very hairs on his head, is the stuff that calls my children to seek for me — this yearning to be in my midst — and I have such love for each of my children, I only grow in greater love as you each come to me and have offered yourselves in service to me and my wondrous creation. As we grow in Father’s love, our creation, our efforts, our devotion will bring to bear many gifts for your earth, for your children, and for worlds to come.

Yes, the world needs to know more of me, and I can and will reveal myself to each of you, even through each of you. You are my body. I offer you my mind. You have Our Father within and my Spirit of Truth to aid you in your efforts. Speak on my behalf. Teach my many lessons of political sovereignty, the kingdom on earth, the heart of the matter, speak to them of life and liberty, of domestic relations, give them parables of the like that they can see how I and we are at one in the world of your existence.
I am not removed from you. I am with you. You can create enough examples of my life by living yours that we will have together created yet more archives of the wonders of the Master Son, sons of the Father himself. I embrace you and smile upon you. Your devotion, your sincerity, are my mainstay. You show me in your attitude that I am not wrong to place such great faith in Our Father’s children.

(Profound silence for an extended moment)

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I see that the entire orchestra has shown up to play for us this evening. It is a great joy and at the same time a simple pleasure to be your companion. It is in enthusiasm, Sivad and Thoroah, that I and we join you in your prayer of thanksgiving, as we have gained so much from the experience of being able to work with you and perceive your courageous efforts in the face of the tremendous difficulties which you have known from your beginning. We are greatly heartened by the strength of our Teacher, Christ Michael, as we, like you, pray that we may live up to the tremendous privilege of being his servants, his friends, his children for all time.

You have begun to know group worship, and this is an element that will factor in very fully when you begin to undertake to create conscious community. Your group worship, your stillness practice with full and open understanding and appreciation of the personal relationship between each of you and Our Father is truly priceless and precious. That quality of worship will bond you as family, loyal spiritual family, in such a way as no other compact can produce — the simple act of praising your God Creator in attitude and in joyful song of the soul.

It is so simple and yet in so many ways is far more difficult than being physical about it and so you can readily see why it is that so many of you prefer to build structures or create books or carve statues or erect edifices. The physical representation of the power of God is more manageable and is somehow within the realm of comprehension of the human that the ideal of worship cannot touch.

[Tape ended. Brief recess]


TOMAS: I will not detain you much longer, but we have spent quality time together and I am not ashamed of our extended session. I am amused at how rigorously you all popped up and ran away from each other in perhaps some degree of intimacy that was created from the visit from Michael and the subsequent effect of additional bonding between you. As humans you are unfamiliar with the intimacy of fellow worshipers in this context. It is, even so, a foundation upon which to build a new world., for if you recognize that you are a part of a great strength such as you experience when you behold the Master’s presence and realize his place among you, you are at once excited and anxious and unfamiliar with the feeling and with what you might expect of yourself, having been in his sublime presence.

But be at peace and know that our great Creator has been with you all the while and is a part of your growing and a part — a very important part — of this stage of development for you all. We are not going to quit until we have assimilated as many as will come, and well you know, there are many out there who hunger for the knowledge that the Christ is in fact in your lives and is ready to work with you to bring about a perfect reality for you and for your loved ones.

You just have no idea of how patient our Master is with us all. He is the prime example of parental love. He knows your weaknesses and your failings, he knows your fears and your potentials; he knows your capacities and your yearnings, even more than you do. And yet do you fear him and each other? I will leave you this evening with that idea in order for you to realize your self-limiting behaviors when you expect of yourselves and each other to respond as mortals in a mortal fashion to your life, when you have the capacity and the potential within you to respond in the Spirit and to represent him as you pass by.

It has, as always, been a sublime pleasure to be with you and to share with you these precious moments of communion and fellowship. Your stimuli is invaluable to our efforts, as you are also creatures who thrive on praise. Be at peace, young ones, and go about your play and your rest in good faith that you are cared for, even beyond your greatest hopes. Good evening.

THOROAH: Good night, Tomas.

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