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SEI132- In The Now Is Harmony

2006-04-23-In The Now Is Harmony
SE Idaho #132


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: In The Now Is Harmony
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Lynda, Daniel, Ignacia, Amar, Cora, Loretta, Alexandra, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Simeon, Bob S.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: In The Now Is Harmony
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Lynda, Daniel, Ignacia, Amar, Cora, Loretta, Alexandra, Klarixiska
TR: Nancy, Simeon, Bob S.


Kenneth: As we stand here this evening, hand in hand, heart in heart, in communion with the Father, we welcome all into our presence, into our hearts. May we listen. May we learn. May we apply what we hear this evening. May we grow and may we share. It is in Your name we come, Michael. It is in Your name we are. Amen.

LYNDA (Nancy): We are still chuckling. You delight us this evening with your mirth, and merriment. Your demeanor and light-hearted-ness reveals your knowledge of our Father/Mother, for indeed is humor an aspect of Godliness. Humor and joy are related though not the same. Joy can be found through humor as well as through other avenues. I am Lynda, Nancy’s personal teacher. I had this observation I wished to share. I will now step aside that the meeting may be more formally opened.

Pam: Thank you, Lynda.

LYNDA: My pleasure.


UNNAMED (Simeon): Greetings, my friends. I am here tonight to share with you. My presence is not discernable in name form, as yet, but nevertheless it is not the form but the content that is of importance. And tonight I would attempt to share with you on the concept of being in “the present” or “the now,” so to speak, stimulated by comments during your discussion.

Often when you have a good moment or a good day or a good week, whatever the frame of time, you are more inclined to perceive this as being more in the present. And often this is true that you have found yourself more in the flow, thereby easing the anxiety of being and feeling more in harmony. But there is a subtle awareness I would like to share tonight regarding awareness, for your ability to be in the present hinges on this subtle shifting of perception. When you are in “the now” or “in harmony,” almost without fail you are not thinking about it. It is a state of being, and the mind has engaged with the harmonious activity such that there is little to no room for reflection when in “the now.” When you perceive that you’ve had this shift of awareness, it is generally after the fact. You have slipped out of “the now” to think about being in “the now”.

And this is an evolutionary pattern, moving the immature creature slowly along the path of maturity. Your analyzing of your activities does aid you to some extent in knowing what is possible and perceiving new methods. But it is those glimpses of engagement with reality and the present circumstance which holds the element of the profound and the Child of God engaged with creation as an integral and harmonious aspect.

Obviously the question arises how to stay more in the present and less in the reflective mode. This ability varies with each individual. But perhaps the awareness of these two perspectives can allow you to know that it is not always required to stop what you are doing and revel in the awareness, but rather to continue doing even as you note that you have somehow slipped into this awareness. Many times when feeling “it” you want to bask in “it,” and the basking is a self-saturating mode, whereas the actual process is the other directed harmonious engagement.
At this time, I would allow others to communicate with you this evening. Reflect upon these thoughts, and feel free to engage further after you have had time [to] ponder them and perhaps implement [them] in your activities.

DANIEL (Nancy): My friends, I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, friend, colleague, and, yes, admirer. I am among you. Tonight we have a smorgasbord of individuals desiring to practice their communication skills with you. Each has a short concept they wish to share.

Because I have the privilege often of communicating my thoughts on growth with you, I will not provide a lesson at this time but will stand aside so that the microphone can be made available to others who desire your ear and your voice. My love to you all. I am Daniel passing the microphone.

IGNACIA (Bob S.): I am Ignacia, former teacher of Bob’s, just passing through and seeking a moment to greet all the members of this group as well as my former charge. My duties have taken me away from this locale but not from this planet. I continue to work for the Correcting Time, which has, for me, been a marvelous experience. Your group continues to grow in strength, in wisdom, perhaps not in numbers but that is not a major concern.
The time I spent with you, now several years ago, I recall fondly. It allowed me the experience necessary to move on to other assignments while allowing me to assist Bob in his earlier growth.

I greet all of you fondly and look forward to the next time we may be together. Until that time I wish you God’s speed in your paths to Him, and I am confident of your progress. But for tonight I will sign off with… auf Wiedersehen.

UNNAMED (Pam): Good evening, I would like to say a few words to you. I am… you are not familiar with me, but I appreciate having the microphone for a few minutes. I have been an observer of your planet, of the Teaching Mission, of the many groups, and I am in awe of your faith and your growth and of your steadfastness. You joke about being a decimal planet, a planet of major defaults, of not being a normal planet, and you have no idea what that really means. And yet, you continue to grow, to be faithful, and to puzzle over what that means, indeed, joke about it.

It is with great amazement that I visit this planet and see your strength. For in spite of all the problems, you are certainly upheld by our Creator. You are certainly taught and inspired by unseen forces. Otherwise, you would not have done the growing and the understanding that you have done. I wish to commend you on your faith, and in spite of the non-understanding, the confusion that you experience, you have still grown and loved the Creator back. You see humor in the inconsistencies that you perceive.

You joke about your lack of understanding and are astonished by what a normal planet is. And yet you proceed on and on. My hat is off to you. I am in awe of your persistence. Obviously I am not from a planet such as yours but one where we could see much of our help. We had examples; we had guidance, and I am really not sure how I could have handled the so much unknowing-ness. I am being nudged aside and poked that I am taking too long at this microphone. I give you my love and support. I am learning so much from you. Good evening.


Bob D.: What is too long on a universal scale?

Pam: I actually saw… [Group comments about how the next speaker wanted the floor.]

UNNAMED (Bob S.) Continuing this round robin of unknown, unnamed persons, I greet you warmly for allowing me these few moments to greet you as a member of this Correcting Time ministry. I am one just passing through; hence, my name is not important.

I too am amazed with your growth though lacking full understanding. Your planet is in such disarray; it continues to amaze us, those of us who are visitors, that any progress at all is made. Yet, we see it; we know it; it is happening, and it only confirms our faith in the Father’s amazing strength through unknown measures. You are all to be commended on your willingness to step out in faith, your willingness to make mistakes, learn from them, and try to put those experiences in proper perspective. This is so difficult on your planet. Well, I too am being nudged aside. So, I will step aside to allow another to speak. Thank you for allowing me your ears for this brief presentation. Goodbye.

AMAR (Nancy): Greetings my name is Amar, A-m-a-r. I am often among you, for I am connected with one of your members… I am being provided the opportunity to impart a thought, “love is at your elbow.” Yes, a strange thought, in part, borrowing from your stellar author Charles Dickens, but mostly stated to both surprise you and state a fact. Love is at your elbow. Yes, at both elbows. Yes, love is all around; it is ever present; it is always available. All one need do is notice.

Love is available through the individuals near your elbows. Love is available through the ever-present ministrations of the many personalities of both deity and the created beings who serve you and love you. In your odd moment, ponder upon the unusual thought that love is at your elbow. And now I gratefully extend my love and express my joy in the service I am allowed to provide. I look forward to other discussions at another time. I am a faithful servant, Amar. Farewell.

DANIEL (Nancy): I am here to assist the process. There are two teachers desiring a voice from two students.

UNKNOWN (Bob S.): Greetings fellow personalities in God’s marvelous creation. I too shall remain nameless and be brief, for time is of the essence. Let me just greet you warmly as a member of this volunteer Correcting Time Mission, which I am a part of. This opportunity to speak to you is one of great importance to us, which you cannot yet fully understand. Suffice it to say, your participation in this process is of extreme importance. So, I thank you that you were willing to give me this opportunity to greet you on behalf of many others who will not have this opportunity, at least tonight, to warmly thank you and say, “it is time for another.” Good evening.

CORA (Nancy): I am Cora. I have been given this opportunity to address my charge. My dearest friend, it is with joy that I embrace you and assure you that you are doing fine. Let go of your concern of not measuring up, of being inadequate to the task, and simply allow yourself to fill with God’s love, to feel God’s love, and to be that love in your interactions with others. Experience the peace that this can bring. I give you my fondest love, my cuddliest hug. I love you, my friend, very much.

Marti: Thank you Cora, and my love to you.

CORA: It is known and experienced here.

LORETTA (Nancy): I am Loretta, also being given an opportunity to address my charge…

Pat: Greetings.

LORETTA: Greetings to you dear one. It is, indeed, with joy that I acknowledge you in this manner. My message is quite similar to the one that Cora shared with her charge. My dear, you do very well. Focus on the peace of that knowledge. Focus on recognizing yourself as the delightful daughter of our Father, whom you are. As you wake in the morning, acknowledge that charming child, and with delight accompany her, yourself, into the day. Let that sparkle shine forth. That is all from me for now. For still there are two teachers desiring to speak through their charges here tonight. I blow kisses.

Pat: Thank you Loretta.

LORETTA: You are most welcome.

ALEXANDRA (Bob S.): This is Alexandra; I am Carol’s personal teacher. I have sought this time to briefly greet my charge. My friend, our relationship grows closer each day. My assignment to you has been one of extreme pleasure and excitement, for both of us, I believe. My experience on your world has been a challenge, as it is for you to accept our presence. I shall continue to pray for our growth together, as we both become closer and closer friends in this world of ascending beings. My dear, your efforts have not been wasted, for as you have been told, in this universe intention is everything. I encourage you to continue to open yourself to my leadings as we continue to grow together. For now and for this evening, thank you. And I now turn this time over to another.

Carol: Thank you, I will try to be less challenging.

ALEXANDRA (Nancy): I am Alexandra, my dear friend you amuse me greatly. Your doubts are normal and not nearly as severe as you consider them to be. A logical mind is a gift to be used. It is not wrong to question; it is right. Your strength is in your steadfast allegiance to truth, beauty, and goodness which will one day lead you to that place in which you will stand in the presence of our Great Parent, First Source and Center. And, so, I do not experience you as challenging; I experience you as delightful.

Carol: Thank you.

ALEXANDRA: Thank you.

Bob S.: Delightfully challenged.

DANIEL (Nancy): Friends, I am Daniel, and, yes, while both Larenzo and Klarixiska wished a brief speech, they certainly accept your free will choices, “no hard feelings”…

Virginia: Give me your message tomorrow, my dear.

KLARIXISKA: (Nancy): Dear friend, Virginia, it is I, Klarixiska, your chum. I did not intend to put you on the spot, for you do well and have risen to the challenge/opportunity afforded by expressing my words on many occasions. And for this I am sincerely grateful and humbled. While I had a message for the group, I will share my personal thoughts with you in the morning as you request.

Virginia: Thank you.

KLARIXISKA: : I love you my friend.

Virginia: Thank you. I am look forward to the day of hugging you.

KLARIXISKA: : Yes, indeed, and know that many times I am chagrined that my embrace cannot be materially felt. But I encompass you often my dear, dear friend.

Virginia: Thank you.

KLARIXISKA: : You are welcome. I will turn you back to Daniel.


DANIEL (Nancy): Friends, the time has come for us to say our group goodbyes until we meet again. It has been our great pleasure to share this format with you this evening—something a bit more relaxed than the hard work you have been performing. I do however have a lesson, an assignment, for you. The assignment is to continue the assignment of last week. You have been provided with excellent lesson material. So, again, review the lesson from two meetings past, in a state of stillness, and then return to those aspects that stand out. This will suffice.

However, before we close, I do wish to provide an opportunity for any of you who desire interaction, dialogue, rather than the one directional manner of communication we have used this evening, to interact with us now, at this time, to ask your questions, to make your observations, et cetera. Are there any comments or questions before we close this time together? Well then, stand and hold hands. Another will lead you in prayer.

Bob S. Be still and know that I am God. Amen

[The following message from Klarixiska was received by Virginia the following morning.]

KLARIXISKA:  My Dear, Your sleep of last night has made you more alert! Your concern about your body is understood. The mortal body is vulnerable to death and decay but it is the spirit, the soul that is eternal. So many people do not provide sustenance for that which lasts so much longer than the physical body.

I would continue the theme from last night. Yes, there was a theme! Living in the NOW so that one can experience the LOVE that permeates the very universe and it does surround you! The love you recognize without giving it away is like sitting alone at a huge banquet table covered with scrumptious foods of all kinds and around this table is a circle of starving children, people and you do not offer them any. You do not ask them to participate.

Yes, living in the now, recognizing the love that is yours and then serving, giving to your brothers and sisters is doing the will of the Father. It is step one, then step two and then step three. You are not “out” but in the peace of God which is not a feeling but being in the will of the Father! Yes, please share this the next time the group is together.
Love, Klarixiska

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