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BUT89- More on Tomas’ World Of Origin

2000-02-01-More On Tomas’ World Of Origin
Butler PA #89


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More On Tomas’ World of Origin
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Light and Life
 3.1.2 Extraterrestrial
 3.1.3 Urantia Book, Revelation
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: More On Tomas’ World of Origin
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


THOROAH: Would your planet, in that status, qualify for the age of light and life?

TOMAS:: Our portion was very advanced, yes. It did not include the entire world, but we were not messianic as you tend to be. When one from the outside made appeal for entrance – which happened on occasion – we were glad to inculcate them if the adaptation was worthwhile.

THOROAH: They had to pass inspection, so to speak?

TOMAS:: Let me say that we looked with a certain curiosity on them as they looked upon me with a certain curiosity, as if we were two different species of creatures.

Light and Life

THOROAH: So light and life can actually take on a portion of mortal civilization on a planet?

TOMAS:: Yes, very much so. Light and life can begin with the individual and as it clusters with other individuals, it gives rise to a greater pocket of light and life, but even though a great many of you may attain a high degree of spiritual awareness and cultural advancement and so forth, there are still many who choose to remain ignorant, and they have a right to make that choice.

THOROAH: But the natural evolution of light and life, then, it would seem, would be a clustered evolution.

TOMAS:: Yes, always are social groups gregarious. Even the barbarians are smart enough to know that there is power in mass.

THOROAH: It almost seems as though this country of the United States of America began with a real potential, the groundwork for such a community, based on the ideals on which it was founded.

TOMAS:: Yes, and had it been able to withstand the lure of adventure to foster its newfound freedom in genuine spiritual pursuits, it might have succeeded in creating a colony of light and life, and yet, in an understanding of evolution, it is appropriate that your world be explored, and the adventure lure of the people moving west was necessary and desirable. The early days of the United States certainly did have within it the seeds for a great civilization and in many ways has attained its goals but it is fraught with problems.

THOROAH: Greed being one of the biggest.

TOMAS:: Well, you have great regard for money and wealth and what it can do. It is an impressive power. It will pass, this value level, for the spirit will persist and your evolution will continue. We could say that America has been a part of the scaffolding of the one world, one people, one God ideal that many worlds of time and space attain relatively naturally and easily by comparison to you here who have had so many difficulties.

THOROAH: Did the awareness of other worlds within your system, and the fact that you had open communications and did not suffer quarantine, help them in this advancement to understand their singular nature in a world?

TOMAS: Their singular nature?


THOROAH: As a race. In other words, this idea of the world, or the globe as I look at it, is fraught with all kinds of problems. Part of it is because we don’t know of our citizenship in the cosmos. I’m wondering if the awareness of such a citizenship helps worlds unite faster, under the concept of one people, one God.

TOMAS:: Yes, because the universe is also gregarious, and once you have made a friend out there, you will bond and develop the friendship even into the entire system.

I have already told you that my work was to go into the outer environment and stay abreast of the people out there, and in fairness I will say that part of my responsibility was to watch for anyone who might be inclined to be unhappy where they were in such a context as they might be compatible as a community member in our portion of the world, but I did not invite them. I would report them as a part of my job.

There were other fields which other people went into, and one of them was investigating the outer universe in search of intelligent life there. We had made contact with two neighbors with which we had established an elementary form of communication and were making initial contact with a third further away by the time I left my world. But since I have been in the mansion worlds, I have met and shared my experiences with many ascending mortals, some of whom came from yet more advanced worlds than mine, and they reported, in some cases, a highly developed relationship with their cosmic neighbors.

And in some cases, there were actual visitations, physically, between the worlds which were undertaken as a part of their scientific discoveries and investigations, but by and large, the worlds tend to be isolated physically, in order that they may develop in the natural way, and when they have developed, then they have also attained the skills that will enable them to reach out in love in a desire to share the experience of life and learn from each other rather than try to destroy each other. There is merit to the evolutionary scheme in more ways than one.

THOROAH: Yes. Well, I was thinking along that line about our planet, about the fact that it’s so abnormal, as would be most of the other planets that were under quarantine, – if our global consciousness was made aware of a cosmic citizenship with such a physical visitation, that it may change the concept of this brotherhood of man issue that we’re dealing with so much.

TOMAS:: This theory has been broached before.

THOROAH: I think I did that once before.

TOMAS:: You are not the only one. And the fact is, your world has been visited by many, Michael being one of them, and you see how much you have grown as a result of his presence here? In time you will be visited by others, but they are no guarantee that the people will listen or that your world will be suddenly more mature because of their visit.

Urantia Book, Revelation

There is only so much that can be done from outside sources. The work is still upon your shoulders, even though, in your case, it seems grossly unfair, since you have many deficiencies, but you have also been recipients of many blessings and you are beginning to see the benefits of this more recent revelation to your world and the many good things that are coming about as a result of the natural course of events.

It is an observation by many of us that the relatively short time span between the fourth revelation to your world and the fifth is an uncommon event and should be construed by you as highly merciful. The cry of those of you who yearned for God has been heard and responded to, but planets that follow a more natural course of evolution are not granted their revelations in such a short period of time.

THOROAH: It would seem that if there was a visitation of a physical kind, that didn’t require the search as much as what finding the fifth epochal revelation or the teaching mission or any other of the other phenomenon that people are searching for, and it was something obvious, all that would do is establish a different paradigm that would then be passed on generationally, and that’s basically how the growth, I assume, would happen. Parents would then confirm to their children something that the children would take forward as fact and it would be new fact or a new truth, compared to generations before them, and so each generation either stultifies or advances the next generation.

TOMAS:: Yes, this is true, but …

THOROAH: So any revelation is worth while.

TOMAS:: Yes. And every revelation will be advanced by individuals, and not groups. Individuals may group together. Groups may come into being because of and around individuals, but always will the individual in conscious or unconscious liaison with divinity be those forge the [path] through to yet greater awareness and greater light. Those who confine themselves to the comfort of the group will always be supportive of the group consensus, and their leaders, but you have a long way to go before you know how, as a group, to lead or bulldoze your way into advancement for everyone.

THOROAH: Patience is difficult.

TOMAS:: It is not required that you be patient in general, only that you be patient with individuals including yourself. It is understandable that you should know impatience for a better way, for peace, prosperity, happiness, music, all the pleasures, all the joys of fraternity and family en route and in praise.


I have been nudged that I must keep my disciplines and remember my conditioning that I ought not wear out my welcome, and so I want to thank you for spending an hour or so with me this evening to talk about things that interest us and that matter to us mutually, communally. We are always heartened by your mind’s willingness to grasp what it can in order to feed the grist mill of your ambitions to be of service to God and to your fellows.

THOROAH: Appreciate the sharing tonight. Thank you.

TOMAS: Again we thank you for your affection and availability, for it will encourage you and others as we pass by. Until next week, I am your loyal friend and Teacher, Tomas.

THOROAH: Good night, Tomas.

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