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BUT88- Tomas’ Natal World

2000-02-01-Tomas’ Natal World
Butler PA #88


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tomas’ Natal World
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Tomas’ Natal World
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, children. I am Tomas, your companion and teacher, glad to be with you to share this quiet evening in repose with one another, in company also with the many visitors who always enjoy our gatherings. We have with us this evening a group of Morontia Companions and they have suggested that we entertain one another with stories about our experience so as to give your sense of spiritual striving a respite in accordance with the more passive energies of your environment.


TOMAS:  My story, if you will, about my experience has to do with my native world, wherein I experienced the mortal life as a man of the realm. We on our world, my native sphere, had what you would call severe climate, sometimes similar to what you are experiencing. Our temperature range was rather extreme, and we were able to establish ourselves and develop ourselves as a group of people, as pioneers, by intelligently learning how to control our environment. In this way it was possible to apply ourselves in our advancement even though the climatic conditions may have been inhospitable, even uninhabitable.

Those of you who know me have some idea that I was a Cultural Anthropologist, and I went into the realms of the world at large in order to observe the behaviors of the peoples inhabiting the realms outside of our structured and controlled civilization. In many ways it was similar to those of you in your culture who enjoy the risk of the conflict of man against nature, for whereas I did not hang glide or mountain climb, I did run the risk of disease and any number of other dangers, by entering into the uncontrolled environment of the rest of the world where I studied and where I would stay but where I did not live.

The conditions in these unregulated realms were, for many of us, quite an adventure, like a safari into an entirely different culture. And for good reason! Whereas we lived almost entirely enclosed in our – what you might call “artificial environment”, we derived great satisfaction from our soirees into the outside kingdoms. The peoples out there would not have been content in our structured civilization. They were very unruly and were disinclined to function as a team.

They chose the more primitive level of tribe and clan behavior, but we were always made welcome as a curiosity and tolerated in our research, while we were careful not to wear out our welcome and we always brought gifts. Without going into my work experience, I would like to tell you a bit about my home life and the home life of those of us who had learned how to master our environment so that no matter what conditions were outdoors, we were protected from the severe cold of winter, the severe heat of summer, the torrential rains of spring, and the dry blasting heat of Autumn.

When we set ourselves behind superimposed walls, we created our own environment and discovered leisure time to begin to pursue our more spiritual interests and the art of living, including culture and scholastic studies and art.
Your contemporaries and you have been sampling the subject of retreat centers and getaway places or community environments in which your mutual interests can be promoted and extended. We are interested in this trend for many reasons but I am personally interested in it because I can see, in many ways, that the lure of a controlled environment is what was necessary for us to launch our advanced civilization also. It was not so much that we chose to isolate ourselves from our peers, no, for we were much like them, but for the fact that we opted to commingle with kindred spirits, adventurous and striving, very much like yourselves.

We are so adaptable, we who have been fostered from the material worlds. We have made our way in, under and through such diverse environments and experiences, it is not hard for those of us who will, to find something in common with each other upon which we can continue to build and develop our options for a greater reality than the one which will give rise eventually to complacency and boredom. The adventure lure is inherent in you for a reason. It will advance you and your civilization into light and life very much as have those worlds which have already evolved to such a plateau of realization.

I have been aware that while I have been speaking, the mind of Gerdean has flashed on various movies she has seen, adventure movies involving jungles and bugs and crocodiles, and yes, Gerdean, it is as colorful as that, those areas I visited and in which I worked, but I was not the hero as depicted by your notable actor Harrison Ford. I was not nearly as debonair. It is possible, in fact, that those of us who were less adventurous in the flesh were rather more adventurous in the soul, and that allowed for our great expansion, while some of us were also afforded an opportunity to revisit where we came from.

And I tell you, I always marveled at the big difference between these two aspects of my native world, and I would not have changed it. It always seemed appropriate for me that I would live in the more controlled atmosphere than in the more enigmatic existence of the natives. And again, much of it was because of the climate. The idea of spending six weeks in a cave or in an igloo does nothing for me, but I can be very happy enclosed in an environment of my own creation which includes all the technology and creature comforts that I am able to acquire by my resistance to the lure of the mortal adventure as it is lived by the evolving races in these early times of development, such as you know first hand.

Getting to know each other is always an interesting part of the relationship phenomena. The saying is that “you cannot tell a book by its cover” and although there may be certain clues that give you a certain perception, it is also true that within each individual is a universe of uniqueness unlike any other, and inasmuch as it is the experience that we live for, the kaleidoscope of potential personality development and expression within each individual is truly incredible.
We are looking forward to your developing your communication skills such that you are able to stimulate each other’s minds and hearts beyond your conditioning and beyond your correcting and into a new range of being.

I need to learn for myself a skill or two in the art of communication with mortals, for I have been your teacher for so long, in your time frame, that our relationship is fixed, if you will, in terms of mentor and student. But there are many things to be learned in the social arena, and all of them are not administrative or exploitative. I thus can ask you to tell me about what your understanding and perception is as far as adventure is concerned, and how do you find adventure in your human experience, in your realm today?


THOROAH: Are you looking for an answer, an opinion, an expression from ourselves here? Or was that rhetorical?

TOMAS:  Indeed. No, I am attempting to engage with you in an art of conversation.


TOMAS: : I can elaborate to say that inasmuch as I have been your teacher and you have been the student, I can perceive that you would almost automatically ply me with further questions as to my environment and since I am not encouraging a teacher/student rapport but an art of conversation format, I am asking for your input and suggest that you might like to think about adventure, but you are certainly free to remark about anything you like, or nothing at all.

THOROAH: Alright. I think for myself there’s a sense of adventure all the time. I think I try to control my own environment, to a large degree. I could be accused of being anal sometimes because of that, but it’s almost as if I put myself in a state of comfort so that I can then get itchy and recognize adventure. I must do this subconsciously because I have a history of being on the move. There are various mitigating factors in being on the move, but that is my history. I find adventure in a lot of things. Engaging somebody in a conversation, a stranger, is an adventure. Taking off in your car to go drop videos back at the video store in the middle of a snow storm is an adventure.

I’ve always been one to find romance, if you will – I don’t mean Valentine’s Day romance, I mean I find romance in a lot of things that people might not all find romance in. It’s probably part of my own self-entertainment system. But I was curious as to why you studied, by the way, those outside of your society, if there was in your attempts to study them, ways to help them grow or improve their lives. Was that part of your civilizations efforts? To civilize the rest of the globe?

TOMAS: : My work was through the auspices of our government. Everyone was not sent out. I enjoyed the adventure, and even though I was not the romantic hero of your adventure stories of the day, I was at least enough interested in the cultural differences that I found the work fascinating. No, we did not have an overt program of uplifting or enlightening, educating or furthering, those who were not within our walls.

THOROAH: Would your planet, in that status, qualify for the age of light and life?

[[To be continued.]]

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