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BUT87- Being Human On This World

2000-01-28-Being Human On This World
Butler PA #87


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Being Human On This World
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: DanielM
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Being Human On This World
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: DanielM


TOMAS:  (T/R Daniel): Good Evening. This is Tomas. It is my pleasure to give a lesson tonight. Since I was a human, in fact, am still a human and always will be a human, I will bring the human element of what it is like to choose Father, to choose our own path of growth, and the coordination of the two.


TOMAS:    Being human on any world is indeed difficult and a struggle. It requires difficult choice making, the acquirement of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and learning a relationship with that Fragment of Father that is within us. At some point in the human life we each have the opportunity of understanding what it means to Choose God’s Will and to cooperate with the beneficial suggestions that our Father Fragments continually make to us. Life on this world-Urantia-is indeed far more difficult than most, when it comes to recognizing and making the choice to partner with the Father in the growth and development of your soul. It is a supreme experience to recognize that every suggestion Father makes to us is indeed the one that will make us feel the best, feel the most whole and satisfied. When a human comes to that understanding of, “Why Yes, of course! Why would I want to do anything else But Father’s will?”, then he or she has made the supreme choice.

Being a human on this world brings along with it a great deal of long- term habitual ways of reacting to your environment. Due to the betrayal of the Planetary Prince and many of his staff, along with the inadvertent default of Adam and Eve, your world lost the constant connection with the spiritual realm which many other worlds enjoy. So you must-using the spirituality you have earned along the way-make the changes in your life that you see giving you the greatest spiritual growth and the most intimate personal relationship with Father. Make the choices for your greatest good. You deserve to have a life of beauty, and truth, and goodness.

Do not see yourself as egotistical when you are joyfully doing Father’s Will and becoming the best that you can be. Always give credit to your spirit fragment of God for the good that you do and that you are, because God is the Source of all goodness in your life. You are worthy of your own love. As you love and accept that fragment of God within you “as you” when you have fused, then you will realize that everything that you do which is loving, brings you closer to that day when you will indeed become one.

Much has happened in your lives. You have experienced many difficult obstacles to normal growth. And you, because of your spirit, because of your love of God, are overcoming them. Indeed, watching you, we are quite proud of what you have already overcome. You will become excellent experiential teachers because you have learned how to love through every experience. There is nothing to love about many of the experiences of your past that you have had to endure. Only, do not forget that each one of those experiences in your path has led you to right here and now. THAT is the good that overcomes the initial act of evil; becoming your highest self.

Now, allows you to love the errors which have brought you here. To love that you will never have to make those same errors again, and to love being able to love others who are experiencing some of the traumas that you, yourself, have overcome. These things give you great value in that with your spirituality, you may begin to aid many people who still feel beaten by those things. It is an honor to be a child of God, and to recognize that in every moment. Indeed you are younger sons and daughters of God, yet you are every bit as cherished as any one of us. Let love into your life, any way it may chance to come. Each experience of love becomes a part of you. You cannot lose those, unless you try to hold on to them, keep them static; then that feeling goes away. But if you look to everyone whom you meet for an experience of God’s love and theirs, then God will be able to share with you in many different ways His great love for You.


TOMAS:   I will end this lesson. It has been a pleasure to serve here tonight as your teacher. I am looking forward to eventually being one of the regulars.
Good night, dear ones.

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