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BUT93- Heart & Mind

2000-02-15-Heart & Mind
Butler PA #93


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Heart & Mind
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Heart & Mind
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, little ones, this is Tomas, your Teacher.

THOROAH: Good evening, Tomas.


TOMAS: I’m going to begin by acknowledging our anniversary of seven years working together in my appearance in your classrooms in your mortal realm. My appreciation runs deep for your loyalty, and for your commitment, Gerdean, to your responsibility as t/r and I want to thank you for your integrity throughout the years under some very trying circumstances and often when I gave responses that you were abashed to hear. As I told you long ago, if you stay out of the procedure and let me teach, I will speak to the persons who need to hear me in a way they can understand.

I will use this point as a springboard for my words to you this evening and that has to do with a phrase you are familiar with by having read in the Urantia Book that Jesus never worried about being misunderstood and he did not follow up. I bring Jesus into the picture as he is the perfected God-man example of what a perfectly unified personality would manifest, and if he did not worry about being misunderstood, there must be value in that stance and reinforced by it being called to your attention, as well as that quality of his that did not need to follow up. How different this is from the mortal being in your conditioned response to the demand that your ego be acknowledged and your wisdom be expressed.

If you are being true to yourself, your inner self, you are allowing your inner self to express itself and your ego-mind is not intent upon making the point because your heart, your soul, your spirit are expressing your words. When you speak from the heart, those attitudes will speak more loudly than the words you use and your intonation will be couched in love, embraced by graciousness, in such a way that your essence will be heard; and when the words pour forth, they will fall on fertile soil if the soil has been tilled and is receptive.

And so no amount of explaining or describing or pontificating will allow that seed of truth to be planted in the heart of the hearer. It is similarly fruitless to follow up on what you have taught for, based on the outline above, your heart and spirit were speaking and the intellect is subservient, and so be wary of that intellect attempting to gain strokes for itself by coming along and hoping to follow up with your heart’s lesson.

This is not to say, of course, that you cannot answer questions if questions are posed to you. And, of course, it is always a good teaching technique to draw people out by asking them questions. But these are different than the urge to follow up, which is essentially an ego-activated behavior.

You have a phrase “let the chips fall where they may” and it sounds like a gamble, a flip of the coin, a careless and thoughtless gesture. But there is a difference between carelessness and faith. When we make reference to the many opportunities that you have in your world to be of service, to teach and preach the gospel and to assist in actualizing the experiential reality of the living God, we attempt to whet your appetite to know what those opportunities might be, and how can you put yourself in a position to exercise your will to do His will as you pass by? But if you are willing, and if you avail yourself of these opportunities, it will astound you how many times you have occasion to express the Father’s personality in your dealings with men.

And a review of these interchanges will reveal to you if you are a better righteousness recommender today than you were yesterday, if you are less reluctant to be misunderstood in order to express divine affection. If you are willing for others to follow up with your seed-planting efforts through their guidance from Our Father, you will relieve yourself of the sense of responsibility that that kind of assumption of prerogative would call for. Let God run the show.

It is anticipated you will have many such opportunities to be of service as you pass by in these next several days as you meet with many of your peers in the kingdom. I am not going to keep you late this evening. I am not going to require that this transcript be posted before you go on holiday, Gerdean. Indeed I do not require that any of them be followed up. It matters not to me personally, but it is a manner in which you, in your material world, make the word flesh, as it were, and we realize the value of a tangible “proof” of that which is deeply embedded in your heart and soul.
It is an honor to be a Teacher in this Teacher Corp at this time and in this place. I can think of no assignment more rewarding and I look forward, with you, to the prospects of socializing our beliefs with our brethren in these wondrous days to come. What have you on your minds this evening? Are there questions?


THOROAH: I don’t really have a question, Tomas. I had been thinking earlier about needing to get my mind and heart working together. In my case, my mind seems to go far out. I need to take my heart with it. And so I appreciated your talk on the relationship.

TOMAS: The mind of Christ and the heart of Christ are one.

THOROAH: That’s kind of like fusion.

TOMAS: Yes, kind of. It enables harmony. It produces balance. It congeals the energies of the will for effective living. Your culture provides several interesting studies already on the benefits of the alignment between the heart and the mind. These are interesting studies that you evolved in order to reveal to yourselves the nature of the human being in conjunction with a spiritual inclination. As you traverse, you will maintain a spiritual frame of reference and observe how the body influences the greater spirit reality. But these changeling steps are interesting and worthy of note.
Even so, in an attempt to harmonize your mind and your heart, ask Michael to help you.

Ask him to be the heart of your existence that beats in tune with the pulse of the Father. And ask him to direct your thinking in alignment with divine wisdom. Set aside your little mind and allow the Universal Mind to order your thinking. Trust that Our Eternal Parent has bestowed upon you qualities of mind that are in your best interests, in that, your “best interests” is Him and it dwells in you as your divine Thought Adjuster.

Man is not only a reasoning creature; he is also intuitive, and it does not require great intellect to be a devoted child of God. It takes a sincere heart, a clear and clean mind, housed in a body of clean habits, well balanced neural systems that give optimum conditions for a happy and joyous life in the spirit and in the flesh. That will be it for this evening, my children. I thank you for your patronization of this communication method we’ve been given. I embrace you in the full sense of the word. Have a good holiday. See you next week; same time, same station.

VISITOR: Good of you to keep the line open. Good evening. I am … here to visit, to practice. (Long pause) I have not done this before and I am finding it awkward. (Long pause) I am impressed with those of you who have experienced this sufficiently that you converse readily without stumbling as I seem to be. But perhaps I am “getting it.” I appreciate your indulgence. I am your servant. How may I help you in your life?

THOROAH: That’s a pretty profound question.

GERDEAN: I was just thinking that.

THOROAH: Seriously. That leaves me with a blank sheet that . . . I would have to take it much more seriously to actually say “here’s how you can serve me” but thank you for giving me perspective. I don’t have any answer right now.

VISITOR: It is a simple request. Why are you stymied?

THOROAH: I have never had anyone tell me, in exactly that way, with those words, that they were here to serve me. In the context of what was said. I’ve thought about that. The idea’s been presented to me before, but it was never put me.


VISITOR: I have been encouraged to give you an assignment. It is on record that when you are given an assignment, it actualizes more quickly for you are eager in your yearning to grow your soul. Be therefore mindful, effective now, of a desire to serve and be mindful, too, that there are yearnings in each of your kin to also be of service, but you don’t know how or you don’t take it seriously or you are too self-sufficient or proud or challenged.

I would like for you to break the ice and begin to ask people for help. A simple thing is all that is needed. If someone is going to the kitchen, ask them to bring you a drink of water. If they are nearby while you are reading, ask if they know the meaning of this word or this sentence, to help you understand. If you are confused, elicit the guidance of others. It is a gift to God when you allow others to serve your sincere desires.

Practice service. Going out and returning to you. Allow this quality of life to become a working part of you, a real part of you. In time it will be so much a part of your reference, you too will say, “how may I serve you in your life?”
I am grateful for your ears, in order for me to express these value lessons. Thank you, Father, for my experience with these, your children.

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