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BUT94- Confiding

Butler PA #94


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Confiding
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Merium, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Confiding
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Merium, Tomas
TR: Gerdean


MERIUM: I am Merium. I will come in and keep you company while we wait for Uncle Tomas to toddle on over here.

THOROAH: Hi, Merium.

MERIUM: Hi, my dear. How are you this evening? You look all brown and hale, having walked on the beach and turned your buttercup face to the sun. How wonderful it is to have the windows of the mind thrown open and the fresh air come through. This is my idea of pillow fluffing indeed. You both look much pinker.

THOROAH: Thank you. I think.

MERIUM: Indeed, thank you for enjoying yourselves and for allowing yourselves to be open to the joy that is your inheritance. Grasp the gifts of sonship with tenacity. Do not let go of the basket.

TOMAS: Good evening, children. I am Tomas.

THOROAH: Good evening, Tomas.


TOMAS: I am instructed, in good faith of my supervisor’s wisdom, to speak to you once again regarding the fruit of the spirit “confiding trust”. The quality of confiding trust is a sincere exchange of information which, when your soul is in the hands of the Creator, will allow your communication to address reality levels even beyond the obvious. The Father within understands the quality of confiding trust and urges you to incorporate this characteristic into your personality pattern.

Confiding trust is not always a matter of confidentiality. The confiding trust we have discussed before has to do with one-on-one communications, entering into and approaching a communion of understanding between the two who engage in a confidential and confiding moment of sharing the human experience and/or the spiritual perspective.
Confiding is also a quality of attempting to speak meaningfully. I can speak meaningfully to a thousand people. I can confide in a thousand people at one time, because of my earnest desire to be intimate with you and to share with you, in confiding trust, our reality as sons of God and daughters of divinity.

This is pointed out because everything is expanding, you see. Everyone is looking for an acceleration of truth, beauty and goodness. The DNA’s have been approached. The mind-expansion era has turned the corner. And so the understandings of yesterday and yesteryear are in need of updating and revising, steadily and naturally, as you yourselves are upstepped and revised. And so whereas it was once understood that confiding trust could be construed as a whisper between intimates at hand, it is expanded today to incorporate the multitudes.

I will borrow from Gerdean’s mind, with her permission, the response that she has been listening to the political programs and the presidential aspirants with an ear for confiding trust, as an indication of the character of the person who would lead this great nation.

These are qualities of Our Father, these fruits of the spirit, and qualities that you are developing as you begin to pour forth fruit, produce fruit, from the Living Vine, as you attempt to introduce Our Father to His children and your brothers and sisters to Our Father.

The fruits of the spirit are tools; as indicated in the reading you discussed early this evening, a way to allow the spirit energy to propel you into movement within the material realm. This spiritual energy is indeed the fuel that turns the mechanism of the material existence. It is the primary motivator; some of you call it the Prime Directive. We are glad that you have seen through the season of relative hibernation to awaken to the spiritual sap flowing through your physical veins, encouraging you to act. So how are you? Have you any questions or commentary? Have you any stories you would like to share about your experience with your fellows at the retreat, or otherwise? In confiding trust of our ministry, my friends, what can we do for each other? What can we do for Michael? What can we do for His children?


THOROAH: The thought that I had after getting a chance to settle down here this morning for some Stillness, — that the message that we have to give to everyone is that God loves them. Which seems so simple that it could be simply overlooked. There has been a war going on within everybody as to their relationship with God. On one hand God is angry and on the other hand God loves them and you’ve got all this confusion, and we’ve got to tell them the war is over and that God loves them. Period. That’s it.

TOMAS: And you document that by loving them. Yes.


TOMAS: It is confusing to people to be given permission to love God. It is a very personal matter, a personal invitation given to the Indwelling Adjuster. It’s the kind of impetus that causes a stirring in the soul of the hearer – if they have not made peace with that truth, if they have not further experienced that vital truth.

THOROAH: At the same time, the Church, basically the organized church, from my experience, was always admonishing us to love God. They made it clear that God so loved us that he gave his only begotten son, but they did not preach to us a God that loved us and so the love aspect has been with the obligation to love God, not the fact that God loves us. We should love God because of that, rather than the fact that God just loves us. Period.

TOMAS: This is a very rational approach to religion, yes, as parents will do. “You should respect me because I have taken care of you. I brought you into this world and you should respect me for that.” It demands an attitude, but it is not the same as the kind of relationship between parent and child – idealized by Our Father and His children – wherein the love is obvious between the two. The laughter and the tears, the companionability, the sincerity, the wisdom of the parent and the natural trust the child places in such a wise and loving parent. The joy of the embrace. This is the kind of child-parent relationship that the Master has opted for us to employ as a depiction of the rightful inheritance of you with Our Father in heaven, that we should love him because we love him, not because we should.

But you need not disdain all of your forebearers for their perspective since they are also expanding in their awareness of Our Father and his relationship with his children. It is true that many Thought Adjusters are unable to do much during a tenure when the mortal remains unconscious of Its ache to activate the living, loving relationship between It, the Adjuster, and the mortal of Its indwelling. I cannot speak for the work of the Thought Adjusters in the Resurrection Halls, but it has been witnessed time and time again that mortals who were asleep for the most part during their human life were awakened on the Mansion Worlds to reveal their actualization of relationship with their Adjusters.
And so the work continues.

The mercy and patience of the Father for his children knows no limitation. Time means nothing to the Father. Death itself means nothing to the Father. He can reach you in this life in the flesh or he can reach you in the morontia state. It matters not, to him. What a freedom, indeed, from spiritual bondage! It is the human perception that creates the bondage, that Spirit can release it from. In bringing the great God down to the human comprehension, he is made hard and artificial in order to accommodate your previous understandings of who he was and we would have you turn to who God can and will be for you tomorrow in the awakening of a living, loving relationship that immortalizes you.
That is a real glimmer, my lad, when you can look at your own immortality, if even for a second, and recognize that not only does God love you, but he will with you live forever. Enthralling.

These are concepts that must be grown into, if you will. Fertilize the soil. Dig around the edges. Shine that sunshine attitude. Water your little seedlings with your tears of joy and of healing. Baptize your sonship with your brothers. Allow the light of truth to fall gently on them and become part of their growing spiritual foundation. The Father will be there to respond to their faintest flicker. Be the Master’s Ambassador in your living. Carry with you the seeds of the fruits of the spirit.

THOROAH: I was thinking today about telling people that God loves them, and fielding a question if someone said, “How do I know that what you say is true? How do I know that God loves me?” and I was trying to imagine how I might deal with a question like that. How would you deal with a question like that?

TOMAS: How would I deal with a question like that. I would use a question like that to open discourse rather than wait for them to ask you. It’s artificial to say “God loves you” when you have not made a soul connection. It’s like, “Have a nice day!” It means nothing unless you have already touched upon a facet of the spirit, whereupon that phrase then underscores the meaningful moment that was just experienced.

When you can engage in this kind of discourse, it is a way of fertilizing the soil. If you get in there together and peck around and crumble up the lumps, then you have together sowed your seeds of understanding, such that when you have withdrawn from that moment, the spirit then is able to reveal itself in kind and augment or accentuate the philosophy that you have just embarked upon in an attempt to understand Our Father and his relationship with you.
Thus, confiding trust is a good quality to learn how to use as a tool, a quality of spiritual energy that can help turn the gears of the material mechanism.

THOROAH: Beautiful. Thank you.

TOMAS: The challenge is to allow your spirit to discern where they are, and then for you to creatively open that door by being amenable, by being willing to serve, by reaching out in random acts of kindness and senseless beauty, in asking for advice or in offering a compliment. It needn’t be overtly theologic, you see.


TOMAS: And you well know by now there are how many heavenly hosts who hover in anticipation of being able to be of service to you in your desire to bring His will into your realm. A very interesting reading about Jesus the young man.

[Ed: Tomas is picking up with the group’s initial discussion from TUB, page 1405, beginning with “Jesus is rapidly becoming a man..” and specifically the sentence, “He has very nearly mastered the technique of utilizing the energy of the spiritual drive to turn the mechanism of material achievement.”]

How marvelous that he was able to accomplish so much by the influence of his home life and his spirit mentor. How important, indeed, was it that the Creator Son should benefit from the values of the Nazarene home life. He was thus able in many ways to assimilate the best of opportunities presented in order for him to learn well and quickly what was necessary for him.

That is not to say that it is not also possible for the youth of today to attain to such responsible young maturity as Jesus, but the circumstances of your world are not such that your adventurous youth are content to bide their time in the workshop as faithfully as Jesus in his time. Your culture is different; your world is different; your teachers are different.

THOROAH: Is there a correlation between the studiousness that Jesus personified growing up and, as you said, in the workshops . . . in today’s society? . . Learning trades and skills and things like that? Is that essentially what Jesus did? . . go to school for 20 years?

TOMAS: It also involves a relationship with the home, the family, the immediate culture, the neighborhood, a loyalty to the fine qualities of house and garden. The shop represents an ability to tend the land, to take care of one’s self, pride of ownership, relationship passed down between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the best in tribal values that foster civilization, which contributes to your education, the stimulation of the imagination and a mental striving for comprehension, the study of languages, the study of your and other’s religions at home books and wise men and ways, all of this constitutes that which was available to Jesus which will be available to ones who have wisdom which they share with their clan, their own.

These qualities that I speak of and which Jesus had, give a certain structure to his life that enables these lessons to be learned with the foundation of values as underlining the foundation of all of life. There are some/many situations/circumstances which require survival techniques to come into play — so much that the development of culture is not attained. Leisure is undeveloped. It is hard to develop good character, true character, without the kinds of qualities which were made part of Jesus’ conditioning, by his home life. But that is not to say that there cannot be great strides accomplished in those which were not so fortunate. We deal with you all on a regular basis about your background conditioning and how it supports or interferes with your personal religious experience and your youthfulness to Our Father and your fellows.

THOROAH: It’s a challenge to be able to express the essence of that relationship to people who don’t quite grasp the concept of having conversation with spirit, with the invisible, but yet that relationship that you just described, about teaching us how to deal with these things, is what the relationship is all about. And it’s so precious! I’ve kind of fallen into periods where I’ve taken it for granted, but if I stop and think about where I was or what it would be like if I didn’t have you around to help me, there would be a big vacancy, and I’m anxious for a lot of people to get hold of that and feel what I’ve grown to enjoy. It’s precious.

TOMAS: Precious are you to us as well. Indeed, this relationship is precious. We hold it tenderly to our heart. We cherish what we have, for it is rare in all of Nebadon, and we see how you have grown and we are humbled at your striving, your yearning for even more clarity in order that you may reflect the light to those who languish. But sometimes it is necessary for you to be discreet, Agondonter, and whereas you believe, and whereas you have faith, and whereas you are learning and becoming more real, you cannot prove, except through the fruits of the spirit, and so the Living Vine continues to make its presence known in His universe through the tried and true methods of old.


TOMAS: Perhaps we ought to end our session. It is so good to have you back refreshed.

THOROAH: It’s good to be back and I always hate to have the sessions come to an end

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