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BUT96- Sensitivity

Butler PA #96


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sensitivity
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson

Topic: Sensitivity
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Loyal friends, good evening. I am Tomas. I am very glad to be here with you and glad, too, that you have opted to come and visit with me so that we might spend some time in the realms of the mind, the heart and the soul that will foster and further your piece of mind, your effectiveness, as well as your happiness in your life experience.


TOMAS: This gives me an opportunity to discuss your quality of sensitivity and its relative counter-part, density. You’ve heard it said that you live in a dense world, that the material density is a part of the material existence. The compact nature of atoms that constitute your world need to be dense in order for you to feel at home in it as a solid mass being, but your mind, my friends, is not required to maintain such density!

Your mind is free to rise up beyond the density of the immediate area into the realms of space and imagination, ultimately to bridge the morontia realms en route to pure spirit. As you ascend up into ethereal reality and out of rigid density, you become more and more sensitive to the nuances of the freedoms from curtailment which this matter conditions you to expect and depend upon; thus it is difficult for you to begin to depend upon that which cannot be seen. That you do, however, is what gives you your Agondonter status, and so as Agondonters you are already aware of your own sensitivity, conscious or unconscious, of the realities which impress upon you from a level unknown to the materialist.

Having the perspective of one who sees and knows without literal proof, affords you a new perspective, then, upon your actual material life. You have better vision, panavision, for you can see to some extent from a more omniscient point of view, the farther view. Your foresight is increased; your sensitivity toward what His will is for you is augmented.

You have a responsibility to yourself, in your increased sensitivity, to protect it from the gross vulgarities of the material realm. Your scripture reads, “do not cast your pearls before swine.” In that case, it does not behoove you to enter into the pig sty. And, having a vantage point of sensitivity, it will screen your mind from desiring to investigate what cannot serve you and in which you cannot effectively serve. “Would this not, then,” you ask, “arrange to place you in a position to be isolated or inoculated against the vagaries of the material existence and from the growth challenges and opportunities in the arena? Would it not curtail your abilities to be of service in the trenches?”

Yes, it would, but it would only curtail your vicarious thrill-seeking, inasmuch as if you go into a tormented area of life in order to be of service, it will be because you are being divinely led into that snake pit, that bunker, in order to perform a specific service and you will be accompanied by celestial helpers, by Jesus himself.

There are some teachers and gurus who are adored for their ability to laugh and giggle, even in the face of the horrors existent in humanity. And at first blush it would appear as though they are completely insensitive to the pain and suffering of the human condition, but if you yourselves were sensitive to their vantage point, you would realize that as a child of God you can be and are delightfully joyed to be in the spirit, even while you are cognizant of the suffering around you and the work which would be done. To be happy in your own heart is not the same as being happy at the expense of others. There should be no confusion between those different vantage points and value levels.

Sensitivity has nothing to do with gender. Both male and female are in need of a greater appreciation for their own sensitivity, their own ability to hear and perceive with their developing soul’s perspective. This will concurrently increase your confidence in yourself, your faith in yourself, and your trust in yourself, for you are relying upon that immortal Self which is becoming as your personality wills to do His will and immortalizes itself thereby.

It is not sentimental or wishy-washy to be sensitive. To be sensitive is to be keen and astute from the eye of one who truly sees and hears with ears to hear. Being sensitive is often difficult because it leaves you open to hear all that which is imperfect and instead of feeling a vicarious thrill you feel compassion and an urge to minister, to bring the light of truth and the love of God to the moment, the lighthearted joyousness that is the birthright of sons and daughters of the living God.

Your world can be very difficult, and even though you, in your faith and trust of Our Father, are enjoying the fruits of your labors with Father, you will benefit more by increased sensitivity to your own needs, as these needs are now in harmony with the needs of your Indwelling Adjuster. Help your relationship with your Adjuster, then, by being sensitive to your own feelings and needs. In this you will begin to sense and recognize these senses and needs in others when they reveal themselves to you. You will be able to more effectively serve, you will better respond to the needs, the true needs of those who are before you.

You can save yourself much time and energy from intellectual entrapments and emotional abysses by being sensitive to your own soul and its response to the soul of others.

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