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BUT97- Effective Teaching

2001-01-20-Effective Teaching
Butler PA #97


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Effective Teaching
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Effective Teaching
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


GERDEAN: Tomas, or someone, while you’re here, I have a question. This is Gerdean. And it has to do with the promise that we would learn to be teachers, that you had come to teach us to be teachers, or that which you teach us will eventually be ours so that we will be doing what you do. Okay. Now here’s my question, and my frustration, because many times when, for example my husband, other people also they will hear you or another teacher through me and hear you and listen to you and honor you and respect you and when I do it as your student, as a teacher-in-becoming, as myself . .. I get a lot of flack.

I’m certain a lot of this has to do with male -female communication difficulties, cultural misunderstandings, definition of terms, but how come that is, Tomas, and what can I do to overcome that or to learn from that? That is an observation on my part. And inasmuch as I want to be a teacher and I want to be admired and respected also, in my Own right, I want to know how I can be effective in My presentation as You are effective in Yours. Could you address that concern for me, please?

TOMAS: Yes, I can discuss it with you, daughter. I would be glad to. Your sincerity is endearing, albeit your idealism is perhaps naive. You know how you dislike being talked down to. You are not alone. Very few individuals enjoy being talked down to, and as you perceive a teacher has the edge, and you emulate your perception of that kind of teacher, you will also have an edge in your voice that will not be well taken by those who have not given you permission to be their “teacher”.

If you are in a position, as in a workshop or classroom, just like I as your teacher am understood to be teaching in a teaching platform, you would be perhaps more effective; but socializing is another form of interchange that is a skill that is being redefined by every nuance of reality that you attain and the same is true insofar as the attainment of everyone else you know. And so, the potentials of socialization are so extensive as to preclude you from engaging without some specified area of expertise, for therein you have your authority; you know whereof you speak. You are credentialed. It’s an elementary view of what social skills are being developed now because of your expanded awareness of who you are.

The same is true in the world of your assignment, but inasmuch as it is your assignment, to bring the light of truth to your fellows, you have there an avenue of relating which adds a spiritual dimension to the otherwise “godless” dimension that you are spending your time in. We are entering into subtleties of teaching here, for when you enter into the greater realm, the community at large, in order to express divinity and give God an opportunity to manifest Himself throughout His creation in and through the associative deity between the children of God who are your siblings, your sense of purpose will enable you to be guided and directed by the Spirit of Truth which works with you when you minister in the field.

When you minister inside your own family, you run the risk of being a pain in the neck to your fellows who have already got the message. You are singing to the choir. And so, save your breath, trying to teach those who have enough of a grasp on the greater reality that they are already being consciously led, through their conscious relationship with Our Father. Focus that on those who are in the dark, or who look to you for answers.

You are, as a T/R, in a position to intimately observe my relationship with my class, my students, my hearers, my fellows. But observing the intricacies of another relationship is not the same as having that relationship with your associates in and of yourselves and in your own rights. That is something that is developmental between you; that cannot be brought about because of my association with you as a mouthpiece for my words.

But as I promised a long time ago, Gerdean, when you are called upon to teach and preach by the Spirit of Truth, you will nobly respond. You have in the past, you are dependable today, and you will in the future; therefore, you need not worry about not being heard when your Adjuster seeks to reply to the yearning of Itself in the lives of others. Be like Onagar and respect the perspective that comes from the passage of time. Trust, too, in the panoply of omniscience that oversees our very existence. You do well.

THOROAH: I think we want to do so much. Whatever it is that each of us as individuals think of as, whatever it is we can do that amounts to something, for the cause, for the mission — and I realize how important time is to wisdom, as well as to perspective and when we’re told to relax and remember it takes time, it’s almost like we’re giving up part of the time we have left on this planet to accomplish something, so I gather that it’s in our daily demeanor and behavior, character display, that we have to focus, and if we live that, trust the fact that it will have its own message and someone will come to us and ask us for answers, for insights.

I think that we would like people to come to us and ask us because that’s what we have to do. You know. We come to you and we ask and you keep telling us that’s how we find out, is ask, and so we need people to ask us and it seems like we don’t have the patience to behave long enough like we know what we’re about in order for people to seek something from us.

TOMAS: It is very difficult for humans at this point in time to ask for help or to admit they haven’t got it all together. Even spirituality has not helped you out of that hole of misunderstanding very much yet. You have so many left-over racial conditionings. Remember it is the enlightenment of the individual and then the enlightenment of the civilization, not the other way around. And so you will find yourselves building civilizations by and with your personalities, ideals, goals, and inspirations as to what it means to build a better world.

Even a generation or two ago it was commonly understood that you wanted to create a better life for your children, and a lot of energy has gone into amassing better lives, but without waxing politic, it’s apparent that there is an element in this advancement that is essential to accomplishment, and that is the acknowledgment of the Master’s hand, divining the growth of the new relationship of living organisms that constitute the civilizations of Urantia, the sons and daughters of God.

This will not be done in a fortnight, this light and life, but yes it does begin today and now in your individual and very personal lives, and spread out to the man, the woman, who stands next to you with his and/or her relative perfections and imperfections, goals, purposes and dreams inherent in the relationship between the child of God and the Universal Father.

The potential for tomorrow is staggering, intoxicating, exhilarating. If you find it exciting to be standing on the brink, on the precipice, consider what excitement is inherent in the actual doing of it. This portends great accomplishment, but great confusion can greatly retard the works, thus the propensity for God to occasionally bring everything in an individual’s life to a screeching halt so that they can renew their realization of their reality, casting aside that which has been a mere scaffolding, en route to a greater consciousness of a greater reality which will serve in time and space until the next molting allows for a greater advancement of soul realization. Tomas waxes philosophic.

THOROAH: I was thinking earlier about Onagar explaining as far as time, perspective, and now we’re looking at our situation trying to get the time and perspective elevated. It seems like no matter where you go or when in the universe, there you are.

TOMAS: Thank God.

THOROAH: I suppose we’ll always be looking, yearning to grow.

TOMAS: These opportunities will be provided without your having to look very hard or very far. The era that you are in today, the realm you find yourself in, in fact, is the beginning of the age of the mind. The mind is coming into its own, thus your fascination with deep mind and the construct and hypnosis and creativity.

THOROAH: Well, we have great need for mind expansion and maybe that’s the big lure. It’s almost new.

TOMAS: Yes, it is a new plateau. And you are bringing your new selves with it. You’ll need to learn to love your relationships within the organism of enlightenment, even those less than perfect parts, for this is part of the relativity of your early contributions. The foundations that you are laying are eternal bedrock. Take your time and progress wisely, learning to understand yourself and your fellows as you proceed under way of your program, your product, your unit, your platoon, your purpose, your undertaking, your ministry, your depiction, your machination of good faith. For which efforts we find our mission a worthy investment in our time in space.


TOMAS: On behalf of Michael and his natal planet and those worlds of his which are now being embraced in the cosmic neighborhood as one of its own. We’ll see you around. Good evening.

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