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CDT18 – Evergreen

2008-04-21  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#18
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

TR: Daniel Raphael

April 21, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah.

Group: Welcome.

SONDJAH: Thank you for your presence here tonight. There are several beside myself, who are here as well. We have been enjoying your conversation regarding the shift in energy, which you have felt, and the work of consciousness in your lives and in the lives of others, and the shift of consciousness and energy on your planet. We have told you before, and we note the changes of consciousness that are going on, on your planet and it is wonderful to see that more people are advancing into light and confidence, rather than retreating into fear and doubt. There is trepidation for external circumstances, but there is sureness of mind and heart in your connection and the connection of millions with us, and with Christ Michael and Monjoronson’s work.

You have commented as well, about DNA and the new children, who are on this planet, and we have spoken about that before. It is true and it continues to advance. You will see in generations to come, even in your lifetimes for those present that you will see a continuing advance and marshalling of resources of a spiritual energy nature in children, as they come into this existence. These are the ones who you are preparing for; these are the ones who will enjoy the fruits of your work in the Co-Creative Design Teams and the Working Teams. These are ones who will fully understand what you are doing, and they will praise you for your efforts for being so forward thinking and ahead of your times.

You are correct about our infusion of assistance for the project of education. You made your declaration last week, you came to unanimous agreement with those present, and so we have brought forward the resources to assist you to have this unfold. While you are working on the designs for sustainable education, we will continue to bring resources to you, who would want to hear what you have to say, who would engage your designs in a positive way, and enter into dialog with you. We feel that you have made this choice independently of any influence, which we may have had among you. Our interest is in education, it is in growth, it is in individuals—the survivability of individuals—and education is part and parcel as important as the growth factor of individuals and your survival. This advances the causes of your civilization, advances the operation of families in communities, and assists the world to advance.

This is the environment where these children, who are coming to you, will engage on a very palpable, real level and be able to actually implement the designs, which you are coming up with in education and in other fields. Your course will go into more detail with education than you did with relationships, but you will do it as well, in a very short period of time. You will come to a working situation each week, and begin to engage this earnestly, deliberately and intentionally, and look forward to the results that you produce at the end of each evening. We look forward to this as much as you do.

We have been “in communication”—put that in quotes please—with Issah and his comrades. There is an understanding that we will continue with this work, and that their work will continue with individuals as they wish to engage the TRing process. Those who wish to engage in this, have the standing offer of this one, to assist in that process on a person-to-person basis, with Issah present during these TR training sessions.

I am now open for questions, if you have any at this time, before we adjourn to the Design Team process.

Mike: Sondjah, this is Mike. A point of view or clarification might be helpful. When I think of education, I think of education currently as a construct and there are a variety of these constructs that are in effect, means to an end, the end being to facilitate learning and an increase in growth and knowledge. Is that an appropriate framework for us to take into our work?

SONDJAH: Yes, it would be an appropriate framework to add onto our work with the three core values that you will be working with. Certainly learning and opening minds and teaching individuals the learning process is advantageous. Growth is always important.

Group: Thank you.

Student: Do you think it’s possible for humans to teach other humans to change their perceptions, their ability to interact with each other in such a way that we can avoid conflict and strife—those types of things? What I am thinking is something that I’ve read recently, and it’s complicated, but what I gather is that when people communicate, they are usually communicating their four personalities at the same time: it’s there for themselves or their projected selves, their projected selves they’re speaking to, and the one that they are actually speaking to…

SONDJAH: We understand.

Student: If it’s possible to teach children when they are very, very young, how to be, rather than what to be or how to think, or how to…I’m sorry, I don’t know how to state the question very clearly, but I’m trying to see if it’s possible to teach children to be in relationship to one another as true parts of God, of true parts of who they really are, and if we start at an early age, it would seem to reap much better benefits down the road, I guess.

SONDJAH: Yes, it is possible to teach that. It is not taught as a deliberate process, however, but as a living skill. It is taught by treating the children as equals in some respect, and ones who we even admire because of their innocence and the true spirit of themselves that comes through. Children are susceptible to modeling. They learn from those adults around them how to treat each other, and so they do that. This is not a process of domination or control or authority, but simply providing the processes in which children can learn, and guiding that, very similarly as we have guided the processes within this team structure. You have responded well; some have taken exception to how we have proceeded, but in the main, this works well. Those children, who are part of this new educational system, will come away with a high regard for themselves, and a love of self, which they will express also towards others. This is the nature of children and of all people, when given the opportunity. This truly is sustainable education, because it is something that they have learned and will carry with them and emulate in their lives as children, adults and procreative parents, if they so choose. We appreciate your question.

If there are no further questions, then I will recede and I will release you to your sub-team work, beginning on sustainable education and if you recall, the homework to write out your intentions for this work. I will be available for questions, should you need to ask.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
[Note: Nothing more was recorded on this tape. It sounds like the machine was running, but the record button was not pressed.]

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