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CDT19 – Evergreen

2008-04-28  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#19
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

TR: Daniel Raphael

April 28, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah…
Group: Good evening.

SONDJAH: … and it is wonderful to be here with you again, and it is exciting for us to see the productivity of the time you have spent together. We note that you have begun one hour earlier—you begin at 5:30 rather than 6:30, and you have used this time to work together as a Design Team on developing sustainable education. This is a rather daunting task, but you my friends, have done so well having completed the most fundamental parts of an educational system that will become sustainable.

You have looked at the over-arching philosophies of the educational system, how it will function for everyone, for each one, and for society. You have been very productive by using the chart of core values, beliefs, expectations, and criteria for fulfillment. You have spent a good deal of time on beliefs, as this is the most important place to begin to reflect the core beliefs of your society as they apply the core values in education. Some of you have spent your time away during the week writing out some of these beliefs on your own, and this is very, very helpful to everyone. It gives more fruit for thought for those who were too busy to write out beliefs during the week. We thank you for that. This is an important part of the work that you do. You participate in your team during the week, away from the other members and then bring back the product of your thinking in your mind, to the group.

Beliefs are the fulcrum of the process, because beliefs drive the expectations and the criteria for fulfillment. Without beliefs, you have an empty and hollow society; you have values that are not being applied. This formation of beliefs will take you some time to explore them, and you are finding that is what is occurring; you are making summarizing statements as over-arching of philosophies of your educational system.

You are doing these very well, and we look forward to some form of written outline eventually, from you. This will be retained in the Archives by us and by you. This is valuable. It is a milestone along the path of your sustainable society. And too, this gives you a wonderful familiarization of the work ahead, as other teams engage other topics besides education. Already, teams are forming in other parts of the world, as we speak. They are engaging topics of economies and finances and commerce, and social functioning within a nation.
We are proud of you, too, because you have not gotten bogged down into long discussions of “What if…? What if…? What if…?” Further, you have achieved the insight that your existing educational system cannot be amended now. It has become ossified, crystallized, and it is no longer flexible for many obvious and not so obvious reasons.

There is one ingredient that must be engaged with in any topic of sustainability: flexibility and adaptability to change and morph into a new form or system, to meet the needs of your society to the individual. This is primary, and you will achieve this by including criteria for fulfillment that require the system of education, for example, to fulfill the educational needs of every individual to become more sustainable. We are not concerned so much right now about how someone enters into college, but we are concerned about how the system is written so that it becomes adaptable to the needs of that individual in the future. The Constitution for your federal democratic republic, for example, was written to adapt the processes of governance to the future needs of your society.

Education must do this as well, and always it must meet the needs of the individual—every individual—even the individual who decides to opt out of the system, and to accept that possibility, allowing them always to return to the fold of education in the future. I am open for a few questions, if you have any.

Dick: With the computer coming to the forefront in our society today, does that not offer more flexibility in the teaching system in learning ability, allowing it to be more tailored to the individual?

SONDJAH: Yes, but it is a tool—simply see computers as a tool. It is the over-arching philosophies and beliefs that will guide the use of, and the application of computers in the future, and these are written by small groups of educational philosophers as you, in this community. You are completely capable and educated enough to write specifications useful in the future for teachers, as well as computers. Computers are just an adaptive tool that can be used to express the philosophies and the needs and the beliefs of your educational system, and your society. Do not let the tools “drive” the system or the philosophies—then you will have it backwards. Other questions?

David: I’ve been studying Gordon Michael Scallions’ predictions and maps. Are those accurate?

SONDJAH: They are accurate for a future time. Do not anticipate that you will wake up with water at your front doorstep at any time soon. The processes that occurred on your world, occurred over great eons of time, and it will take eons of time to make these changes. However, we must advise you that there can be very sudden, dramatic and tragic cataclysmic events, which can reshape boundaries, which can reshape shorelines very, very quickly, as you have seen in Indonesia, a couple of years ago. This will always be a factor on a world that is evolutionary, that is changing, that is not yet settled. It still has a great deal of heat inside it, and it continues to be a moving mass that moves slowly over time. But, yes, the future shorelines and the elevations of particular parts of nations will change in time. Do not see the products of his insight and his vision as frightening, but as you have known about the cataclysms that are to come, these are inevitabilities, though they may occur many, many hundreds of generations after your own lifetime. Thank you for your question.

Group: Thank you.

Mike: Does the same caution apply to those predictions of cataclysms that are focused in the 2008, June time zone?

SONDJAH: This is something that we will not get into at this time. We have given you a forecast of that time frame. We are not here to cause fright; we are not here to cause alarm. There are some preparations that can be made and others, which cannot. Who knows who will be here next week and who will not? You do not know what will occur in the areas. We have, as you know, felt and seen in our own eyes and our own ways of seeing the future that there is certainly something to occur in that time frame. Do not be frightened.

You do not feel frightened about getting in your car and driving down the Interstate into downtown Denver, where it is almost suicide for anybody who is from the jungles of Brazil, to see. How would you exist? How would you come back home? It is a mission that is filled with terror. So too, we see these events of your world in a similar way. You do not know who will be here and who will not. We do not forecast these to give you fear, but some insight of preparation and awareness of the changes that are occurring in preparation for the immense changes that are yet to come. Please do not pursue this topic with any great inquisitiveness or curiosity; simply abide by it and live your life as you determine.

Questions and answers as this go out to the world and many read these, and some are frightened easily, and others go about their days as though it was just another day. This is something that you all must come to balance and regard in your lives, that this is one day and there is another. Enjoy this moment now to its greatest fulfillment and contentment for yourself, for only now, in this moment, can you change your life and change the future. We encourage you—all of you—who are listening, who hear this, who read these words, to remain in consciousness of the highest consciousness possible to connect with all around the world, because you are the ones who are changing your world more dramatically than any cataclysm that could occur in the physical nature of your world.

Student: Thank you. You are welcome.

SONDJAH: Are there other questions? There is one more, I feel.

Mike: One last question?

SONDJAH: Certainly.

Student: Many spiritual teachers have voiced the view that all diseases are of our mind, of humankinds’ mind in this 3rd dimension, and that we can learn to change our mind and rid ourselves of dis-ease. Is this a valid view from your perspective?

SONDJAH: Yes, most certainly. As you rise in consciousness and the vibration within your whole being rises, you are less in vibration with the microorganisms that affect you. The spiritual rewards, the physical rewards for spiritual advancement are many. You can feel this in your mind; you can feel this in your emotions and your body. You become elevated; you become higher in vibration with the resonance of light. As you approach the resonance of the light of the universe, universe energy, you become impervious to those organisms, which vibrate at a lower rate. That is why when you are enthused about something, when you have a goal to achieve, when you are moving yourself ahead forcefully, powerfully, engaging your will to its utmost and the resources around you, even then those around you have colds and flu and such, you do are not affected. You continue your project until it is finished, and oftentimes afterwards, you then succumb to the illnesses of those around you.

Sometimes you maintain this elevation of energy, and you do not become part of that scenario of passing on the germs and viruses. This is very real. The encouragement to center yourself in the moment, in the enjoyment of the universe, rather than the past or the future, is the most powerful way that you can engage this light, this frequency. Only in this moment now, can you enjoy the presence of God within you; only this time, this moment can you become one with that vibration, so you literally become illuminated from within, that you exude this light and people see this, they know it, they feel it.

We see this in you—the bright spots around your world. This, too, is the “contagion of light” that is going to, and is now occurring on your world. The contact of one person of light to another who is susceptible to light, to the encouragement of vibrations of love, this will heal your world. You will have an affinity for that which works, and you will dispel those things, which do not. That is why this aspect of sustainability, though we deal upon the material and social levels of your world, are so hope filled and enthusing of people, that it brings people together of the same nature, the same light—those at a lower spectrum and those at a higher—and everyone begins to illuminate each other and vibrate at a similar level. By doing this, you will truly change the consciousness of your world. Thank you for your question. It was an opportunity for me to express something that has been on my mind for some time.

I will now close; we see no further questions. Thank you for your attendance and your diligence. It is people such as you, who are plowing the fields of humanity, the social, fertile fields where you will see fruits and crops come forth. No work gets done when no one is behind the till; no one will reap the fruits and the harvest of next year, unless someone tills the soil, plants the seed, removes the weeds, and organizes the harvest. You are those workers and you are so valuable. You give those around you hope for living. You get to enjoy the energy of hope and love. Good night.

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