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CDT20 – Evergreen

2008-05-19  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#20
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson, Magisterial Son

Topics: Separation of light and dark
Taking advantage of Earth changes
Grief for the future
Transition Era
Projecting consciousness
Traveling to the future
Understanding patterns

TR: Daniel Raphael

May 19, 2008

MONJORONSON: Good evening my friends, this is Monjoronson.

Group: Good evening.

MONJORONSON: It is a pleasure to be here with you, and you to be here with us. We have a good deal to cover tonight, so let us begin.

I have spoken many times about the separation of light and dark, those who are willfully in the darkness and those who are willfully in the light, and this process continues. As you know, the legions of light of which you are members, are gaining territory, power, and gaining influence. I do not say “control,” for that is the province of our Creator and my brother, Christ Michael. The reality of this is that there is an increasing separation. It is not a rending, as in tearing clothes, and not a rending or shearing of metal. It is rather the empowerment of those in light and the neutralization of those who are in darkness.

It is unfortunate to put this in terms of duality, which is so ancient in your civilization and your religious cultures, for it gives the wrong picture of the universe in its largesse, its immense spectrum of energy that is available to everyone. Yet, on your planet that has been in quarantine for so long, there is a very real dualism taking place in the temporal field of your world. You are a witness to this activity. You are witness to this energizing of those of light and their coalescence into more powerful beacons of light, and so they become one in mind and one in heart. This is essential: the unification of the children of light, and the separation that you see.

It is not a separation that we or you have caused. It is simply the result of the increase in frequency of light on your planet that you have engaged to do with your will, your positive-ness, your attitudes, your hearts and your minds. You are powerful members of this development, and you are bringing about incredible changes on your world at this time. Continued increases in the numbers of the legions of light will have an incredible influence upon the future of your world. Yet this winnowing, this separation, will not be complete until there is a dominance of light, and a capacity of those of light to manipulate and manage their societies in light. These actions support your world as it becomes sustainable.

It is important that the energies of light coalesce, that those who come into the light do so voluntarily—willingly—not out of fear, but because they are attracted to the light, and because it offers a “whole way” of engaging your universe. There is a “holism” in the universe that your world has not enjoyed in your recent history or long past history. Now, you are entering into a holistic world, but before that occurs there is this continuing separation.

Your world’s physical nature has been known by the Energy Managers of this local region of the local universe for eons—many hundreds of thousands of years. It is quite predictable, even though you live on an experimental planet—every tenth planet has an experimental environment—the realities of its physical dimensions and its physical nature are well known, and have no surprises for the Managers of Energy and for the Life Carriers and those who bring new developments into your world. The arrival of Jesus—Christ Michael as Jesus—was timed to these developments.

[[ NOTE from TR: In the paragraph below, Monjoronson uses the words “these coming events,” but he is referring to the social/political/economic changes that the legions of light will bring about.]]

The preparations of your world for these coming events [social changes] have been made for a long time. They take advantage of your world’s tectonics, volcanism, weather, tides and so on. In this, you are not victims but you have become managers of the world that is coming into existence. Your efforts to use Merkabahs for good ends and for the larger dimensions of your world are very powerful. You are becoming managers of light, and you may equate this to love, the good and healthy holistic management of energy that eventuates as a loving environment. What you are seeing is the managed coordination of events for the best outcomes.

It is our attempt to use the physical developments of your world to assist the legions of light, of which you are members, to bring your world fully into light, when the physical tumult of your world is finally settled. I will stop now for a moment to let this one regain his energy, and for you to formulate questions, which I wish you to hold until the end of our session, please.

Once again I speak to you about the necessity of being assertive, co-creative, mortal partners with us. Now remember, we have taken the initiative to assist you—you individually and you, the legions of light—to engage us in reformulating your world’s civilization, into one that is sustainable. What will you do on your part to reciprocate our initiative? There are two things that you can do: One is to join with us willingly, willfully, positively, to engage this initiative with love, and embrace your future with compassion and hope. The second, my friends, is something that only you can do. We have chosen not to do this next step; this is yours to do. And, this is where you must be assertive, co-creative partners with us. As I have mentioned before in the past, and as Rayson has mentioned numerous times, there will be occasions in the future when your communities will come together out of desperation and out of necessity, to conserve your energies and to apply those energies for a common future.

It will be much like a town meeting: You will be there with others and led by someone who organized the event. Someone who facilitates or leads the meeting will ask for suggestions, directions, guidance, insights and leadership from those in the audience. The audience may number five or six, to five or six hundred. In a crisis as this when everyone is numbed after the physical events that they have suffered through, who will say anything? It may be that the master of ceremonies calls for guidance, opinions, wisdom, and then hears nothing. Who will come forward? Who will raise their hands? I am asking you to raise your hand, and say what you must say. My request is not a hollow call for assistance; this is real. There will be a real time in the future, when events as these will occur. It is then that you will recall my discussions with you, as I engage you now, at this moment, to prompt yourself in the future to raise your hand and say, “I know a way.”

You have days, weeks, months and years to think about what you will say, but there will be a time when you must raise your hand, go forward to the front of the audience, and speak. You must be assertive. We will not be there in the flesh. We will not be poking you in the ribs reminding you to raise your hand. It is your thoughtful consideration, your thoughtful dedication now that will prompt you to act in the future. And what will you tell them? You will tell them what you have learned, here, in these sessions with me, Sondjah, Rayson, and others. You will tell them what you have learned in prior sessions that have been published and those that have not been published. You will present the audience with a way to develop a sustainable society, beginning right where you are, right in your community, and your families. This is the only way that the future of nations will become one through communities such as yours, having guidance from within.

The guidance will not come from the top down of your governments, but they will come from the bottom up where you have genuine ideas that have heart. Those from the top have mind alone—and even at that, some of it is archaic and historic. Your question to the audience may be, “Do we want to do the same thing over again?” and everyone will most likely say, “No. There must be a better way.” Then you must raise your hand and you must speak. Am I clear with you tonight?

Group: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Does everyone understand this?

Group: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Is there any doubt about what I have asked you to do?

Group: No.


I am not asking for names of volunteers now, for those who will raise your hand, for it is premature to do that. Many of you who are reticent to come forward, now, will become incredibly courageous in the future. You will know the way forward, and you will have a hope, that few others will have, because you understand what the world is about, what is about to become, and you have answers. You will find in the weeks, months and years ahead that you will be joined with like thinking people from around the world. You have already begun to see an incredible serendipity of coincidence that we and you have initiated. We are building the future today. You and we are making imprints with our consciousness in the future reality that will come into being. This is part of your projection of your consciousness into the future, when you see yourself at this town meeting. You are casting your consciousness into the future, and it will be there waiting for you, and all the years before that, urging you forward.

We note that many of you have already begun to grieve for the future. Many of you are already in touch with the energies of your planet, and many of you already see and feel the markers of the future, as they come closer into the present. Most of these markers are unavoidable, which you feel today. What makes this possible is the thread of consciousness that is non-temporal and non-dimensional. That is why you can perceive things in the future—the consciousness of individuals in the future has impacted all time. Some of you are deeply moved by this. As you move forward in time, the power of the future event comes closer. Some of you begin to quake and some of you cry in the night. Some of you feel out of sorts—you do not know quite what is going on, but you feel uneasy. These capacities are natural, emanating from your DNA intelligence, which is not recognized scientifically yet, by your culture.

Some of you have read transcripts and some of you have read predictions from other sources, and you have begun to grieve for those you know are already lost in the future. We would advise you—even in the compassion of your heart—with the feelings that you have, to continue on with your daily routines. Do not become incapacitated by this premature grief. Wait for those events to occur before you grieve, then grieve with an honest heart, an open mind and a trusting spirit. Even in the days of your grief you must cook your meals, wash your clothes, tend to the garden, nurture the children and be with yourself as a competent, spiritual adult. Do not be overcome by this premature grief. There is no judgment against it. There is no opinion about it—it is simply unproductive.

There is a piece of training in all this that you can use. Become acquainted with grief. You have friends who have pets, and while your friends may live sixty, seventy, eighty years, their animal friends may only live five or six or ten or sixteen years, and then pass on. Grief is inherent with being human. Grief is inherent with being mortal. It is a part of the territory of your lives. Never accepted grief as passé, just another event, for it is a marker in your own life that you know you will always feel, and you will always carry with you.

Grief is a natural emotion; please accept it. Do not repudiate your grief and do not deny the process of grieving for yourself or others. It is a part of being fully human, as Jesus was. He grieved for his friends. He grieved for those who sinned against him. He grieved for those who were out of touch with their hearts. He grieved for those of this world in a way that very few of you can understand, for his was grief on the level of the profound, the grief of a Creator. He accepted this. It was a reality of the world he lived in, a reality of this world that you live in. It is a reality of your life. For those of you who are distant and a bit out of touch with your feelings, you may ask, “Well, what is this that I am feeling? I have not felt this before.” Some of you who are a little closer to your feelings may say, “I have felt this before. I felt this with the death of my friend,” or a parent, or a child. Some of you will know it intimately because you will have recently experienced it.

There is no social norm for the length of grieving—it is with your heart, my friends. It is with your “oneness” with that individual you lost. There is a lesson in this too, and the lesson is that you can grieve so long, and then you must move on. Those who have passed enjoy a far better day than you will have. Life on the teaching worlds is sublime, compared with what you experience today, even in the best of your living standards where the ease of living is gracious. We heard some of you complaining today about your allergies. Some of you have difficulty with the weather and your joints, and being sore in your muscles. My friends, there is none of that on the other side! When you grieve here, in this world, realize that it is your grief, it is your loss; it is your attachment that you are grieving, for it was severed without your permission. Therefore, give it your permission. Give your friends, your loved ones, permission to move on, and it will help you tremendously.

This era that you have recently begun, the Transition Era, is truly a transition era. Even we do not know how long it will last because the duration of the transition is dependent upon you. It is dependent upon the capacity of individuals who survive through the transition to reorganize your societies and your world. We began with Christ Michael in the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission, and the Magisterial Mission as early as possible to get the most momentum out of it, to build that momentum, but not so early that it would be dismissed, and not so late that it is too late. The timing of these missions is very important. If the Transition Era lasts eighty years, that would not be too long, but it would be far better if it lasted only twenty or thirty years. It depends upon how long your world remains in grief. I spoke about grief a moment ago and it is completely related to the grief of your world. How long will your leaders—perhaps you as a leader—remain numb and inactive? We do not know. This is your call, your decision, when to engage this. But we have given you a plan for reorganizing your world, for reformulating your civilization down to the level of communities and individuals, and the families from which they come so that they all become sustainable.

How long can a nation suffer a cataclysm as experienced in Indonesia, or in China recently, in Burma, the southern states of this country, in South America from the huge volcanic landslides and so on? How long can a nation remain inactive, not make decisions, not go on with business as usual, but to go on with business? You see it is important that you engage your grief on a personal level, but as a society you move on. As an economy, a world must move on. And what does that mean, and what does that look like? It means that you as a shopkeeper, as a webmaster, as the nurse in the hospital, as the mother at home—continue to provide your services after a brief respite of grief and reorganization in your family. Get on with the business of society, of building a world community of oneness, building those commonalities, which we have taught you, using the values and this sustainability chart process to rebuild your world. It is as simple as that! Assertive individuals with a plan and a willingness to engage tomorrow will rebuild your world in short order, and shorten the Transition Era greatly.

The reorganization of your world is not without precedent. After the great destruction of wars in the world in the early 1900’s, and after you again witnessed this with the world depression that occurred in the 1930’s and 1940’s, followed immediately by another global war. Yet, in the span of twenty years after the end of that war, you saw nations rise from ashes into global economic contenders that witnessed new processes of governance, that served their people better than those before. Twenty years is an immense time in an anthill, but twenty years is a very short time in human civilization, particularly in that it is united with a common goal, a common future, a common vision. You have been given this vision of the future by us many, many times. Hold this vision in your heart, using your energy combined with others, to enliven it as the reality of the future, so that you proceed through the Transition Era, powerfully and briefly.

Let us take a few moments as a break, and for you to organize your thinking and questions, if you have any. I do not “need” to have questions, but if you have questions, I would be glad to answer them.

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to engage your questions at this time.

Debbie: Could you explain a little bit more about what you meant by “casting your consciousness into the future” and “It will be waiting for you?”

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be glad to answer your questions about projecting your consciousness into the future. What I meant is that you each are in possession of an element that is universal among sentient, God invested individuals—consciousness—consciousness of the type that is self-reflective, self-appraising, projective, and historical. You are in possession of attributes of the Creator that are immense, one of which is your consciousness. To live a life without self-awareness is to live a life that is not full or whole. Yes, that life can be meaningful and purposeful, but yet has not harvested the business of a universal citizen, of being able to participate in the grander dimensions of experience as a mortal ascending into a new spiritual life.

First, to project your consciousness, you must be aware that you have a consciousness, that you are conscious of your self, being conscious of its self. It is much like being the observer of your own life, but not the same. Your consciousness is the awareness that is apart from your body—apart means separate—from your mind. It is apart, or distant, even from your thinking. Your consciousness is one of the non-dimensional attributes given to you by the Creator. We could say, perhaps, that it is a part of personality, but we will not go so far as to say that.

Consciousness is that self-awareness: You are self aware of this moment, are you not?

Debbie: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Are you aware of your history of coming into the door tonight?

Debbie: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Can you recall “you,” coming through the door?

Debbie: Yes.

MONJORONSON: Now, dear one, can you accompany yourself coming through the door, as your consciousness with you? From this moment, can you come through the front door, with yourself, as your consciousness accompanying your body, your mind and the rest of you?

Debbie: I think so.

MONJORONSON: Okay. Can you project yourself a few minutes, or an hour from now, gathering up your things, saying goodbye to your friends and walking to the door, opening it and then going to your car?

Debbie: Sure.

MONJORONSON: Now, can you project yourself, your consciousness to the moment, ten steps ahead of you, before you get to the car?

Debbie: Yeah.

MONJORONSON: Good! Excellent. Now, how about next year? How about at the rodeo this summer or next summer, or five years from now? You need not answer that. The same techniques are available to you for projecting yourself into next year, or ten years, or a hundred years, or a thousand years or more.

Now, set that aside and hold that in your thoughts. Have you felt any grief about what is to occur in your world?

Debbie: I wouldn’t say “grief,” about what is to occur …

[buzzing noise drowned out her words]

MONJORONSON: Some of you have, and some of you have seen scenes of the future of these difficult times. Now, through this technique of projecting your consciousness, you can project your consciousness into that future event. Now, my friends will you go simply as an observer with a camera, bringing back pictures of the future, or will you instill a pattern that you would like to see in your society and in your world in the future? You see, consciousness is a “carrier;” it carries you—so to speak you—forward in time. It also is capable of carrying a “pattern” with you. It is capable of carrying an “order” with you—or “orderliness”. Do you understand?

Debbie: Okay.

MONJORONSON: There is order to the world; there is frequency to energy; there is frequency to pattern in energy. You can carry all of this with you into the future. Or will you simply race ahead in time, crying your eyes out, grieving, screaming, gnashing your teeth and wailing about what you see in the future, which exacerbates the future situation?

Our instructions to you have been very purposeful tonight, very pointed and focused, for you to engage the future with an assertive mind, with order and harmony and with a plan. We know that in times of crisis, that the winds of chaos can scatter minds, and everything is lost. Competent people lose control and are lost. Capable individuals, who can survive, do not, simply because they have lost the pattern, the plan, the outline for themselves. The difficulties that you see in your world today were projected from the past. But, all is well, my friends, the patterns of good and light were also projected from the past to this present time. Many of your thoughtful, foresightful, religious, spiritual philosophers saw what could occur in the future, and they began to prepare the future for you. You have many wonderful world leaders, charismatic individuals, who have given you many ideas of hope, with thoughts and insights about a future world that you can bring into existence that you and your children will bring into existence, but you must do so with a plan, with an order, with an outline.

When you travel to the future in your consciousness you feel this grief. Take something constructive with you, because when you do, it will resonate all through the years and decades ahead, into the future. It is not as though you “hop into the future” instantaneously—which you do—but you go there leaving a wake behind you. The pattern of that wake of energy is what you carry with you. You have real examples of individuals who have this wake behind them today. You have seen your great spiritual and religious leaders carry this wake with them as they move forward in time, day-by-day. You have also seen it, but with a negative wake, those who are destructive, those who are hurtful, those who are selfish, and self-aggrandizing for power.

You can do this willfully, willingly and with our assistance, when you visit the future, when you project your consciousness into the future. You have been doing this all along, but rather incompetently with your children and grandchildren. You wish for them to have this or that, that they may become this or that; but when you pray for them, when you foresee for them in the future, do not do so selfishly or specifically, but with a large embracing pattern of order and corrective element and wonderful timing, that they may experience the wonderment of living as you have, but more abundantly, more in the light than you have. We wish your children to be more enlightened than you, and we wish as well for you to become more greatly enlightened with each passing day. Did I answer your question?

Debbie: I think so.


John: Monjoronson, may I ask you a question?


John: I was listening to what you said and I was wondering if when you are projecting your consciousness into the future, do you merely get a glimpse perhaps of what it is, or are you actually changing it at the present time?

MONJORONSON: You are having an influence upon it. We have perhaps only two rules in dealing with you, that we would hope you would adopt when you project yourself in the future: One is that you would not “make” things happen for others, and that you would not usurp another person’s will, but let them have the opportunity to make their own mistakes. Therefore, abiding with this, we come into your presence by being an influence. Truly, some of our influence is quite intimate to you. We give you more options for outcomes. Where you may have narrow-mindedly decided upon one option, you suddenly see two or three or four—many more options for your action. We have not usurped your self-will or subordinated yourself to us, but simply broadened your vista of the future. We have given you a bit of education—this is truly a positive influence. So when you visit the future, be a positive influence. Does this answer your question?

John: Yes, thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome.

Mike: In your earlier dialog, you clearly implied that many events and many staggering events will be occurring in our lifetimes, and that we will be faced with stepping up to that challenge with spirit and love. My question is: Can we today, channel light to dissipate suggestions of darkness?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly! I do not perceive the depth of your word “channel energy,” but you can “project energy.” You have done this many times through the Merkabah. You do it each time that you pray unselfishly for another person, another society, or a region, but to consciously receive the light from the universe through your crown chakra, and project it out of your heart center to others, without bias, without prejudice, without an agenda—other than the agenda of light and wholeness and completion—then you are a powerful influence for that development. As for diminishing darkness, when the light shines, there is less darkness, is there not?

Mike: Yes.

MONJORONSON: And so, this is how we proceed and we wish that you would proceed as well, by becoming bright and shiny beacons of the Christ Light that shines and flows through you.

Mike: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome.

Are we close to closing? Is there a last question?

Mike: Yes, I have one last question, myself, but would somebody else like to go, please? (No response.) In the conversation and the response that you gave in projecting our consciousness into the future, is it correct to assume that if we can project our consciousness into the future, that we can then ask of spirit, questions of truth or falsehood, that in effect would be occurring in the future, without the danger of doing it from the present and likely being incorrect?

MONJORONSON: We thoroughly and consistently advise against doing such. You would then become a soothsayer and predictor, and these are occupations beneath you. These questions would not behoove you to entertain, past your own personal curiosity. It is not forbidden, it is not that you are incapable of doing so, and it is not that others on this side, those unseen friends of yours, would not answer, but it is a pursuit that is often very disappointing, unproductive and sidetracks your energy and your consciousness.

Mike: Thank you.

John: Monjoronson, I had another question…. Will you help us to understand or to develop patterns? You were discussing projecting our consciousness again in the future, and that we might project patterns and order of light, of corrective element. I understand how some of these might be, but it would be very helpful if we could be … if someone could teach us other patterns, perhaps, or ways of thinking that would be beneficial?

MONJORONSON: Certainly. Are you willing to engage this now?

John: If you are?

MONJORONSON: Yes, certainly.


MONJORONSON: I have enough time. The easiest course for mortals with your—pardon me for saying this—limited mind and capacity, is to emulate that which is desirable, that which is honorable, that which is of love, wholeness and inclusion. You may project or emulate, you may project the emulation of the unconditional love of a child, the unconditional acceptance of a child for you in their presence. You may do that into the future. You would perceive in real time or historic memory, of an event where you have thoroughly felt that energetically, in your body and in your heart. And you would become an amplifier of that vibration of peace, acceptance, and you would project it into whatever time and space, situation or event, that you wanted to—it is of your choosing.

You may do the same with one who is patient, one who is accepting, one who is appreciative, one who is trustworthy and loyal. You must be able to feel the imprint of this energy in your heart to be able to emulate it, amplify it and project it. We will not tell you how the mechanism works or the attachment of this energy to your consciousness, other than simply to know that it occurs. Know that when you feel this and want it to occur, that it will. Lastly, when you do this, always look to your intentions. Do you have an intention that is self-serving, one that is self-aggrandizing, one that gives you power or the center of attention among others? Be cautious about your projections, friends. Project in the same manner and capacity and frequency as Jesus did, or any of the other great masters. Then, you will have done a great service for your world and for you, because you my friend, cannot project more than what you are capable of. You must become and assume that wholeness that you want to project. Do you perceive that?

John: Yes. Can I ask a follow-up on that?

MONJORONSON: Most certainly.

John: Is it possible or useful to project for instance, into the past… into events in the past, rather than the future, that will hopefully influence even the present, in the future? An example…

MONJORONSON: I do not want to discuss the energetic topology of the universe. I do not think it would be worthwhile to do so tonight.

John: My only question was on that—and I understand—that for instance, if you were to project yourself to the time that Christ was crucified and project feelings of love and support and compassion, would that be a comfort to Christ now, or is that irrelevant?

MONJORONSON: Better would you to receive Christ consciousness today from his presence in the past. You must realize, my friend, that his presence then is his presence now, and you are in full capacity to receive that with your openness and willingness, and statement to say that you wish to receive it. Your service to Christ—or to Jesus—is fully in your life to emulate his life—not to die on the cross, but to emulate his life of love and service, to build a larger, greater life through your willingness, your intentions and your effort and your consciousness. Do not be concerned about the past. We do not engage you to do this—it is not useful to you or to your universe. We are not saying that it is ineffectual, but it is not of service to you or to those souls who are coming into existence, who truly need your positive participation now.

John: Thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome.

Thank you for your patience tonight, for listening to this long discourse. I have enjoyed your presence and your questions and I wish you to know you have grown and matured as you have engaged the projects, which we have given you. It is very evident that you are coming into new territory as individuals and as a team. You should be becoming aware within yourself that your consciousness is expanding, that your capacity for expressing love is expanding, and when I say “love,” I mean patience and forbearance, tolerance and appreciation, acceptance of other and all the wonderful positive attributes of love, that this is engaging you at new energetic levels, and that you are maturing and raising yourself to the sub-morontial levels even now. Be appreciative of your growth. We congratulate you. Save your self-congratulations for later. Blessings to you my friends. Know that Christ Michael’s presence is here, his pattern is within you, as is the pattern and presence of our Creator, in the God presence within you. Good night.

Group: Good night and thank you.

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