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CDT22 – Evergreen

2008-06-09  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#22
Evergreen, Colorado

Teachers: Monjoronson, Sondjah

Topics: Projecting your consciousness
Coalescing with other groups
The shrinking of the world due to communication
The distribution of data
The Grandparent’s role

TR: Daniel Raphael

June 9, 2008

MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. It is a pleasure to be here with you. Tonight, we will pull back a little bit from the difficult topic we discussed last time. We wanted you to be aware that you live in a changing world, and that the framework of time for you changes. You can have an effect upon the development of the events in time, but time is manipulated by the Creator and the Architects of the Universe.

The projection of your consciousness to events now, and for Divine Order—as you would say—assists in these events coming to closure peacefully, helpfully, for right outworking. It is unfortunate that you have no way of assessing and measuring your influence upon your world, to see being joined with thousands and millions of other light workers around the world. We report to you occasionally about these influences of yours upon your world, and again we say that your influences are important, they are powerful and they are extremely effective when you are joined together with similar intents.

As well, projecting your consciousness assists you to align yourself with the universe, to be in alignment with the right and perfect outworking. It assists as well in your own spiritual maturation and evolution. You are growing individuals and you will one day, in another lifetime, recognize how you performed. You will see how you were effective and how you were not. These will be pointed out very clearly to you by your spiritual advisors in the afterlife.

We have been speaking in past weeks through Sondjah and others in other groups, about the coalescing of your groups, the coalescence of the points of light, that you individually are points of light, and you coalesce into larger groups. You, here, have coalesced into a larger group, a more effective and powerful beacon of light. Your intentions for being here, for working here and for being of service, are of the highest standard. You wish to move forward, and you know that you will be effective, and therefore you dedicate more of your energy and your spirit to the puzzle that is being built with your presence. You contribute more to our activities here than you realize. Your willingness to be a part of a larger puzzle, without condition, assists us in moving you and moving events around you, into an order where you can be effective and have an influence upon your world.

This small group has done something that no other group has done in the past, and that is, you have begun to work upon a sustainable project to design a sustainable education. You will be remarkably surprised at how valuable and appreciated your work is by others throughout the world, when they see the product of your efforts. This is one reason why I must not occupy more time than I have, simply because you have limited time and facilities to be together to work on this wonderful project.

What you will see—even this group here—is that what you produce will be used by others. You are much like one of several teams within a production process where the product of your teams becomes the resources for other teams, and so on until the finished product is apparent. You release possession of it, and in so doing, you make available the greatest potential of those ideas and concepts to other teams. We do not talk about copyrights, do we? No, this is for the world, and we willingly, delightfully, give this information away to anyone who wishes to use it. Its effects are positive and constructive for your world.

You, here in this group, will be eventually surprised to see other groups contributing to what you are doing. You have contributed much to many other groups, and soon you will be the recipients of additions from others. Anticipate this. You have this wonderful idea of working freely together on the Internet, to devise a sustainable education system. We wish you to make this available to a wider group of individuals, so that they can make contributions to this, and you can assist them in understanding how to use this process. This one is not that adept at using the Internet, so he is not the one to point to for resources for this web site. Others can do this and do it well, with much greater expertise.

I would be glad to entertain questions that you may have on hand from past sessions, the last session or sessions before, if you have them to present. Otherwise, I will release you to your teacher, Sondjah, who will assist you in your design team process. Hearing no questions relating to the topics, you are welcome to ask an extraneous or curiosity question, if you wish.

David: Monjoronson, this is David.

MONJORONSON: Good evening, David.

David: What can you tell us about the events in Southern California, coming next week, that you haven’t already told us?

MONJORONSON: We have told you sufficiently enough to have you prepared, if this occurs. You must realize that if this does occur, it will be a cataclysm and a disaster of tremendous sorts. We do not wish this to happen; we are reluctant to release this information, because of the criticisms of others, such as this one and the other sources that speak about these events, but it would be far better for these events not to occur, than for them to be validated. You must realize that the penalties for being accurate will be quite devastating to all. You, in validating these events, cause a great turmoil in others, and of course those people who will suffer under these circumstances. We as well, do not wish them to occur, but we have not been privileged to halt the course of time and developments for this planet. There have been plans in place for millennia, to bring your world into the fold and pace of the rest of the universe. We will not stop this now.

Other questions?  I thank you for your time this evening. There are no great revelations. Please know that this is business as usual, and occasionally I will come to you and present you with a topic that you will need to know about. We wish you well and hope you have a wonderful week, and anticipate the spring flowers and the events of springtime and summer, around the world. Good evening.

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. I have been listening to your discussions, your questions and answers to the two new people here. It is remarkable how you have become ingrained in this process, and you have become such a contributing factor. What you have shared is perhaps overwhelming to one who is so new to this, but it is not unfamiliar territory for most people, who are already in contact with spirit, as you put it in general terms.

You have been told, as Monjoronson mentioned, that this is not an isolated group, and that many people have been working on problems and topics, such as you have engaged in—and others—and that they will make contributions to your group. This is the part of making your world smaller, on a spiritual connection basis. Similarly, as you have seen the world shrink in size by the increase in speed of communication from the early 1950’s when you had telegraph and television and telephone, and such, now you have instant video recordings of events that are occurring on the spot, which are televised instantaneously to a population. You have the distribution of information and data, and the increasing of relationships around the world, so that you have become tightly knit, that your world is truly smaller, that there is less separation from you.

I mentioned this because it is a parallel to the spiritual connections that are being made around your world, through groups such as this, whether they are design teams or working teams, meditation groups, or religious associations, where people of devout nature come together for a common intention and union with the deeper purposes of life, and of their universe career. You will see this decrease of distance between you spiritually, so that you will see a parallel in months and in years to come that is very similar to the communication advancements on your world. You will become aware of other groups doing what you are doing, and you will be connected with them more promptly and begin to work side-by-side with them, handing off your products and services to others, who can then move forward with that.

We do not know exactly how this will occur, but we do know that it will occur, and that you can anticipate it. Know that it will be a co-creative enterprise between ourselves and yourselves, that we will do this together, for advancing your world will not occur any other way, other than through the co-creative participation of mortals and the spiritual caretakers and guardians of your world. We now will leave this introduction to let you work on your sustainable education process. I will not rejoin you at the end of the session, so you may take your leave as you wish.

We do hope that you will begin to pick up the pieces and the threads, and begin weaving this again. Also, please consider this wonderful advancement through the web site that John, our friend, has devised. We hope that you will make contributions to this and share it with others, and tell them how to use it. Perhaps there should be a set of instructions on hand for those visitors who come to that site. I wish you well, but I will take a moment or two to answer any questions relevant to your work with the project that we have in hand, or the processes of this team.

Mike: Sondjah, this is Mike. I have a question.

SONDJAH: Certainly.

Mike: I’m wondering how—reflecting back on the comments I made earlier, that we previously agreed that everything begins with the individual, and begins with the individual’s heart and soul—and when we look out at the world, or my own family, I know that my own children that have children, are not on what I would consider to be a spiritual path. They are on a path of being good at a path of being integral and ethical and all the things that one would hope as a parent, but their children are not necessarily being exposed to what I would consider being [of a] spiritual education or reinforcement. Can you give us any suggestions on how we build in some kind of capability to extend what we are trying to build here in a sustainable education system, to families like that?

SONDJAH: There are several dynamics operating that are unseen to your eyes. First of all, there is the yearning connection with each individual, the God Source within them that reaches down to the mortal consciousness to uplift them to a higher awareness, to a higher knowing that there is something else in the universe besides themselves and the material dimensions around them. Further, they may come to know the changes that come about through their own grandfather, perhaps, that this young man was a renegade himself, at one time, who became much more centered in his life and in his heart, and his consciousness of the Source of the Universe. How did this occur, my friend? You may contemplate this and share this with your grandchildren and your own children.

How to do this openly and objectively is most difficult, for you are speaking of connections of the heart, and this is totally subjective. Subjective is person to person; it is heart to heart. When will you go fishing with your grandchildren? When will you share time together with them in the garden? These are moments when you can be of great advantage to these children. You have an advantage in your relationship to these young ones that your children do not have with their own children, for the parent is outside of the grandparent and grandchild relationship. This is very special. This is where wisdom is passed on, and there is regard for the elder one, who is older than their own parent. The grandchild regards this deeply. Do not disregard this connection, but appreciate it and respect it and share yourself with these gentle souls.

Mike: Thank you. I will be more careful with what questions I ask in the future.

SONDJAH: Are you ready to proceed?

Mike: Yes.

SONDJAH: Then let us adjourn and begin your work. Good night.

Group: Good night.

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