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CDT23 – Evergreen

2008-06-16  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#23
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestial Teacher: Monjoronson & Sondjah Melchizedek

Topics: The Anointed One
The Era of Light
Receiving God’s energy
Natural destruction taking place
The work of strategic planning
Some nations will suffer more than others
Form good relationships with your neighbors
The inhumanity of man to man
Global pandemic
Regions must be self-sufficient
Learning to operate as a global community
The global roles of the CCDT and CCWT
Co-Creative Decision Making Tool
Devising a sustainable democracy
Self assigned limits of population & growth
Build a CCDT repository for the world
Intentions must be in alignment with Christ Michael’s
Making your needs known

TR: Daniel Raphael

June 16, 2008

MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. I apologize for usurping your teacher’s space once more, but it is necessary for tonight. Sondjah will be with you full time for the next few weeks. I will be “off-line,” as you would say, but available when you request.

You call me Monjoronson, but my name is not Monjoronson. Many groups around the world call me by different names. I am the anticipated Anointed One, the Holy One sent by God. For you, this means Christ Michael, my Brother, who is the Creator of this Local Universe, and I am on a mission from Paradise as well, to uphold his work here and to assist the mortals on this planet to rejoin the universe in peace and light and love. My name is known in many countries all over the world, many cultures, by different names. As I said, I am the Anointed One, and I am here.

I have let you call me whatever you wish, for it does not really matter at this time. You are able to identify with that cultural name, but one day you will know me by one name, known to all people on your planet. Everyone will know me by my name, and when my name is mentioned, they will know whom you are speaking about. I look forward to the time when I can reveal myself to you, and reveal my name to you, for those will be auspicious times, ones where we can rejoin each other as a family who has been broken, now has been rejoined. I so much look forward to that day—it will be a blessing for you, and it will be a blessing for me. I will remain with you for thousands upon thousands of years, until your world is fully settled in the days of light and life, when there is no hint or threat of your world going back into darkness, but only into light, with the consciousness of each individual, working towards that light.

On another topic, I wish you to imagine a rectangle on a piece of paper. Draw a line from the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner. From left to right is the passage of time. This very simple diagram represents the change of your world from darkness into light, peace and love. Your world has resisted so much the entry into the Era of Light. It has needed a particular assistance, and I am here to provide that. Christ Michael’s presence as Jesus, over two thousand years ago was the inauguration of this new era. This began the Era of Light. Though your world plunged into great cultural and civilization darkness, nonetheless, the Era of Light came forward.

Some of the greatest theologians of all time came to the fore to write about their God. There were tremendous revelations going on at all levels, though many were only authorized by the organization of the church. Yet those mystics abounded in all cultures and all religions around the world, and they were nurtured and cared for, and watered and tended, husbanded as one would a garden, that is so tender and fresh. We have tended those open minds to bring about this New Era. Though your world has experienced tremendous eras of war and conflict, with great enmity between individuals and nations, nonetheless your world has marched on forward in time towards a greater era of light.

It is not necessary to know when this diagram begins, or when it ends, though I can surely tell you that it ends in the days of light and life, when the majority of all energy on your planet from individuals and from groups and from races of individuals are of the light. You are not even half way there; you are perhaps one tenth of the way there. If you divided this diagram into ten spaces, you would be in the first space on the left side. What you will find too, is that every little bit of increase of light, augments and assists, nurtures and fertilizes all new elements of light in individuals and in groups of individuals. Your work tonight, as you were directing the energy of the Merkabah, was most effective. You have no way of knowing this, but we do, and we saw these arrows and arcs of light going towards South Africa as you had intended. This has a very important affect upon that area.

You have in the arsenal of armies, what you call “cluster bombs,” where a bomb is sent into an area and it breaks into hundreds of smaller “bomblets” that drop into an area. Now imagine that this Merkabah is a laser of light so that when it goes and arcs into an area, it too scatters into these little “bomblets of light.” What would you call the opposite of a “bomblet?” Think of that and use that as a word. Bombs are explosive and destructive. However, these clusters of light are integrative and develop wholeness. This is what you have been doing; this is what you must continue to do, as individuals and as groups. We certainly do encourage you as groups, to engage in use of the Merkabah, this one and all others, wherever they have been created, to send powerful energy beams of light to wherever they are needed. You can do this as you have been taught, as one intention, one place, or you can do it as individuals, using many arcs of light for each individual, to the places where they feel it is useful.

What we are telling you is that you have begun the wonderful slide down into full light. You usually do not think of “sliding down into light,” but according to this graph, that is the way it works. You are becoming more and more engulfed in light. Do not let fear erode your progress, my friends; fear is the universal corrosive for all love and all light. Doubt and fear are those corrosive elements, which negate all the good work that you have done. You cannot control everything that occurs on your planet, therefore release those things that you have no control over, and engage those that you do. You have tremendous power within your own element, within your own being, within your own family, to do great good, without thinking about all the negatives that there are in the world. We have been telling you, over the weeks and the months of the coming events of your world, that these are rather destructive and hurtful to many people, yet you cannot stop them; they have been engaged and in progress for many centuries and millennia, if not millions of years. You would do well to remain in peace. When you wilt and wither in the heat of doubt and fear, you become ineffective for yourself, your family, your community, your friends and for your world.

We surely do urge you to stand upright in the light, holding your hands up to your sides and receive the light of God into your being, for surely your upward held hands that are cupped can receive God’s flow of energy. You may call this “chi,” you may call this universe energy, you may call it the light of God, but nonetheless, you can receive it. You might as well receive it in your hands as well as through your crown chakra—you multiply your benefit tremendously. You have seen pictures of old, of the ancients who have done this, who raise up their hands to the heavens and pray, directing energy and receiving energy. We suggest you do this as well; it is a wonderful form and posture for praise, and for receiving God’s open love for you.

Know that the progress in this diagram into full light is progressive; it is not going to halt. We are here to assist you so that your progress is consistent, progressive, and that it is increasing in strength and quality and power. You are joined by many others around the world who have the same wishes and desires for peace and for love, for balance and for harmony. You wish that there were no enemies. Know, my friends, that when you engage those around the world with your light and your love, you have no enemies with those who receive that. Those who do not, they are apart from you, a distance from you, they are separate from you, and they will wander the earth until they die.

Do not be frightened by these times; you have seen great destruction in your world, in foreign countries, these last few weeks. This is a natural occurrence on your planet; it is unfortunate that it is occurring where there is so much population. These events occurred all through the history of your world, sometimes far, far, far more catastrophic than those today, but they hurt no one except some plants and animals who lived there. Now these areas are occupied by many thousands and millions of people, and their lives are in jeopardy. You notice it because of that factor; you notice it because of your communications. Please do not fall back into fear or doubt that we are progressing with you. Know that you are the presence of God here; you are the representative of light; you are the receiver of light and you are also the dispatchers of light. Do not forget that, my friends; you are very powerful elements in our co-creative equation.

My time here will be brief, but I will be here for questions, if you have any.

Mike: Monjoronson, this is Mike.


Mike: If I were a strategic planner on a national or perhaps even global basis, what should I know, what can you tell me about the Transition Era?

MONJORONSON: Certainly, I would be glad to engage your question. For instruction purposes, I will take you forward in time, into the midst of the Transition Era. At this point in time, your nation and all other nations are in great difficulty. Each nation has suffered tremendously, in one way or another. Yet, within each nation—though some nations will suffer greater than others—though within the larger nations, there will be complete regions that are unscathed, untouched and almost unaffected by what has happened throughout the nation and the world.

At this point in time, your resources have been sapped tremendously—your resources, meaning the emergency services that your municipalities and counties and states have. Your nation will have already begun to withdraw from the world, militarily, as it is an extravagance that has almost no purpose anymore. You will have no worries about those who cause you harm from other nations, except your neighbors, and if you have good relationships with your neighbors, you will have nothing to fear. Yet, at the same time, there are nations in the world who have many neighbors who are enemies, and that you will see a state of anarchy and of immense destruction that is man-made. They will be quite aware that the national leaders of large countries who have defended them in the past are no longer capable or have the resources to extend themselves to defend those nations any longer.

It is [as] though the larger nations have withheld the onslaught of aggression, as a dam holds back a reservoir of water, but in this case it will be mutual animosities, across borders. There will be whole regions that will be in great tragic turmoil. What you have seen in Africa between the nations that cannot defend themselves, and the larger nations that do not choose to, you have seen the decimation of millions of individuals. This will be a part of the Transition Era as well. The inhumanity of man to man will not end at this time, until those individuals, those nations are themselves decimated. This will continue for some time. It will be a tragedy beyond any national or global perspectives, ever before seen on your world, and will surpass the World Wars by many times.

I do not share this with you as a point of doom and gloom. But as a national or strategic global planner, you will want to know how these events will unfold. You will wonder when they will end, and they will not end until there has been the pestilence, which has been predicted for so long, by many sources. It will be a global pandemic. You will be weakened at that time, as nations, as communities and as an International global community. You will be unable to respond to your neighbor’s problems. You must have the resources within your borders, to help yourselves, and if a good gesture can be extended to your worthy, friendly neighbors, then please do so, for this will provide you with a bountiful reward in the future.

Your world is not on the verge of collapse or decimation. It is simply “on the verge.” You are seeing the early elements of the Transition Era, which have already begun. As a strategic planner, you would want to know how to plan for this. Your efforts to save your national leaders will not do much good, as they will be ineffective to govern the regions of their nations. These regions must be self-sufficient, semi-autonomous and self-governing to maintain the cohesive nature of your states and your federation. You will find, eventually, toward the later part of the Transition Era, that your national borders are useless and actually work against the good of your “national security.” (Put that in quotes, please.)

You will see that there is necessity of joining with others of like minds, those who have a positive and constructive attitude towards maintaining and sustaining themselves and yourselves together. You will find this point in time where you must operate as a global community to survive as a civilization. It is then, my friends, that these early elements of the Co-Creative Design Teams and the Co-Creative Working Teams will have already been engaged by many, many years. You have been given these tools very slowly, though for you it seems like this has been rapid in the amount of time from its initiation until now. What you are seeing, however, is just a small portion of what has come into existence over the decades. You will see resources come to the fore, which you had not heard of, or may not have seen before. We have shared with you the Co-Creative Design Team process. This is a co-creative, collaborative process, between your unseen helpers of light, and yourselves, to gather wisdom as to how to design a sustainable civilization, in all the smaller elements, social elements of a civilization.

The Co-Creative Working Team is a process of implementing those designs. It too is part of the wisdom gathering and implementation process, but there is one more element, which has not been revealed to you, and which has already been shared with many dozens of people around the world, and that is a sustainable process of democracy that is a “Co-Creative Designed Decision-making Tool,” so with the two earlier teams, you have wisdom gathering processes, and you then have the decision-making processes. These are fundamental to the early stages of a united whole world government that is governed by the people themselves, who have to live with their own decisions. This may be far in the future, you think, but do not project too far ahead, as many of your people have been unhappy with the processes of democracy in this country and other democratic countries, throughout the world. It is in many ways, unfair, though it is the best processes that you have to date.

You must begin thinking in terms of a sustainable democracy, and there are several designs available already. The time required to devise one sustainable democracy, would take decades and it is something that needs to be done thoughtfully and carefully, that is fair to all. Your world is in transition; there really is no saving it, as it exists now; it must truly reinvent itself. You must reinvent your world to survive. We are here to assist you, so that your designs assist you to survive, and not only survive, but exist and to grow, and to grow heartily and sustain yourselves within the self-assigned limits of population and growth, growth in all forms and all fields. You must take these factors under careful advisement; otherwise your world would go this way once more, with an over-rampant, explosive population, that over-burdens your world, but the next time and the time after that, which may take ten to twenty, thirty thousand years or less, will be the demise of your world.

Let us begin now to heal your world together. You have the means, the intelligence, the spirits and the heart; you are wise enough, you have enough history, enough research, and truly you have the guidance of God within you individually; you have Christ Michael’s guidance for this planet and the other planets, and you have myself, who will be with you in the flesh eventually, to assist you to do this. You must step up to the plate; you must make the decisions and make the designs. We will be here to assist you, to assure that those designs are sustainable.

Are there other questions? As I said in the early part of my presentation, this is the last time I will address this group for some time, unless you ask for my presence. Know that I am readily and easily available to you; you simply need to ask for my presence here, and when you do so, I would wish you do so as a group, rather than as one individual raising a question and asking, “May I talk to Monjoronson.” I would like to make presentations to this group in the future, for everyone’s benefit.

I will release you now to the watch care of Sondjah, who has been here each session, and at times during the session. I know perhaps that this presentation may have taken your breath away; remember, it is not for you individually at the local level to be concerned about, but for strategic planners, who [are] at the national, continental, and global levels. These are eventualities that must be planned for, not for one lifetime, but for many lifetimes, and that takes the watch care of many capable individuals to hand the torch of this work forward into the future. Again, I say that this has been presented for those global strategic planners in the future, and at the present time, should they take notice in their research. This is something that would be useful to them, to know how to prepare for, even though preparations may be only a state of mind. Good night.

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be here with you again, though I have not been away from you, all these weeks. I have remained here, listening in, watching your sessions and listening to you being attentive to your needs. Yes, you are quite right that we are busy; there is much to attend to; much last minute preparations and so on. Yet, our work continues; our work does not end. You may drop out, others may come in, but the work truly must continue. You are the front-runners of this process.

As this one already knows, there are teams around the world who are watching what you are doing, and have begun to emulate your work. They too want to participate in designing a sustainable education system, within their own nations. This, I can report, is now occurring in two nations in your world. You are providing a means for them to begin. You will save them many weeks and months, sorting out and sifting, knowing how to move forward. Eventually, each team will need a TR to assist the spiritual consultants to guide them along the right path, so they do not become distraught and distracted, and unproductive. They can, however, begin now to pick up the pieces of your work, and begin to duplicate it, though entering new areas of interest for themselves, in their nations.

We wish that you would open up your web site, [ ], so that everyone can copy it into their own web sites, if they choose. There would, hopefully, be a central repository, for sustainable education, someplace perhaps in an archive; it would be developmental. Perhaps the national groups would have their own web site, then download their product to the archives, and continue on with their own. We know that this is possible, and we encourage you to make this available.

We know too, that your site can be duplicated, it can be copied and pasted into a new web site, for others to amend and upgrade as open source software, as you would call it. It is very important for you to begin this. I am here to assist you to do this. Some of you have the talents and skills to bring these things together. Do not feel that you are isolated, that you must do this here in this local group, but you can join with others around the world, to develop this product. We wish you to move forward with this. You need not do it as rapidly as possible, but simply begin and make it available to groups throughout the world. Perhaps it could be something that could be packaged and shared simply with others.

Eventually, these bits and pieces will come together and they will be joined in a way, which will be quite amazing. We have the pictures and diagrams of these in the future, where you were going. It is a matter of process that you must live through, and make your contributions day-by-day, week-by-week, bit-by-bit, and live through the process and also grow within yourselves, to engage this. You will find that as you engage this process, whether it is relationships or education, or commerce, or healthcare—whatever it may be—you will find that when your intentions are truly in alignment with Christ Michael’s and the good of your world, that you will grow within yourselves, spiritually and emotionally. You will become greater people, of greater character.

It may seem that there is a burden upon you. Truly, I wish to tell you that there is! (Laughing.) Humor aside, your position is important to everyone; you have begun the process and we wish you to continue. Know that all the resources you could possibly want and need are available to you, and we will bring to you what you need to make your plans grow and work and expand. You simply must state what you need and wait for them to be fulfilled in odd and unusual ways. Make these needs known as well to others. If you have questions now, I would be glad to answer them.

With that, let us now adjourn to your sessions of working; bring out your old notes, resurrect your diagrams and progress and begin the process again. We know that tonight you will be simply retracing old steps, weeks and weeks ago that you had started. Please begin this tonight and chart out where you want to go next week, so that next week’s time we can begin soon, after the initiation of the session, and that you can become productive in small and large ways. Know that you are blessed; know that each one of you has a crown of light around you. Know that there is a spike of energy that comes from Paradise, into your crown chakra. It is truly quite amazing to see your group in this light and this wonderment. You are all aglow; your hearts are large and full. Know that you are loved truly and that your reflection of this love to others is felt by them. Good night.

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