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CDT5 – Evergreen

2007-12-28  Evergreen Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#5
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestial Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

TR: Daniel Raphael

December 28, 2007

Daniel: Tonight, our intention and purpose is to dedicate a Merkabah energy anchor in Sheralyn’s home.

When we sit in a circle, we each have our line of energy that goes from Paradise to earth center, through our crown chakra and out our base chakra to earth-center. When we make the intention to create a Merkabah, those lines then bend to a north pole point above us and at a south pole point below us. When they come together, (with a clap) the Merkabah shaft is also created between the north pole to the south pole of our group. Our lines of energy continue to flow to Paradise as a combined unit. Therefore, they are all combined and this constitutes a conscious energy structure that we build with our minds and use and direct with our consciousness. Do you understand? Ours don’t end there, they become combined, and when that happens then the flow goes through the Merkabah, as well as us.

You probably wondered about the heart line and the mind line—those two lines are actually—I saw this a number of years ago when I was doing extensive meditation, that I began to see a double helix of the pink and the blue, inside this Merkabah stream. For myself, where I saw it, it was just simply the blue and the pink, as a double helix, going up to Paradise and through earth center, but when we all combine together from our group, it’s inside this great big shaft of energy. So when we connect to the heart line, we connect our heart energy together, and we connect that to the heart line of the Merkabah, which comes from the shaft of energy. Does that make sense?

And the same thing for the mind line, so that when we do that, our minds are connected, and our hearts are connected, and we are also connected to universe heart and universe mind—cosmic mind. If we did an extensive one-hour meditation, you could, if you really were aware of it, you could ask questions to things you didn’t have the answers for and get the answers for some big questions. It connects us to the “library”—I call it the library—other people call it the “main frame” of the universe, and once you begin tapping into this, you can begin to know things—it’s like, “How do I know that?” You could say that this comes from universe mind. That’s one way you could do it; it’s another explanation for intuition.

What we are going to do tonight is to create a Merkabah and then anchor it in place with the help of our Celestial Teachers and other of our unseen friends. We are going to ask our celestial teachers, angels and guides to help us establish it, dedicate it and anchor it here, so that when we disconnect from it, the shaft still stays here. The Merkabah, the lines of energy that we have, we take home, but the shaft of energy still stays here, and so when you go home, you can tap into this, or you can tap into the one at Michael’s (Lanier’s), but it is complemented by eight of us. When you go home and meditate a few days from now, or whenever, you can tap into this and consciously direct the energy to where you want it to be used. Dick is an old hand at this, and attended the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission groups in Loveland, for years, and so this is not anything new to him.

Sheralyn: I have one question then, if the Merkabah stream is staying here, I would like it in the meditation room, but does it matter?

Daniel: No, you can meditate in there and use it here, and you can be in Idaho or North Dakota or Florida, and you can still connect to it; it’s just instantaneous.

Sheralyn: My whole house is a meditation room!

Daniel: I taught Debbie and Sheralyn how to do the opening practices and I think I gave sheets to everybody—Dick, did you get one? We went through that and we practiced it, but I’m going to do the Merkabah tonight, and so it’s a little bit different. Is that okay?

Sheralyn: Sure.

Danirel: Let’s come to center; become still. We begin our stillness practice, becoming comfortable, releasing any tension in our body. Take a couple deep breaths and slowly exhale. This will help you become at ease and at peace. When you do this for a while, pretty soon you just feel like your whole body lets down; all the stress is gone. Take a few minutes to do this—why don’t you pretend there are spigots in your big toes, and just open the spigots and release the tension. Starting from the top of your head, release the tension from your temple. It’s like a fluid level in a glass or a barrel: as the water flows out, the tension flows out through your toes into the earth, you become grounded. And as the level goes down from your forehead to your eyes and your jaw, your neck—all these muscles become relaxed, so you have a visual concept of this energy tension being released out of your feet, into the ground, into the earth.

And so it goes, down your neck, your shoulders—you release the tension in them—in your chest, your back, your stomach, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, arches of your feet, and out your toes. As this tension is removed from your body, the inflow of peace and light, pink and blue energy fills your body. Now go within and release any emotional energy that you have; tensions from the day, any thoughts about that. That is all past; these moments now are ours and they are sacred and hallowed. We leave them at peace. Release any tension or emotions that you have, any thoughts regarding that. In it’s place, you are filled with peace, stillness, calmness. Like the wind across a small pond blows the ripples into the water, and it blows across the pond, leaving it still.

Any busyness in your thinking, in your mind—release that. Any agendas, any coming and going, doing, telling, showing, instructing and calling and listening—just let that all go. Be in this moment now. It’s kind of like watching your computer monitor—you just right click on all those windows and close them all. Pretty soon you are staring at a blue screen and everything is at peace. Everything is still. In these moments of stillness, we call upon our guides, guardians and angels; we call upon Sondjah, Christ Michael and Nebadonia to be with us and to dedicate and anchor in the Merkabah energy shaft, here in this location, in front of the fireplace, in the coffee table.

I ask all those in attendance, those seen and unseen, to declare your intention for this Merkabah anchor. Do this now, please. Our unseen friends also dedicate their intentions for the good of this Merkabah energy shaft. Now, please bring your energy stream that goes to Paradise from out of your crown chakra, to a north pole point, perhaps 10 or 15 feet above us. Also the energy stream from your base chakra, connect that to the south pole point. Now instantaneously, these energies come together and have formed the energy anchor of the Merkabah. It’s a very brilliant light electric blue, with some light electric lime-green colors—and inside that, if you were to see, your would see the double helix of the pink and blue heart and mind lines, entwining themselves to Paradise and to earth center.

And now, this globe of energy, these meridian lines and longitude lines from us, spins rapidly, so rapidly it looks like a dynamo; it looks like a gold, whirling globe. Now, each one of you has your heart energy—please connect your heart energy to the heart line, which is pink. It runs from your heart to earth center, and up to the person on your left, to their heart center, and so it has a bobbing motion from earth center to your heart, down and then up to your neighbor’s heart to your left and so on, around the circle. It moves clockwise as you would look at it from above. Now we are all joined together with our heart energy and the heart energy of the universe. We are deeply connected with Mother Spirit energy.

Now connect your mind to the mind line. It is a brilliant electric blue, and it rotates to the right, counter-clockwise as you look from above, and it rotates approximately 10-30 times faster than the heart line. It goes from temple to temple, from my right temple to the person on your right’s left temple, and through her to the next person’s left temple, and around counter-clockwise. So one goes one way, and one goes the other. Now, we, working with one mind and one heart, dedicate this Merkabah energy here in this location. We ask our unseen friends to dedicate it and consecrate it, and we invoke the presence of the Almighty Creator’s energy in this anchor, for now and for always. This is here for everyone’s use, from any point in the earth. And as you connect to it, use it for right intention. And so it is!

Group: And so it is!

Daniel: While we have this wonderful Merkabah here, let’s use it. So take the next 2 or 3 minutes to use this energy for the highest and greatest good that you can think of. I will state simply and clearly that my intention to use this is to increase the frequency of the earth energy, all through the earth, and raise it towards the energy frequency of love and peace. (Pause.) Take a few moments to complete your energy sharing, and bring your attention and focus back to the Merkabah, to the shaft.

Now there is an interesting exercise, which is very useful for using the Merkabah; it is completely manipulable with our minds, so let us expand this Merkabah, the sphere of the Merkabah that uses our lines, and have it expand past our backs, have it increase in diameter from 10-15 feet, to 100 feet—outside this house. Are you able to see this in your mind’s eye?

Group: Yes.

Daniel: Now let us expand it so the outside edge to the north, expands up to Bergen Park, and the other side equally as far to the south, which is several miles—about 8 miles from here. We have effectively enveloped Evergreen, Bergen Park, El Rancho, Conifer—these areas. We see the vibration increasing in this area. This doesn’t violate anybody’s will, it does no one any harm, it is only here for good and it is available to all those with good intentions to use consciously or unconsciously, as they go about their day, their evening, in prayer or in their active mind.

Now let us expand this to the eastern shore of the United States, and an equal distance out into the Pacific, into the north way into Canada, and south way into Mexico and Central America. You see as well, that the lines now have begun to go deep, deep, deep into the earth, and higher into the atmosphere. In this container of energy, you can use that to bring harmony to the atmosphere, to the water, to the weather, the crops, to all the scenery, plants and animals and to the humans. Your heart is connected and fills this area with its energy; your mind fills this area with energy of the mind, of Divine Order of the Mind of the Creator.

Now let us expand this so we enclose the whole globe, the whole world, with this Merkabah energy. We have effectively put our good intentions to work throughout the whole world, and this has a powerful effect upon all of those who are in kinship with this vibration, with this intention, with the heart energy. In doing so, we become one with the Divine Intentions of the Creator, for the good of all people, wherever they are—those who are religious and those who are not; those who are spiritual and those who are not; those who are free and those who are imprisoned; those who are wealthy and those who are impoverished—for everyone’s good.

In closing, let us call a blessing upon all these people. We know the love of the Creator flows through us to these people; it flows directly to them, and we ask, urge those with closed minds to open their consciousness to the love and the presence of the Creator; to the love and presence of their neighbor and their friends—and in their enemies. Sit in the presence of this for awhile and be “one” with this. Bask in the love, the flow of prosperity, Divine Order, Divine Timing that flows in you, through you, to all others and blesses you, too. Bring your awareness to the center, please. When you are ready, open your eyes and become aware of the group presence here; stay connected with the Merkabah.

Student: I feel like I’m at Yellowstone! It’s kind of relaxing.

Cayce: I thought, “Boy, that’s a big pot of coffee!” (Much laughter.)

Daniel: I like that Merkabah expansion business—that’s just awesome, wonderful! Well, let’s see what Sondjah has to say. Let me take a few moments to settle myself.

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah.

Group: Welcome.

SONDJAH: Thank you for your welcome, friends. It is wonderful to be here. I, through your eyes, see the world as you see it. Tonight I have seen the skating rinks on the lake and the lights and the jubilant people skating about and enjoying the snow, the ice and the cold, and the physical exuberance of being with others and being on the ice and skating. You live in a remarkable world. There are few quite like this. You will be quite astounded in your afterlife, to go traveling and visiting other worlds that are inhabited. To see the remarkable terrains, the remarkable architectures, the natural architecture of the worlds—there are whole worlds that are architectural in nature, and which have been built for the purposes of habitation and of education and living. These are the morontial worlds.

You as well will be able to visit other worlds that are material, such as this that you live on, to visit and to be of service to other people in other locations, much as many celestial teachers are here, assisting your world from their experience of living in another’s societies, on other worlds, after having gone through the mansion world schools, to prepare them for service, to prepare them for making decisions, to prepare them for becoming acquainted in a highly, multicultural universe.

Few of you realize, as I have seen so often in my classes that I have taught, that you come from a diverse universe. Just as you can appreciate or disdain differences between yourselves and other countries, other nationalities, other ethnic groups, other language groups, other races in your world, you will come into contact with beings from thousands of different cultures. You will be one unique individual, among many, many cultures, and you will need to learn to abide by the differences, to explore them and to understand the multiplicities of thinking, levels of consciousness, the appreciation of the cultural differences of these worlds.

And so finally, as you mature in age, you come down to a soul level and you disregard all the exteriors that you will see, for in many ways, in the early stages of your morontial life, you will carry the form that you have. It will be somewhat like as you are now—you will be bipedal, you will have bilateral symmetry, and so on. This is a universal characteristic of most HUMANS (put that in large terms,) sentient beings, those with souls, which have God consciousness and are invested by the presence of God. It is quite an adventure, and if you like to travel in this world, you will simply love what you are going to experience in the afterlife.

Now, for tonight’s message. We have given you—and I can say “we” as I work with a Teaching Council, those who assist me in writing the lesson plans that we give you—we have prepared you with several questions from last time: Do you remember them?

Group: Yes.

SONDJAH: You were given several distinct relationship paradigms, and we wanted you to think about these different relationships. And for those who were not here last time, you were to think about the procreative couple: What would this family look like? You may want to add onto that: What would their marriage look like? What would their relationship contract look like? Now, when you talk about marriage, you have sentiments about that. When we talk about marriage, we do not think of these relationships with sentiment; we think of these relationships as contractual, with intentions for joining together. There are outcomes that you both desire, and there are things that you want to work against, so that your relationship continues.

When we speak of marriage, we speak of it much differently than you do. You have heartstrings attached to this marriage word, and that often causes you great distress, as your emotional connection to these relationships skews your rational thinking. Also you are usually not thinking from the perspective of higher mindedness, of two soul entities coming together to engage their lives in the pursuit of growth, while enjoying love, companionship, sharing, giving, taking, and the union that occurs between two individuals who are intimate, which is quite unique to each relationship. You will be quite astounded about the relationships that exist on other worlds, but you have enough problems with your own, without getting into those.

(A chuckle from the students.)

We also spoke about the procreative couple, those two young individuals who come together with the intention of begetting/raising children. This is the primary purpose of this procreative family, this procreative relationship. This is perhaps the most complex of all relationships, and you know as well as I do that it is daunting for young people without life experience to engage each other and bring new beings into existence, without training, without preparation, without the experience of grandparents, and so you make lots of mistakes, and in doing so, you learn a lot. There is much to learn in this special relationship.

Remember that we also gave you an assignment of examining the childless couple, who also are young and could be procreative if they wish to, or perhaps there are medical or physical reasons not to. It is a matter of choice, coming together to have no children. What would their relationship look like? What kinds of agreements would they make? What would be the intention for the relationship? Remember, that we specifically told you very pointedly, that you must come up with an understanding of the intention for each of these relationships, and there are no limits to that. We did not set any parameters on that, and we will not, for [in] this you are the humans; you are the people who live with these relationships. You must generate the parameters and intentions for existing and living and growing, within these relationships.

Then there was the couple, a relationship of those who are after 50, and those who are after 70, who wish to come together and be in relationship. And of course, there is the individual, who chooses not to be in a relationship with another individual, but who is in relationship to society, to their culture. They too must have—if you accept this as an assignment, then you must come up with an intention, or several intentions, for being singular, out of relationship, out of intimate relationship. Therefore, you would have an agreement, a contract with yourself, with your society. It would be one-sided, but on the other hand, just as in any relationship or contract, there are two receivers and two givers, and so you would be the giver, and the society would be the receiver—but you also receive something as a single individual, from society.

Did I leave any out?

Student: No, there doesn’t appear to be.

SONDJAH: Therefore, your task was to choose a sub-Team in which you would like to work. I will let this one come to awareness and each of you raise your hand and begin buddying up with 1, 2 or 3 people, who have like interests. Some of you said you would want to work in designing a singular relationship, meaning a single person, not in relationship with another person intimately or socially. Others of you have engaged in, and volunteered to work in the childless couple, and that is as far as we have it so far.

It does not matter that there may be some relationships, which are not represented by working sub-teams here—do you understand? What we are looking for from you is that you work with 2 or 3 other individuals, and begin to explore this. Remember, this is a familiarization process; it may be that after tonight’s session that you may say, “No I don’t want to work in this group. I want to work in another group; I want to work on another relationship.” So tonight is an exploratory time, for you to get to know a relationship with 2 or 3 other people, but we would like you to make a dedicated effort to remain on one project, once you dedicate yourself to that, after tonight.

Tonight is orientation/exploration, so you will join with 2 or 3 other people—1 or 2 other people—and I would hope that you will have a minimum of no less than 2 people per group. If you are working by yourself, we would hope that you would join with another group, as this too is a social exercise. Even though you are working on a project, you are working on your own growth! There is no escape from that. I will let this one come to awareness and we will reconvene in 20-30 minutes—which would you prefer?

Was 20 minutes too short last time? Let’s strive to hold to 20 minutes, and then you can also always come back, engage me with questions, if you wish, and we can go at it again, if you wish. Now remember, that you do not work alone. At 20 minutes, we will reconvene and make a decision, but eventually, it will happen that as you begin to work on your projects, you will need some clarification. That is why we have made this one free and not joined to a group, so that he is able to provide my guidance, assistance and insights to you, if you wish, to your sub-teams. Is that clear?

Group: Yes.

SONDJAH: So let us now recess for 20 minutes to your teams.

SONDJAH: You know my friends, we thoroughly enjoy these convivial occasions, as much or more than you do. We perceive your energies on many levels, and we see an engagement of yourselves, between yourselves, each other, in ways which you do not perceive, but which you only become acquainted with after knowing someone for a long time. These engagements, these levels of attachment and conversation are measurable to us.

You have begun the task of forming small working teams. We will continue with this into the future, into our next meeting. We will have new members at that time, and of course, we will start over. You will find that your partnership in some of these teams will be fluid, that you will have a principal interest that you want to work on, but when there is no someone to partner with in a sub-team with you, then you would move to another team to work and assist them.

You will learn a tremendous amount about your own issues and situations, the problems or situation you are working on, by being a participant on other teams. You will find that over time, you will have a great deal to contribute, even in teams which seem to be quite at a distance or disparate from your own. You will have a familiarity with the whole spectrum of human relationships in a few months and this will help you in many ways in your personal life and in this team setting.

We will not do a review now, unless you desire to do so. You have reviewed your findings with your associates, your partners in these teams. Keep your notes during the week and add to them, if you wish. Your work and participation is not limited to these team settings, but you can work on your projects at home at will, whenever you wish. You will then have material to contribute when you come together, and to reflect on. You will build your bridges much more quickly this way.

We thank you for coming here tonight and engaging this problem and these situations in these relationships. We will close and then we would like to listen in on your group discussion, to see what you came to. Are there any questions before I close?

Student: Thanks for your assistance this evening.

SONDJAH: You are most welcome. I look forward to assisting you and working with you, and also to listen to your findings, as the days and weeks pass. With that I will bid you good night, but not good-bye. I am here with you and available to you during the week, whenever you think of me or this work. I am available to you at any time. Remember friends, you have an open door to a huge library, through the Merkabah from anyplace that you reside or travel. Blessings to you—God bless you as you are always blessed—it is a matter of becoming conscious of those blessings and holding the intention of reflecting them to others during your days. Good night.

Students: Good night, Sondjah. Thank you.

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