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CDT7 – Evergreen

2008-01-14  Evergreen Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#7
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestial Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

TR: Daniel Raphael

January 14, 2008

SONDJAH: Good Evening, this is Sondjah. Welcome to the local Co-Creative Design Team in Evergreen and Conifer. It is a blessing to have you here. What you perhaps do not realize is that each one of you is affected by the presence of others in this group. You are affected by the collective energy and the increase of vibration of this group, in yourself. Increase of vibration is always towards that of love; it is not the love that you may be acquainted with, but it is the love of the universe, and that is the ultimate frequency of the universe. It emanates from the Creator. This love is the coordinating, organizing, impressing vibration that runs throughout the universe. All is in Divine order according to that, except where individuals choose not to be, either out of conscious decision or out of ignorance.

This program of the Correcting Time, Co-Creative Design Team, has the intention of educating the people on your planet, so that you can become fully actualized, participating souls and individuals in the universe, as billions of other beings are throughout the universe, on millions of planets. You are being given an opportunity to co-creatively engage the future of your world. We have told you before that your world could be healed in the twinkling of an eye through fiat, by miracle, by command of the Creator, and as we have said before too, what would you learn from that? You would learn nothing, and so you learn in your experiential, material ways, through experience, through participating with us in the healing of your planet.

This will be a very rapid process, compared to the millions of years that it took for your world to get to where it is now. Many tens of thousands of years have passed, and you are now in the state where you have the capacity, ability, presence, and consciousness, to engage us in a material, palpable way for reforming and healing your world. This will be rapid, but only in comparison to the tens of thousands of years of history that precede it. This effort will take decades, to make progress, and within two centuries, with capable and conscientious effort, you and millions of others will make huge strides and advancements in your civilization. That as preamble, gets us to the point of where we are tonight, in our Co-Creative Design Team.

You have heard a brief recitation of previous lessons, and the progress that has taken place to date. Tonight, your assignment is brief; it is simple to be written down—and I would ask that you do this, that when I give you a brief set of instructions, that you write down the essence of that—so that when you go to your sub-teams, you are able to stay on task and you can meet the criteria of the assignment. Do you understand?

Student: Yes.

SONDJAH: Thank you. The question tonight is this… and I will ramble on a bit, before I ask the question… in previous lessons, you were given the assignment of examining the various relationships of human existence, that are preferred and desired and needed by individuals, to grow socially, morally, ethically and spiritually. You were then given a set of approximately 5 or 6 relationships, where you were asked to examine those relationships.

Another lesson asked you to write an intention for this relationship, as a sort of definition that defines this relationship from others. You reported last time very well and I applaud you and congratulate you on coming to some of the universals that exist in all relationships. You have done good homework by doing this. The values, beliefs, intentions and so on, of a relationship are important to have set out. You wrote those and worked on them last time.

This time, I ask you to now define that relationship, as different from the other relationships. What is it about this relationship that distinguishes it as being different from those other relationships? This will require you to exclude the other relationships. Borrow upon all the universal values that exist in all these higher ideal-designed relationships, to get to the point where you see that this relationship is different from the other relationships, where the intention is different — that the goals and fulfillment one would experience as a human, in this relationship, would be different than the other relationships. Is that clear or have I muddled it up for you?

Student: Clear.

SONDJAH: Others? Are there any questions regarding that?

Student: I have a question, Sondjah.

SONDJAH: Certainly.

Student: Somehow, I’m a little confused because it feels to me like all relationships are based on the same unconditional love regardless, and I don’t understand the need for defining ourselves separate from, if it’s all based on unconditional love.

SONDJAH: Unconditional love is a general quality that you would want to experience in all relationships, but why would a couple decide to live together and not have children? What would be the intention of doing so?

Student: Okay. That’s clear now. Thank you.

SONDJAH: You are certainly welcome. Any other clarifying questions?

You will see that I am marching you ahead, and sometimes you will feel like we are going 2 steps forward, and 1 step back, and when you step back you will have the experience of prior sessions with us together to lean upon, to use and to borrow, to help you proceed farther. You are beginning to grasp this process and you are gaining experience and knowledge about the process and how these fundamentals lend to all relationships, but we now look to the distinguishing traits/characteristics of each relationship, as being distinct from others.

This will lend itself later towards a clearer definition and identification of these relationships, so that if you were to go out and teach other individuals in a group, who wondered about being and wanted to be in a relationship, but didn’t have an idea of what they were doing or why they were entering the relationship. You could counsel them and coach them along the way. You are beginning to grasp and assume and hold onto greater knowledge and skill in this process.

Now, I would ask you to disband to your sub-groups. Remember that this is a fluid process. Last time we had fewer people and so there were only 2 groups that worked on 2 relationships. Now we have more people and the only requirement is that there be at least 2 people per relationship paradigm that they want to work on. You will have to figure out how to find those who think as you do, those who have interests as yourself. I will now release you and we will come back in 20 minutes and give recaps for each group. Thank you.

* * * * * * * * *
The sub-teams come back to the Team, discuss their findings among themselves and then wait for Sondjah to engage them, again.

* * * * * * * * *

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. Thank you so very much for engaging these questions, these situations so earnestly. You have grown a great deal through your interaction with each other in your two groups, and you have shared much with each other. We are deeply gratified by your earnestness, your sincerity and your intentions and dedication. You have made a commitment worthy of fulfillment, one that you will see in coming weeks ahead, to become more and more fulfilled.

I would ask someone who wishes to, to begin grasping parts of this whole puzzle, to begin recording these pieces. There are truly universal gems of wisdom coming out of your mouths, during these discussions. These must not be lost. You are beginning to see the larger piece of the Swiss cheese, as this one often calls it. You are seeing the full dimensions, the full plane of the slice of Swiss cheese; you see more and more that is being filled in, so that the continuity of human growth, of human mortal spiritual growth [and] social growth, becomes continuous.

You will in weeks to come, find that one step leads to another, and that in a thoroughly integrated, growing, spiritized relationship, that for children who have been raised this way, they can enter into relationships that begin with procreation—or not—and transform themselves into the various stages of relationship that are sustainable from that of young couples, to those who are near to their demise. You are beginning to tie together the bits and pieces to find continuity. Keep this in mind; keep in mind that continuity is sustainability, that what underlies sustainability is the important factors that you have been discussing.

You have discussed the values, the beliefs, the intentions and the behaviors of each relationship. Once you begin doing that, you will have and understanding of how it will transform into the next relationship, that it can do so consciously. You have also differentiated the conscious, evolving relationship from those that are not, and so you have engaged this arena of spiritual growth within a relationship. This is truly an important differentiation that will permeate all the work that you will do in the future. We encourage you to take notes, and to begin making the couplings of ideas, so that you continue to have larger and larger couplings of ideas, so that eventually you will have continuity. You can either do this in your mind, and you will come to an “Ah-ha” eventually, and say, “Oh, that’s how it works” or you will continue to make notes and devise and develop them on paper. Either one is suitable.

I am very pleased with how you have been progressing, and how you have developed your working relationships in the groups. You may continue in the two larger groups, if you wish, or you can sub-divide later on; it makes no difference to us; it is a matter of productivity and efficiency within your group process. Please be aware of this: All of you are very intelligent, very well educated and you were aware of this in advance, so make your choices accordingly. We were listening in, as this one was as well, that perhaps you would wish to have a longer period of time to work on your projects. Is this the case?

(Several said “yes.”)

Then let us return in a week and begin where you left off. We will have our opening session, our uniting together energetically. I will give you a brief opening and we will release you promptly to engage your session for the full duration of the evening, and we will then return and decide what to do at that time. Are there any further questions that you would like to raise at this time?


We thank you for your presence; we abide with you during this week. We will be visiting you as we have been; know that we are present with you, know that you make a contribution to the whole group, even though you may be dispersed over many miles of being apart. You have become identified with each other; you have a badge on yourself much as those in the military do, where they have the ribbons of the campaigns and so on. So, too, do you have this wonderful mark of light in your auras, in your being, which others identify and recognize. We wish you well this coming week and look forward to meeting with you once again. Good evening.

* * * * * *

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah, once again. You have raised a valuable point about whether to continue on as a large group, working on one paradigm of relationship at a time, week after week, changing per week, or to remain in sub-groups. Did I get the gist of that correct?

Student: Yes.

SONDJAH: It is our wish that you continue with the sub-groups and we only wish there were more than two sub-groups, that you would have 2 or 3 groups—or more—working on 2, 3, or 4 paradigms of relationships. We like to see the mix of you working together.

We do not want you to become staid and stuck in an authoritarian structured environment. We truly know that you each have differences and that you work better with others than you do with some, that you wish not necessarily [to] exclude yourself from those who have differences, but to find those who have similarities, and so your work together is much more productive. We wish that the groups have as little gate keeping and structuring as possible, that you each become aware of the group and your responsibilities to it.

When you have more than 5 and past 7, you have greater and greater difficulty remaining cohesive; you end up as someone said, you end up with side conversations and the swirl of energy and activity begins to tear away from the main focus of the group. It will require you to be much more focused as an individual, and responsible for your participation, rather than being unconscious and unaware and giving a superficial participation in the larger group. You must remain on task as much as you can, aware of the chore at hand. We know that this is tedious for some of you and that you have your feet closer to the fire, but we find that you are more productive. And too, this is training for you for the future, when you too, wish to engage this with other groups, if you choose to do this in the future, on your own with our assistance.

Many of you will become teachers of this process, if you choose. Certainly no one will live out the rest of their life without being unaffected by this, for this will have a powerful effect on your person-hood, your individuality and your participation in any relationship. You have made wonderful distinctions, which will assist you, all the rest of your life. You will feel quite differently when you enter into relationship and act out unconsciously, and then become aware of what you had done and you will feel some embarrassment and chagrin—we know that this has occurred already. We hope that this does not discomfort you too much to break up into the smaller groups, but it is for the larger long-term good of our efforts. We hope that you appreciate this in time. We would like to close this evening at this time, to let you be on your way, so you can rest and prepare for the week. We wish that you would also organize yourselves to agree upon a future date next week, if you are able to. Good night.

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