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CIN13- Comments On Correcting Time, Representatives

1995-10-27-Comments On Correcting Time, Representatives
Cincinnati #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Comments On Correcting Time, Representatives
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Correcting Time
 3.1.2 Experience
 3.1.3 Service
 3.1.4 Reflectivity
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Comments On Correcting Time, Representatives
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas, Abraham
TR: Jim Cleveland



Father light that fills this room into every soul impressed. The Father’s love that settles upon all and gives us peace and rest. In this meditation, this relaxation engendered so well, (we) remain in this sense of feeling.

These are your Celestial Artisans and we would guide you through a stream of consciousness meditation; make no sense of it, bring your feelings to fore, the feeling from deep, deep within. The Father light within this room, the healing light in this room. Each beating heart of each beating soul child sitting here, feeling here the presence of this joyful inner noise of quietude————–of quietude.

Father we worship you in great realization of the intimacy, the simplicity of your love for each one of us, not lowly creatures, spirit imbued children of the one loving God which gives us a feeling of quietude. We know we are destined, destined for the purity of heart that comes from our purity of purpose and intent and goal and aspiration knowing that this awakening comes from within each soul, of each child of God in this universe.

You are unique expressions of love. You have the choice to rise above material to ethereal——–to rise above the ego so necessary as an animalistic instinct for your very survival, that you might fight and succeed and achieve in a lower state.

Your advance to the state of knowingness that there is a spiritual essence to find, a spiritual outlook that transcends utilitarian ego that gets us through our early growth, our early evolution, rising above ego to true understanding and you are unique, individual, much beloved, hugged and kissed little child of the universe of God, each of you. All of us, each one, ascending ever upward, upward, upward to lightness, to feeling of lightness, to the view of lightness, to the sight of lightness, to the ecstasy of lightness, to the ethereal openness and brilliance of lightness ————of lightness,————–of lightness.

We would have you understand that the grand design of the plan would place you here in this place at this time, to rise, to ascend; you would not be cheated of this. You would be given this great gift of ascension and you will know it as you practice it and practice feeling it and knowing it in the daily stillness of worship, prayer, forgiveness and love. Worship and prayer and forgiveness, and love.

Worship will imbue you with the energy that gives you a burst of altruistic feeling that leads you to prayer for those less fortunate; those who can not feel, who can not know, who suffer through life as an obligation. And from prayer to a feeling of deep empathy and forgiveness and service. Service radiating love is the way each creature of the Father, each unique personality created by Father energize themselves to receive love and give love and receive love————and give love. The energy of the universe, all yours to bring into yourself in the quietude.
We have so enjoyed being with you and we will depart now and to visit again and to ask you to access us at any time if you would like to get in touch with your feelings and our feelings in some unison; unison we will feel together. Thank you.

Correcting Time

Tarkas: This is Tarkas. I hope you have enjoyed our artisan’s presentation. I would make only a few comments this evening for if you would care to talk with Abraham he would be pleased to speak to you.

My comments have to do with prior conversations in this room and only briefly, in that, many ideas of this Correcting Time, this ripening of spirituality on your planet have been expressed this evening, and there are many others. Do not let the myriad of approaches be distracting to you or raise questions of authenticity. You will know the truth as you access the inner strength of conviction that is the spirit of truth and those who have various approaches to the Correcting Time, the spiritual awakening, or by whatever perspective and denominated title it goes by. Know that much, very much are from the celestial sources who literally clamor to work upon your planet and the field of spheres involved in this reclamation of the rebellions and defaults and myriad aborted shortcomings of your evolutionary path.

We would work with all humans on your small planet and do so through every known means, utilizing every qualified volunteer who comes and asks to work towards spiritual upliftment in these spheres. And so, you learn by different means, by different perspectives, and in turn, put your own perspectives and radiate accordingly; each understands, each receives in his own unique way. And so is it any wonder that all individuals, all institutions, all of all—-all of everything is involved in this spiritual awakening

You will hear many points of view. The more you study them the more you will understand that the root truth of all is the establishment of a personal religion centered-ness with God, that brings you in mind, spirit, and body balance to love successfully and fruitfully, in the realization that the radiation of love is the life blood which energize all and brings forth all manifestations of truth, beauty, and goodness, which will sweep your world in a quickening and increasingly rapid pace in the coming months and years.

Much will be happening. Much which we would not lay hand of prophecy, for the future is indeed by many free will decisions; many plans intricately made and then anxiously awaited to fruition. Even on our side, the future is not cut and dry my friends, it is being made and you indeed will have a hand in making it. Perhaps Abraham will speak to this or answer questions accordingly.

My other comment had to do with the mention of harmonics and know that this is indeed one such way with which we help to, help humans to get into spiritual receptivity through the opening of circuits that will enthrall and enhance the receptivity of spiritual knowing-ness within each of you. And so, music and art and verse, philosophy and science and religion and many things will be part of the Correcting Time, the exciting time that lies just ahead.

May we go back into the stillness and wait for a few moments til these circuits will be opened to bring forth Abraham for a short visit. We will seek to speak sparingly to conserve energy of your vessel this evening. In quietness and prayer, bring forth these enhanced energies so that we may hear from our visitor.

Abraham: Welcome, my brothers and sisters in the flesh, ascending spirits. Through the circuits of reflectivity I am open to you this evening for a short visit. Tarkas has spoken well of the enormity of the Correcting Time, your so called awakening. Although, the spirit of the Universal Father has always lived strongly upon Urantia, those who would believe this planet in some dark and evil slumber take no proper accounting of the core of goodness which permeates virtually all children of the Father here, some lost temporarily, and we would save everyone.

You have made requests that I come, several of you, to this visit and several have not attended our previous sessions. I would speak on whatever subject troubles your mind or tweeks your curiosity having to do with your roles as teacher, if you choose to continue your path. Within groups, within yourselves, many of you are already doing public ministries of healing, of service. All of you seek to radiate love and know the secrets of the universe. You are all in the process of learning, receiving, giving, sharing, and this diversity is quite good.

We are not looking for teachers who would be aesthetics and retreat to themselves or into cliques. We would have you active and balanced in all walks of life, in business to professions teaching, serving, and many will be restless to change their roles to one of more enlightened service, having discovered the secret of gleaning powerful spiritual energies from your own radiation of loving service.

So self-satisfying to give, so blessed to give; a lesson I found difficult in my mortal life and would not criticize anyone at your stage of human development. It is necessary that you, it was necessary that I experience material life to learn for ourselves the lessons that could hardly be learned effectively any other way. You will have an eternity to reflect upon this short but pivotal human life and you will have many occasions to look upon the service that you will give in coming years, to cherish and treasure each kindness that you gave, and to feel that kindness again and again through eternity.

And so pile up these nuggets, these jewels of kindness and there will be a treasure chest awaiting you in the afterlife, in the spiritual ascension to which you will revel and exalt in all the good things of this life, and the pain will have past dully away. And so children, rejoice that you are this far, for so many have piled up so few nuggets, indeed, are living bankrupt and suffering lives. All the more work and responsibility they must take in the mansion worlds for which they are destined. You in fact will help them in Mansonia as you are asked to help them here. They are hungry; there are masses who are hungry for spiritual deliverance and peace.

In time you will become quite proficient at delivering the goodnesses, the kindnesses—the kindnesses, the radiation of empathy that will bring them to you magnetized by the Father’s light that shines from you, from within you, and by your side. Through the tough times, you will learn to transmit the voices of the heavenly helpers who will always be with you. We work together. The seraphim will work hard on your behalf in coming years, for you know the changes will sometimes be profound. The cyclical cleansing that must be done we can not predict exact results. But when pollutions of air, of water of earth itself, when hazardous wastes are dumped indiscriminately into waters and soil and air, there will be cleansings.

We would have you prepare for the worst scenario. We would have you in faith know that as faith children we will do much to make you aware of chaotic conditions and steer you to safe and higher ground. You must listen. You must be aware of your spiritual knowings inside for us to effectively, through the seraphic corp, keep you safe. You can expect some chaos. Institutions must crumble as reactionaries suckled by greed, emboldened by their power, violent in their excesses can be expected to heap criticism, ridicule, and fight spiritual awakenings with every nefarious tool at hand. They will be impotent in the face of the spiritual awakening that will bring forth true spirituality, honesty, and fairness and ethics and involvement, responsibility into the institutions that must be reformed and rebuilt.

At the same time environmental cleansing can be traumatic, although, we seek to bring forth climatic conditions which are actually conducive to clearing the air. But much, very much must be done in participation with the humankind who poison this environment in the first place.

The Father does not send us to clean up after you or correct your mistakes knowing that your opportunities for learning and growth are greatly enhanced. You participate in doing this yourselves through the inspiration of the Father’s messengers and helpers and teachers who are now authorized since the adjudication to come and help. Indeed this enormous undertaking has many ramifications but I will close these remarks and conserve energy with the simple statement that you should dwell not on the complexity, but on the simplicity. For, the world will be changed one person at a time, inwardly, outwardly, through the minds, through the hearts of people. The very core must be started at; we must start at the very core in the beginning to bring this earth to light and life. Foundations of falsity and rottenness must be torn away and new foundations built.

This is very difficult when dogmatic and egoistic and greedy power merchants pullsway over the civilizations advanced and not, and yet, what greater power will ever be shown in this local universe than the great example as we look back in ages to come, at the great magnificent redemption of Urantia. And all of these other worlds of nefarious prince’s rebellion, what a tremendous triumph beyond human words, to bring this cluster of planets into the fruitful universe. Into the loving arms of the Father, and quite fittingly and amazingly will be done as a collaborative effort as Michael, your Father, your Brother, your Leader, your Associate, in this undertaking, once incarnated as an ordinary human being to work great planetary changes. So He returns now to work with you so that cooperatively in the spirit you can work together to bring this planet to its next level of light and life. I trust these have given you some additional perspectives and ideas regarding the Correcting Time. We would hear from you as to your thoughts or questions.

Doris: There’s been mention that something’s going to happen on Dec. 12th thru the 24th, the 12 days of light. Can you give us more information on what we are to do to prepare for anything if this is going to happen and what we should do during that time?

Abraham: Anticipation is a fascinating aspect of humans, and so is imagination and study and learning and seeking. As humans, you will forever look for specifics that fit your time parameters and your space. As to Dec. 12, I can not say, for it is indeed some days from now. But great anticipations from our side, conjointly with the plans we have for incremental energy openings and preparations for the likely traumatic environmental changes dictates, that there is a readiness activity and a knowing-ness of many of you. And it is our plan that activities at approximately this time will bring forth another step in these changes.

You groups who are prepared for this will indeed be called into service, and you do good service. Know with a stronger certainty, however, that continuously striving to learn new techniques and abilities and disciplines can somewhat broaden but never the less make shallow one’s learning. A true centered-ness sometimes means that instead of learning new techniques you just sit down and practice what you know ——–talk to God. Ask that God talk to you and then speak clearly and concisely with the Father in a personal knowing way. You can do much already without learning additional techniques.

You have considerable power if you would just choose to make this connection your singular focus and bring forth these loving energies through your own well developed persona. I hope you will pardon this personal advice. I do digress. You are a well informed, enthusiastic, quite sincere, and well attuned seeker of the kingdom and we would have you step within to focus more strongly upon the one centered, holy light that is God within you. Sometimes other things can be distracting. I would continue in preparation for the anticipated events. If the time table is changed, so be it. But the overall architecture for the possible ascensions are well framed and there is much readiness.

However, as teachers within this particular teaching mission aspect of the Correcting Time, you may well choose to bring your teaching, your learning to fruition by staying to help this earth in these chaotic times, indeed, this is what you’re being trained to do, and many will choose this path to stay and radiate loving service to the suffering as the fulfillment of this teaching mission. You are understanding?

Doris: Yes, you’re saying that we should go on the first ascension that we should stay and help the masses?


Abraham: By your choice. You may do as you see fit. We do not come to provide answers but to inspire you to make the growth decisions that will bring you to greater maturity, wisdom, and eventually perfection. Learning by doing and wrestling with these problems is the whole point of living. If we came to give answers readily, it would be like the teacher providing answers to the homework and depriving you therefore of the ability to learn and experience these things for yourselves. As spirit beings, you could be taught in a classroom, but the learning would not be as profound and all encompassing as it is when you actually live here in the flesh.

Experience is the thing, the experience of learning to control mind over matter through the utilitarian service of the ego. When you learn to have the spirit control the mind, the ego is no longer very useful and can be put aside to the higher spiritual purpose of the God knowing child who exalts in being a child of God, who wishes to radiate love all around. But we would have you discover these great truths for yourselves, this is the point. Also, prophecy of course is often inaccurate, only reflecting probabilities since so many free will decisions are involved in making the future.

Our parameters are indeed narrow in some respects on Urantia, even though they are vastly broad, even broad enough to cover the other 30 planets in this reclamation. But at the same time, free will actions of the human beings are the sole dictating action. You have the bodies, you have the hands and the feet, you have the personalities interacting and living on Urantia.

We would give you clues and inspiration and considerations that come from experience of our morontia teachers who are very close to you in reality of eternal values. They are so close that they still feel a deep empathy and cooperative spirit with you in this mortal life, remembering it quite vividly themselves. While they learn and grow and make decisions which sometimes prove to be dead ends which must be reversed, they do likewise with you, for, even mistakes are a calculated part of the plan. Humans often learn more by attempting, making mistakes, and failing, than any other way. Do not necessarily, do not feel bad when these things happen, they are part of your learning and growing experience too.


Doris: Can you tell me if there is any, I was told they were preparing a place for me for counseling in this area is that true? Will I, if I send out resume’s , will I have a place to do counseling or am I to do it in my home? Because I’m very skeptical about being accepted in the area of counseling.

Abraham: Be clear of your fondest wish and the purpose for which you wish to be in this position, and this purpose being pure of service, this position will be found for you. In general, we would hope that you would be all cognizant of what your hopes and dreams are for your remaining years. That you would choose service, and that you would focus more strongly, more creatively, more suggestively, upon these fondest hopes and dreams and aspirations to more exclusion of the attitude that you must do this or that, you must do this or that which you do not find appealing in order to survive.

There are lessons to be learned from having to do many things of which you truly do not want to do, and these lessons must be learned by humans. But many in this room have learned these lessons and are quite prepared to do drudgery and to do service jobs with a radiant smile and see it as a loving opportunity. And so, you may move beyond these lessons to more advanced lessons.

The times are indeed quickening, there will be environmental and political upheavals, likely more violence, and certainly a time of greater intensity of problems and the facing of values which will torment men’s minds. And so, with preparation must come along on schedule so that you will be ready to serve, to teach, and to radiate at the times, at the crucial times, the crisis times that will come.

Cheron: Abraham, this is Cheron. This question kind of summarizes what I’ve taken from all of the Teaching Mission transcripts I’ve read, and sessions that I’ve been to, into about 20 words or less. If I wanted to be prepared, if I wanted to really make my soul shiny, what I would do is sit with my Father every night in daily stillness and give to those persons that He has brought in front of me, and to love, and to love, and to love, and just keep giving, and just keep loving, and just keep talking with my Father. I can’t know Him any better than I can practice that every day. That’s really the key in making my soul shiny and spending time with Him and getting to know Him.

Is that pretty much a simplistic summary of how I can make my soul more shiny? How I can do better work? How I can expand my vessel? I think the one word to expand my vessel is just to give and to love. Is that the simplistic summarization for me or for any of us, for that matter, to be more shiny and to be better prepared to do the Father’s work?

Abraham: In the stillness of worship and prayer, you energize your being with love, you fill your tanks (end tape). The care of diet and exercise and rest, well known truisms of all ages, are therefore extremely true. In the still time of worship and prayer, you bring into your being energies which you can in turn radiate. However, a number in this room at all, truly of faith, who choose this path, have been chosen years ago because of some expressed deep heart felt longing that you may have petitioned to the Father. It was seen that your life plan through your indwelling spirit would give you the abilities to fulfill, and help God fulfill, those very longings which you expressed, perhaps as a child, perhaps later in life during a traumatic distressful suffering time.
These words were heard by the Father and you have been designated, if you choose, to come forth and help with the spiritual awakening in ways of your own choosing, with the talents that you have been lovingly nudged to developing over the years, again, by your free will choice. Some choose to be engineers, some choose to be teachers, or counselors, or whatever. There’s a place in spiritual service for all.

And so, each of you has a path you may choose to follow. Opportunities for your growth, for your education, for your reward, for your connected-ness with those who can help you, and in many other ways, are being administered for you, indeed with you, and have been for many years. Your safety has been looked after by your seraphic hosts and by becoming more attuned and heedful, you have forestalled and avoided other events which could have been catastrophic. This is not to say that you are special people or chosen people from the perspective of ego, but rather, from special talents and a willingness to use them for the Father and Christ Michael in this Correcting Time.

Truly great works can be achieved by singular people. Greater works often by working together. We intend to work toward keeping you safe physically so that you may teach and serve, provided you give wholehearted endorsement to your growth and love and service. We are instructed to be with you constantly for glimmers of opportunity to communicate with you.

All in all, many years have been in the planning for the reclamation of these worlds. Many, many of your years, even before the adjudication. Just as there are painstaking plans now for possible evacuation, the planetary forces cause catastrophic ends. You still have the capability to cause major environmental damage, but we will seek to work within your free will decisions to bring forth a cleansing, an awakening co-creatively with you. In tiredness attention wanders, perhaps one or two other questions.

Group: Thank you Abraham for your visit. We enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for all your special protection. You guys are busy up there.

Abraham: We are often in wonder and awe ourselves on this side at the magnitude of the Correcting Time for all of the planets, and we find many magnificent adventures and lessons still within this tremendous undertaking.

Cheron: Are there lessons that you could give us, Tarkas or Abraham, Tarkas particularly, that would help us as a group to spiritualize and come to know the Father faster, that would erase some of the barriers that we have, whatever they would be? I really love homework. I know that that’s a big HA! HA! I mean you know, we have a long track record of, “My dog ate the homework…………………..”

But I am eager to know if there are lessons and homework that would quicken our spirituality that you could help us with.

Abraham: Perhaps it would be useful to summarize on that one page the basic tenets of the Teaching Mission, just to make sure everyone is on the same page, and that the lessons have been sufficiently distilled at this point; that this kernel, this nugget, will summarize who you are and what you are to teach. This would be an interesting homework exercise for those who would take it, bring their concise points of view to the next meeting and we will, perhaps Tarkas will discuss. I will take leave of you now and leave you with your teachers, as there may be some semblance of energy that can remain perhaps even for additional homework.


I would have you have one more bit of information for which several of you know and that is, that each step of the Correcting Time, indeed, the Teaching Mission, builds upon the next. There are now transcripts which will explain to you, indeed visitors, the next step beyond the technique of transmitting/receiving. You have come to understand this somewhat, as its actual collaboration of celestial and human and understand something of the authenticity with which you can accept these teachings.

The natural progression is that we continue to open incrementally other circuits of energy as this vessel of Urantia can hold them, without disruptions, and bring forth additional powers through a form, a segment, a segmentation of the reflectivity phenomena, and that is beyond transmitting/receiving. Certain vessels are now being opened sufficiently, that we may bring forth even purer and deeper and more complex meanings, not only for the edification of your own friends and associates, but over a panoramic sweep, to reach even planetary proportions.

Do not misconstrue that this is coming your way next week or perhaps next year. These tools of reflectivity will be opened for those who choose to volunteer and to strive for this level of openness which will allow pure and deep transmissions, even to the unknowing-ness of the transmitter. This will be the next step in bringing forth highly magnified energies that will sweep across this very planet. This is of course along with the Melchizedek schools and other ramifications a goal of the mission. It will come to fruition.

Gina: How do we apply it?

Abraham: It would be first beneficial for a willing subject to master the technique of these simple verbalizations of T.R. It is really quite easy as taking dictation once the fear barrier has broken and the subject begins simply speaking aloud. And so we would hope that you would begin and continue to develop this technique of transmitting on paper, by keyboard, or spoken word, and open yourself willingly to the Father, would you choose to become willing and open vessels for the ascendant Melchizedeks and other high administrators to speak through you in coming years. Think upon this. You will continue to think upon your level of involvement as apostles with responsibilities that can be demanding to disciples who have greater latitude to live their own planetary lives without the level of service and purity required of apostles. At this time you serve somewhat in both capacities. Alternately providing deep and feeling apostolic service. At other times, drifting back into your normal and much active lives.

There will come a time when we are here working with you, as your kind, that you will find it is time to decide once and for all to come forth and open your very vessel to loving and constant daily service to the Father, to Christ Michael, or that you will choose a part time and secondary role in support. You will be honored in any case for your level of commitment, for the Father of course judges your heart, your intentions.


And so in these vastly changing times that are to come, I would leave you with the idea that you might concentrate less on physical phenomena in the faith that no matter what calamities may strike humankind, there will be a mighty influx of spiritual help that you can access to help bring you through these times in loving service. Much of apocalyptic change comes within the heart, within the minds of the people.

These are the true changes that will last through eternity. And civilizations collapse, institutions fall, what is it to the faith child of the Father? What was the fall of Jerusalem to the eternal message of Jesus? The spiritual values are everlasting even though temporal upheavals may cause calamities and great opportunities for growth and service. I’ve enjoyed meeting with you and we, on behalf of your teachers and the artisans and a multitude who indeed are listening in, we bid you a peaceful and loving good night and shalom.

Group: Thank you so much.

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