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CIN14- Mind, Circuits, Afterlife, Stillness

1995-11-03-Mind, Circuits, Afterlife, Stillness
Cincinnati #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Welmek, Lester
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Stillness, Wealth
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Mind, Circuits
 3.3.2 Transmitting
 3.3.3 Learning
 3.3.4 Afterlife
 3.3.5 Presence
 3.3.6 Stillness
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Stillness
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas, Welmek, Lester
TR: Jim Cleveland



Tarkas: Father we reach up to you and manifest and magnify your presence in this room. In this loving circle of friends, join us in the magnificent and intimate love for each of us, as we share our love with you. In worship we love you, in prayer, we show love for our brothers and sisters. In forgiveness of all we show forth a powerful transforming love of Michael, Jesus. In our service we radiate love, we honor all creation, recognizing the magnificence of the plan, the magnificence of the beauty once we reach the top of this majestic mountain. This is your teacher and friend Tarkas.

Group: Hi Tarkas, welcome.

Tarkas: So pleased to be again with you. I can feel and enjoy the resurgence, this exuberance of energy, that continues to transform and bring you to light and life. You are part of these quickening times, of these exciting and transforming times, as you begin to form a whole new concept of the truth, of inner religion, the church within each of you. The religion within each of you, and that religion is love.


Stillness, Wealth

In the stillness daily you will find, you will bring into yourselves a powerful conviction of faith, this exuberant burst of energy that lightens your step, heightens your mind, shows the light upon the path to God. Several teachers are here tonight, (?), and we would ask that he visit with you for a short while.

Welmek: Greetings to all of you. This is your friend and teacher Welmek.

Group: Hello Welmek, happy to have you.

Welmek: And I am so pleased to be here with you. Tonight as I watched your reading of your text, I wonder if each of you realize how fortunate you are. You are truly wealthy my friends from a spiritual point of view. Your richness of the Master’s words that you have been blessed to read, the experience that you have with the teachers, these are treasures that few of your brothers and sisters on this world are aware.

If you look on the material world and you see very wealthy people, you are all critical of them when they hoard their wealth and you wonder why they would not share when there are so many needy people on your world. Now you are faced with this same problem my friends, for you now are the wealthy ones. You have knowledge, you have love, you have insights that are worth more than any earthly treasure.

Will you hoard your wealth? Will you only come to gather with your wealthy friends and live in a small exclusive little society? Or will you seek ways to share your wealth with your brothers and sisters? This is the question that I pose to you. I do not expect your answer this evening but I ask that you pray and that you seek guidance from this question. That is all that I wish to say this evening. But I will entertain your questions.


Mind, Circuits

Steve: Welmek, ever since I visited (?), I’ve been increasingly fascinated with the idea of circuitry, circuitry that’s sent out into space by the 3 parts of the Trinity. Tonight during our reading, we talked about the importance of the mind circuitry as an intermediate interrelated, interassociated factor between the material world and the spiritual world. And we discussed how the mind circuits as the channel by which you can adjust. Would you expound a little bit on the importance of the mind circuits and the ramifications of what exactly the mind circuits are and how they relate to the process of this Correcting Time?

Welmek: I will respond but briefly. I do not mean to demean your question, but my friend, you ask me a technical question and there are many things that are important to understand. I can only give you a rudimentary understanding of this issue because the processes and the types of energies that are involved with this are simply not within your experience. And so, I can by way of analogy attempt to help you.

Think of electrical circuitry. All of the outlets in this apartment are or can be joined. Each of you as an individual is a physical mechanism. You have a physical brain. This brain controls the perceptions and incoming data you might say of the physical world. It is a separate reality from the spirit world, but there must be a way for spirit to communicate to your brain, to your physical self, to this individual who is accumulating experience and receiving this data from the physical world.

On all levels, including the morontia and beyond, there are mind circuits. Information, communication travels over these circuits. If you call someone, your voice, your thoughts are transmitted across this line of communication. When you speak to other humans, it is the same even when they are in the same room. The information travels across the mind circuits. Every individual is plugged in, you might say, to the mind circuit. When you communicate, the thoughts travel across the mind circuits to this other person.
Spirit also utilizes this mind circuit. It communicates its thoughts to the mind circuit and then depending upon the clarity of your consciousness, you may receive the message from spirit. Mind is essentially a mechanism, you might say, a means of communication, and this is why it is referred to as a mind circuit.

Steve: Thanks that’s helpful. I appreciate any kind explanation or information on the subject because I’m getting involved more and more in considering what it all means and I feel like I’m moving into areas where I have to expand my knowledge base on what is all this mind circuits. For me it’s very fascinating and I appreciate it.

Welmek: What is important is your spirit fragment and your individual self. Ultimately, your goal is to fuse. How does yourself and your spirit fragment communicate? There must be a means and the means is the mind circuit, how you communicate with others through the mind circuits.


Cheron: Speaking of fuses, I think I’ve blown one. I’m trying to TR., my mind is still as a lake, I have a wonderful feeling of love, and sometimes I am able to receive and I’ve been thankful that I’ve been able to get some really crystal clear transmissions in a steady stream not just one word or one phrase but conversations now. I’m still not to the point where I could do that consistently. I was so pleased with an evening a week or so ago where I was able to, I think, get transcripts that were something that I could share with the group and perform a service with the group. But since then, I have not been able to get that same level of connection, speaking on encircuitry, and I’m wondering, if my heart is still open and in love and my mind is still quiet like glass, I’m wondering if there is still something as a circuit that I don’t have connected and or if there’s something that I am doing wrong. Tarkas, I call your name and Olfana, and I know that sometimes that you’re here and maybe you could clarify the, speaking of circuitry if there’s anything more that I could do to help open my channels more. I’m sorry to monopolize with a personal question.

Lester: Hi folks, this is Lester.

Group: Laughter and many hellos.


Lester: I’ve met several of you and number you among my new friends here. Indeed, you asked that I come by and I have been traveling around with the other teachers, the real teachers I should say. For, I’m not fully qualified to be eloquent or explain some of these deep things, for, I’m a child of the universe much like you and I have been on this side for such a short time. I guess that I still quite identify and feel like you folks here. I remember quite vividly my mortal life and lessons I resisted learning because of lack of interest in anything other than having a good time.
In a sense our world provided less opportunity even though we were on the threshold of what you call light and life. Conditions were quite good and not so troublesome as all the stuff that you suffer with and wrestle with here. So I had little interest in my spiritual self. I learned to have a good time. I saw nothing wrong with what I was doing. I just failed to learn a lot of lessons that you can learn here to really take hold.

So, I have a lot to learn where I am. This is no real problem for the teachers here; they are quite patient, extremely patient. I’ve come to realize that they love me with a depth I could not imagine. And that I am indeed a child of the Father even though I’ve taken little interest in the Father and with many of the things they’ve tried to teach me. In fact, people have expressed such surprise that they would see me here. (Laughter). But I am here, and I think it shows that no matter your laziness or indifference, if you’re a good person, you will have the opportunity to keep growing and learning no matter how many times they have to repeat the lesson, they repeat it with great patience.

So, I’ll begin to learn some of these things which, in fact, you’re learning already. I’ve resisted for, I want you to know that, when you come to this side, you are pretty much picking up where you left off. You can still have apprehensions, feelings of restlessness. You can feel inadequate, you can feel like you don’t measure up, you can feel a little sad. But, all these are attained so that you can continue to learn from these feelings and so with great patience and love which I have found here, have been very opening to me in a lot of ways.

I’ve never imagined our Creator Son in any real sense before and I was quite apprehensive to stand in the presence (?) apprehensive but yet, the presence of Michael is so incredibly settling in His presence. All apprehension, all restlessness just seems to melt away, and in that presence you feel the greatest joy and the greatest peace that you could ever imagine. This is what you really come to desire and value and want. I never wanted these things, so to speak, when I was human because, I was too satisfied and believed there was no serious thing that should interfere with my living a good life. Truly I didn’t understand that I should apply myself more and take more responsibility to learn and to then share what I’ve learned with others. And that’s what we do here. We learn and then you teach others, share with others.

I was quite sincere when I asked to be part of this teaching mission and I knew that I was not qualified to teach as do these wonderful teachers who I have been traveling with and yet, Michael saw something that I could share. I only wanted to share with you my heart, my feelings, and answer questions about what it is like on this side. And Michael in His wisdom has allowed me to be part of this mission which has been quite an eventful experience for me. What has been very revealing is the fact that I feel a little more advanced than many of you, and even still have trouble grasping the truths that are in your text that you have thought through and studied so well.

None the less, my presence seems to bring smiles and laughter and joy and friendliness and I feel your friendliness. I do feel that you like me. And I want you to know that I like you a lot too. I don’t know what else to say other than several of you have asked me to come by, and I’m here. I can’t answer questions about the circuitry or many other things but I want you to know that, there’s a place for not only each of you, you folks know a lot, and you’re dedicated. Many people don’t really know a lot and aren’t really looking for much but they’re the Father’s children. He loves them and He’ll bring them home.

We’re all moving on this path. I’m just overjoyed to be here and realize that no matter what you don’t know, you should know one thing; that the Father loves you, that you’re part of this plan. Each one of you is part of this plan and I’m part of this plan. So, we’ll all work together, from where we are. We’ll really find a lot of joy cause it seems like the longer I’m up here, the more joy I can find. I’ve begun to make a list of places where I’m finding that joy and none of these places are places I looked when I was below. I was looking in all the wrong places. And yet, it didn’t matter in the ultimate sense, they still give me a chance to grow and learn.

So, when you see, maybe, people that you care about here, and you feel they ‘re off the path or lost and not bound for much of anywhere, I don’t think you can make that judgment. Because in that person’s heart, I believe, on Urantia, as well as all of these other worlds, that we’re all the Father’s children and whether we’re ignorant or whether we even resist learning, believe me, there is a real concentrated program to teach you, and if you don’t learn it, they just keep on teaching you until you do learn it.

So I’m real pleased to come by and visit with you and perhaps I’ll come back again. I’m having a good time on this trip and I’m sure pleased that people have shown me that they like me and care about me even though they can’t see me, even though they don’t even know if I’m real. Talk about faith, more of your faith than here, some times is pretty astounding. We had people on our world, and we were real close to light and life, who did not have nearly the faith that you folks have. And that’s really saying something about life here on your planet. Anyway, thanks for letting me visit with you for a few minutes. I know the hour is late but if there’s another question or two that is kind of simple and within my jurisdiction.

Stephanie: I have one Lester. Since I’ve been sitting here enjoying Tarkas and Welmek, who I’ve grown to love over the years that we’ve come to know one another, and now I’m hearing you tonight and you’re a special person and I’ve grown to really like you. I really want to know if I can reach you all when I get to the other side? That’s sort of important to me. I’d like to be able to be in the same physical plane where you are and sit down and communicate without going through my mind. I would like to be able to sometime on the mansion world or somewhere that we’ll meet again. Is that possible, probable?

Lester: I think it’s pretty much a sure thing in fact the progress I’m making I may still be here waiting on you when you get here.

Group: (Laughter)

Lester: Things are pretty cool on this mansion world that I’m on. This is the first of a progression of places that I know I’ll eventually get to in time. Each one they say is more glorious than the one before so that’s pretty encouraging. Yeh, I’d be happy to, to thank you and give you a kiss so to speak when you get here. And the rest of you folks too.

I really have met some beautiful people on Urantia and I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve come to realize that people on all the planet or worlds are pretty much alike even though they are really very, very different. I mean as far as they live, attitudes and ideas can be real different, but at heart, I believe, we’re all made from the same pattern and we’re all pretty much alike too. And wait til you get to this side and you’ll have some really exciting things to discover.

Cheron: Lester, I’m one of the ones that asked you to come here so I say thank you.

Lester: Thank you.

Cheron: I really do welcome you. You’re always welcome here. You know what, I just want to say how much, and I can only speak for myself, how much I really appreciated your perspective. The first time I heard you, I thought gosh, if Lester can do it, well then maybe I can. I am far from being a Tarkas or Welmek and I thought gosh, you know, I’m really kind of spinning my wheels sometimes, you know. It’ll take me a long while but I think that what’s refreshing about hearing you is, that you have that same newness, that same awe that maybe I would have once I get up there. And it’s kind of, I don’t mean to say anything derogatory but it’s nice to hear from somebody who’s closer to all my foibles. I don’t mean to say that you got a lot of foibles but (laughter), but I mean like, I put my foot in my mouth a lot and I suspect that you’re probably still learning how to get both feet out of yours, (laughter). And it is just refreshing, you give me hope and I’m so sorry if I, you know, (laughter), I love you, and you’ll never come back now right? Thank you, thank you, I love you.

Group: (Laughter).


Lester: Actually, things are pretty awesome here. And you know, you kind of get used to awesome sometimes. Even here you do, I mean, you look around and everything is so magnificent and so beautiful and gleaming, and everything’s shining and everybody’s in a good humor and smiling and so patient. Back when I was a mortal, I remember that you could kind of get jaded, if things were going OK. and you lose your appreciation for those things and here it never seems to go away. I always seem awe struck by the great and glorious way things look, feel, and the way I feel, and the fact that I feel better when I tune into the loving energies that are always telling us and showing us how to tap into and you can do that. And you can even do that here and you’re learning how to do that; to get that good feeling.

But of course, we can do it a lot easier up here because we’re just moved along on the plan to the next comfort station so to speak. But I don’t think you ever get jaded, unappreciative here of the things that you have, things that you feel, and experience. And they say on succeeding levels that this will just get more and more glorious, so I say bring it on. But I’m ready for it and they may keep me here for a long time, but that’s cool.

Gina: I have a question. What do you see when you look around? You say everything is so glorious. Why don’t you describe something that you see right now and I don’t mean us, I mean up there or wherever you are.

Lester: Well, the attitudes are so positive and so loving and generous that all around you the personalities are reflecting and emanating and enhancing all this so that the whole aura of how you feel just puts a smile on your face and it just stays there.

Gina: Can you sense some of this stuff right now so we can feel it?

Lester: I think the stillness is the way that you get some little inclings of these feelings. I’ll bet all of you have had these feelings of real joy and, and God is love and lives in me. Maybe they just kind of come and go here but you’ll find that they will be so much a part of your life here and so much more readily accessible.
One of the things that I had to learn here and probably you will too is: don’t rely completely on yourself and your own self reliance to do things. Everything is team work and the more people you can bring in to cooperate and work together on a project, there is more progress before it gets done; it’s more satisfying.

When I was a human, I didn’t work with people too well because I had a bit of an ego and I was looking for a good time. I didn’t learn to work with other people in team work projects. But I assure you, you’ll learn to do this here with personalities who may seem to have different points of view. You find that by working with them, the differences are not so pronounced. The commonalities and the great bond between all of the Father’s children is so great that you can indeed learn to work with them, each other, and enhance your strengths and produce a well rounded solution to any class project. Cooperation, learning to work together, teamwork, is all part of the learning.

As far as the morontian environment, these structured materials are not like anything I had really seen before. In a sense, almost transparent but also in a sense, still material. Very clean, very brilliant in design, architecture, and little maintenance is required, although, there are maintenance beings who exist solely for that purpose. The Father creates so many different kinds of life forms and some are very specific and some are very versatile in what they can do.

Cheron: Like environmental engineers? Celestial environmental engineers.

Lester: Well, there are so many kinds of beings. The spironga (sp) are very useful utilitarian and quite effective in what they do. I have no doubt that there is a love of the Father for all His creation whether they have an exciting personality like some of us, or no personality at all.

Petra: Lester, I was wondering if you would share with us or give us some idea of the lessons that you’re learning these days?

Lester: You know, the lessons are not too different from some of the lessons they tried to teach me when I was a mortal that I resisted knowing. I have no doubt you’re going to learn these lessons sometime if you keep on this path and you will want to stay on this path once you see how beautiful it is on this side and know where that path leads. You can not only see it but you can feel it on this side and you will want to continue. But I had to learn truly to love others, to listen intently and absorb, try to assimilate their lessons and reflect them back in loving and giving service in teaching others.

At this stage, I’m not much of a teacher, but yet, sometimes teaching is nothing more than sharing from the heart. And it seems when I share my honest feelings, even the things that I don’t know, with all of you people, you appreciate it and you appreciate the sharing. This has been a lesson for me too. I never thought I had anything to teach and maybe I still don’t have much to teach. But everybody and everyone of you has things to teach now, later, as you learn, you’ll have more to teach.

There are so many lessons to learn here and it should be pleasing to you that you’re getting this head start. We’re already into some of the Mota that I am learning new perspectives on. Sometimes you learn a thing but it’s not thoroughly learned until you learn it several different times from several different perspectives. There are always ways to look at something. Until you walk all the way around something, you don’t see all sides of it. Then you still don’t if you have to rely on your own mind to decipher and learn.

Even here we find we are limited and that’s where the team work comes in, to find other peoples perspectives. Then you put them all together and report back to your teacher as a group with the truths you think you have collectively learned, synthesized, and brought back to the teacher as a group offering, not as an individual. Cause individuals, no matter their mind and balance or connectedness to the grapevine, still will not see all of the perspectives that needed to get to the real truth and so, we gotta work together. We learn to work together here. Your life here can be so good. Eventually, you’re gonna learn to work with all kinds of personalities that may make you even uneasy to begin with, but you’ll find out that all of these personalities are very different from (end tape).

Petra: Have you been there that short of a time that you’re like on the first level? Is that where you are?

Cheron: Is this the first time you’ve been dead?

Lester: Well there’s nothing really dead in the universe that I can think of . There are no dead spirits. Only matter can become dead so to speak, but it ‘s only matter.

Petra: You’ve been there 800 years is that correct. So is that 200 years or 800 or does it matter——-no.

Lester: Actually I don’t suppose it does matter, if you’re learning and growing in the kind of joy and happiness we experience here. I’m in no way anxious to move on. I might have been a restless kind of person at one point and want to move on, and move on, for I was quite restless as a mortal. That restlessness greatly subsides on this side, if not entirely. When you realize that there is no rush to get anywhere , then it’s better to sit back and enjoy what you have. When the Father wants me to move on , He’ll send me to another level, but I’m real happy at this level. And I know that you will be too, you’ll be real happy.

Petra: Is there a comparison, Lester, between like, what you do before you move on over there and in comparison to the stages of what we experience before we move on to the next level over here? I mean, spirit is spirit and could you draw that sameness for us?

Lester: I’m not real sure about your question, but when you come to this side, your personality remains about the same. You’re still the same personality and you continue to grow—–pick up pretty much where you left off, but with a more subtle and peaceful mind set and without a lot of the bad memories of some of the really awful things that might have happened to you that left scars and bad memories. They’re pretty much put in the background and you know what happened to you. You still consider it and know that it happened but don’t hurt because of it; you understand what happened and why and what you should have learned from it.

And so, there is a real like, philosophical way that you look at things. The emotional turmoil that humans endure, is pretty much gone on this side. But still, you’re the same personality. You still have a lot to learn and they will teach you with great patience. You will still have a need to enjoy yourself and have a good time and they know that. You will have a good time. There is a time allotted for all kinds of activities which involve family obligations, school obligations, service or work obligations and entertainment opportunities. It is all very structured in a way, but it’s a real easy going way in that you appreciate the structure and the organization that it gives to you so that you can truly be well rounded and get a little bit of everything. Does that make sense?

Petra: It does but it raises another question I have. You say that emotions aren’t the same but do you experience your feelings in the same way in spirit than you did in the flesh?

Lester: Someone I was visiting with today noted that the feelings and emotions are two different things. There is a relationship, in the human sense, with the feelings that will carry over into the spirit life. You won’t carry that traumatic hurt and also the kinds of personality defects being hurt, being betrayed and mistreated and judged harshly and wrongly. All those things here cause you a lot of angers. Of course, when you grow here as humans, you can learn to take these in stride. Know that you’re a child of God and you can blow-off the criticism and judgment and attacks of others, to some degree.

This power to rise above emotional hurts and angers, frustrations and desires, to strike back, is greatly lessened on this side. It’s like you’ve passed the test of humanism and now you’ve moved on to something higher and better. You’re going to remember a lot, a lot in fact, almost everything in fact. Your life here becomes almost a syllabus, a lesson plan for the lessons you will learn on this side. Your life, you might imagine, could be put in book or record, and this wouldn’t be too far from the truth, for, your life is pretty much analyzed from beginning to end here. And many things recall to solidify the lessons you learn or did not learn or need to learn. In these first mansion worlds, a lot of the learning is really correcting things that you got wrong down here, then you will move on to new knowledge. I understand that, that should be quite fascinating. But I’m not ready for it and I’m certainly not restless to move on until I’ve enjoyed this world, this mansion world to the fullest.

Cheron: Lester, you’re an excellent teacher. Just want to let you know lots of people think that you’re an excellent teacher. You teach us experience. I don’t know that I have found that in some of the other things that I’ve learned and I really thank you. You’re an excellent teacher, you gotta know that.

Lester: Well, it’s not knowledge of things that I wish I knew and will know, it’s really sharing from the heart like you said, and you know, all of you can do this. All of you are teachers right now. You know a lot of things that will help your fellows overcome their suffering and frustration. You know a lot of things in this room and I know that you’re really gonna go out and share those things, things I’m learning here. I get pretty excited sometimes and I want to go out and share them too.

I really wanted to come on this mission and I didn’t know if I would be allowed to because most of your teachers have had long training and are quite well versed. A lot of them, in subject matter, in techniques of teaching, and all of them, characteristics of teachers, which they have studied in great depth. I’ve just kind of like skimmed a lot of this knowledge and don’t really have it. But it’s really not necessary to show love to people and concern and care about their problems and their challenges.

With your physical bodies, you can actually touch, hold, and embrace these people. And you can be a good teacher without being a great scholar. I’m not either one and I’m not a great teacher but I do speak from the heart as to what I feel. I believe that’s why they let me come to tell you just that. You are worthy, there are things you can teach. You can always radiate love and care for people. They’re not looking for your intellect, they’re looking for love, concern from you and if you show them that, you don’t have to open any great books of knowledge, cause we’re all students searching together.

Anyway, you’re never going to learn all of the knowledge, that’s not necessary. The Father is really love and Christ Michael, the most incredible personality that you could come in the presence of. You’ll feel this feeling when it comes to you and you will find it a profound experience that makes me emotional when I think about it still.


Petra: Lester, I have one other question. When you said when you come in the presence of Christ Michael you feel this joy and peace and I’m wondering , is this presence always felt, this experience, or are there times when you have the experience of His presence?

Lester: Well, Michael’s presence is actually everywhere and I think humans can feel something of this, and I think much more now because Michael’s headquarters for this reclamation of all these planets is here and the presence here is being felt quite profoundly whether or not it’s really been identified as such by a lot of you. But this great hunger that leads to the desire; the people who really love one another and nurture one another and balance justice with mercy, compassion, this empathetic feeling for people, this is the Christ consciousness that you’re feeling.

You may get kind of emotional because you’re feelings may deepen and broaden for the suffering that you may see and your determination to do something about that becomes strengthened. This presence of Christ Michael will indeed strengthen this for you. In your deep feelings will come a desire to help with the suffering. And that’s what these circuits are opening up——–your consciousness, your feeling to be more responsive to the spiritual leadings. You’ll talk to Michael every day about what you want, those energies will come to play.

Your longings within your heart, will be revealed in you. You’ll feel a lot more of this togetherness with your creator. Michael really wants to experience with each of you. If you’re to go forth as disciples and sometimes apostles, then Christ Michael wants to be a part of your persona to go with you during His work and to feel and experience those things with you. It is a collaborative process and you’re teachers have said, they’re right, it’s really a master stroke that Michael would bring all you humans together and form a cohesive team and work with each of you to reclaim this world.

Truly, it’s not a job the celestials come down to do; to clean up the environment and remake your institutions. It’s a job for all of us. Even I do a little part here by helping to give you a few insights tonight. But this is a vast, vast operation with so many parts to it that truly you see these things every day in all parts of your society. Well, things are going to get a lot faster and move a lot more positively, for, a lot of energies have been opened and people are trying to identify them, and trying to figure out what they mean and how to use them. And you folks have a head start. But you really, as has been said,”ain’t seen nothin yet.” It’s all coming in a big way. And you’re gonna be part of it.


Steve: Lester, I know you’re an ascending mortal. Do your fellow ascending mortals and do the angelic beings that you’re seeing and the celestial beings and the intelligent spirit teachers that you associate with, do all of you practice the stillness each day? Do you all take time for meditation, focusing on the Trinity and focusing on divinity? Do you practice that process each day the way we’re instructed to do?

Lester: Yes, we do this several times a day, at different times. This is really the way you bring into your persona the energy which is God. This is really where you get the power and energy to continue to learn. It sharpens the mind, relaxes the body, and inspires the spirit.

We’re still working with all three of these things on this level, you understand. These new bodies are quite sleek and like a superior model, we still have bodies and we still have minds and we’re spiritual beings and on this side we recognize this now as the main part. But just as you’re trying to balance these things, we continue to do so over here too. You’ll just be continuing this growth, with a little bit calmer more rational and trusting perspective, cuz on this side, wow; we can look at the panorama of what’s out there and so much more vast and comprehensive than I ever imagined.

Steve: Thanks Lester.


Lester: We are getting a little tired, the hour is late. I’ll say good night to you. I really enjoyed visiting with you and hope I’ve said something that rang a responsive bell with you beautiful people. Thank you a lot.

Group: Thank you Lester.

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