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CIN15- Catastrophism, Evil, Love, Parenting

1995-12-01-Catastrophism, Evil, Love, Parenting
Cincinnati #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Being in God
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Rantarason, Welmek, Elisha
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Catastrophism
 3.2.2 Transmitting, Teacher Contact
 3.2.3 Evil
 3.2.4 Parenting
 3.2.5 Decision
 3.2.6 Love
 3.2.7 Understanding
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Being in God
Group: Unknown
Teacher: Tarkas, Rantarason, Welmek, Elisha
TR: Unknown



Elisha: Love streams, living waters of love flow upon the bedrock of our soul. Glistening, rushing, swirling, brightening, we drink all that we can hold. And in this light of living waters, we reach to friends to hold in love’s embrace, in quickening embrace, in faith at the race where we’re one this day just as the Father told. This is Elisha.

Group: Hi, Elisha.

Elisha: So many teachers here tonight, who would speak with you. First we have a guest who would speak for a few moments.

Rantarason: My friends this is Rantarason of the Melchizedek order. I’m quite pleased to share a few insights into this continuing and glorious mission. We have participated in your beautiful rituals of relaxation and centering and focusing but we would remind you that we are simply here as friends and see perhaps that we are seen in your mind’s eye and felt perhaps. But we know that our presence often brings vibrations to your skin, unproven perhaps, that in the experience is the knowing.

In God, what you think that you need, you surely need.
In God, what you feel that you have, you surely have.
In God, your request to be what you want to be, will be honored.
In God, the path you choose for your life will ever be guided.
In God, what you choose to believe of the great, sometimes bewildering mass of information that is put before you is quite all right.
In God, the way that you perceive your life is the way it is.


  • In God, if you anticipate cataclysmic events of mass destruction and vast suffering, you will be pleasantly mistaken.
  • In God, we believe that there is no purpose in destroying only to rebuild.
  • In God, we honor the achievements of humankind such a vast streak of progress in such a short time. And we do not desire to see total destruction, in faith, we do not believe that God does also. Mankind needs a wake up call. Mankind does not need his house to fall upon him. Mankind needs the challenge of adversity to learn to grow in stature toward the spiritual perfection which is your path.
  • In God, we are here to bring this world to glorious light. Not to punish, not to curse not to destroy but to uplift, to bring forward.
  • In God, we know that there are reckonings. When environment has been shamelessly exploited, when greed more than ignorance has lead to a poisonous atmosphere, we know that mankind must learn lessons from these follies. Perhaps you will think these lessons cataclysmic for they will be hard. But in faith, you will rise above them and we will work with you in this vast, interplanetary mission of Christ Michael, to deliver your world.
  • In God, we do not despair for a future of destruction and suffering, believing it is our plight, our just desserts. For, my children, your contributions have been noble, loving and peaceful. We would not punish an entire planet for the greed and avarice of a few. These reckonings will come.
  • In God, we believe that those who have tortured the environment will suffer of their own hand, for, the Father’s justice seems eternally right and proper and directed precisely to the problem.
  • In God, we do not believe that blanket destruction of your beautiful world, the world of the cross will come and mark as failure all of our hard work, dedication, loving and compassionate and benevolent service to you and you to each other. This my friends is faith. We have great faith in this mission, in you, in ourselves, our dedication, and above all, the leadership that guides us down the path of true wisdom.

Earth changes will come from the continuing settlement of thermal pressures and energies. When you learn to utilize these inner storehouses of energy within Mother Earth to good purpose, then this will greatly aid in the stabilization. Know that we can effect changes but, many must be effected together so that the lessons of what you have wrought will come home forcefully.

The air will be cleansed, earth will be cleansed, the waters will be cleansed. But my friends, the opportunity for learning is far from exhausted. The consequences of greed have not fully been felt, but it will be chronicled in your media slowly, steadily, enlightening, enlightened media in these years ahead. As you see justice being meted, and mercy being extended all at once, all together, we are co-creative, collaborative, loving and spiritual efforts. I salute you, apostles in this room. I salute you, bringers of the light. It has been my pleasure speaking with you this evening. Thank you.

Group: Thank you, Rantarason.

Tarkas: This is Tarkas.

Group: Hi, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Many teachers are here tonight and we would greatly enjoy a discourse with you on subjects of your choosing. Welmek, Bakim, and others are here to touch the thread and follow it into their fields of study and sharing, and so you may hear from several of us. I hope sincerely that we will hear from several of you, for, we are, indeed, friends here in this beautiful room, this beautiful circle with you. It’s just that we don’t take up much space. (laughter) Welmek of course will want to speak with you also. It is true that I am finished. Perhaps there are sharings and concerns.
Transmitting, Teacher Contact

Cheron: Tarkas, I have a question on receiving. Maybe you can help me with some of my blocks, although, I’ve been busy with work and with thesis and with some health concerns, I haven’t been as ardent as I have been in the past, but I’ve had some impressions that maybe you can validate for me. I asked at one point in time why I wasn’t able to receive, that sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth or I’m grocery shopping or when I’m driving the car, I am able to receive things that I know don’t come from me. And why when I try so hard I seem to be talking to myself and I know that I am not.

I’m probably hearing myself but I’m not hearing you. The answer that I think I received was the word delta, and that was a summarization to me that I was in delta waves and not alpha waves when I was trying to relax and become receptive; that delta was too far down to go and that alpha was a more alert brain wave that I should be in. Also, the impression that I received was that my heart chakra was not, I almost said the word kaboomed because when I sit down and I pray before I eat and I say thank you to my Father, He kabooms my heart, (it’s spelled with a K), and my heart is just alive.

But I could spend all that time with Him and let my food get cold for all I care because my heart is just sooo on fire. And so, when I’m trying to be in a service role as a TR, my heart is not Kaboomed and I’m in delta waves. Can you comment on that? Are my impressions accurate or is there something that I’m missing? I know I’m trying too hard probably, but I’ll let you elaborate on that. I miss you.

Tarkas: Yes, dear Cheron. This was a fortuitous, linkage of mini information, minute information, since we have no benefit of spelling in these oral transmissions. We have noticed that you receive often one and two word keys which are designed to unlock. It is true that this link provides a new perspective which may be helpful in your continuing desires to transmit. It will be necessary and it will come to fruition that others among you will transmit in this room, for, this apostle will be going elsewhere to serve. Several of you already have this power and we will be working with you. The key realization is that as we have said, the teachers, for the most part, are rising ascending morontia personalities who have simply crossed to the other side and would reach back with a helping hand and what advice we can give.

This communication, therefore, could be considered somewhat a surface level or active alpha thinking, higher thinking plateau as compared to a deeper, ethereal, subconscious or unconscious state. Seeking deeply, you may only find darkness, whereas the teachers are very real, very close to you and quite capable of communicating to you through the day and normal activities. The deeper, heartfelt closeness that you feel with the Father is the deeper communication with your spirit. This is a depth which your teachers do not reach into. This is the domain of you, yourself. For, what is your identity? You talk about past lives. Yes, you have had past lives. But, who are you? Are you a body? Are you your mind? Are you your Thought Adjuster, your indwelling spirit? Who are you?

Identify with your spirit and you will establish this strong, loving, deep relationship with the Father himself who lives inside you, each of you, each of you. No matter your standing, no matter your degree of wealth, position, power, understanding, knowledge, piety. God lives inside each of you. This heartfelt experience of communication with this deeper, higher, truer, realer self that is you in great degree, is differentiated in teacher contact. We are more on a surface level. More like you; more inclined for ordinary conversation, ideas, insights, lessons, questions, to communicate with you.

Your Thought Adjuster is a deeper, more brilliant, feeling of powerful, Godly light. We are quite encouraging of developing this deep relationship as is your text. We work with you on deeper levels and our purpose is the same, to bring you to God. When we bring you to God we bring you to the stillness, the inner reach, to the God inside.
Several in this room already have made impactful communication with your Thought Adjusters. And these feelings of confidence and faith and love exuding upward and outward from each of you is this expression. Do not make too much of talking with us. We are your friends, and we truly know a great deal that will be useful and helpful, inspiring to you in your quest. Has this been helpful to you?

Cheron: Yes, thank you Tarkas.


Steve: Tarkas, in this group here tonight, there has been discussion about the need for prayers of protection. Protection against evil beings that somehow have the ability to interfere with our spiritual progress as if there are beings about that we are to fear or that somehow are out to do us harm. Could you please address that issue tonight?

Tarkas: I’m not at liberty to speak at great length but to say that none of you are threatened by these rebellious spirits. However, they may be considered personalities who’ve gone astray, who are addicted to fear. And fear permeates too much of this troubled world, indeed, it is the cause of great pain and suffering. Fear shatters the control of ego. Fear brings forth an irrational mind. Fear brings forth twisted emotions and yet, there is nothing to fear.

Additions to fear brought forth by these children of Lucifer can still be given power in the minds of the lost. And there are many here who are still influenced by these apparitions that have no substance. It is the mind of mankind that can give reality a seeming reality to what does not exist. Evil is a fabrication to help in the growth and learning experience of the Father’s creation.

In God, you have the power to evaporate all these things, not bring them forth, not manifest them. Not honor them, not indulge them, not tolerate them. Bring forth light. We will bring forth enough light to recall and reclaim a number of these rampant spirits and they will be brought back to the Father’s service, or made as if they never were. In the vast changes of the years immediately before you, and you have a hand in all of this. As fear is dispelled, love and radiant service will take it’s place. We give evil no power, we simply dismiss it as a learning tool. Something to choose against in using your free will to choose the truth. Has this been helpful?

Steve: Yes, very helpful (words unclear)

Welmek: May I add to this discussion? This is Welmek, greetings to all of you. Let me ask you, my friends, at first I say I concur with all that my brother Tarkas has said but I wish to illustrate the point in a slightly different way. Tell me, who on your world do you believe has been the most evil person? Give me a name.

Petra: Hitler.

Welmek: Yes, Hitler. You are now to imagine yourself in the presence of Hitler and Hitler is asking you to kill women and children and men because he thinks this will improve the planet. Would you perceive this as an evil plan?

Group: Yes.

Welmek: And what would be your response when you are asked this question?

Cheron: You’re not allowed to repeat it.

Welmek: Well, I assume that means you would say no. In perhaps an expanded way but you would basically say no. You have now been presented with a thought of the most terrible and imaginable evil have you not? And did you resist? And does this Hitler have power over you? Can he force you against your will to do what you do not believe is right? Then my friends realize that these so called rebellious spirits, these devils, these ghosts, all of these for the most part, imaginings that you have, they have no more power over you than does this human named Hitler. What has power over you is evil if you let it. Whether the thought comes from a human or someone out of your visual range does not matter. Naturally because you can not see me or these other beings you assume that we have this great power over you and can do these things to you.

Let me assure you now, that whether evil comes, an evil thought comes from a visible or non-visible source does not matter; it is still evil and it is your free will choice to access or resist it. Do not think because someone is not in a human body that somehow their evil is more powerful. Evil is evil. Thoughts can be sent through the mind circuits but you have every control to resist, to not embrace it, and in fact, to return the evil thought with a loving thought.

Do not be so afraid of what you can not see, the Father is with you, your angels are with you. But even so they do not tamper with your free will. So the answer to your question my friends is quite simple; if you do not wish to engage in evil, no one, human or otherwise can in any way force you to do this. Do you understand my message?

Group: Yes.

Cheron: That is the most clear example that I have ever in 38 years ever heard.

Tarkas: Did the Father not himself interfere with your free will? He would certainly not allow evil to do so.

Cheron: So no one can eat my eyeballs right? If I don’t want them to?

Jim: We weren’t talking about that now. (laughter)

Welmek: Your movies, your horror pictures are really much the result of appealing to a more primitive mind state, a more primitive level of evolution. Your ancestors shortly after the dawning of their consciousness, shortly after their becoming human, were as little children. And do not little children fear many things? Do they not have nightmares sometimes? Are they not unsure of what they can not understand?

It is time that you mature. It is time that you put some of these more primitive imaginings behind you. Utilize your faith. Utilize what you know, that a little good is far more powerful than much evil. What is it that you are so afraid of? Again, no one will force you to do anything that you will not wish to do. Therefore, if you wish to indulge in all of these imaginings, you have the right to do that but it is your choice. You choose what to believe do you not?

Group: Yes.

Welmek: So choose my friends.
Doris: So are you saying that (?) is the same as being harmed by children who are being kind of very destructive in the neighborhood, in the community? Instead of, even though you see it, are you saying and tell yourself this is not happening so that it will change?
Welmek: No. I am saying that no one can force you to participate in this evil. I am not saying that others do not sometimes commit evil actions. When this happens you must choose how you will respond.

Doris: So if its actually happening to you, how do we respond? How should one respond?

Welmek: How did Jesus respond when they cursed Him and spit on Him and nailed Him to a cross? What is it that you are afraid of? Are you afraid that you will physically die? If you are afraid that you will physically die then attempt to remove yourself from these situations. But understand that there is nothing that can destroy you, your soul, your spirit.
Pray for those who commit evil. Pray that they will find some love. Make every effort that you can to extend love to all that you meet so that love dominates the thought streams rather than evil.

Cheron: In that way you permeate the energy of love and lessen that evil energy somewhat, right?

Welmek: Yes, a vacuum will be filled with fear by primitive minds. As you grow and as you learn to trust in God, as your faith in God and in your love of the universe increases, you become transformed. You emit, you send your love and your positive thoughts into the mind circuits, into the energy.

In time, this positive thought, this love, will permeate the energy, the thought streams, the mind circuits of your world and when evil thoughts are emitted, they are short lived because no one is responding. Evil only succeeds when others accept it. Doris, do you understand my distinction, that we are talking about the difference in your mind in your soul resisting evil? It does not mean that people on your planet do not commit evil actions, for, clearly they do. Have I confused you?

Doris: No, I’m trying to understand how to think differently when something is being done to me personally.

Welmek: First of all, always understand that evil is committed by those who usually do not know a better way. Those who have not been brought up with love, live in fear. They do not know the proper way to act. They do not know how to love and so they flounder and they commit all kinds of actions, sometimes to get attention, at times to experiment. When others treat you poorly, realize that in their growth and their development they have not learned a better way. Look at it as an opportunity to show them a better way. This is the meaning of turning the other cheek.

I do not say to you that if someone attempts to shoot you, you do not have a right to resist this. Clearly this is your choice and this is your option. Do not misunderstand or confuse my meaning.

Elisha: This is Elisha.

Group: Hello, Elisha.


Elisha: We bring our ministries increasingly to the home. How many homes teach fear? How many homes instill fear instead of love? How many homes teach children that the world is an evil place? And they must fight to survive and be suspicious and distrustful and clever to overcome those who incessantly would overcome you. We must not teach these things to our children and we feel that they are our children too. There is so much to do. Thank you.

Cheron: I think the home is where things start because sometimes when nice people work 40 hours a week and are tired when they get home and mean well. But 40 hours a week in the care of strangers who are nice but never the less are not connected to them emotionally. But the teaching that doesn’t get taught is almost as great a fault as the teaching that gets taught in a wrong way. I think that forgotten children have a big hollow space that they try and fill with all kinds of miss guided things and I feel sorry for those kinds of children who’re neglected children as well for the teaching that hasn’t been taught and filled up with all kinds of things themselves.

Elisha: Lack of love leads to despair and hurt and anger and striking back blindly, unknowingly, in their suffering, in their ignorance. If you were victimized by those who would wantingly destroy and had the opportunity to address them, what would you say? Would you chastise them and threaten to punish them for the stupidly destructive act? Would you ask them from where the hurt came that would induce them to do such a thing? Would you ask them to share the hurt and pain that leads to the misunderstanding of destroying things? In loving reason people can be lead to the light. If you would have the opportunity to confront them. Unfortunately much, very much is done in the darkness not in the face of light in which you could confront these angry souls and help them. But these opportunities will come.

Cheron: I’d ask them not to eat my eyeballs.

Petra: You know, I can’t help but think we’re coming to a place of walking in a much, much deeper faith. You know all of these things are given as (end tape) to umm………….(long silence)

Welmek: May I help you dear sister?

Petra: Yes, Welmek.


Welmek: Make decisions.

Petra: Standing in faith……….move forward, move forward.

Welmek: And it is by your decisions that you move forward. Each day you do not really look at most of your encounters with others as a monumental moment to make a faith decision but yet, all of your decisions throughout the day are important. As you grow and as you develop positive spiritual habits, you will find that you will be responding to people in a more positive way, and this has become a habit. But it was your earlier decisions to decide that this is the way you wish to learn to respond to others that lead to this.

All of the things that you do, all of the ways you react to people are choices that you are making. Understood they are not always conscious choices. But, when you find yourself reacting in unconscious reaction patterns that are negative, then that is your sign that it is time to surface that behavior, to look at it and to choose a better way to respond. Those who live beyond your world in the universes on high, they respond with love and compassion and understanding and patience and wisdom.

And so, as you progress, these are the lessons that you must master, for, to live on those levels you must be able to live and respond in the same ways. To make your world a better place to live, to contribute what you can while you are on this earth begin now. Begin to master what you call the fruits of the spirit because if you learn to act in these ways, others will see the better way and the more you learn now, the quicker will be your progress through the different levels of the universe. But you can not move on until you are prepared until you have mastered the lessons of how to act and behave with those who live on high.


Gina: I think we are doing that. I mean, I’m talking for myself and I’m sure everyone in this room does. When I look at situations, how I handled them maybe 2 or 3 years ago and how I handle them now, I mean, even I can see a difference in me. Maybe people can’t see but that’s not my concern and what I find when sometimes I don’t act as lovingly or respond as lovingly as I could, somehow when I do sit in this chair or I do go into the stillness, I feel a little bit out of balance and I ask , “just point out the lesson and I’ll do it.” But I’m saying is that, when I make a choice other than lovingly, that I recognize it fairly quick and undo it and like last week or so you know, I was lectured from several different directions and a few years ago I would have raised hell with it and now I say, “I know you mean well, thank you.” So, you know, I’m extending love. Now, sometimes it bugs me a little bit and my question is, to fully extend love, don’t I have to learn to love myself first, I mean, the way I am with all my little flaws and whatever? I know I’m whole but, when I go into the stillness, the first sentence seems to be, don’t be so hard to yourself. So, do you have a good recipe on how to learn to love yourself?

Welmek: Well, I don’t know if I would call it a recipe but I perhaps can help clarify your thinking. I would say there is great confusion with this concept of loving yourself. Let’s look at who yourself is. You have a personality, you have an indwelling spirit and this personality and this indwelling spirit communicate through the mind. And as you grow and as you learn, your spirit is taking the positive qualities, lessons that you have learned and mastered and it is reconstructing your soul. And it is this soul that will carry on upon your physical death.
Now, when you say that you should love yourself with all of your faults, it means to love yourself but not your thoughts.

It is not O.K. to say that I am, I grow angry with people and I strike out at people and I am not suggesting that you do this. I am simply giving an example, because this is not good and proper behavior. So one must look at these actions and say they need improvement and I do not like them. I do not want them to be part of myself. But yet, at the same time, you know your future destiny, you know you are indwelt by a spirit of God and you know that God loves you. This self, how could you not love. How could you not love the opportunity to have the destiny that you have.

So, to love yourself is to be patient with yourself, to recognize that you are not perfect, that you have an eternity to grow and so yes, do not be so hard on yourself. But at the same time do not make the assumption that to love yourself is to love all of the improper behaviors that you have not mastered yet. Do you understand my distinction?

Gina: Yes, I think yes. I mean, I wrote down, be patient with yourself, so be more loving if you havn’t mastered whatever you’re trying to do. Have patience with yourself and do it in a loving way and the next time I do it, it will be easier and closer to an act of love.

Welmek: All of you in this room are growing. And what you describe as the recognition when you falter and the decision to try to do better is exactly what you need to be doing. And to keep this perspective, to keep this attitude of loving your potential is, but yet, to continue working on ministering these faults is a well balanced and proper attitude. I encourage all of you to continue this process, for, this process will help you and will help you grow and master the lessons that you need to.

You have all made progress and I commend you for this. Just the fact that you are here, trying to learn more, trying to make a greater effort trying to understand your true nature and to find the Father, is something that many of your brothers and sisters do not do. You are already ahead of the game so to speak and I believe that all of you feel inside that you have made progress and this progress will only continue and much, much will be added to you.

Gradually, you will understand more about yourself, about life’s situations, about other people. And you will wonder because you will say, “I have not studied psychology, I have not studied many things but yet I seem to know more, I seem to understand more, I seem to have deeper insight into life and others.” This is what is added unto you for your efforts. You will grow in wisdom and insight as you continue to seek the Father, to ask for His love, and to love Him in return. You need fear nothing my friends, for, your place in the future kingdom is already assured.

Gina: Thank you.


Doris: Can you help me with some suggestions. I have an angry thought and I don’t like having an angry thought and yet it keeps coming up. Do you have any suggestions on how I can release an angry thought that I have?

Cheron: Throw something.

Welmek: Look at the source of the anger. Is the anger because you do not understand why another is acting the way they do?

Doris: Acting towards me. Doing things to me that I can’t understand why.

Welmek: When a young child throws something at you or says, “I hate you”, what is your response to the young child.

Doris: He’s just (lost words)

Welmek: And if he understood more he would not act or say such things, is that true?

Doris: Yes.

Welmek: Then look at this person as that young child even though they are in an older body. For, if they knew more, if they were more loving, if they understood more, they would not respond in unkind ways. Many times it is a matter of not understanding why people do what they do and many times if you can, you can talk to them and try to probe why it is that they do what they do. Try to look at their situation and try to have compassion for their lack of maturity.

Gina: Why couldn’t you just take that person, I mean that’s what I do, and just put them in the light, just pray for them?

Welmek: Yes.

Gina: I mean, I have an immediate response. I mean, it’s very simple and I’m a simple person. I will say, “hello God in you”, until that person does something good.

Doris: Why do we have to experience all this?

Gina: So we learn it to go to heaven, to end up in Paradise we gotta know everything and the more we learn the more love we expend the more spiritual we get, the more invisible we get, the more perfect we get, the more Paradise like we get.

Cheron: We’re also evolutionary beings and so we’re sheading all of it.

Gina: We elevate.

Elisha: One of these days children, you may be called to help the Father work on a world just such as this with troubled mortals, just such as this. You will know what it is like. You will be able to teach. May I say that you are now working in unison, cohesion with your indwelling spirit. To construct, to build a new and superior personality that will survive a mansion , a home, where you and your indwelling spirit will live together, coalesce, fuse as one.

Love this personality, love this mansion that you are building for your personality survival, the finest personality that you can develop here on Urantia. Then in safe keeping, that personality will be carried to glorious resurrection for your use in continuing your ascension with a superior body and with a great impetus and knowledge to continue the quest. This is what you love, this pure personality that you are building for survival. As far as your failures, this is your opportunity to forgive your failures, learn from them and aspire to do better. Thank you.

Gina: And we just had a lesson on multiple choices and I would like to say its a choice. You don’t have to accept that this person will hurt you because literally she can’t. And if you don’t accept it, that person can’t do a thing to you.

Tarkas: Very much is taught by asking questions and by asking questions you find the source of the hurt, the source of the pain, the source of the striking back. In this way, the pupil in answering teaches oneself, finds the root causes and can find the program to bring it to salvation.

Doris: But if you don’t know who the person is that’s doing the destructive work, you can’t really talk to them.

Tarkas: This is true, so many acts are done in the dark.

Father Bob: And we can also rejoice that they have asked for help because the very thing they said or did to hurt us, they’re asking for help. And if they ask for help, they can be happy. So some how we can think about how we can help them. And that will take away all feelings of anger or fear or anything like that at all. We’ll just be filled with love. But we might not know how to help them, but we can start trying to think of ways.

Tarkas: Indeed.

Gina: And the Course in Miracles teaches is an action or if something isn’t love then, it is a call for love. So, anything other than love, is a call for love, so that means forgive and extend love.

Elisha: Your attunement with the Father becomes stronger each day as you consciously exude and feel and seek to radiate a deep loving compassion and respect for the Father. And in this intenseness of feeling, energy goes out, energy comes back to you many fold. And in time, as you grow daily, you will be able to look in the faces of all of your brothers and sisters and all that you encounter day by day and see some small thing to love. See that this human is indeed, so much like you made from the same pattern. Thank you.

Welmek: Your life on this world is not easy. But you must understand that there is a design and purpose for all things. Let me ask you, if a robot came up to you and said, “I love you, what would be your response?

Cheron: Who told you to say that.

Welmek: Yes, the robot has been programmed to say that and so because it was said in that way, it means little to you, is that not true?

Group: Yes.

Welmek: And so my friends, the Father does not create your thoughts, the Father is a loving parent. The Father wants you to love Him for who He is just as He loves you for who you are. And in order for this choice to be made, the potential for evil must exist, for, you must see that there are different ways and you must choose the right way . You must choose to love the Father because of His goodness and because of His love, and because you believe this is what’s right and then when you say, “Father, I love you”, then the Father knows that you mean it and that it is from your heart.


Tarkas: Perhaps as the hour is growing late we will adjourn this most invigorating discussion. We have so enjoyed being with you. Sharing our ideas and hearing yours. May we close tonight with a prayer again centering and focusing upon our universal Father.

The Power of God protects us.
The goodness of God permeates every pore of our beings.
The plan of God carries us to salvation.
The purpose of God for us is a glorious adventure and free will and ascension to perfection.
The love of the Father sustains us.
The mercy of the Father gives us comfort and security.
The compassion of our Father brings tears of joy and feeling to our eyes………..we love you Father, we come home to you. Good night.

Group: Good night, thank you to all of you.

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