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CIN16- Changing World, Addiction, Time

1995-12-08-Changing World, Addiction, Time
Cincinnati #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Changing World
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Self Realization
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Addiction, Hypnosis
 3.2.2 Acceleration, Change
 3.2.3 Art of Living, Parenting
 3.2.4 Teaching Mission
 3.2.5 Circuits
 3.2.6 Time, Healing
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Changing World
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas
TR: Jim Cleveland



Self Realization

Tarkas: We are here with you my friends, this is Tarkas.

Group: Hello, Tarkas.

Tarkas: And others on this side are still arriving to share these few moments with you. After this level discussion, is it not peaceful and invigorating to settle into quiet peace and silence and find this threshold enjoins you with spirit. Your dynamic essence, your nucleus of power, your small white light will never be extinguished but only grow in brilliance until you meet the blazing brilliance of the great realization of the Father light.

Tonight you have spoken of wars and political change and I think you see beginning all around you with perceptive spirit eyes moving beyond the material eyes to see the first inklings, the first steps of collective realization, of individual realizations that are changing the world. These changes remain hidden to some, too subtle for others. Indeed, they’re not subtle. The very structures of your world sovereignties are changing, consolidating and enmeshing; amorphizing. The face of governments are changing. Business traversing all international boundaries, the field of electronics with instant access to information, truly miraculous, marvelous, and yes, apocalyptic times. Exciting times to be humans, exciting times to be here working with you. Are there topics or subjects that you wish to discuss or observations you would care to make about this evenings text.


Addiction, Hypnosis

Suzanne: This has nothing to do with this evening but as you probably know, cause you know everything, I’m really committed to stop my smoking. I’m having terrible withdrawal pains. I have been hypnotized in a conscious state. I was totally conscious during that whole thing. I’m just wondering, do you think it would be advisable to have him put me under? I have another appointment next week to have him put me totally, completely under and possibly help me with the withdrawal. I’m suffering in my stomach terrible withdrawal. Do you think that it would be wise to go completely under to help with the withdrawal? Cause I’m having a very hard time.

Tarkas: Well, we certainly do not know everything. We are aware of your struggle and know that the doctor that works with you is touched by the light of spirit and works sincerely and effectively in your case. The deeper level of relaxation could be very helpful. A stronger suggestive power within your own mind would be helpful. Continuing sessions will be helpful to reinforce the strength of conviction that will carry you through these physical knawings and urges are triggered by stimuli and your chemical composition that can also be alleviated by continued small improvements.

These things all work together. It is important that you practice relaxation, institute deep breathing and for 5 to 10 minutes twice or more each day, find your depth of relaxation in the stillness. Just simply talk to the Father, show your love and ask for His support. Seraphic help is available in subtle ways but these can not completely subdue the freewill and addictive urges of your mind and body. For, these addictions to this substance are far deeper and more deleterious to the material organism and these ingestions permeate mind, body, lungs, glands, with effects that are stifling to the muscular brain creating soreness.

These effects from this socially acceptable drug are being increasingly exposed. All things will be known and this poisonous ingestion like many other things will be brought forcefully to the attention of humankind. With these corrections will be a major improvement in health care for humans as well as the financial strains which these ingestions bring forth. I did not mean to move into such a broad explanation although you note that I often do this when I find an opportunity to inject a larger lesson.

But dear Suzanne, you are a much loved child of the Father and your good intentions and pure heart are known to us. Stay with this program. These knawing feelings of addiction will slowly pass day by day and you can accelerate this by working daily through prayer and quiet time with the Father and continued collaboration with your doctor. You may choose to bring you to a deeper level of suggestion in your next appointment if he feels this is beneficial and we of course are working with Him and many of your healers here. It is by design and it is quite gratifying to us that you bring forth the courage to make this fight and to cleanse this part of your body which has had deleterious effects upon your overall self.

You will grow to find less dependence upon drugs and so called magic bullet cures and begin to look not at medicines and material substances for your greater peace and feeling of well being, looking within to find causes. Once causes and the addictive substance of nicotine is taken away, your progress will accelerate and will be truly phenomenal.

The hypnotism will have another side effect in giving you the greater confidence and relaxation bearing and balanced in every day life so that anxieties upon commerce and trafficking can be retarded in a more general sense of peace and well being enjoyed by your persona day by day. Stay with the program, dear sister, and you will do well for we are with you every step of the way.

Suzanne: Thank you.

Acceleration, Change

Ted: We talked about world governments. I assume, of course, a lot of progress is being made in that direction. Is that likely to be something we would see in our lifetime?

Tarkas: We would think not. The probabilities of bringing forth all humankinds of color and ethnic lifestyles in greatly varying (word lost) structures which often incorporate aggressive and judgmental doctrine. It makes it unlikely that you in this room would see the fruition of a true planetary government. And yet, we are confident that major inroads would be made within the next 10-20 years we will see remarkable progress. It is the quickening of time brought forth by incremental energy expansions which effect your mind, your decision, your consciousness, your actions that would confound any prophecy of the future.

In quickening changing times there are simply no stable barometers to measure and so many free will decisions are being made by so many influential seats of power and control. Their decisions built from their higher elevating consciousness, a higher feeling of what should be and what is right, can make decisions that would affect large groups of people. This is when exacting and changing times will indeed accelerate on Urantia.

Cheron: Tarkas, I’ve been interested in the changes in the world that are reflective of the Correcting Time. I have a high sensitivity to applying spiritual insight to some of the changes that I see going on and our discussion tonight was really germane to all of that. And the whole world is going through a correction time and I see a lot of people coming together of nations deciding to do things together that never decided to do things together before. Like sending troops to Bosnia. Although I don’t agree with it, I’m amazed that 15 out of 16 countries would decide anything similar and have the motivation to do something about it.

I’m also looking at the country of France and all of the people that are revolting against their government. I’m looking at the relative stability of our own government, passing the budget bill and government shutting down and things of that sort. I seem to be living in changing times and I’m looking at many sides from many different areas of the Correcting Time and I am both thrilled and have a sense of loss because I don’t have a . ………..this is such a small minded selfish thing; I don’t have a stable 1960’s, 1970’s stable life anymore. I am going to have a wonderful adventurous life with all the changes as a creature of mediocrity.

I can see my own pitfalls of wanting that little house with my grandmothers money and my thesis done and bla, bla, bla, you know, and I feel a sense of loss that I may not get finished with all that between our economic changes and earth changes and dash all those hopes.

Health wise, I don’t know, I feel also that I’m being lead to make some changes with health because my health is not good right now, is also a source of my frustration. I feel like I’ve got all this knowledge but I’m not really doing any good with it. And I just feel I’m so damn human like a conehead you know. I don’t need any further punishment from you than I could give to myself so I guess I’m asking you to cheer me up.

Group: (Laughter)

Cheron: Give it your best shot. And it’s my birthday. (Laughter) Look how wonderful all my friends are to me.

Petra: You sweet girl.

Cheron: I love them so much. I’m so blessed.

Tarkas: Yet, to spite all your miseries you can laugh quite cheerfully about this whole situation. As they say, such a life on such a planet. In the next incoming months, we will be working with you closely to help you turn these feelings of insecurity into realizations of your individual potential. Each of you in this room has great potential. Far more than you realize. To choose the work that you love that provides service, that gives something to this world, to embark strongly upon this mission is quite pleasing to the Universal Father. He sees you using your talents with confidence with pride of being His child full of love for your brothers and sisters. Full of awe and admiration at this magnificent plan that brings you this adventure upon this world.

And so, in coming months, we look forward to gently assisting and nudging you as you find your way to greater realizations. There’s a time for learning and there is a time for sharing and giving. You are learning now much which will form a foundation and basis for what you will eventually share and you know what these subjects are. As you learn, you become a stronger ambassador of the kingdom. In your knowledge, in your very special knowledge of your very special talents and the great needs which you seek to minister to each day, you have much to teach human kind about dying, about the nature of sickness, about the blending of medical truths from different cultures into a healing wholeness.

As you learn these things, you are making great progress. And time is required, time is the great tool that human kind learns to bring you through your learning stages day by day into eventual stages of giving what you have learned and sharing.

And so, you are on a very worthy path. Do not be afraid of over inflated ego or false pride, for, you are truly in control of these phenomena that do not nearly have the knowledge to step forward and realize your true potential. Of course, this general statement could be made for all of you.

Art of Living, Parenting

Steve: Tarkas, I imagine that we are like children to you and your colleagues. And you are instructing us in ways to improve our life as an elder would instruct a youngster. Could you speak a few words about how best we can teach our children about these amazing pieces of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and how best to teach our children even young children about the Fatherhood of God, the sisterhood of women, the brotherhood of man?

Tarkas: The subject touches my heart so deeply, for, I have been where you are as have most of the teachers in this morontia corp. I had children of my own. I taught adolescent children for many years in my mortal life.
I recall quite explicitly many of the junctures of learning and critical decision making in my human life when they were recalled to us. We learned a great deal from them in Mansonia. Since that time, I have made reference to my own mortal life from within, in my thinking, to fabricate and develop teaching curriculum and lessons on other worlds such as yours.

And so, I am constantly learning. I am constantly teaching the things I learned as a human and I have had it quite indefatigably impressed upon me the great value, how much that you can learn in this material form that would be virtually impossible otherwise.

There is a lesson plan for your life. There is a curriculum embodied within your pre-personal life adjuster that would be followed. There would be these things that you would learn. And upon this check list, your indwelling spirit seeks to lead you, give you opportunities to experience and to learn from these experiences as much as humanly possible in this mortal life. As you discussed so clearly, the life of Jesus here was quite well rounded. And that He experienced many things, even parenting, even business management, and was able to talk and interchange ideas with a great many men and women with vastly different outlooks and ideas and perspectives.

This is what the Father would ask you to do. If you would encompass and embrace this life fully, not to lock oneself away from people and experiences that are much different from your own. To be open and embracing, there is much to learn from many peoples upon this small planet. There is so much to do. It is such a small world and we look at it from our perspective, although, it seems so vast to you. We would impress upon you just how small it is and how small we are helping you make it through the development of communications technology that brings the experiences of the planet literally before your eyes and gives you opportunity to participate in the events of history.

There is so much children that must be taught; the joy of living, the joy of loving, the joy of experience, the joy of beingness, of knowingness, of learning, of growing, of science, of philosophy, of religion, of whatever of the many endeavors of human kind your child may choose. Impress upon that child to do it well and do it with love.
Of course there are so many lessons and the children are so critical. To the future of Urantia a question was asked would you be here. No, you will not be here for much of this but your children and grandchildren and we are preparing at this very time who will carry forth.

Take this responsibility seriously. Do what you can in your lives and make sure and your children who are loving ambassadors to carry forth and carry on. It is not just their gain and material success in life that they must be concerned with, for, these things rarely bring happiness. The spiritual values will bring happiness to your children. And the guidance they will receive from being truly spiritual giving, loving, and sharing people as they grow will be rewarded by great and magnificent celestial help.

Your children will have more help and their children even more. For we increase in number as collectively we raise the consciousness and bring forth a new Urantia. Parenting is a critical first step as we seek to inspire you, encourage you and teach you how to rejuvenate the family. For, within the family all ideals of organization grow. Thank you.

Group: Thank you.

Steve: (Words lost)

Teaching Mission

Tarkas: This is truly a long range mission. Not one generation, yours. Not even the next generation. But we look forward to working with succeeding generations of Urantians whom you’ll prepare to be even more blessed, more receptive, more loving, more clear, more in control. Their minds, bodies and spirits, more intellectualized, more knowing, bolder, more imaginative. This mission will grow and Urantia will grow with it.

Eventually this small planet will be one. And people will look back upon their primitive histories and wonder that a place so small could be divided into so many bickering factions. But hindsight is always more illuminating, is it not? And being able to look ahead and see with clarity what will come. You will increasingly be able to do this as your faith grows.

We have been asked to prophecy. We have tried to explain that this is impossible. We can only guess. And so we, like you, are left to live in faith. It is not a bad way to go. For, do you think the mission could possibly fail on Urantia? That all could collapse into destruction or despair; great grieving and suffering when this mission has been brought forth by the Father Himself hearing your sufferings in the charge of Christ Michael who prepares for His second coming, through the administration of the Melchizedeks and the many teachers and administrators who come forth for this healing, for this reclamation?

Do you have faith? Can you believe in your hearts that this will result in glorious fruition of light and life as the Father intends, as the Father plans, as the Father continues to bring forth and manifest? Or would you see destruction of Urantia? Which would make sense to you?

Steve: I appreciate and respect your foresight and that much of the Correcting Time, much of the process and evolution of this teaching mission will be unfolded into the future and that we would not be over-awed with very blatant and obvious miracles and wonders but instead be transformed by our individual eternal, our personal increased awareness of these enhanced circuitries. That in and of itself seems to be such a marvelous reward that we get to enjoy the fullness of the planet. We still are able to take advantage of this period of the foundation of the initial stages and we are blessed with the opportunity to have our senses expanded (words lost).

Tarkas: Indeed these are pivotal and epochal, epic changing times and many on our side literally clamored for the opportunity to be here for this excitement. These great changes, do not expect them to come without suffering , for, humankind refuses to grow without suffering and challenge.

This is your nature. These challenges will be put before you that you may grow. But they will not be put before you by some divine hand of judgment but rather humans will be inflicting these sufferings upon other humans as is your want and as some fight with all resources to maintain a status quo of wealth, power, and control, they will have to be resisted and overcome by the power of goodness by the power of love.

It will be a magnificent example at the power of love and goodness can overcome all adversity in this troubled world of greed and self interest. The spiritual observers throughout the local universe look with some awe upon this struggle with the faith that ultimately the power of love will be demonstrated in greater fullness then perhaps any other event that they have witnessed; the reclamation of all of these worlds of the rebellion. Exciting times for you and also for us.


Cheron: December 12th, I’m wondering is there a circuitry, a major circuitry that is being established and will become more ready or more turned on, on December 12th? Or what is December 12th about?

Tarkas: Another incremental opening of various kinds of celestial energies which contribute to the incremental rising of consciousness. Those who are truly attuned and seeking spirit may find sustenance and rejuvenation by pursuing meditation and spiritual upreach on these pivotal days while these circuitries are being opened. However, the stillness is beneficial for rejuvenation and increased spiritual clarity any day in which you would practice it.

Gina: Tarkas, what went on last week Monday? Some of us felt a tremendous flow of energy. I mean, way above the normal energy. Was anything going on then? We meant to ask you last Friday, we forgot.

Tarkas: Generally speaking, incremental supplies of, my terminologies will be somewhat crude, incremental supplies of energy come forth for usage within this mission. Under the administration of the Melchizedeks and even disseminated among teachers for usages with their individual subjects.

And also, with these storehouses of energy available, teachers who have taken responsibility and been given by the human the opportunity to work with them may co-activate these energies thru the stillness time in the case of your verbalizing vessel tonight. This was being enhanced through a greater state of self confidence and physical energy do to his willingness and conscious asking which literally motivated him for a period of several days. He is doing special work in this mission networking and these energies and this feeling of well being and confidence must continue to manifest or his energy sags.

He has found he can be rejuvenating by exuding high levels of love intensity to the Father and simply asking for these imbuements of energy. You can do likewise. Sometimes these energies come forth and can be disconcerting or disruptive but they seem to bring forth unusual attacks of uncontrolled energy or anxiety. In your particular persona, take the time to sit back breath deeply a few times and center upon the Father. Ask for seraphic, no, ask for celestial help in utilizing and managing these energies. Controlled energy can be disconcerting and must be brought under control.

For some years, ambassadors from various worlds of the local universe have been working with more and more receptive of your metaphysical spiritual seekers in accessing this energy and bringing it forth so that it may be utilized. These energy circuits continue to be expanded and joined together inter-linkage in a quite complicated engineering scenario that amazingly enough involves a lot of human action as well as action on our side. For, it is the co-creative process that allows these energies to be activated. I hope this has not been too opaque for you this evening.

Time, Healing

Gina: Thank you, Tarkas. I’m getting used to you. (words lost) I’m enjoying it by now so (laughter) you’ve done an excellent job, thank you. I have one more question. My little neighbor’s going through a divorce and she was divorced on Thursday. And right now she has a heart full of hate and everything but love and I’m having a horrible time getting love in there. Do you have any um, I don’t mean long winded now, I mean, can you come up with something just a sentence that you can repeat and can center her or something that would trigger her a little bit to get out of that state of mind?

Tarkas: I’m advised that she is of good heart and will come forth eventually into a higher level of realization and peace. But for now, the time is not right that you can turn loose these animosities. We speak of time as a healing agent. This is truth. Sometimes a person is not quite ready to put aside their angry frustrations and self sympathies, feelings of animosity to others. But in time, her indwelling spirit will work with her closely and lovingly to bring her into greater balance. Time is necessary. She has good guidance. She must heal, then she will grow.

Gina: Thank you.


Tarkas: We thank you for asking to speak with us tonight.

Petra: Tarkas, before you go (words lost) you said that (end tape)

Tarkas: . ……………….explanation concerning energy circuitries for much of the terminologies develop by the Power Directors are not conducive to expression in your language. Or am I still misunderstanding your question?

Petra: It just occurred to me that there must be other ways of describing energy force and it made me very curious, that’s all.

Tarkas: The terminology of energy of course is so broad that many volumes could be filled on its different aspects. And we are of course not trying to discuss all of these matters of technology and engineering. Your teachers are here to light the candles of love and to encourage you in your expression of basic spiritual truths which you will find peaceful, reassuring, leading to the incentive to share the Father’s love all around. And as the hour grows late we will conclude this evening and continue our discussions at another time. We are so pleased as always that you would call and speak with us. This is quite an opportunity of growth for all of us as we work to literally change this world in so many ways. And (?) already for your beautiful Creator Son’s eventual coming. We say now good night to you, peace.

Group: Good night.

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