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CIN17- Discernment, Personality

1996-11-22-Discernment, Personality
Cincinnati #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reaction to the Teaching Mission
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elisha, Tarkas, Bakim
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Discernment
 3.2.2 Personality
 3.2.3 Catastrophism, Circuits
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Creativity
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Reaction to the Teaching Mission
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Elisha, Tarkas, Bakim
TR: Jim Cleveland



Elisha: May we enter into the stillness with you
And feel this joy of love through and through
In each fiber of our being,
In each heart, each mind that seeks the pure.
In this quiet room we feel the light
From Father, effervescent light,
And makes us feel the peace aright.



Elisha: You must decide if you are willing to take that chance and to proceed. What will happen is that those who begin to listen to you as you transmit will be your sounding board and they will determine that what you are doing is real, for if it does not ring true, they will not come back. They will not wish to hear when you speak. It is almost as simple as that. So you really need not have fear, for if it is really your own mind and not the teachers, others will sense it and if it is the teachers, they will want to come back and they will want to hear more. Allow time and allow experience to be the test. It is not a one time thing; it takes time to develop. As far as the direction of the group that I would teach, I will teach the same as all others have taught.

I will teach faith and love and hope and patience and tolerance and truth, all of the spiritual realities of the world. I will do my utmost to deepen your understanding of these realities, to help them be a greater part of your life, and I will help you learn the processes and techniques, such as the daily communion with God, that will be most helpful to you in your spiritual growth. That is my goal; that is the goal of all the teachers here in the Father’s Mission. Has that answered your question?

It is time. We have had a summary and a somewhat serious conversation. I do appreciate this opportunity. Any opportunity for me to serve fills me with great, great joy. And you have served me by being able to listen, and I thank you deeply, from the bottom of my heart, for that. Your planet celebrates this time of year as the birth of Michael. Your text tells you it is a different time, but who cares? Let’s hope that each culture celebrates it a different day so that we can celebrate it 365 days a year.

That would be fine with all of us! We would be happy to enjoy the food (group laughter) and the love and all the wonderful things that somehow get more associated with this time of year than they do others. Whatever the reason, let’s lighten up, and take the rest of your day now to enjoy. You can think about these words later, and as you return home on your journeys you can discuss them, but let’s now enjoy and refresh and love and be of good cheer. Good day.

GROUP: Thank you!.

Elisha:  This is Elisha. In the quietness, may we say a prayer for the many who suffer. Choose one. Say a prayer. Each to yourself. Each from yourself. And I would offer my prayer for one of your sisters in isolation and despair who struggles to know what is reality and often fails and it is a heartache which each of you have failed and we fail with you, and there is need for love and outreach as there is in so many places in every minute of the day. Despair turned into challenge, turned into opportunity, turned into service.

May we on our side and you on yours think of a kindness to show each day. Think of who may need a kind word and give it each day. Think of who may be trapped and suffering in their own mind and find an insight that becomes a linkage, that becomes a thought, a word that helps to set them free. Sometimes just a word from you, sometimes just a small kindness from you. Thank you.

TARKAS: This is Tarkas.

GROUP: Hello, Tarkas.

TARKAS: We thank Elisha for her meditation. It is so good to be with you, for you are my friends. There is quite a stir on our side as we know you prepare for meetings, for in your coming together in openness, there is created a great openness which we may literally pour ourselves into. We come and share your space and your time in ways that are not possible in the bustle of the day. This openness we long for.

We come together with you and each time you understand a bit more of your unique personalities and the ways which you are inspired to serve, from within and without. We never cease to marvel at the innate inner goodness to be found in all of God’s myriad of unique personalities. Think well of yourselves, as we do, for your struggle and challenges and adversities which plainly and simply help you grow, often in wondrous ways. You fill your days struggling to find the balance that gives productive service.


You are good buddies and you are our hands and feet and hearts. We are much like you. As morontians we have somewhat crossed an intersection, but the roads are always together and they carry us both in our paths and into these times when we may meet and share with you. Tonight I will carry forward some of our conversation about personality.

I trust that each of you read your homework on pages 1225 and forward to understand that personality cannot be completely and fully defined, and that personality is ever a permanent presence as all else changes. Even the molecules, the very atoms of existence, upon close exploration, have been found to contain churning dynamos of movement and energy. From microcosmic life to the universe of universes, all is changing.

Time and space and texture, even meanings, even the truth, always growing, layer upon layer upon layer, perspective, giving it fuller meaning.

You like to be likened to the journey which you propel yourself with the life energies within you as one of the many great gifts bestowed. On this voyage across the landscape of life, you know that all is constantly changing, and yet when you arrive at the other side, your personality is essentially the same. You are you. On reading your homework, you put another layer of perspective on understanding your personality and what awaits you in the beyond, for you will be the very same personality in mansonia. Your environment will have changed and will continue to be ever changing throughout your ascension –– your long and glorious ascension, I should say.

That being the case, does this not make your personality the very bastion of all of everything that you are? A storehouse? A record? Are you not making a record each day? each hour? each second? From your reading you know that there is this record of all that you have done and you know that your personality, upon that graduation, comes to reside in the soul. And you know that you will be reassembled into a new body, a new, more streamlined, later model, the newest model, in fact, for your sojourn in mansonia, and this body will undergo many subtle and not so subtle changes. Change upon change upon change, as you sing gloriously.

But the personality with which you are endowed tonight will continue in permanence from this night forward as it has proceeded in your few years of life to date. This would seem to make your personality quite an important foundation for growth and development, realizing that there is no miraculous transformation into some imagined perfection upon your graduation, but you continue to learn, much as you did in school, much as you have almost since birth itself, or even preceding birth.

This does not make your personality a thing of eminence, however. It does not mean that you, your personality is the center of the universe. Far from it! For in your readings you know of a cosmology that includes billions of personalities and more and each unique, and never before and nevermore will your personality reside on Urantia or mansonia or anywhere. In your uniqueness you join with countless brothers and sisters who in their uniqueness are likewise beautiful expressions of the Father.

If you could think of yourself in the role of the Universal Father, you can begin to understand why God would not be a solitary, stationary, all–powerful entity in singular oneness, for why would God be this only? Why would God not create other manifestations with which to experience? In your life you may develop a number of interests. You may have professional interests. You may enjoy films or sports or acting in stage productions or making music or visiting your friends. There are so many, many rich and diverse material experiences, a treasure chest that lies before you in this material world.

To carry this analogy to a higher level, perhaps God the Father could also wish to experience in different ways, create in different ways, and even create other personalities who would in turn create in many ways, and so you see the wonder, the wonder, the vast wonder of it all! and you, your unique personality, not an island but a part of a vast wholeness of individual and unique personalities learning, learning to become one, going back to the Father, going back to the First Source from whence they came.

In marveling at the wonderment of this exhalation of creation and this inhalation of return, is truly mind–boggling, even on our side. If there is a point to this impressionistic discussion, perhaps it is that you should love God above all, for these many wonderful gifts, and especially for thinking so well of you to give you a personality completely unique, and to love your company so much that you are indwelt with the Father’s holy spirit, to share in unique experiences of unique personality in an ever–changing world. Multiply this through the universe of universes and you begin to see the vastness that lies before you..It has been said by some that The Urantia Book does not present a case for heaven that they had expected, or perhaps the leisurely playing of music and lying on clouds is not exactly what it is like.

It is to grow and ascend and eventually to become proficient, proficient in the administration of the universes. My friends and brothers and sisters, speaking to you as Tarkas, can you imagine that we will ever get there? We continue to strive and love on this side and we will continue to come together with you and offer these perspectives as we are invited and share this momentous journey with you.

There were things said earlier concerning difficult times coming to your sphere. Indeed, we have spoken of these things in the past and you may expect an accelerated period of learning and growth, for this opportunity has been opened to you from the adjudication and the incremental openings. This circuitry must be opened to bring Urantia into glorious reunion with the universe. That as these energies are activated, there is the great need for individual and group meditative worship and prayer. The energies that you can release through these activities, activate, in essence, the power of the Father’s unfoldment as well.

Catastrophism, Circuits

As we have talked about, love given leads to love received. Steps of faith lead to rewards. So too will your conscious attuning to energies and sincere, loving upreach activate more energies to heal. We still will say to you that while there will be many difficulties, great catastrophes can be avoided, but only with the attunement of the faith and love of each, and many, many of you need to bring forth these energies and help in this planetary transformation. Traveling to love and light, to Light and Life, is not an easy journey, for an easy journey provides no adversity, challenging and growing experiences that will make you strong, that will make you a fine, spiritual warrior for the Father, perhaps in even building new lives. Gain your strength while here on Urantia. Make each moment of material life be impactful for positive spiritual change, for the record you are making moment by moment builds your place in eternity.

There will be the need in coming years for each of you to act with calm and inspired spiritual deliberation, for people will come to you in anguish and suffering and misunderstanding. They will be confused as even to appear nonsensical, for many factors contribute to annoying thought line that cuts through logic, that cuts through common sense, and begins to take on a perverted unreality of its own. These things to an enlightened, spiritual mind can be seen in newspapers, in the evening news, in which you will ask yourself, “How can these things happen? How would someone act or think this way? Why would they take these actions?”

As you continue, you will come to spiritual truths, you will continue to gratefully lose that linkage with the madness that seems to run through society, and I believe, as do my fellow teachers, that this madness will grow, the frustration and violence, and some, as you have already seen, that the controlled energies of fusion within the earth will also react to these circuitry openings with some strange and unpredictable and sometimes destructive weather. But I say to you that working together we are confident we can bring about the great healing of Urantia and we confidently feel that your destruction is not in the Father’s plans or in the plans of Christ Michael who remains one of you, who incarnated here to live with you as brothers and sisters.

We believe, in fact, there is a great time of enlightenment, Light and Life, coming to Urantia, and the challenges between now and then may be laborious and tragic for some, but together we will work. together to bring forth a great healing and enlightenment to all. I have spoken, certainly, long enough this evening. We will pause now to see if there are others who will speak or if there are questions.


DORIS: You speak of things to come and I was wondering, do we need, in this area, do we need to put things away?

TARKAS: We remain confident that through teaching and healing and ministry of all kinds in this, what might be called a “battle against time”, we will be fortuitous and victorious; but there are dangers. The planet remains highly unsettled. Environmental excesses have damaged the aura around your planet and there are many areas, much toxic waste, in the water, in the soils. These threats, your water tables, are very real, but at the same time we see many evidences that the wakening is somewhat on schedule. Each day many people who have positions of influence and power become more and more enlightened to higher purpose. In fact, it will become a thriving business from the capitalistic sense, the environmental clean–up.

This can be a growth industry, as you call it, when the right economic parameters are aligned and put in place. The circuitry that will bring strange mental connections to people can cause disruptions of unknown kinds, for we are dealing with complements of people here who are widely divergent in resources and mind ability and opportunity of all kinds. Effects of circuitry openings can be a somewhat blanket occurrence, in that each will be affected who live here and each may be affected in different ways as befitting their personalities.

[There is a] necessity to turn loose of the appeals of evil and violence and conflict which many still dote on in your so–called entertainments. In time these will become distasteful and many will savor instead a more enlightened outlook of stories of challenge, perseverance and triumph. You begin to see this in the media already. You begin to read surprisingly enlightened views of individuals like yourselves in many places, people who surprisingly will bring forth testimonies of love for God and their own feelings of connectedness.

Watch these enlightenments for they will be sweeping your world, as lights going on, sparkling ever brighter, and as you attune to daily meditation, you take in these energies for you are opening a conduit of this upreach and these energies manifest in many good ways, in many good feelings. Again, a lecture, dear Doris, from a only simple question –– Should we save some bags of rice?

But I hope you have enjoyed my rambling. It would be good precaution to be aware of changing events, stay attuned through meditation and prayer, for there may be some startling and surprising openings in circuitry. We do not, frankly, know. There are higher powers driving this train across your landscape. We are highly observant of what the next unfolding plans are for Urantia as we serve in this mission. We are often surprised at how things can change in short order, how views can change within staid structures that seem impervious to change, and true enlightenment will help to intensify your feelings of beauty.


Although, of course, to experience this each moment of the day, to be cognizant quickly in that moment of what lies before your eyes, when you see so many of your fellows who walk up and down the street in some sort of stupor or disgust, look at the ground, their thoughts a million miles away, worrying about this, plotting of losing each moment . .. Losing it! It’s gone! It will not be back. He lost the moment!

My friends, in time you will learn that each moment will take care of itself. You can look forward. You can organize your day. But DO it in the moment. Look around you. At ONCE you can see so much beauty, so much need, so much suffering, so much opportunity. So much litter to be picked up. So many people to smile and speak to. And all of these things –– literally thousands –– are in front of your material eyes at every second of the day. Just look around you. Does this inspire your creativity? Well, it certainly should!

There is a way to create your own expression of feeling and insight of literally all that you have seen. And all that you see and all that you have seen works together as experiences populating, burgeoning from your mind, through your voice, through your fingers. Creativity! The sum total of your experiences creates more experiences and more layers of experiences from which to create art. Do it on easels, do it on the stage, do it in your teaching, do it in your one–on–one counseling. Do it in your gardens. Do it when you’re sweeping the floor. All can be artistic. Appreciate your bodies and let them flow, let them move, let them glide. Feel, feel the energy within them.

Our dear Doris brings forth these harmonies and these energies in her tireless service of love, often sacrifice, and always feeling, sharing in love. She is an artist, and dear Gina, you are an artist. And Ted, and Stephanie, and dear Mabel, you have been an artist in so many ways, in so much history of your fond reminiscences for Urantia..You are Urantians! and the lifeblood of the universe is creativity. God knows this. God creates. God creates many manifestations of his divine Self: the Conjoint Actor to act, the Infinite Mother Spirit to nurture, the Creator Sons to create all of one with God, and you, you are all of one with God as well. You can access the universal mind of creativity. You are born with a part of this mind; the remainder is available to you, so I encourage you once again to savor the moment, appreciate the moment, intensify its feelings and observations and become artists.


Again, my grandmotherly pep talk to all of you as we approach this Christmas season. I love you very much. You are my pupils, my students, my fellow artists, and we are pleased to be among you. Good night.

GROUP: Good night, Bakim. We love you too.

HUMAN: May we close this evening with a prayer? “The power of God protects us. The love of God surrounds us. The ever presence of God inside gives us peace and harmony and purpose and joy and faith in the future. Light our path, dear Father, as we walk in peace. Amen.”

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