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CIN18- Opportunity, Awakening, Learning

1996-12-01-Opportunity, Awakening, Learning
Cincinnati #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Circumstances Around the Mission
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Anatolia, Tarkas
o 2.2 TR: Michael Painter, Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Learning, Opportunity
 3.1.2 Awakening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Transmitting, Growth

Topic: Circumstances Around the Mission
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Anatolia, Tarkas
TR: Michael Painter, Jim Cleveland



Learning, Opportunity

ANATOLIA: (TR: mp): I have recently come to your world as part of what you call the Teacher Mission. It is a great privilege for me and a great opportunity to learn and, most importantly, a great opportunity to serve. It is so difficult at times. I wish that I could pull back the curtain for all of you to see what it is that I see each day, for the universe that I see is so utterly beautiful. It is filled with so many loving beings. I spend my day learning, finding ways to serve, spending time with Our Father, and, for the most part truly enjoying every moment of my life.

As I look upon you here and I see the life that you live, it strikes me that it is obviously more difficult for you to live at the moment in such a way, and beyond the obvious disease and war and other things that plague your planet, just the physical struggle of your life, spending so much time to earn the living, spending so much time in the daily chores. This is why the other teachers, and now I join them, in encouraging you to take some time each day to spend with The Father. It is most important. It is what will help you remain in balance and not let you lose perspective, for if you are not careful, some–times you become so absorbed in these daily problems that you lose sight of who you truly are and what your destiny truly is. It will not always be like this. You will not always struggle so. Yes, there will be problems; yes, there will be new challenges, but I refer more to your physical level of trouble.

You see, I and my friends no longer worry about what we will have to eat. We no longer have to work jobs to earn money. All these kinds of burdens or struggles have been removed. Now we spend our day learning. Mostly we spend our day finding ways to share the love that we have so graciously been given, for you see, when you have been filled with that love of the Father, it is only natural that it overflows, and how do you want to share, how do you want to manifest that overflowing of that love? You want to find others to share it with.

When I look around at my brothers and sisters and my fellow teachers, I see them filled with great. knowledge, great wisdom, and great love of Our Father. And so the opportunity for me to serve them seems somewhat rare or somewhat small, but I look at you, and I look at your world, and as you look around, is there anyone here, is there anyone that you meet, at any time, who does not need your help, who does need a greater dose of love and caring?

Everyone needs love. You cannot, in one second, in one moment, fill that person with love. You can show them that, you can give them a brief experience of love, but for them to truly find it, where must they find it? In the place that all humans look last ––within themselves. For it is within them-selves that they will find Our Father waiting for them. They will find this Fragment of God who truly loves them, who is there to guide them.

How can you reveal this to them? First, if you have found Him in your own life, and if it has helped you, they will see this. Second, when they ask for help, do not spend so much time directing them and answering their questions, as guiding them and showing them how to find the answers from within. This is how you help someone the most, by showing them how to learn to help themselves.

It is not easy to do this. It is so much easier to just say, “Do this and do that.” All of you who have raised children –– is that not the case? When there are so many things to do, and you wish to delegate different chores and different responsibilities but others resist, and have you not found yourself in a position where we say, “Oh, I’ll just do it all myself. It’s so much easier.
And then I’ll know it will get done right.” But you see, my friends, while this is a short–term solution, it does not truly help others in the long run. The way you help them the most, again, is to help them to learn to help them self.

Every day, whether it is a smile, a kind word, or listening for a half hour or an hour to someone else, taking someone to the grocery store, reading a book for someone who cannot see, there are endless opportunities for you to serve. I wish I had so many opportunities each day. So we are a potentially good team, are we not? For we each have something that the other desires. I know of the love of the Father and I see the beauty of your destiny. What I need are opportunities in order to grow. You have abundant opportunities to serve, but you do not see your destiny. You do not see the true reality of this universe yet; therefore you must operate, you must rely on your faith every day, and I believe your text tells you that there is but one great struggle and that is the struggle of faith against doubt. We must keep that faith, and we must nourish it and we must encourage it with time with The Father each day.

So let us help each other. I will help you in any way that I can grow in faith. You help me by telling me how I can serve you so that you can better serve your brothers and sisters. All the universe is, in a way, a vast team. All of us on my side share responsibilities, share our efforts, share our knowledge, share our wisdom. There is no competition; why would there be competition? We want everyone to learn, to grow, to feel as much love as they can, as quickly as they can, for is this not the way your world will be changed most dramatically, and is this not what your world needs most to change?

That is why I have come. My specific mission at this point is that I have been assigned to the group in Columbus, Ohio. I am your teacher if you wish me to be your teacher. What does that mean? Several of you have come to groups in Cincinnati and you have listened to the T/Rs transmit different teachers: Welmek, Tarkas, Bakim and others. I wish to provide that level of teaching for you. In order to do that, it will be necessary for one of you to be willing to serve in this role of the transmitter/ receiver, the T/R.

First I want to say this is not a matter of putting pressure upon anyone, for in order for you to be effective, you must really want to do this, and you must truly want to do it for no other reason than to help your brothers and sisters. If that is your desire, call upon me and I will work with you and we will see what we can bring about, this team between the human and an unseen friend. If it does not happen, my life will go on and your life will go on and we will each continue to grow in Our Father’s grace and Our Father’s love. We will each continue to find other ways to serve. I say this again for I do not wish to place any pressure upon you. I simply come today to offer this to you as an opportunity.


ANATOLIA:  I will observe and I will be available for anyone who wishes to call upon me. Many of you have come to these meetings before and you have listened to our brother Welmek. Welmek has currently been sent, on a temporary basis, to another of the worlds that have been a part of this confusion that you know. What is going on is far, far beyond what you can even imagine, but I can say to you that the spiritual energies, the love, the desire to serve is overwhelming. All of the spiritual reality of life is being enlivened, enriched, recharged, stimulated. It is manifesting in so, so many ways, many ways that you cannot see, many ways that you cannot understand, and yet each of you knows within your own experience as you look around the world, that the world is turning more, slowly but surely, to spirituality. Not everyone will follow the same path as you.

Not everyone will want to come to such meetings as this. But each in their own way, proofs in their own way, will listen to all kinds of beings who claim to be channeling information. People are reading more and more books; even your TV programs are beginning to show themes that relate more to spiritual things. It is a process; the awakening has begun. It will take time, for as you look around your world, there is so much to accomplish. There are still so many people on your world who live in almost utter darkness.

You do not realize how fortunate you truly are to live in such a country to have freedom, but because you cannot visualize, because you cannot see the goal or the end, should not discourage you, for within the deepest part of your mind, your heart and your soul, you know that what I say is true, for you feel the change, you sense the world beginning to change. It will take many, many generations but it has begun. It has always been in progress, but now it is increasing even ever more rapidly. You are a part of this. This should be exciting to you. But, because you cannot see all of these changes and you cannot see the final goal, you may still struggle at times to believe it, but again, when you have questions, go deep within. Ask Our Father if he is there. Ask him to hold your hand.

Ask him to guide you through this maze, and always you will feel his presence and you will hear his promise. Do not ever become discouraged, for evolution is a progress. Those greater than all of us are in charge, and they know what they are doing.

In our lifetimes we suffer from a disease called impatience. We want these changes to happen so quickly, tomorrow. What’s wrong with right now? Let’s just come down and wave a magic wand upon the earth and all disease and war will just vanish. It could be done, but it is not The Father’s way, for The Father’s way is to allow each child to make that choice within them self, to choose the better way. And in this way it becomes real, it becomes a part of that person’s experience, it becomes. who they really are when they choose it from their own free will. It may not be the most expedient way, but it is the only real way.

I want to give you encouragement. I want to tell you that it is changing. I want to say to you, my friends, each of you has made a difference in your life. Each of you has made a difference in others’ lives that you have touched. There is no one here who has not helped one of your brothers and sisters along this path. You may not always see the results, but all of you have climbed, all of you have reached out to others, and all of you are truly blessed for your efforts.

The ability looms for each of you to use these technologies, for electronic mail literally covers the world, can speak conversationally to someone upon the other side of this small place in the universe. You can use a plethora of publishing broadcasting to project spiritual truths and pure, unconditional love, and so the networking of this coming year will be phenomenal and even beyond what you can see, openings of spiritual energies coming forth, and much to come will be powerfully inspiring, even disconcerting to many, and through these energies you will be called upon with opportunities for service to show true ways in a loving, comfortable stride, that you are developing your creative cohesion with the teachers and there will be a powerful phenomenon in all of your lives, and we ask you to learn and to utilize these technologies and these means of communication.

Secondly, your creativity can be developed far beyond what can be imagined, and so we ask you to tap into your own creativity to Universal Mind circuits, the installation of teachers, guides, angels, Michael himself, the curricula of the Melchizedeks and even God, the Holy Father, all are available to you. Be creative. Understand that each of you has vast, untapped creative resources. Learn to create, communicate. We would ask that you continue in the one great struggle that has been constant upon Urantia, learning to work together to cooperate, putting aside shallow egoistic animal growth tools to bring forth the true spiritual light of spiritual understandings. A difficult task. All of these tasks are, perhaps, difficult, and therefore supremely rewarding in the growth experiences for each of you and collectively..The new year of 1997 is now the network of the heart, is in the full flower. Learn to navigate, learn to originate, learn to work together and the time is now.

Thank you, my friends. It is wonderful being with you as always. I look forward to many days of experiences in growth and fun in the months ahead. Peace to all of you.

GROUP: Thank you, Tarkas.

ANATOLIA: Are there any other questions?


Transmitting, Growth

HUMAN: I have a question. I would like to know (paraphrased) how the teachers transmit to the receivers. There has been a great deal of insecurity on my part. (Indistinguishable) How are the teachers dealing with this? So, those of us who have been transmitting for years and years, it seems to come through in some ways a resting place. Is it time to jump forward? or retiring? I hope this is clear.

ANATOLIA: I will say that your question is an excellent one, for it goes to the heart of what we discussed earlier, and that is, it is at last a question of faith –– a question of faith for the person who is doing the transmitting, a question of faith for those who are listening. There is no special magic in the process for reflectivity. They are technology that are beyond your understanding. Thoughts may have little to do with the issue. When Jesus spoke to the multitudes, some heard his message and some did not. Is that not correct?


ANATOLIA: And did he not have, if he so wished, access to reflectivity or probably even technology that might exist within his local universe if he so wished? It is not an issue, my friend, and I understand you might regard this as an issue, as a struggle to discern what is really true. The issue is: do your brothers and sisters wish to hear truth? Do they wish to grow spiritually? You, as a transmitter, have one responsibility only, and that responsibility is to clear your mind and to transmit the message that you believe you hear as accurately as possible. Is that message real? It is for your listeners to decide. Just as it was for those who listened to the Master himself to decide. If Michael or Gabriel were to say, “I will set a broadcast on your radios at 11:00 p.m. this evening, and I wish all of you to hear it,” and so you tell all of your friends and they all listened at 11:00, let me ask you, would they all believe what they heard? Would they all believe that it was truly Michael or Gabriel? Or would they all agree with everything, perhaps, that they heard? Do you think that that is even . .. well, I should not say “a possibility”, for almost everything is a possibility . .. let me say, Do you think that would be a likelihood?

I assume your answer would be no. And so do you see, my friend, truth must be discerned from within the individual. It must be chosen by the individual. When you say or suggest that as the Teacher Mission struggle, or is a struggle, then I would say, are the individuals who are listening struggling? (Tape turned)

As I come to your world and I have spoken with many, many teachers and I ask them about their experience and their assessments and their understandings of this process, I would suggest to you that what was offered comes down to is that people are looking for new information about what the universe is really like, what are the effects of these circuits really like, when will the Melchizedeks materialize? They look to all these types of events and that is understandable because you are humans and you utilize the divine circuits and you are much more comfortable in the realm of mind and intellectual knowledge than you are in the realm of the spirit and in spiritual growth. Spiritual growth has to do with deepening your awareness and your sense of the presence of The Father and opening yourself up to increased communication by His guidance. Now, in all of these conversations you have had with those who have been a part of this Mission, how many of the questions that are asked have to do with this? And how many questions have to do with all these other issues?

So you see, even with those who have attended these groups, and even those who have attended for years, do they practice the daily Stillness? Do they seek this communion with the Father daily? Do they talk about how they need to grow more in patience and tolerance and love and understanding?

This is what spiritual growth is. Your progress in the universe is not measured so much by your intellectual knowledge. You can be sorted according to your interest in these areas, and given particular tasks or assignments based upon these natural propensities or interests, but your true ability to move, to progress within the universe, is your ability to work with others, to not grow intolerant of their different ideals, to not grow impatient with their different ideas, to seek to find a way to always be tolerant and loving, for you see, as you grow, there are those incremental children at those levels. If you have not learned to control those emotions, if you have not learned to be tolerant and loving, you simply do not reach either level.

But the problem is, this is difficult, very difficult for humans to understand. They want to see spiritual growth measured in knowledge of the universe, not in that inner sense of becoming more loving and more patient. This, I think, is what is at the heart of the struggle. It is an alteration of perception to determine what true spiritual growth is all about. And as that occurs, there would be no lack of interest or even expressed boredom with the meetings, would there? For you see, my friend, even at my level, which is somewhat beyond yours, but yet I am still just a toddler] in a universe sense, issues of universe knowledge and information are only secondary and applied as needed, are sought as needed.

What I and my friends discuss is how to serve, how to share our love with others. How to cope with those who struggle with their faith, how to grow in their own faith. These are the issues of spiritual reality that are of The Father, and as long as your brothers and sisters read books and discuss the intellectual ideas but fail to see the true spiritual message, as long as they come to meetings such as this and listen to teachers but fail to see what true spiritual growth means, then there will always be confusion, and there will always be frustration and there will always be great numbers who ask, where is this going, or where is that going?

You see it is not about where the future Mission is going. It is about where each of you are going. We are here only to help you in your spiritual growth because we know that the fastest way for this planet to evolve is for each individual to be spiritually transformed; but the world is spiritually transformed not intellectually in life, while that is a factor and somewhat important, spiritually transformed is the more important mission. Does that help you understand?

HUMAN: Yes, thank you very much.

TARKAS: On the subject of faith, may I say that we have ultimate faith in the Universal Father and we should also consider having faith in that magnificent and miraculous and awesome creation of The Father –– all the many, many worlds of time and faith. Doubtlessly the Father has faith in his worlds of time and space, in the very concepts of time and space, which come from The Father, and so can we have no less faith in these worlds of evolutionary change. These worlds evolved and in the evolution provide countless learning and growing experiences for each of you, each unique creature of time and space that is you with the pilot light of The Father burning inside.

We would not bring forth miraculous materializations and visions and magic wands to change your evolution, for time and space worlds evolve. We consider the transmission process to be ideal for you at this time for it is unobtrusive, allows the involvement deeply of humans, allows a measure of co–creativity based on the Melchizedek curricula in making these world changes.

Is it not truly profound and wonderful that each of you can be a part of planetary change, reclaiming the confusions of this world into the bosom of love, mercy, and compassion of Christ Michael upon this second coming, to prepare the world for these great changes in the full knowledge that they require generations of humans cooperating and working together? Not only is it a powerful lesson to learn to create and work with others, this cooperation extends even beyond mortal lives into succeeding generations and in times to come you will be able to compare notes of those who worked to bring forth Light and Life to Urantia and preceding generations and in generations to come.

It is all a vast learning and discovery in growth to Light and Life. We have faith in this evolutionary plan, in your free will decisions can drive it and create your future each day. Time and space are tools; so is faith. Revelation of too much given to you at this stage of your evolution would literally destroy that faith. It is too beautiful, it is too magnificent to be destroyed by someone who comes with a magic wand to do the work that you are destined to, charged to do. Happy evolution and peace to all of you. Perhaps if there are no other questions, we will move to other areas of camaraderie and sharing in this celebratory, glorious season. Peace to all of you.

HUMAN: I have another question. On this plateau up the mountain, (indistinguishable) we need to know the direction…

ANATOLIA: I am not sure that I understand exactly your question, but I would say the process for anyone who is interested in serving as a transmitter/receiver would be to find some quiet time where there are no interruptions, still your mind, and call upon me and ask me to come in to speak through your mind. If you hear my words, no matter how faint, begin to speak them outloud. It is helpful if you use a tape recorder so that you can listen back yourself to these words to help you discern if you think it is your own mind. There will be many times when you will be uncertain; this is understandable and I believe that if you talk with other transmitters, you will find this a common experience.

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