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CIN22- Living Word, Choices

2000-03-26-Living Word, Choices
Cincinnati #22


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Living Word, Choices
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue

Topic: Living Word, Choices
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen



MALVANTRA:  Your understanding is only enhanced by your practical application of the gospel as a living word. The life connection between the thought process and your behavior is an unbreakable link that can be modified by consciously attuning to the guidance provided willingly by the Universal Father who bestows with magnificent generosity the Spirit Fragment to be utilized for the unique purpose of creature fusion of a material being with the Divine essence.

Proceed forward in your life’s work with the direct knowledge that you are about when you take God’s business of presenting the microcosm of God’s love in your life as you understand that love to be distributed from the portals of eternity. Your commandments include the worshipful attunement to the God of all creation. Your commandments as delegated by the Master Jesus was to love God and to love each other. It is under this rubric of teaching that the Universe proceeds to swing about Paradise. All the magnificent stars and suns and the dance of the ages vibrating with force and the energy and the gravitational delight of an Eternal God that always was and always will be providing the nurturance necessary to uphold and to evolve a stupendous creation.

Missions come and go, but eternal teachings are forever, hence the denomination, the Living Word a message embedded within the framework of the time-space continuum. The message of never ending forgiveness, of complete solidarity with the divine beings who administer the grand realms, and the never ending stream of sustaining love through the bestowal of a gift.
You can proceed with questions of this morning’s group:


Q. I think my question was already answered. Do you know me? Can you see what I think?

MALVANTRA:  My knowledge of you is multi-faceted. It is from direct observation of your participation in this group. I have access to data files concomitantly shared with the angel of assignment to your being and to ministering personalities that congregate around you daily. My knowledge is mostly second-hand, but again I have observed you freely and know something of your past and present.

Q. Can you tell us your name?

MALVANTRA:  I go by the name of Malvantra. I am a visiting Melchizedek assigned to Urantia service, delegated under the authority of Michael of Nebadon for the purpose of education, guidance, encouragement, and to formulate a more believable message in accord with the divine teachings as presented in your holy text.

Q. Do you have any guidance for me?

MALVANTRA: The guidance that you have chosen personally and uniquely within your own life is of sufficient purpose. We would direct you to consistently apply your method of worship and prayer to the unending source of true resolve. You have undergone tremendous upheaval and emotional turmoil. You have experienced much sadness and true feelings of longing. Your methods in the past have been somewhat self-destructive. But with the guidance that you have accepted, you have designed a healthier outlook and a more nutritous lifestyle. Your methods of monitoring your own behavior have proved fruitful. You need to accept your internal guide as the true pilot in your affairs. Thank you for your devoted search and its accompanying good will.

Q. Can you talk about spiritual purpose?

MALVANTRA: . Your spiritual purpose is unique unto yourself yet quite similar to those with whom you now associate. Your desire is a form of your own graciousness. You have a means of supplying friendship in times of want and worry. You have a way of giving support to those who cry out for help. Your search as you’ve rightly identified is involving spiritual matters; a time for personal growth and enhanced awareness and greater confidence of your abilities and your ultimate desire to be more God-like. Our advice is nothing more than a harmony within purposeful statement of more knowledge about the spiritual attunement that is available to all.

Q. What could you tell me about making choices?

MALVANTRA: Your choices need never be delegated by the base of fear, but always promoted by the springboard of love. Your choices at times are for self survival. And it is understandable that your needs must be fully met by the method of decisions based on your current circumstances. Your children are a great source of joy and comfort, and therefore, your connections, your relationships are both recommended and desirous of your attention. Your choices have held you in good stead through your past, but you now recognize that greater attention has to be devoted to your life as a single individual. Your purpose, as you grow older, has been adjusted; your delegated authority is disseminated across wider courtyards. You fear the future, but instead hold onto the pearl of wisdom from your past. You can consistently apply a more positive outlook with feelings of self-confidence abound to replace feelings of anxiety in any apprehension about where you’re going. (Thank you.) Thank you for your own personal concerted search for the heart of all love.

(Message continued)

MALVANTRA: I can envision a group search of dynamics, a gathering of the forlorn, of the despondent, of those lost in a myriad of worry. I can formulate a plan, but it would not be your plan. I can delegate a direction, but it would not be by your choice. I can paint the picture, but you would not be the artist. I could present the method of advancement, but you know yourself, your own decisions determine the course of entry. Your purpose in this life is to recognize the existence of the magnificent mother and father deity that control the entire cosmos. The meaning you attach to this reality is of your own choosing. Your purpose in accord with this recognition is assertive application to bring forth the fruits of the spirit—meaning activities designed to expand your awareness and to increase your capability to love yourself, each other, and in wider circles of societal outlook.

Forceful delegation and commandeering mandates are not the methods of a loving and generous teacher. Guidance and formulated role-modeling are provided as instructional frameworks from which you may bounce into other realms of understanding.

Q. Melvantra, would you address choice, choice as it applies to vibration and choice as it applies to how we see the world, therefore identifying with the positive or the negative. Is that a clear question?

MALVANTRA: Yes. It is clear and it is obvious that your group this morning remembers how focusing on their actions of choice and decision. Choice is an elemental, influential factor in the direction you promulgate yourself. It is an element of mental choosing in association with your understanding of the Divine teaching. Your choice, our choice, is not done in isolation. It can be a group method. It can be an individual, sacred process known only to God. an internal mental decision, a selection of options—a choice of a variety of particular choices of action: a decision of attitude, of emotion, of degrees of love, of health, of welfare, of caring for oneself and others.

The choices are infinite. The selections are balanced by one’s awareness of the forces of goodness, of virtue, of understanding that there arc divine patterns of behavior and there are methods of giving and forgiveness that override one’s ability to choose the more negative aspects open and available—selfishness, greed, unforgiving. Forbearance within yourself will provide with a wider array of choice. The choice is yours. We provide guidance, but in the final analysis your own decisions make up your own being. You have nothing to fear in the function of choice. Your concern arises when you apprehend the choice could possibly be an error. And as you all know, errors allow the children to make a series of choices as a learning experience. We hopefully learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Q. But the mistakes are a series of appropriateness and there is really no bad choices. They’re just sometimes inappropriate for who we are and where we want to go. The diversity that comes from choices that we all make is the color, the texture of our material life. So when you think of good and bad behavior, you’re (or your)… could you address this? These words “good” and “bad” set off rockets for me.

MALVANTRA:  I speak of your own selection of choice. “Good” and “bad” are your terms to describe the variety of choice. Mistakes are a natural outcome of one’s growth and understanding. As children grow from mistakes it is natural for them to seek a better way. a better understanding, a better method of making choice for their own best interest. Your choice becomes more complicated and multi-faceted when as an adult with heightened awareness you have a greater sense of understanding of the ramifications and the consequences attended upon your choices. As one grows in wisdom, they are aware that particular choices will bring them particular rewards or consequences.

It is not unusual to make choices based on self-interest versus self-sacrifice. Your choice is what you believe is best for you at that particular time. The “goodness” and the “badness” are designated terms to indicate the closeness or the distance from the path of God. from the choice more in line with the universal acceptance of goodness, truth, and beauty. These are the choices that we should be directing our energy toward. If the choices are in alignment with the laws of truth, beauty, and goodness, you can rest assured that your repercussions will be of a more positive nature. (Thank you.) Thank you for your own delegated sense of personal authority. Your gem that you are aware of, and has been freely given, is your contribution in the exhibition of the outpouring of love. You, yourself have chosen this path and we commend and applaud your actions.

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