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CIN21- Fusion

Cincinnati #21


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Are You Ready
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
o 2 Facilitators2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 5 Session 3
o 5.1 Lesson 3
 5.1.1 Fusion
o 5.2 Closing

Session 3
 February 27, 2000

Lesson 3


MALVANTRA:  From the shores of Paradise, eternal expressions of love permeate the seven superuniverses of the worlds of time and space. From the experience of earthlings and mortals, your perception of this outwork is limited. Your awareness grows, but initially it’s faint and barely perceptible; your journey is multifaceted. There’s group evolution, societal change, but there’s a greater scheme at work ~ a transformation of the entire cosmos.

Somewhat of a veil, somewhat of a curtain, a pane of glass, barely there as balanced against the overcontrol of the remarkably omniscient, all-powerful, ever-present Trinity, which in fact is the beginning of all reality. The journey that you partake of is age-old; you are newcomers. You pilgrims, you ascension schemers are newcomers to the sensational, glorious journey that has been foretold and has been experienced by untold numbers of sentient beings before you.

Your consciousness soon accepts your status badge of cosmic citizenship, your entrance into a spiritual family of beings too innumerable to delineate this evening. Vast arrays of beings uncountable, yet your fusion with the Divine Fragment will be a method of exercising the divine plan. Your fusion will forever separate you from the [un-fused] brother[hood] of the universe ~ your fusing with the supreme, Divine Fragment of the first source and center. No other beings you come in contact with will have achieved this glory. Some will be of secondary status as Son fusers, tertiary status as Infinite Spirit fusers, a variety of status of eventuated beings, of perfected beings, of divine beings, of deity itself; but your marking will forever identify you, first as a fusion candidate, next as achieving the true destiny of the ages – the blending of the animal and divine, the union of the material and the spiritual, the consummate transformative process of existence concomitantly with eternal values, a blending of eternal values inside the framework of existential reality.

There is no over-control other than the control you surrender to as the gracious present is your volition that determines its degree of receptivity. Your consuming with your animal existence as is natural to your state of affairs. However, the excitement really begins when you are consciously aware. When you impinge upon the envelope of your animal sustenance, you broke free of the bonds of animal existence and purposely seek for higher values of living reality which to our way of thinking and knowing is the eternal stream of infinite love, receptable, believable through faith and exercise of will power.

Forever you will progress for the purpose of divine union with your eternal parents. The mission has been essentially completed – we simply wait for you to fulfill your part. The play has been written, the actors have been assembled, the plot is foresworn, forthrightly delineated as the exquisite outworking of the interplay between true parts of the Trinity in an example of infinite expression of co-creative outworkings. How fortunate to partake and enjoy the very existence of your journey.


I bid you a fond farewell. May God’s grace fill your every waking moment.

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