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CIN35- Divine Circuitry

2002-02-10-Divine Circuitry
Cincinnati #35


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Divine Circuitry
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Divine Circuitry
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen


MALVANTRA:  Continue your journey into unchartered waters as is characteristic of your adventuresome spirit. Charter your course under the guide and direction of your internal Mystery Monitor, a pilot, your gift from the Universal Father, assured that the genuine leadership of a Divine Fragment will issue forth pathways of safety and security – not ease, necessarily, but designed to gather, maximize opportunities for your growth, increase awareness, enhance comprehension and enlarge your capacity of cosmic citizenship.

You are not alone. Your family is comprised of all human beings, regardless of race and ethnic background. You are human family, connected to all the circuits and spiritual energies and mindal circuits with the sentient beings throughout the Grand Universe. Your connection, the material world with the spiritual realms, is very real, activated and available. This, in fact, in large, extended family perspective will enable you to see all life is connected to the source center of the Eternal Trinity. One family. One plan. One love. Divergent splendor, splintered, shattered – billions upon billions of ways – as is demonstrated by the expression, through the personalities of all the sentient beings, the living beings throughout the grand universe.

Your connection is plural, internal, with your Monitor. It is: intellectual – the adjutant mind spirits and the mindal circuit of the Infinite Spirit; physical; emotional – spiritual connections. The more you grow in grace and awareness, become enlivened. Become more real. Become more practical, sense perceived through daily contact. Grace becomes perceptible during times of ponderous reflection, reviewing events in your life, searching for explanations on supposed coincidences, or just enlightened awareness of your own growth and advancement.

Again, the circuits are available if you but could perceive and the practicality is how they assist to generate and help formulate increased awareness by expanding your conscious awareness of your attunement, your ability to attune. Your capacity to connect, internally to the Divine, using the void (however, it is not empty but the opposite – replete and splendorous, void only in defining expansiveness beyond the stars, beyond space). Circuitry is to be viewed as a silvery, netting filament – fine, pure, clean, powerful, sizzling, gem like, a force, splurging from Havona to the main force lines – stepped down, decelerated, diminished to the power lines again -fractured, split off, subdued, smothered into the energy lines of your local universe – magnified ostensibly and genetically by the ministrations of your Paradise Creator Son. Dominions under His sovereign reign are coordinated by the consort of consummated beauty, Nebadonia. Each fulfills a mutual, cooperative alignment in divine association for the purpose of magnifying the force to power, to energy transformation through their being at the central location of Salvington. It is down stepped and spread salubriously, gently, over this silvery, tight-gauzed netting.

The energy is real. It needs to be dispensed, not through ether space, but along established, de-marketable, delineated lines of existent circuitry -very real, activated and very accessible. To be aware of your connection through the Urantia Book with your Thought Adjuster, Mystery Monitor, is but a step on the pathway of enlightenment, the realization that your connectability extends beyond the confines of your personal self.

Your social networking is but a method to enhance your ability to spread the goodness to your brethren. Hence, your outside awareness should focus beyond the realms of your native shores to the expansiveness of the supreme dynasty of the magnificent, splendid, aurora of exalted and divine rule that maintains the silvery threads of circuitry. Sustaining with the nurturance, effluvium, a nectar, a divine ambrosia directly from the feast, the Trinity is inter-associated, coordinated, co axial, radiating exactly per design by purposeful plan for the sanctified graciousness of our hosts of time and space, for the pleasure of your company, your cooperation – greatly appreciated over control from the Divine Trinity for all of us – not you alone


Granted, your gift of the Monitor stamps you with specialized status, however, we lie in obeisance of great admiration and service to the inimitable existence of the omnipresent, all pervasive, trinitized, ionic, stabilized, formal, original unit of all artistic geometric design – the Original Pattern Maker. The rosette, enfolding, delineating… Exiting.

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