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CIN39- Encouraging Mortal Efforts

2002-03-24-Encouraging Mortal Efforts
Cincinnati #39


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Encouraging Mortal Efforts
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra, Welmek, Veronica, Elisha, Rachel
o 2.2 TR: Stephen, Michael, Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Poetic Interlude
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Encouraging Mortal Efforts
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra, Welmek, Veronica, Elisha, Rachel
TR: Stephen, Michael, Jim Cleveland



PRAYER: Our Father, we worship you. We are here to let you know how in love with this plan, this universe, this planet, these relationships, this opportunity to serve that we are. Thank you for every opportunity that you have brought to us. Thank you for every loving heart that we have touched, met and connected with. Thank you for all of those brothers and sisters who are only waiting for us, the embodiment of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, to bring new Truth into their lives. Thank you for the capacity that we have to love another person every day. Thank you for indwelling our hearts, for letting us know what the Way of God actually is for our lives. Thank you for the incredible, spiritual, uplifting energy and sustenance that you give us every day that we live and breathe. Thank you for Your Love, for Your Eternal Life, for the opportunity to recycle your boundless, matchless Love into service, in the lives that we are living on this planet at this time.

Christ Michael, Our Older Brother, Our Creator, we are gathered here in love, and we invite you, invite you to join our meeting, to be among those of us who, shoulder to shoulder, stand in worship and awe of The Father. We know that you came as the Babe of Bethlehem to be the perfect life, lived, not only for those of us on Urantia, but for every individual, and every creature in your universe. Allow us the opportunity to learn the gospel of Your life and to use the teachings that You bring to us through the teaching corps to be able to give the kind of love, and guidance that You came to show us is possible to do. Join us here today. And, thank you Nebadonia, Mother Spirit, for being everything that Michael needs to do this job. Amen.


MALVANTRA : (T/R Stephen): Your thanks is returned; your gratitude accepted. In mutual respect, we send our appreciation for the courage, and commitment your stalwart band has displayed in its acceptance of the gospel, in its awareness of the Teaching Mission, in its understanding of divine revelation and in the unfolding of your group purpose of solidifying messages received, purpose unfolded, and the building of a bridge of camaraderie and companionship to extend beyond the confines of your accepted group, to bring in new members and to spread The Word as you see and understand. May your mission be a success, granted under the auspices of Michael of Nebadon with Nebadonia’s angelic ministrations to assist in your endeavors as you purport to promote the most magnificent teaching available to mortals. Your family is wide and extended beyond your mortal kin.

The universe has myriad sentient beings all in accord with the divine rule. You are rebellion tested, and you shine forth in Agondonter splendor, for the splendid modeling and display for the others of Satania. May the Ancients of Days recognize the challenge and tribulations from your torn planet and you exhibit levels of courage to create commitment portraying purpose in wondrous unison with the ministrations available through the spectrum of circuits and your internal guide, a gift from the Trinity, more specifically, the Universal Father, your Mystery Monitor, moving you, assuredly, ever closer to the goal of embrace and remarkable union, as the betrothal of exquisite blending.

You have vouchsafed your committed journey. You have stepped upon the sea of uncertainty, balanced by the buoys and the supports of unseen friends and mortals, faith brothers and sisters, who, with sincerity and with generosity of spirit have gathered to support your project of enlightening those brethren who seek the Truth but wallow in darkness, or ignorance, or fear. Present them your true portrayal of Freedom and Liberty and positive attributes of Love, Beauty, Goodness and Truth as realized by your evolving spirit in your ascension scheme under the glow of Nebadonia’s Eternal Grace, and by the omniscience of the Trinity over control of your finite reality.

May we bring about the blossoming and unfolding of God the Supreme as this Age spirals towards completion of a divine plan for your particular zone of reality. May you continue to whet your appetite at the pool of ambrosia, supplied from the eternal source of the Trinity outpouring of the nectar of immeasurable, splendorous wonder controlling every atom that was ever existed. May you fear not the passage of death. May you recognize the promise of everlasting life is an assurance, a reality fact that has been gain stayed prior to the creation of the universes. All life returns to the Trinity Creator in unified, co operative, and co coordinated alignment. Associate with the divine and you accomplish the dream of the Ages. You build a bridge, Jesus mentioned, into the afterlife by the love and the energy portrayed in your interactions with your soul growth and your brethren. May we reveal, in limited quantities, the lessons to encourage, support and soothe your efforts. (Thank you.)

WELMEK : (T/R Michael): Greetings! This is your friend, and teacher, Welmek.(Hi, Welmek! Welmek, so wonderful to have you here.) Thank you. I am very pleased to be with all of you again. We are approaching your time of Easter and a recent observation I have made is your custom of giving children Easter baskets. As they receive these baskets filled with various treats their eyes light up and they are filled with excitement and they anticipate how wonderful it will be to enjoy these various treats that they have just been given. Now, as they look in this basket of treats there is usually one that stands out, that they most look forward to enjoying. Michael’s love on your planet was a remarkable, masterful experience.

And, when He left through resurrection on Easter Sunday, He left each of you a basket of treats, your Easter basket. All of the characteristics and the traits of His life are there, in that basket that He left with you. I would ask that each of you take a few moments to go within and ask yourself: of all of the treats that Michael left me through His life, which one do I most savor? Which one do I most enjoy? Take a few moments to go within and answer this question within you. And then, I would like for each of you to share with the group what your favorite treat that He has left you is. Of course, as always, you do not have to share if you do not wish to. It’s always voluntary. Take a few moments now and go within.


Gina: For me, what popped in is Love, love of life, but, definitely it’s the gift of Love. I enjoy people. I enjoy good laughter and a good joke, and being given situations of life where you could either cry or laugh. When it’s possible, I do that. So, for me it’s Love, the underlying connections that connects me with everyone and everyone with me. It’s Love. Thank you, God, for the gift of Love. Thank you, Christ Michael for the gift of Love.

WELMEK : (T/R Michael): And was it not said, “What greater love could one have for one’s fellows than to lay down their life for them.” And truly, the Master laid down His life for all of us. Thank you. (long pause) Come, my friends, surely there is something about Michael’s life that has impressed you, that has inspired you, that has given you the courage and the dedication that was spoke of earlier, to be here.

Stephanie: Michael, You healed my broken heart. You healed my broken heart when I had lost my first, dear child. In that death experience you came to me and held me in your beautiful, calming, precious, peaceful arms and told me that it would be alright. You healed my heart. You gave me a way to be able to live again and taught me that: Your love, and the love of the Father would carry me all the way through, and that I didn’t have to have a broken heart any longer; that I wasn’t alone; that You, my guardian angels, and the Father fragment within me would show me the way and fill my heart with love every, single day of my life so I wouldn’t be broken anymore. And,I want to thank you so much for that. Every time I see you in the inside of me, with your wonderful, accepting, beautiful, appreciative eyes, and that sweet smile that you have for me, and the opportunity and the invitation to leap back into Your arms to find that peace and that comfort. I couldn’t have lived without You. Thank you for healing my broken heart.

WELMEK:  (T/R Michael): So, for you, the Master has been the Great Healer. (Yes) Thank you.

Jack: I think learning to forgive is my favorite. The Master gave me that. It doesn’t always work, but, I work on it.

WELMEK:  (T/R Michael): So, the Master’s Mercy, the ability to forgive has been your favorite lesson. Thank you.
Betty: Immediately, the treasure that popped into my mind was the gift of the Master of peace of mind. It’s so wonderful to observe all the wrongs and, well, seemingly negative and adverse conditions and situations and know that it’s all in divine order and everything is in the process of evolving and becoming and we’re all in that context. And, there’s no reason, ever, to be critical and condemning and judgmental. I feel grateful for that gift and to be able to express it a lot of the time. Thank you.

WELMEK: (T/R Michael): Yes, the Master’s peace of mind. Look what He endured! Yet, He did ever allow all the evil, the negativity that surrounded Him to break His bond with the Father. And, that bond with the Father allows Him, allows each of us, to maintain that peace of mind and allows us to, as He said, “Be of good cheer.” Thank you.
Jim: He showed us bravery and courage, and that we can do what seems to be impossible – by taking a handful of common people, and virtually changing the world. And, He showed us that death is perfectly safe, simply, as a passageway to our own resurrection and reincarnation and He showed us the way to do it. What is there to fear?

WELMEK: (T/R Michael): And so, He showed us that the Truth would set you free. Thank you.

Carl: He showed us that with complete faith in the Universal Father, that anything is possible. He lived His life as a mortal as well as some God. With His complete faith He was able to do just about anything.

WELMEK:(T/R Michael): What is Faith, but the living trust in our Father? No matter what direction life’s path may take you in, you need not fear if you trust that the Father is there to hold your hand and to guide you. The living trust of the young child for their parents – this is the trust that the Master said you must have. Thank you.

Pack: He gives me Hope to look past my circumstances and to look forward to better things.

WELMEK:(T/R Michael): And, what is Hope, my friend?

Pack: It’s faith in something better coming down the road.

WELMEK:(T/R Michael): Well said. When we begin our journey, hope seems to be stronger, but as we grow, eventually, faith replaces hope, for we no longer hope that our eternal destiny will be assured. Through faith we come to know that our eternal destiny is assured. Thank you. (pause) Thank you, my friends for your participating. As you move through your journey of this next week, think of Michael. Remember that His spirit is will you, that you can access Him through His spirit. Whenever you need a hand to hold, whenever you need guidance, He’s there for you. He and Nebadonia are the anchors of your universe.

They sustain you. They uphold you. Along with our Father, They give us our complete spiritual family. We have spiritual parents. You have spiritual brothers and sisters. There is so much help for you. All you have do is ask. Seek, and you will receive. Remember, that the only true Kingdom lies within. Look within, and there you will find the faith, the love, the peace of mind, the truth, the compassions. All that you have begun to realize and all that you will continue to realize as you grow is all there, shining, glittering, in this wonderful Easter basket that is just for you. Thank you my friends.

Pack:  Thank you, Welmek.

VERONICA:  (T/R Jim): Dear Hearts, I am almost overcome with joy to be with you. I am Veronica. (Hi, Veronica. Hello, Veronica) I am an artisan, assigned to this collective, for the joyous task of interacting with you, some of my most favorite humans, whom I follow daily and even hourly, for I love you so much. We come to you across dimensions. We have been where you are, however, and we can provide many signposts to help you. My lesson would be to accent your ascension, ecstatically and to joyously experience the material on route to the spiritual. It is a journey for which you are well equipped.

You have heard of the magnificent flowering of the universe from your Melchizedek teachers, truly a grand and glorious university which is one of many universities, many universities upon this universe. For, that is what this university is all about. And much, much of these great resources are devoted to your ascension. For, you are indeed worth it. You are the seed that proves the vitality, the glory of the time and space worlds, the Be Ye Perfect continuum for all ages. You have the gifts which you are charged to learn to use to find the coalescence that you need to make this ecstatic leap into eternity.

You have the gift of mind. You have the gift of body. You have the gift of spirit. When you find the ways to bring these together, you will find the joyous ecstasy that will propel you, propel you into realms of universal ecstasy and joy. And so, you can accent your ascension on this path and find yourself so well equipped to find more immediate joy in Mansonia if you take advantage of this head start.

What will you do to develop your mind? I submit to you that, finding a place to stop your mind and settle it into a stern and rigid position is counterproductive to your continuing growth in finding the living and growing truth. For, in your brief, mortal sojourn have you not realized from time to time, year to year, that the knowledge you once had is evaporated? It is no more. It is amorphous. For, your deeper and greater perspectives lead you to a higher truth. Use your mind to reach for what you would find to open your soul to intellectual knowledge. Intellectual knowledge will grow your soul.

What would you do with your body? When you glorify it as a temple, would you utilize it wisely? Would you find the proper balance of pleasure and not to reach beyond to wasteful, indulgent, self gratification? Would you find the balance that makes you happy, which is not the pursuit of pure pleasure. Pleasure is found in service, in using your talents productively, not varying them, not self indulging, but, rather using them productively to reach out and spread joy, spread love, which comes back to you many fold. Your body, your hands, your feet, all parts of you are to be enjoyed, exalted and experienced. The universe is, indeed, a university, and, indeed, the key element of knowledge is experience. Could anyone tell you about anything – the universe, your planet, your life, your schedule tomorrow? It is the experience that is the uplifting joy and you will have many times to recall these pivotal flesh times when materialism was so much a part of your being. Make your body a joyous celebration, for it is a gift. It is a gift.

Your spirit will develop by wholeheartedly searching for the Father, the Universal Father, not turning your spiritual growth over to anyone, from guru, to preacher, to the friend next door – to anyone. To find that the key to universe growth for your spirit, even your body, even your mind, is all found from within, the strength that you gather from within. For the Father expects you to go out in the world and find strength of character? No, the Father would not expect you to find it, for, it is not out there. It is within.

You find these deep values from within, and in finding them you are so overjoyed that you want to turn them into service, for you are comforted, you are secure in the knowledge, the incredible knowledge of your grand ascension – you, as a beloved child of God, completely unique, with a place in the universe, on your planet, in your county, in your state, on your block and with all the people within your aura. Be proud of your status as humans, for you start at the very beginning and you have such a long and glorious way to go.

There are trials and tribulations here which can be endured quite confidently, provided you struggle in love and not fear. And, your path will be made easier when you understand that it is faith that is the key to love, and then to service. And, faith, not fear, will drive you forward. You can do the impossible, for truly, you have do idea of what the impossible is, and never have. All is possible under God. All is possible with God. If you stay with God you will do wondrous things, even if those wondrous things are within the walls of your home, within your family in the glorious job of parenting, or in your neighborhood, or even into the world. You are honored. You are exalted. As ascending children of God, just make sure you keep ascending. And, I must say that, though I grew up across the universe, far across the universe, I was a mortal.

I want you to understand your special place, for, we too, knew Jesus. We, too, celebrated this life, this example, and we were across the grand, and glorious universe of Nebadon. You are a special place; you are a special people. You are a special quest. You are a special place where spiritual servants and volunteers are coming to share their perspectives with you. Do not expect them all to be all wise, for, truly, they ascend as you are. Their perspectives of truth are their own, as yours are, and, this is never taken from you. Your perspectives are an integral part of your personality. Free Will is an intricate part of the entire, ever circling, circular evolution of which you are a part. There is no beginning; there is no end. There is only your ever ascending, swirling growth on the ascension path, which carries you to places you can only imagine. I wish you well in your quest. I will always follow you closely.

And, in the meantime, I would have a word for my personal companion, Stephanie. I would encourage you to continue the mirror exercise and you will see deeper and more things. I would encourage you to pour my words onto paper. Just sit down and pour my words onto paper as they come to you. I would say things through you that will have an impact because they are coming through you. You are on a remarkable path and you know this well. You know this well. I would give my time for others to speak, but I do have one other speaker who would speak, but briefly, with a somewhat different energy. (Thank you, Veronica) Thank you for listening. I hope it has been helpful. (Very helpful, a pearl)

MIDWAYER RACHEL: (T/R Jim): Hello, I am Rachel. (Hi, Rachel. Rachel, welcome) I do not sound like Rachel. I am somewhat a modular accident. I am a midwayer. Our energies are different. We speak differently. We are here with you. We are not accustomed to this role of teaching for we are expediter who would make your projects move faster and easier. We have been here, in another dimension of your reality, for many generations, of course. You read about us; you know we are here. You know, we facilitate, in some respect, these transmissions. We are servants to Universal Father. I would say to you that, if you start projects and wish our assistance, we will come forth or work with you in subtle ways.

We are not teachers. We are companions to help to give you insight through your Thought Adjuster and these incites will help you work more efficiently. We are what you might call your indigenous, Indian culture. We have been here so long, that we, of course, are part of the biological landscape, as you are, and we are pleased and blessed to live in the spaces where you do not live. We anticipate growing a more productive relationship as time moves forward in the reclamation of these worlds. I would only impress upon you not to make little of this mission, or your place, or this particular place within the reclamation. You are an integral part of it, small in number. Who cares? Great works are accomplished by people with the right connections.

We will help you make these connections, planetary communications is a realm in which we have enjoyed good success. Urantia Revelation was the beginning of a more active role and we will be more active still in working with you. Your teachers are, indeed, you source of inspiration and knowledge, but, myself, Sarah, and other individuals within our corps will be helping, as necessary, in these publishing, archival, library, and other types of projects, which involve publishing and spreading the news to increasing numbers of people. People are being awakened from within.

They must be given impetus from broadcasting and spreading the word to larger numbers. The larger numbers seem to give validity to the experience, itself, and people begin to understand it is quite alright, and quite correct to find your own spiritual path, as I know you have endeavored to do for a personal basis, and you should continue. Do not go to shamans for spiritual guidance. God is within you, within you, and you know this. And so, we would help as we are needed, and we would be there as you would need us. You must acknowledge the fact that you want some assistance on some project and we will be there. For the most part, we are background workers, however, and for the most part, we will remain background workers, except for specific projects.

Gina: I love your energy, very powerful. Very powerful. I wish I could pick it up when I sit down.

MIDWAYER RACHEL:  (T/R Jim): I am unaccustomed to this conduit, but we found it quite interesting to work with you all. Finally, finally, after many years of our patience it is beginning to come to fruition, for these direct routes are being established. I think they believe that you can be entrusted with these circuitries and they will be forthcoming. We will hope to use them judiciously, wisely, and even more so within the spiritual union of the great mission of the Melchizedek university, of which we are a part.

Gina: Well, I hope you can use me someplace.

Carl: You’re being used now, I’m sure.

MIDWAYER RACHEL: (T/R Jim): Midwayers are quite prolific, and I’m sure one can be found who can be attuned for your demeanor, which is quite straight ahead and forthcoming. We are much this way, too, in fact, we can border upon impatience from time to time, for, the pace of celestial and spiritual progress is slow and we are just Midwayers, after all. We have seen too much to be satisfied upon, this planet, for indeed, tragedies, travesties occur with grinding and pressing reality. We would do something about this and our active role is something we greatly appreciate and we greatly acknowledge the mandate and the quest to be part of this with you. Midwayers who were in rebellion are back, as well.

Why? Because this is indeed a great reclamation, and indeed, they would be part of it. They were part of it in the beginning; they are part of it now – the reclamation of all concerned, the reclamation of all planets concerned. And, this one, in particular, our home, which we can turn back into a glorious garden. The environment can be increased and improved, I should, say. It can be put back in good order, provided we co creatively take hold of these projects and do them. We have the time; you have the time. We have been here with your parents and grandparents, and ancestors before that. We can trace your family trees. We are finally pleased to be able to hitch upon this ascension train and be part of your growth and we can in helping facilitate your projects. God’s speed! (Thank you, Rachel. It takes courage to be able to try this new connection.)

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK:  (T/R Stephen): The dust of the rose petal belongs to the heart of the Perfume Maker in the vastness of unseen space, in the clarity of a clear vision, in the pact of an honored badge, worn loyally to the Sovereign of your universe. The nectar is dispensed from an immortal source, far away, unseen, but perceived. Reality swirls around the Island of Paradise, which has delineated the patterns of motion, the flows of energy, the force emulations to sustain the machinations of the superuniverses – magnificent swirl, at speeds uncharted, related to the song that you introduced, speeds beyond the speed of light.

Poetic Interlude
(Carl, our host this afternoon, played a number from a Clint Black concert video for us before our meeting began. Malvantra refers here to that song, whose lyrics follow:

When you’re feeling inside out and insecure
And life keeps getting you down,
When all life’s many worries hurry through your head
You don’t even want to get up
You just lie around in bed…

When you feel you just can’t take it anymore
And you wonder what on earth it is all for
Your love life’s like a war zone
Your TV’s on the blink
It’s enough to drive a drinking man to stop and take A think…

Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving
Revolving at nine hundred miles an hour.
It’s orbiting at nineteen miles a second
So it wrecking the sun that is the source of all our power. It’s driving you and me
And all the stars that we can see
By moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm at forty thousand miles an hour
In a galaxy we call the Milky Way.

Our galaxy itself, is made of a hundred million stars.
It’s a hundred thousand light years side to side.
It bulges in the middle, sixteen thousand light years thick,
But out by us it’s just three thousand light years wide.
We’re thirty thousand light years from galactic central point
We go around every two hundred million years.
And our galaxy is only one of millions and billions
In this amazing, expanding universe.

Our universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding
In all of the directions it can whiz
As fast as it can go,
The speed of light, you know,
Twelve million miles a minute
And that’s the fastest speed there is.

So remember when you feel very small and insecure
How amazingly unlikely is your birth.
And pray that there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space
‘Cause I’m afraid that we’ve been cheated here on Earth!

MALVANTRA: continued… The suns, are all named, and known by the Trinity – the blazing suns of nuclear splendor, all known by name, from the Trinity.
You’ve galvanized your commitment by your solidified consort with your Mystery Monitor, in full alignment with the Father’s universal plan of seeking perfection for the purpose of sanctifying a most formal, eternal directive. The outlying levels of reality, shall, with time, match in harmonious splendor, the internal dynamics of the Trinity’s existence. All angelic ministrations are designed to enlist the awareness of sentient beings, to attune, most assuredly, to the glories of the spectrum of divine circuitry.

Your seven adjutant mind spirits have been activated since the Life Carriers’ visitation with chemical implants in the salt waters of your far away planet. Your Master, graciously bestowed: the Spirit of Truth, in accord with Nebadonia, the most gracious, and all forgiving holy spirit directly connected to the Infinite Spirit of Trinity; outpourings of spiritual love; the succor, the balm, the ointment of eternal, and never ending soothing release of sorrow, pain, and suffering. You can not imagine the inimitable qualities of the Trinity, that’s pure existence creates the energy to sustain the awesome cosmos.

As you pray, remember to include, in gratitude, the sacrament in giving thanks for your existence, which will continue forever. Nebadonia, is overcontrol at the heart of Salvington to ensure that the spiritual circuit is sustained in eternal magnificence, by the grace of the Sovereign, in accord with His alignment with the elements of the Trinity’s influence, bound, purposefully to the heart of the Perfume Maker, whose ambrosia has been spread through the vastness of all reaches of material space.

Imagine, a single rose on a white expanse of desert sand, alone, glistening in the desert sun, rootless, yet sustained by atomic energy, by the graciousness of the bestowal of Creators, whose miraculous presentations were designed to enlighten the crowds who sought for signs and wonders. We’ll excite your imagination by presenting images and visions of wonders yet to be revealed. Imagine an ocean that accepts all rivers, all rivers of love, all streams of love, all currents of love, flowing into the depthless, unfathomable, expanse of the ocean of love, whose source, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, eternal, infinite, complete, unified, associated, qualified, pure, clean, ultimate – the source of all past, present, and future reality – the Trinity of the beginning and of the never end, into the entrance, the gate of immortality.

Your entrance into the unforeseen future of service, beyond the bounds of your grand universe, into the zones of the four outer space levels of the master universe, is the Creation’s unfolding. Your astronomers’ view is the nascent ascent of the new stellar configurations that are exploding on the outcroppings of the known zones of cellular reality.

Your Midwayers, balanced, roving rangers, natives, the only true citizens of Urantia from the start of the gates of Dalamatia, were present when Daligastia, at the entrance of the temple compound, revealed to the native mortals, the truth of constellation fathers. Vorondadeks floating through the air were interpreted and observed, explained by the corps, that the spiritual minions are in alignment with a loyal Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon. The Midwayers were born fully mature, cognizant from the beginning of the divine mission from the lieutenants and the captains, from the Ancients of Days, who decided that the missions of revelation were the most proper form of gentle exposure of the Trinity’s nutritious display of parental concern. The Midwayers have connected, in a mutual agreement, between the mortal corps of reserve awareness, the Reservists, and the angelic corps of the Seraphim and Sanobim associations.

You spin at incredible speeds, and in your stillness you will taste the method by which the motion of your reality is connected – by the divine circuit of your Monitor. Your early taste of eternity is gain stayed by your sipping the ocean of love, which is the wellspring of your Monitor’s direct connection to the Universal Father. Your connections with your Monitor are both sacred, unique, unmatched, and are the pleasant glory of all spiritual beings observing your evolutionary development. Nowhere, in the vast reaches of space, does a fusion occurrence take place other than the mortals blending with the spark and fragment of the divine First Source and Center. Your gift and your potential marriage, betrothal with the divine, elemental influence of the Trinity is an ensured guarantor, guaranteeing an endless display of intellectual growth, of mind expansion, of soul growth, and eventual union in the embrace of the Trinity on the gateway of the eternal dawn of jeweled splendor.

Your diadem of service on your planet is, as directed, to express in your own unique method, the gospel, as you understand it, and to reveal the good news to your brethren. Without withholding, due to fear or uncertainty, propel the message with all God’s speed, under the direction of Michael of Nebadon. The time has come to purport, and prepare in your neighborhoods the presentation of the gospel of love, and of the treatment of the unforeseen as a natural occurrence of your alignment with the Teaching Mission. It’s not imaginary; it’s actually real. Your blending with our mission is an exciting proposal for you to engage most assuredly with a revelatory experience of magnificent proportions, administered by the over control of your Sovereign and Immanuel’s brotherly assistance.

The gospel is a living document breathing life into the faith sons and daughters who travel through time for the purpose of expressing the joys and the abundant reward of your connections of brotherly and sisterly love. Prepare your future with your badge of honor. Your loyalty is worn on your sleeve to be seen by all. Remove yourself from the hidden closet. Stand firm and bravely portray your faith for all to see – beacons of hope, forgiveness, peace of mind, love, clarity of vision, starting new churches, publishing extensive displays of essays. Use Welmek’s most connected revelation of “remember the characteristics of your Master”, as the cloak shading your identity and as your role model for future presentation.

WELMEK:  (T/R Michael) I would like to return to share with you two more points about the Easter basket. My fellow teachers are smiling and they are jokingly teasing me about my Easter basket, and have promised that on this upcoming Easter, as celebrated on your planet, they will give me some form of morontia Easter basket so I might remember this lesson well. And so, I look forward to whatever this might turn out to be. But, I refuse to let go of my Easter basket and so, I wish to share with you two more points.
Gina: I love your stubbornness.

WELMEK:  (T/R Michael) Well, I would not call it stubbornness, but, perhaps, I will have to rethink that. When children get their Easter baskets after expressing their initial delight, you notice a tendency for them to want to take them to their rooms or to hide them. They hide them because they do not want to share them with other children. They hide them because there is a fear, a mentality that says, “This is for me, and it will run out, and so, I do not want to share it with others.”

As humans grow, they often do not change this mentality. They tend to want to hoard, to keep to themselves the treasures that they have found. But, you see, my friends, as you change, transform your reality from the material to the spiritual, you must transform this pattern of thinking. The Easter basket that we earlier described, of spiritual treats – love and hope and compassion and faith and mercy – all of these, you see, you can share. And, you begin to notice that as you share them from your Easter basket they are immediately replenished. For, in the spiritual realm there is an endless supply, an endless replenishing to these gifts.

You need not retain this mentality – that if you are kind, if you are compassionate, if you are merciful, if you are forgiving, if you are loving, that somehow it will drain you and you will not be able to have any more of this for yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth. For, you see, as you share, you are given back many fold what you have shared. The Father is truly generous in His gifts to each of us. But, He wants us to learn the lesson of sharing, the lesson of service. And, as we learn this lesson, He gives us more than we can possibly use. Our cup runneth over. Or, our Easter basket runneth over. Do not allow yourself to be trapped, to be caught in this mentality.


WELMEK: The final point that I would like to make is that when the child looks into the Easter basket, their senses are almost over stimulated. They are filled with such delight. For, as they look into the basket there are all types of eggs and different types of candies. And, each looks delicious. They can’t wait to taste the different types, for each has its unique taste, its unique flavor, its unique aroma, its unique color. And so, my friends, think of yourselves as one of these treats in our universe Easter basket.

Allow the universe to taste you, to smell your aroma. Do not hide down into the bottom of the basket. Allow yourself to be seen, to be tasted. Allow others to share the delight that is you. Every treat in this Easter basket is unique. No two can possibly be exactly the same. And so, you are a treat to the universe. You have a uniqueness to share with the universe, and as you allow this sharing, as you give of what you are, you will be replenished. Your taste, your flavor will grow even more delicious, your aroma even more appealing.

Share, share, share. Give what you have. Give who you are. As there is more sharing that goes on, the children who have not found an Easter basket yet will find one in you. They will find one because you are sharing yours. And as this sharing takes place all over the world, great, great changes can occur. The thought of being alone, all of the fears that humans carry with them begin to fade. The spiritual gifts they begin to see are all around and they never end. They are always replenished. And so, a whole new mentality of sharing, of enrichment, of sharing the great feast together, begins to replace the hoarding, the one of keeping everything to one’s self. And, this is how your world becomes transformed. Think of yourself as this wonderful, delicious, unique treat that the universe is waiting to taste. Thank you.

Student:  Thank you. Beautifully done, Welmek, lovely lesson.

ELISHA: (T/R Jim): This is Elisha,

Student:  Hello, Elisha.

ELISHA:  With just a moment of verse, Hopefully, not too terse. You could do worse. It’s not the universe. You don’t have to immerse. Just listen first. This is the age of miracles and joy Brought to reality in each girl and boy. To follow the straight path to joyous peace Comes from the spirit giving full release To the guidance of the Holy Spirit inside To bring forth the loving and enjoy the ride. You are each sparkling stars on an ethereal plane, Basking in son shine and celestial rain. Share it with all that you meet each day And you will be happy in every way. Your struggles, in love, will be easy to bear, And you will find a companion in Jesus right there In all that you do, and all that you share, In all the good tidings that you bear To brothers and sisters, everywhere.

Thank you for listening. This is Elisha on behalf of the artisans, and, I suppose, the teachers, and all who are gathered here in happiness, and smiling all around me. I hope you feel our presence all around, for, we feel yours and we are overjoyed to be part of it.

Group:  Thank you. Beautiful.

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