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CIN7- Respond to Critics of TM With Love

1994-03-04-Respond to Critics of TM With Love
Cincinnati #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Respond to Critics of TM with Love
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Review
 3.2.1 Persecution, Teaching Mission, Urantia Movement
 3.2.2 Discovery, Truth
 3.2.3 Health, Healing
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Dolphins
 3.3.2 Urantia Book
 3.3.3 Transmitting
 3.3.4 Teacher Contact
o 3.4 Exercise
 3.4.1 Stillness
 3.4.2 Art of Living, Vision
o 3.5 Closing
• 4 References

Topic: Respond to Critics of TM with Love
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas
TR: Jim Cleveland



Good evening, my dear friends. This is Tarkas. It is truly gratifying to see such a large gathering this evening. We have much to discuss this evening. And we have Bakim and her artisans feverishly preparing a gallery of what they hope to be illuminating and beautiful works for you to see. It will be a grand experiment to see if we can interlock all of the loving energies into a visualization. It should be quite interesting for you all.


Persecution, Teaching Mission, Urantia Movement

I do have brief remarks this evening before we begin, before our artistic portion of the evening, in order to reiterate a few of the basic tenets of the Teaching Mission.

Several of you are disturbed by recent rigorous denunciations of the mission by several who are among the beautiful and talented and dedicated in your Urantia movement. This poses no problem but rather an opportunity to respond to them in loving kindness as we have instructed and inspired you to do all these many months. You will find in their invalid criticisms dedicated hearts who are working, in their minds, to further the Father’s love on your world. It is an opportunity for you to speak about basic teachings of the mission which are entirely agreeable with what they profess.

We do not, in fact, seek to divide you with your Thought Adjuster. Rather we emphasize strongly that this is your ultimate connection to the Father’s Indwelling Spirit in the Thought Adjuster, and the Spirit of Truth, as well. If in our language we say that we are closer to you, this only means in terms of comprehension of our presence. It is difficult for most mortals to reach the deep spiritual inner contact which they so desire. But through our morontia personalities who are much closer to you, we are able to facilitate this contact and we are quite pleased and overjoyed to do so. Your connection with the heavenly Father is, indeed, the supreme connection.

It has been said somewhat truthfully that the Teaching Mission would follow the final paragraph [1] in the Urantia Book which urges you to make this contact. This was a strong and positive admonition at the time of the writing. We are here to help facilitate this contact.

It has been said that we do not use Midwayers in the process. But, indeed we do, and they are quite valuable in many aspects including the down stepping of highly purified spiritual energies of such intensity that they must be down stepped for your presence.

It has been said that we seek some level of control over your lives. Of course, this is not true. Participation is entirely voluntary. At the outset it was noted that whether you continued with these lessons, you were equally blessed as a child of the Father. We understand that you take many varied paths to the Father during your sojourn here, as expected.

It has been said that we would interfere with your free will choices. This is, of course, not true either. Even the Father respects your free will choices, a grand and glorious gift which he has bestowed upon you.

It can be truthfully said that Jesus did not require our ministration in the course of his earthly sojourn. Spiritual manifestations of Jesus’ life should not be compared to yours. Most mortals today could well benefit from more spiritual guidance, whatever source they pursue.

These loving workers for the movement would tend to divide it one more time and make it a smaller fraction of itself. This cannot be. We must respond in [love|loving]] kindness and embrace the error of these brothers and sisters in our love. It is a great opportunity to practice the lessons we have had. I commend it to you as one of your first important goals in the Teaching Mission. I would say further that we have been perceived as a problem in attracting new readers to the Urantia Book.

Since the method of transmission in so-called channeling, our critics would say that this is a somewhat nefarious practice associated with new age mysticism. I say to you that there is error in new age mysticism, error in perception, just as there are errors of perception in the Holy Bible. But we must stress the commonalities in the considerable truth that we find in the Bible, in the Urantia Book, and in many other works of impact that are even now coming upon your scene.

Discovery, Truth

I would urge you, just as you have not limited your knowledge and limited your spiritual growth to what you can read in the Bible, which is a wonderful book, neither should you limit your spiritual growth and knowledge and development to what you can now read in the Urantia Book.

Do not limit yourself at all. Do not limit yourselves to these sessions in hopes that I will bring you great nuggets of wisdom which will suffice in your life. Continue to explore new topics and new subjects. We are not afraid of new ideas even though some may not hold more than a partial truth. We can build upon that truth and we have faith in each of you, our students and citizens of this world, to learn to attune yourselves to the Indwelling Spirit, to the Spirit of Truth, to your Thought Adjuster, and, yes, also to us as we seek to guide you in the spiritual light.

Expand your realm of knowledge. There is much happening and exploding in this world. It is truly a massive spiritual reawakening that must not be limited to those who would stagnate with the publication of the Bible or the publication of the Urantia Book. The world has changed since the 1930’s, since the 1950’s and is changing rapidly around you now. You observe these things.

Health, Healing

Only in the subject of medicine alone can you find many fascinating new topics which will be consolidated with your current medical practice, which is limited, to form a vast spiritualized, and spiritually inspired medical community of the future, not predicated upon business considerations and greed, but rather on universal service.

Some ideas that now seem far fetched to those who would stagnate in one thought pattern are truly worthwhile methods to explore. This new field could be called energetic medicine, vibrational medicine, or whatever you finally deem to call it. Now you call it by many names encompassing homeopathic remedies, radiology, acupressure and acupuncture, flower essences, therapeutic touch. Many names . .. and at some time you will be able to synthesize these teachings into a wonderful new world where you will finally be able to conquer the pollution and corruption that has caused so many of your illnesses.

As you pray for those tonight whose bodies are ravaged by illnesses, for which we truly empathize with your plight, we ask you to rest assured that loving angels and guardians are awaiting all of you when you leave this world. We are now more active than ever in hoping and encouraging, and sometimes gently helping in other ways to keep you here for quite some time. After all, you all have work to do for the mission.

 (arrival of friends)

Welcome to our gathering. We are most pleased to see you here. We had a most pleasing session a few days ago with our sister, Stephanie. Others are scheduled and we are quite pleased with your progress individually and as a group. This concludes my remarks for the evening. Unless I have raised a question of such nagging curiosity that it must be solved, we will go onto our second segment of the evening.



HUMAN: I have a nagging question. If I don’t ask it now I will probably forget to ask it later. When I was in Hawaii, I felt really connected with the dolphins and the whales. In this book I was reading, the author had mentioned that the dolphins and whales are Midwayers. You were saying earlier how the Midwayers help prepare vibrational energies, helping those energies to come to our level so we can receive them. Is it true?

TARKAS: These highly advanced creatures are not actually Midwayers but they are strongly influenced and, in a sense, more accurately, they are full fledged collaborators with the Midwayers. Saying that they are subjected entirely to Midwayers’ directions would be not giving these beautiful, intelligent creatures their full due. In their collaboration they are quite more intelligent than before imagined. Has this answered your question?

HUMAN: But what do they do besides swim?

Urantia Book

TARKAS: Each living creature has its own mission and life and whales and fishes are much different than your own, but no less valid than your own life experience. The Midwayers exist in a dimension which is somewhat over layered with yours and is difficult to explain in time and space language. They are here as co-residents of your world in this separate dimension of their own society and have functioned quite faithfully and fruitfully for many generations. I can say no more about Midwayers but there is a great deal of material in the Urantia Book on this subject.
I would encourage all of you to read a little portion of the Urantia Book each day. It is truly the most advanced text that you have of many, although we have discussed many other worthwhile books, of course. Others and I have encouraged you to pick and choose among the new offerings which are coming on-stream and choose fields of which you have an interest and explore new thoughts. You will find artistic expressions of various kinds in addition to the hard businesses of medicine and law and government. We will hope to add our spiritualizing influence in much greater intensity in the future.


We also had a criticism that the transmitting process is somewhat like channeling in seance sessions which many have used and abused. They were used as scams. In the first place, the transmission process is not a full trance process. The forerunners of this Correcting Time, and there were a few, relied on full trance to transmit many beautiful lessons which have been the precursor to the Teaching Mission and have taken root with many, with relatively few I would say, spiritual seekers.

Now with the Teaching Mission and the opening of more energy circuits since the adjudication, you can all transmit and all make contact with your personal guides and teachers, accept this personality as a friend who will go with you and share your life to some degree. You don’t even have to take their advice but you will find that as situations come to mind they will remind you quite strongly of the Father’s love and your beautiful and glorious destiny and our basic daily lessons of worship, prayer, forgiveness, and loving service.

Trances are not necessary but I’ll say to you that criticisms of the method miss the point. The point is the message; the method of transmission is almost incidental. The method seems quite well chosen; it does not destroy your very positive and powerful position as agondonters, people who believe without seeing. There are some that say that teachers will not come to you in this way, but we find it a quiet and gentle way to join with you in thought and inspiration rather than showy spectacles or acknowledged miracles which at once change your mind-set and deal a somewhat damaging blow to your whole concept of faith and trust in the Father. So, we try to come to you gently in this process which is quite workable.

HUMAN: I have one nagging question, if you’re through. One last nagging question. Is that OK?

TARKAS: Yes, that’s fine.

Teacher Contact

HUMAN: I’m wondering if I have been assigned a teacher. I’ve been receiving bits and pieces and I’ve been seeking the stillness more since I’ve been receiving.

TARKAS: It is true that everyone in this room has been assigned a teacher and it is your task to make contact. We have repeated lessons on the stillness and with perseverance I think you will make contact. She is quite loving and anxious to work with you. She finds many good qualities which she believes would be a sharing of common interest. We are working to project a name through your transmitter. Exact names and numbers sometimes require a bit of repetitive . …..The names are a bit difficult sometimes because we are working with sound and waves and vibratory elements as opposed to a language with hard and fast words. Sometimes we stumble over spelling and pronunciation . …. Jonella is your teacher.

HUMAN: Thank you.

TARKAS: It has been wonderful being with you all this evening. Bakim is anxious to take over our second part of the program. After my lecture, I hope it’s not extra difficult to change your mood from one of contemplation, analyzing some of the ideas I have presented. I ask you to pass these aside. Our exercise with the artisans will require a level of quietness and relaxation.

I ask now that we have a moment or two of quiet with one or two to facilitate the focusing and relaxation process. Only for this reason: we have selected a song which we hope will be relaxing and allow you to chuck aside all these heavy thoughts and ideas I have presented and to do what is more important than learning or thinking sometimes, pure relaxation and opening to the Holy Spirit inside each of you. Tonight we have many friends here who want to share your love. I say goodnight to you.

(music interlude)



BAKIM: What beautiful, loving, passionate people for us to work with this evening! If you knew the love that surrounds you in this room. Our artists are backstage preparing for you what we hope will be a show of great pleasure. We have so much positive energy to call upon, individually and collectively. We are quite pleased and abuzz at this loving group. We ask you to go into stillness daily . .. truly the cornerstone of the mission. And it is truly the cornerstone of your life. It is time to quit reading books and studying all the time and begin to feel the presence of the heavenly Father, the presence, the love that radiates around you.

You must bring this to life, must quit reciting problems and worrying about the insanity in your infantile media dominated by persons with desperate egos. We would hope to work to spiritualize their views, and we even see progress here.

We are asked to be of positive mind, and it works! Just as you are asked to be of positive mind, and many of you think that’s corny. But when you try it, it works. Radiating love each day to your brothers and sisters . .. perhaps that is corny as well. But doesn’t it work? Hasn’t this group come a long way? You continue to need work and relaxation and the budgeting of time for this few minutes of stillness which you owe the Father. He who lives His life with you, you can give him a few moments each day.

If you want to contact your spirit guide, then you must learn relaxation. This is not concentration, but this is release and being able to center your energy. As we sit in the stillness now, we feel the body in balance. One side must not be higher than the other, but you must be leveled and balanced. And to be able to see, almost with the middle eye. In this relaxation, begin to feel a heaviness, sometimes breathing is necessary to relax yourself into the heaviness. Then the body feels quite weightless after a few moments. Feel the quietness for a moment in the room.

Many would fear the quietness, and must have a constant rattle. The quietness is a power. You can almost hear the energies aligning. Begin to visualize, in your mind’s eye, the energies that are vibrating inside your eyes. There is a darkness, but there is also vibrational light, and energies which you can only catch in glimpses, but you know that they are there.

I would ask you to concentrate on something very beautiful. Perhaps it would be a mountain stream, seashore, a sunset, a baby’s face smiling in yours, your mother waiting on the front porch, waiting for you to arrive, your children rushing to hold you, their beautiful smiles. When you look for beauty, you find beauty. When you look for goodness in your troubled world, you will find it. When you look for truth, when you ask for truth, you will be given increments of truth as your vessel can hold it, day by day.

As you appreciate the beauty around you, and in your mind’s eye, cautiously begin to intensify colors and intensify your appreciation of the brilliance of a sunny landscape, rolling hills and green. The more you look for beauty, the more you will find beauty. I urge you to make your life an artistic expression. From the moment you arise, carry yourself with a healthy regimen of pride: you are a child of God, this is your day.

Represent your Father and honor Him, and show love for your brothers and sisters. There are so many who are troubled; the opportunities are so abundant. How can you get through these troubled days; how many times have you despaired and asked yourself how you would get through the problems? The answer is in the stillness. For what you ask, you will receive.

When you pray in the heart and goodness of what you know you must come to the Father with, you will be received, now more than ever. So many are here to help facilitate this progress. That is where you get the physical energy, the spiritual energy, and the intellectual energy. You will be refueled. You will find that of your errors in judgment and shortcomings of which you have despaired for so long, your teachers and guides will be able to impress in your mind new ways to look at the situation. Those ways will very often be productive.

Art of Living, Vision

Live your life as an artistic expression; live in beauty. In your stature, in your bearing, the way that you walk, the way you appear to other people. Are you radiating confidence to them? Are you radiating beauty? Are you radiating the truth that you are a child of God? What is the sound of your voice in the air? When you write, do you write in such a way that you convey beauty in your words and thoughts?

Whatever your life’s work, consider it an artistic expression. And work with us. It has been said that the Teaching Mission is all in your imagination. I say to you that your spirit essence and the heavenly Father has always been in your imagination. When you imagine truth, beauty and goodness these are messages from the Father inside.
Now I would like you to totally relax. I would like you to be weightless. I would like you to have the faith and trust that you know your loving guides are all around you, aching sometimes to embrace you, wanting to be your friend so earnestly from the other side. Don’t shut us out just because we’re on another side. You can have friends on our side, as well, because of the opening of these wonderful energy circuits which have allowed us to come to you. It’s an opportunity for us and for you for reclaiming this troubled world.

In your visualization, we will give you an ample amount of time to visualize beauty and be receptive to the artists who will guide you. In visualizing, you truly do not know the results of this work. We are highly encouraged by positive experiences and the leadership shown by some in this room. Elisia will talk to you shortly about the artistic expression that she has created here. She is learning to communicate with your transmitter. For a few moments I think you will find it interesting to get a bit of understanding of how we perceive art.

ELISHA: This is Elisha and I am most pleased to speak with you. I am truly excited by the work here. We create works of art which reflect the world we are visiting. Yours very often includes conflict. It is our challenge to make these artistic expressions in keeping with the spiritual light. And so we do, for art is created from various kinds of energy patterns. We have endeavored to show, in some cases, ways in which we traverse from one place to another, and I have even transmitted some scenes of my former life in a picturization of my world. We are quite encouraged with our preliminary work but this will be quite an experiment to see how this works on a group level. We will be most pleased to hear your discussions and ideas of what you have experienced after this exercise.

I want to tell you about an artistic expression that we are working on. Imagine yourselves, with us, in your California, where I was recently among the gigantic trees . …the browns and greens. And we raced to the top of the redwoods and there we moved upward to the glorious blue sky with clouds and sunshine. In a flash, there was a dichotomy of experience in so many ways. And so this experience can become our reality with our energy forms and artistic expressions and an actual experience that we can share with others.

You will learn to enjoy this art when you come to our side. It is not truly physical matter but rather so many other forms which you will learn about. You should relish and look forward to this day. For now, please, enjoy the beauty of your own world. Even your man-made creations can reflect a beauty, design, and structure of architecture that you should truly appreciate as well. It is not an either or, nature or man. You must learn to work together environmentally to create the art that will inspire you. As the art inspires you, you become more relaxed and spiritual, and you will grow . .. leaping.

I will leave you now. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you. We will now have a time of silence; it is your free time to do as you please. To think, to visualize, to worship, to pray, to experience. Our teachers endeavor to work with you. We would expect the quietness and stillness for perhaps five to ten minutes. Thank you.

BAKIM: We thank you for your participation in this exercise. We feel a level of relaxation and enhancement of peace and well-being and a closer attunement of harmonies with the Father. This is a constant blessing, the stillness. Beyond, we feel that experiences have been varied. Practice makes perfect. We will enjoy hearing your discussions and sharings. We would slip away, but that might be like slipping out the back door.

We feel that our computer banks are filled with much that will be studied and discussed. Our initial observation is that some of you had quite visual experiences and others felt the beginnings of color vibrancy in some of our compositions and some light. We feel that in the future it might be preferable to set the stage for these truly intuitive feeling exercises without too much intellectual exercise at the outset, which brings your analytical mind into sharp focus.

There is a difference in these processes. For some it is easy to switch from one to another. For others, there are lingering analytical thoughts which interfere with true and open creative visualization. By and large, we think your experiences have been interesting.


But we will adjourn now and let you exchange some notes, as you will. Tarkas asked me to say to you that we will have future sessions on perception and judgment, and interweave these with some very specific questions which we have gathered and have not been asked at the meetings. We look forward to continuing with you. The artists will remain in their stations in this area for some time and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Goodnight.

(Discussion, with all commenting on their visualizing experiences.)


1. Final (actually next to last) paragraph that is the concluding “great challenge” of the text. It reads:

The great challenge to modern man is to achieve better communication with the divine Monitor that dwells within the human mind. Man’s greatest adventure in the flesh consists in the well-balanced and sane effort to advance the borders of self-consciousness out through the dim realms of embryonic soul-consciousness in a wholehearted effort to reach the borderland of spirit-consciousness–contact with the divine presence. Such an experience constitutes God-consciousness, an experience mightily confirmative of the pre-existent truth of the religious experience of knowing God. Such spirit-consciousness is the equivalent of the knowledge of the actuality of sonship with God. Otherwise, the assurance of sonship is the experience of faith.[2]

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