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CIN8- Interaction, Coalescence of Group

1994-03-18-Interaction, Coalescence of Group
Cincinnati #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Interaction, Coalescence of Group
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Bakim
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Faith
 3.2.2 Diversity
 3.2.3 Vision, Beauty
 3.2.4 Barriers
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Healing, Health
 3.3.2 Correcting Time
 3.3.3 DNA, Rebellion
 3.3.4 Rhetoric
 3.3.5 Attraction, Attunement
 3.3.6 Collaboration
 3.3.7 Body, Energy
 3.3.8 Teacher Contact
 3.3.9 Transmitting, Barriers

Topic: Interaction, Coalescence of Group
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas, Bakim
TR: Jim Cleveland



TARKAS:  Good evening, my friends. This is Tarkas. And, indeed, Janet, I have spoken to you, as I hope to speak to all of you in time. You are all making extraordinary progress in communicating with your spirit teachers, your higher selves, expanding in your way each day.


The numbers of your group will be expanding as well. As we promised, we are working in many ways to bring to you those who have genuine talents to share and who will strengthen this group as a coming teaching unit, to prepare the way for our Master’s second coming.

It is quite encouraging to see you interacting with one another, sharing, loving, coalescing. It is appropriate to say at this time that this is a very important development, perhaps equally as important as listening to my words.

You have many talents to share with one another. I would remind you that members of your group do have special talents of healing, visualization, and in many other areas which are growing in them. It would be a wonderful idea for you to spend more time with one another, sharing and enjoying each other’s talents.

All these things work in unison, in harmony. You learn by reading your Urantia text, you learn through a Course in Miracles, you learn by many other beautiful works which are being created by humans, partly through our inspiration, with a great deal of cooperation and teamwork. You learn from one another, and hopefully you learn some different perspectives that we bring to you.
We have a short lesson this evening after which Bakim would like to discuss the recent visualization exercise and some parting thoughts as she will be moving on to a new assignment. But she will continue to visit retroactively as will members of her celestial artisans.


My thoughts tonight are on the subject of faith. We have talked about faith many times as a cornerstone of your evolutionary religions and as a cornerstone of our teachings. Faith is the threshold from which many wonderful things emanate. You are most familiar with faith in the heavenly Father as the foundation of religion. I ask you to expand your thoughts on faith beyond this sense. While it is not mandatory that you have faith in many things that you see in your world, it is not a prerequisite for anything, nonetheless, when you exhibit and show faith in your brothers and sisters and in your ability to make positive, spiritual changes in this world . .. when you show this faith and act upon it, you will be blessed, rewarded, and you are truly on the path of the Father’s light.

We have talked about the uselessness of reciting the many problems of your world. This is a quagmire of which many cannot escape, somewhat exasperated by what they see each day in the media as they record the horrible, miserable circumstances all around you. It is difficult without engaging in the daily stillness to overcome your feelings of hopelessness, skepticism, and cynicism at the things around you.

But I will remind you that the Father has utmost faith in each of you, knowing the inherent goodness of each of his creations. This is a fact that you sometimes forget. Christ Michael always exhibited a great deal of faith in his brothers and sisters he met and administered to on this sphere. Would you not want to share this faith? Would you not want to develop this feeling of faith in your brothers and sisters?

There is this kernel of goodness inside each. As you move forward in your development, I think you each are beginning to perceive this goodness, this innate spark of the Father, and taking a more tolerant view of some of the wrong things that you see your brothers and sisters doing each day.

Do you have faith that the Correcting Time will be successful? Do you have faith that your small group will grow in strength and purpose and be able to make a positive contribution? Do you have faith in all your brothers and sisters, that they will rediscover this goodness inside and begin to develop their spirituality? I would encourage you to discard these feelings of skepticism, doubt, and cynicism and begin to show faith in yourselves. In this faith will come a strength of purpose, a higher level of trust and love and joy. It is truly a building block upon which great things can be accomplished.

Bakim would speak with you for a short while. She has a number of closing thoughts for this group and some explanation regarding your previous exercise. (doorbell rings) I would pause for a moment.

BAKIM: Good evening to all of you. It is such a joy to be back with you this evening to share some ideas and answer any questions you might have regarding our recent visualization exercise with our teachers.


To begin, this recent session was quite beneficial for our side. We confirmed some thoughts that we had and made some adjustments in our thinking. In the visualizations which we practiced, we confirmed that the diversity on this quite extraordinary sphere is much more diverse than what we encounter on most worlds. This emanates, of course, from your troubled history. Diversity of thoughts, expressions, ideas on a world settled in light and life can be diverse but nothing to the extent that we see here.

There are many aspects of erroneous thinking, wrong thinking, selfishness, greed, which have proliferated from the rebellion. The end result is that diversity has exploded and expanded. What I mean to say is that on light and life worlds, people have, by and large, discarded many of these problematic points of view. You have not been able to do that because of this troubled past. So, these thoughts do contribute to a widespread diversity and many anguished moments of internal question and strife.

As we expected, these thoughts that have not been expunged by the Father’s light, which remain rampant here, will come out in visualization exercises such as that which we conducted. The diversity of what you felt and saw that evening was even more diverse. There is certainly a positive side to this. This is quite an exciting amalgamation of ideas and impressions that you deal with here and we find it quite invigorating because it is a new adventure and experience for us. For those of you who have dealt in this sometimes evil and always misguided world, I’m sure you are quite sick and tired of these things but for us we find the exploration quite invigorating.

Vision, Beauty

In your visualizations, we also determined that it was difficult to make a clear demarcation, in our exercises, between the intellectual reasoning and critical thought patterns and the other side of intuitive, feeling, knowing-type knowledge. There was this dichotomy that you and the artisans had to deal with as well. It was much like a see-saw going up and down. You were traversing both sides of your minds and this contributed to some difficulties.

Some of the artistic expressions that our teachers were trying to express did come through quite clearly in some of you, and you were able to see at least parts of our celestial art that we are creating. For others, we despaired of showing you actually what we were creating and instead changed our strategy in order that we could help you visualize any thoughts and ideas that were in your minds. Some of your rather strong and impressive visualizations were not actually our art but thoughts and impressions of your own which, nevertheless, helped you embellish.

Another side of the picture were those who are not quite visual at all and failed somewhat to see any visualizations of real impact. This would be an appropriate time to say that this does not constitute a failure. Many of you have very strong visualization powers and in some they are not well developed. At the same time, others have strong powers in other areas. Again, each of you is a unique, absolutely unique, creation, no better because you are able to visualize, only different. It is quite exciting to see all of this diversity play itself out. Our notebooks are filled with information and we will have other questions to explore the next time we make an effort to show you our visual art.

In the meantime, I would reiterate and expand upon some of the thoughts I gave you earlier. We talked about making your life an artistic expression wherever you go. In the words that you speak, in the bearing that you exhibit, in the ways that you look into the eyes and empathize and show feeling and concern for your friends. I would encourage you to do this and more. Be particularly aware and intensify in your mind your daily experiences as if they were artistic expressions as well. And, in a sense, they are. I would encourage you to develop a heightened sense of awareness of all that you do. When you look upon a landscape, bring to mind in an instant the beautiful colors and the feel and look of that scene.

You can develop the power through control of your own energies to make this scene even more intense and even more beautiful. You can do this as well through the food that you eat by taking only a moment or less to register this food in your mind, the beauty, the taste, the nourishment.

In this way, you can intensify your experiences day by day. As you develop a more intensified impression of beauty, then you can continue to build and enhance this power day by day. This is true not only with your visualizations of people, places, and things around you, the taste of the food you eat, but you can develop a more gracious feeling of compassion and mercy and love that will intensify your heart and bring you almost to the point of tearful joy — feeling this joy of the Father’s love each day.


Perhaps you would say: ‟But what would I gain by becoming more tenderhearted, more sensitive? For is not the world full of terrible things from which I must protect myself?”
I say to you that these shields are not the protection that you seek. The shield is the Father’s love. Do not try to protect yourself alone without help. Do not feel that you are swimming against the tide and have no help at all in a sinful world. Instead, know that there is help all around. You have unbelievable powers within you to feel and express yourselves and influence the people around you in quite profound ways by emanating the Father’s love.

As you develop this, your brothers and sisters, as you know, within this group become helpmates as well. They energize you. You energize one another. And, of course, the Father. Go to the Father each day for your energizing worship and prayer, which you have learned by experience will fully energize you and brighten your lives. Do not live in despair; there is help all around, from within and without, as you nurture one another, from the heavenly Father. This is part of what I would call an artistic expression. It is what might be called a strong balance in your lives. I encourage you to continue this work.

I will be moving on to other groups with other of my artists, but I will be visiting periodically to see how you are and certain of my artisans will be visiting more frequently . They have developed some lasting relationships with members of your group. It has been my great pleasure working with you and I see tremendous potential for you all to move forward..

Are there any questions at this point?


HUMAN: You promised us four or five of those sessions and now you are backing out. (laughter)

BAKIM: Do you feel that additional visualization experiences would be helpful for you?

HUMAN: Yes, they would be wonderful. Could we have one tonight?

BAKIM: I think we could probably arrange for such an exercise. I would ask you if there is any additional comment on Gina’s suggestion and if there is some unanimity about the benefit of these exercises to help you progress in visualizing. Do you feel that progress was made and that progress can be continued?

HUMAN: I do. I had some experiences in the visualization that helped me connect with my own personal power and to feel the vibration of different colors. I think that can be put to use sometime to help other people.

HUMAN: I was very entertained.

HUMAN: The session for me was really outstanding. I can close my eyes and bring colors back in and I can see that life in the stillness. It was fantastic.

HUMAN: I have questions about visualization. I’ve found a lot of answers in my life through visions. A lot of them are probably symbols. They are beautiful when they are happening yet I don’t have a context to make sense of them.

BAKIM: I would say that just as the Teaching Mission seeks to unite each of you as a group, for this has been a visual for collective growth, that eventually each of you connects with your own personal guide and teacher so that you may work with them each day, any time that you wish. In some cases, you know that a particular time of the day has been set aside in which your teachers are always with you and anxious to communicate and are sometimes disappointed when this does not come to pass.

In like measure, you have these powers of visualization in the stillness practice, provided you ask for these things specifically. Whatever you wish, in virtually all cases, this is provided to you. If you feel that your powers of visualization should be developed and that you can make spiritual progress by developing these powers, then you certainly have the ability to do these things on your own. The visualization powers can give you quite profound feelings of many kinds.

They would not necessarily make you more spiritual, more connected to the Father, than those other people who are much more analytical or verbal and do not have this ability. They can be equally spiritual. However, visualization, as you say, can be exciting and fun. We are most glad that the exercise turned out this way for you and we will endeavor to conduct additional sessions. Several artists will be working among you in the weeks ahead and I will be visiting again on occasion. Perhaps, you could make contact with Tarina, Seanna, John, David and several others will be at hand.

Healing, Health

HUMAN: Before, you had said that art and healing were related. If I understand it, our bodies vibrate with a certain pitch that can be seen as colors and can be heard. When our bodies are not healthy, the colors are out of line and the pitch is also out of line. Art relates to healing in this way: when we see truth and beauty, it helps to realign our vibrational forces likewise into truth and beauty. Is that correct?

BAKIM: This is somewhat true. The healing activity is greatly enhanced when stress and anxiety, as well as other emotions such as anger and resentment, have been expunged. The concentration on beautiful art, artistic expression, or actually the creation of this art, frees the mind from these debilitating influences and occupies it in the creation and appreciation of beauty. In this light, these bad emotions simply are evaporated, and in that way healing and art are quite interrelated.

I should say at this point the techniques by which we seek to teach you in groups such as this, as you know, are somewhat laborious and slow. Effective, yes, but there is so much knowledge to be gleaned in these fields of energetic medicine, it could be called, and the other terms of so-called alternative medicine. There is so much that we do encourage you to go beyond the tidbits and somewhat oversimplified views that I’m able to express to you. You can gain so much more knowledge through the books and other writings which are now being produced.

Do not worry that these books are created by humans. And do not worry that there could be some errors and misconceptions within. These are easily filtered through your Spirit of Truth as to what rings true with you. This will be a barometer for making these choices and you should trust this internal knowing in order to discover what is really true. Most of these books are inspired and are collaborative efforts by quite talented humans who have been able to open the door and communicate with these celestial sources. As you may know, art has been created partially through these methods throughout the centuries, but it is much more intensified today.

I would encourage you to read and study, selecting these things that ring true to you. And do not worry about errors or misconceptions. They are mostly unimportant unless they lead you away from the Father. There is error in all things, but we do not concentrate on these things, but rather the truth that can be gleaned therein.

There is so much coming forth; more will be coming forth in the years ahead. You should select disciplines and philosophies that are appealing to you. Explore them, build your talents, and your expertise in these areas so that you may discuss them fully and intelligently.

It is our fond hope that the whole field of alternative medicine will become part of an all-encompassing practice of medicine which greatly multiplies the limited and narrow abilities that your doctors now have through their techniques of surgery and drugs that mask symptoms. There is a great deal more to healing, so much more than we can communicate in these lessons. But your summation was quite accurate, having to do with the harmonies that you discussed. In coming years, in the immediate years, you will find many exciting things coming from the fountain of your inspired humans. You have tuned into celestial connections. We look forward to it with great anticipation.

Did I answer your question?

HUMAN: Yes, thank you.

QUESTION: Bakim, the David and John you mentioned, are they the ones we know from the scripture?

BAKIM: No, my dear, these are teachers in the celestial artisans corps of which there are quite a few. I would encourage you to listen. They have been instructed to make a point to communicate with you whenever possible and also give you an identity to which you can relate.

QUESTION: Bakim are there artists within your group by the names of Sara and Ruth?

BAKIM: There are.

HUMAN: They’ve both been at my house then and I thank you very much.

BAKIM: We are quite pleased with your progress and the progress of others. The doubts, questions, and anxieties and little nagging fears are falling away in time so that you have a little faith in us as well, and some trust that we are your friends.

Correcting Time

HUMAN: The last time we were together you recommended that we find beauty in the things around us. There is a quote, “only the poet finds the poetry in the everyday”. [1] When you look at something and for the first time see it as beautiful, are the artisans present? Do they augment that realization, or do we do that on our own because of our increased enlightenment?

BAKIM: We have helped to some degree on a somewhat temporal basis to remind you that you have great inherent powers within that have barely been tapped. You have only used a small percentage of your mind power; this is only part of the picture. Beyond this, you have rather extraordinary powers within that have been so long dormant that they have been virtually lost, though not completely. Those powers are within each of you.

The rebellion was so detrimental from so many standpoints and contributed to the poisoning and pollution of your world, which also once held great healing properties. The overall design was that you coalesce with this beautiful world that had been seeded by the Life Carriers and had been developing as it should with refinements of your life forces from the infinitesimal to the greatest ocean. All of these things were in conjunction with the Father’s divine plan.

Had it not been disrupted by rebellion you would find quite a different world today, almost beyond imagination. Your Planetary Prince would still be here and would have guided the destinies of this world in keeping with the Father’s plan. For so many years, even before your Material Son and Daughter compounded the problems by their default, your world continued to flounder and suffer because of all of these disruptions. It was designed that the nature elements, which you were so graciously endowed with by the Father . .. including the beautiful clear, crystal waters . .. had a cleansing, healing power and were designed to nurture vast quantities of aqua life.

The sun, of course, had great healing, lighting properties. The earth itself. Yet, over the years, through these grim problems, many of these things have been polluted, poisoned and their healing properties have been greatly diluted. These are all the unfortunate legacy of your troubled history.

But the Father has been stirred by this great suffering and your prayers answered. Michael moved in to reclaim these lost worlds of which you are now a part of the reclamation. These powers can eventually be regained. Your own inner powers of telepathy, intuitive knowledge, even a degree of reflectivity and the purity and power of the natural world around you. All of these things can be reclaimed as this world is cleansed and corrected.

I know that you are somewhat disappointed that this will take so long. But it did not happen suddenly and will not be corrected except by great effort for a long period of time. But this somewhat relates to Tarkas’ lesson on faith, for you must try to develop the faith that this will happen. Take the broader picture that even though you may not be of human flesh when all of this cleansing comes to fruition, nonetheless, you will be here to experience this great beginning. You have many wonderful things to look forward to.

DNA, Rebellion

QUESTION: I’m curious to know about the DNA business. You said that some of the dilution of the powers you mentioned had to do with the fact that our DNA has changed. Is there any Life Carrier activity within the mission to change DNA? I know there are energy attunements going on.

BAKIM: I’m not allowed to speak elaborately on this subject but there is Life Carrier involvement in the mission. The cleansing and reclamation, for the most part, is not within their responsibilities at present. They are quite supportive in other capacities. As far as your body chemistry, you will remember that Lucifer was in charge for some 200,000 of your years. Those were a dark time in which methods were sought to instigate control over your energies and actually feed from those energies. This is quite unfortunate, of course. I should say no more about this.

But these things can be corrected and we are working with you to bring out these latent abilities a step at a time. Today, as you develop the powers of visualization, tomorrow you will find this provides a linkage to develop other powers. Each according to their own ability, each making these developments individually, and yet working together as a whole to bring your world forward.
Some have particular talents in certain areas and the potential is there to develop. This talent in one of you, another talent in another one of you. Altogether you form a completed whole. That is why it is important to work together. For, where one of you has a weakness or is not knowledgeable, the other can fill that gap and contribute to your overall whole.

If you were to become a strong and worthwhile teaching group for the mission, it is so important to work together. Some say diversity is a problem. It is a strength, a great strength. As you learn to work with the talents of others and make yourselves collectively and individually strong, do you not learn a great deal by talking with one another and hearing one anther’s ideas?

HUMAN: So, Bakim, is my water enlivener one of those things that will perk up the water?


BAKIM: It is a wonderful seed that you can plant. You can tell people about this and they will be forced to deal with it in their minds. We encourage you to plant these seeds wherever you go, forcing the somewhat narrow-minded practitioners in your institutions to take a fresh look at something entirely new. We are hopeful it will whet their appetite to take an honest, open-minded look at these things, and that they actually pursue the studies that can validate these things and help you move these forward. And we encourage you in this work, if this is your wish.

HUMAN: Thank you. Another thing. I heard you say that we should go out and persuade. I can do that but don’t you interfere with someone’s free will?

BAKIM: I do not think they would allow you to persuade them unless they were willing to be persuaded. In another sense, I would simply say no, that they maintain their free will even though you have persuaded them to a more enlightened view. It is still their choice as to whether to believe what you are telling them or even to take it seriously.

HUMAN: I have mellowed. I used to be stronger, but you used the word ‟persuade.” That’s a different approach. I can just about talk anyone into anything.

BAKIM: There is nothing wrong with making a persuasive statement about something you truly believe in.

HUMAN: If we were to go into a meditation and then have you leave, I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed your visitations here and all of your artisans. I thank you for all the fun.

BAKIM: You will have other teachers visiting from time to time.

QUESTION: Are there others here tonight who would speak to us?

QUESTION: Are we going to have that meditation?

BAKIM: We must choose what to do next. Perhaps the meditation would be best planned so that our artisans can assemble their talents, for all are not in attendance, and we can make a more concerted start another evening. I would ask that Elisha conduct this visualization exercise for you very soon and perhaps with some changed perimeters for different objectives. Perhaps there are different teachers who would like to speak.

HUMAN: I’m just now getting into contact with my inner Adjuster. I do have a strong sense of awareness, a time-space related energy pattern. It’s a form of awareness that’s so high, I just seem to leave this planet. But sometimes I come back with a bit of information that I can share among people. I do have to step down the information and make it simple but I do find myself giving people ideas and clues to stimulate their thought patterns to think about extraordinary things that have happened to them. This way I find myself leading them to higher thoughts, stimulating them so that they can reach the Father — not only with their minds but with their hearts as well.

Maybe someday I will teach because there are many splendid ideas that I can relate to people in time and space, given divine examples. I do not know these things to claim for myself. From time to time, I do see people to speak to and that is why I am here tonight. I wish to have contact with my Adjuster so that I can harmonize as perfectly as possible or achieve that limitation of understanding that I am fully able to comprehend. Overall, I know that there is something inside of me that wishes to help all of mankind to show them a new way of truth.

Attraction, Attunement

TARKAS: This is Tarkas. What you have said is quite true. Individually, this is what we aspire for each of you. So that you will feel the love of the Father each moment of the day. People will be attracted to you because you will have a power that is quite magnetic. They do not quite understand it but they will be drawn to you, and you, as you develop these skills that you speak of, will be able to reach into your mind and bring the right answer, the right beautiful advice that this person needs. It is our wish that you have this knowledge and this power at your fingertips, so to speak. You will develop this as you become attuned to the spirit leadings inside.

I know all of you have had these somewhat dramatic impressions of higher thoughts, beautiful thoughts, joyful thoughts, and ideas which are even quite surprising to you — insights that lead you to a higher level of spirituality. These can come at any time during the day or evening.

Eventually, as you develop as teachers, you will be able to call upon these impressions and ideas and they will actually be not exclusively from us, not exclusively from you, but rather a cooperation of spiritual impressions. There is only one true message of love and from there, truth, beauty and goodness. And so we, whether humans or morontia teachers or high spiritual beings, are teaching basically the same thing. There is one overriding message. Once you have this message, you will be able to teach it, we will be able to teach it together. You are making strong progress; it is quite commendable.


HUMAN: As you become a better teacher through the process you just described, are more people brought into your world so that you might be able to have contact with those who are ready to receive teaching? I know that angels and other personalities bring people into your life for particular reasons so that you can get truth from many different places. Does that involvement increase so that you can become a better teacher?

TARKAS: Yes, as you are prepared to teach, we would, of course, look for opportunities to bring people before you in the confidence that you would have the abilities to help this person. You may even find that some people, surprisingly, literally throw themselves across you, asking for help without realizing it. You are the person then who has the power to provide that help. They are looking for, all of you are, for love, security, friendship, support, and some higher measure of spiritual knowledge.

As we work with you, we always endeavor to allow you to express your own human thoughts and spirituality. They are quite good and quite valuable. When the time comes that there is a different question or situation which you cannot handle, we will be there promptly to inject strong impression or insight in your mind for you to call upon and use to help that person. That way it is a collaborative effort between human and teacher, and this is the way it should be.

Teamwork, this working together, is truly the key to the Correcting Time. It is your free will decisions and your actions in this material form that drives everything. We are here to inspire, instruct, educate and encourage. You can see that we are quite limited in what we can do. Perhaps you are limited as well, but together we have strength.

HUMAN: That was very inspirational. I feel from time to time that kind of joy that you talk about.

HUMAN: It happens spontaneously with me. There was a problem between two people in my office and I didn’t know what to do. I knew that I had to do something, but I was kind of lost. I prayed and asked for help. I was eating with the two people. I don’t know what happened, but I closed my eyes and it was really present for me physically. I could feel my body expanded and I wondered how people saw me. The words were coming out, about Adam and Eve. Here I was speaking these words. Afterwards, my energy felt so good. Anyway, a healing happened.

Body, Energy

TARKAS: Somewhat a testimonial to the powers that you can develop. Otherwise, you know you are still working to bring these powers under a comfortable control and understand them and to know how to use them judiciously and effectively. You are making great progress and my advice to you and to all of you is to continue making this progress. Love one another, share with one another, and you will give each other the strength of purpose to continue.

QUESTION: Do you know what was happening with my body, the physical sensation?

TARKAS: It is somewhat difficult to explain. The physical mechanism in its somewhat denigrated position from the years of rebellion and separation from the Father’s plan has limited this mechanism and it feels quite strange and dysfunctional. When these powers begin to reassert themselves within yourself, this can be disconcerting or puzzling. Your strides have been rapid in developing your powers of your spiritual knowingness, and they are somewhat still separated from your ability of your material body to assimilate them.

This may seem quite confusing or even oversimplified. It is a matter of mind, body, and spirit balance in the changes being undergone which now drives some kind of temporary imbalances which may be what you are feeling. Mixed with all of this are good feelings of joy and love and passion that are being injected into your psyche, hopefully at a pace that allows you to assimilate them. These changes do cause some strange feelings from time to time. Nothing to be alarmed about. It is a temporary imbalance before you achieve a higher level of balance and symmetry and harmonic convergence.

HUMAN: Then there will be an integration.

TARKAS: It is somewhat a new birth of a new, superior kind of human, one with a spiritualized mind and one with a joyful closeness to the Father that allows you to feel your physical mechanism — in this feeling of peace and joy, in the healing properties, filling your mind and heart with the love of the Father. And this is a healing activity in itself. You will find that the body will remain healthier because of this spiritual expansion.

HUMAN: It occurs to me that what came to me is what the whales describe as the Aloha (?) energy. This energy . .. (words lost)

HUMAN: Tarkas, may I comment?


HUMAN: New energies are present throughout the universe. Because of this, many people have different energy patterns. We must always remember that because of the Lucifer rebellion, (discusses distortion of energy matrixes . .. speaker is too far from mike). It is only in time that they will harmonize. When we become one with the Father, understanding the truth ourselves, will the truth be revealed. . …. This is all just a part of growing up for each and every one of us. This is only a temporal distortion……..(rest incomprehensible).

TARKAS: This is very true. You will all be truly great teachers. We can see you developing day by day.

Teacher Contact

QUESTION: Tarkas, in my meditations I have been receiving circles. I’m wondering if this comes from the artisans or from you?

TARKAS: Your visitations are not a figment of your imagination but are our efforts to contact you, leaving behind any beginning doubts, fears, or apprehensions which you might have. And initially to inspire you with beautiful visions that will give you peace and comfort.

A circle is symbolic of many things. I will say this: we are continuing to help you develop a favorable mindset to both perceive and transmit. You and the others have great talents to contribute to the group and to everyone you meet each day. And so we are moving a bit slowly .

As you are ready to assimilate new knowledge and insights, these will be given to you methodically. I am instructed that your personal teacher wished to have you think and consider these things while she carries you on a measured journey of discovery and adventure in the weeks ahead. In other words, the circle that you see today may only be a beautiful vision but it is intended to whet your appetite and provoke your thinking and inquisitiveness. In days to come, the circle begins to take on more significance as your teacher begins to provide more information on the vision and how it relates symbolically to your progress.

I would encourage to work with them daily. They will be your good friends who carry you on a journey of expanding insights and understandings. The circle today will have more meaning tomorrow as your knowledge grows.

Transmitting, Barriers

QUESTION: Several months ago I asked about Christ Michael visiting. Do you know anything about it?

TARKAS: Christ Michael intends to speak to this group as he has other groups. There have been problems of a personal nature with your transmitter which I am not inclined to discuss. There is somewhat a feeling of awe and inappropriateness that must be dispelled.

Your transmitter is worthy to transmit Christ Michael as all of you are worthy to transmit him. That is not the question. When this is done, the power will be achieved to transmit his powerful, benevolent presence.

Of course, the downstepping of this energy is required. This will come in time. It has been a problem for some groups. We have had some people turn away from the Teaching Mission classes because they simply could not believe that a divine personage such as Christ, your master, would speak to such a group or to be present.

This is a barrier which is not logical. Christ Michael knows each of you intimately and loves you quite intimately. You are all quite worthy to be in his presence as your master and his teacher. Was this not proven from his sojourn on earth in flesh and blood, where he administered and taught to the poorest, the most unfortunate. You are all worthy recipients. There is no hierarchy involved in this Teaching Mission. Christ Michael is an active leader and anxious to communicate with each of you. Know this; know that you are intimately loved by the Christ, by Michael, just as you are loved by the Father.

Once these temporary barriers are replaced and any anxieties, Christ Michael is most anxious to speak to all of you. A little bit of patience but we promise his visit. He has promised his visit soon.

QUESTION: Is there anything we can do to reassure our transmitter, Jim?

TARKAS: It is only a matter of time. In the transmitting process, there is much to be understood, there is much that is not understood. There are questions on how the human collaborates with the teacher, where the thoughts are coming from, how they are expressed. This could be a lengthy discussion. These things will be worked out and are only temporary.

QUESTION: (Question about missing the visualization exercise) Can I expect to receive this in the stillness in the week ahead?

TARKAS: I encourage you to pursue this and we encourage you to work together in small groups of two or more to practice transmitting and receiving, and share ideas about the process. I feel much progress in visualizing and feeling and knowing. Even on your intellectual side you will feel more powers as you tune into spiritual essence to even do the jobs you do each day with more efficiency and expediency and aplomb.

Have you noticed that the more you engage in the stillness, worship, and prayer and stay attuned to the spiritual side, sometimes even your work goes smoother day by day. Have you been able to relate these two things together?

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