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CIN9- Secularism, Channel Techniques

1994-06-17-Secularism, Channel Techniques
Cincinnati #9


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Secularism, Channel Techniques
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Elisha, Andrew, Bakim
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Perspective
 3.2.2 Free will, Diversity
 3.2.3 Urantia Book
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Rebellion, Mercy
 3.3.2 Near Death Experience
 3.3.3 Correcting Time
 3.3.4 Secularism
 3.3.5 Health, Ecology
 3.3.6 Profit, Competition, Change
 3.3.7 Scripture, New Age
 3.3.8 Melchizedeks, Materialization
o 3.4 Closing
 3.4.1 Channeling

Topic: Secularism, Channel Techniques
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas, Elisha, Andrew, Bakim
TR: Jim Cleveland



Tarkas: (words lost at beginning) We had a long program planned for you this evening, We may not have time for all of the teachers to speak, for we sense that your enthusiasm is also high and that you would participate actively. As time allows we will hear from Andrew and Bakim and Elisha and perhaps others. We would open this evening with what we earnestly request what you always do at your meetings, and this is worship and prayer.

Elisha: This is Elisha. Please pray with me: We love you heavenly Father. We stand ready as your children to radiate your light. We ask you this evening to keep us strong and joyful in the faith and to help us overcome all of the small, subtle, but nevertheless, poisonous fears that we face each day.

Where there is fear then life is sorrow
and there is dread for each tomorrow.
But when love shines fear is but shadow
that melts away in light so hallow.
We know our Father knows how we struggle.
To reign o’er fear, turmoil and trouble.
And he does love us for our true fight
for all we do to spread his light.
Spread not fear, spread love instead,
in all you do,in all that’s said.

I ask you to consider with me that there is no love in the presence of pervasive fear. You say to us that you do not live in fear. Yet there are subtleties which are quite bothersome to you each day.
You have heard that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul. In fact, would you say you view your brothers and sisters in this way? I ask that you be especially cognizant in days ahead as you come in contact with people. Look into their eyes. Look not elsewhere. Look into their eyes and tell yourself what you see there. Only anxieties and fears? Hardened attitudes and many poisons that you can see that affect their lives. And yet very often you have the power to change this in a way that would radiate love about you.

We have said many times that you have powers far beyond your imagination and you are becoming increasingly aware of this. We ask that you especially be cognizant of the fears that pervade your life day by day in the form of fear of disapproval, fear of criticism, fear of rejection, fear of disagreement, fear of controversy. And yet is there anything of which you should really be afraid?

We pray to you Father that we be cognizant of the mirrors in the eyes of our brothers and sisters, that when we see pain, when we see suffering, may we recognize this and be willing and bold enough to step forward with a helping hand, a kind word, a smile, an offer of help, and be cognizant of the fears that are of no value to your life. Perhaps you will make a list of these and come to the realization that they give you no service and can be expunged.

Love, not fear.

Andrew: This is Andrew, dear friends.

Group: Hi, Andrew! (laughter) Viola!

Andrew: Laughter at only the mention of my name.

Group: “Casper!”

Andrew: I am a true comedian and did not even have to contract my name to Andy.

Group: “Hello, this is Andy?!”

Andrew: Seems much funnier. I would have a poem for you as well. Elisha and Jim’s poem was quite nice. I would add a breezy verse of my own. Be patient for we will make this up as we go along.

[laughter from group]

Andrew: I must tell you that Elisha and Jim have been scheming to read you their last creation for, in fact, I detect feelings of pride in both in their continuing to produce light verse. And so I am able to collaborate as well.

May you fill your lives with joy and mirth.
For life is good and full of worth.
Laugh out loud and be a comic
Why be morose, why be laconic?
Laughter indeed is quite a tonic.
Joyful hearts are always in good humor
This is the real stuff, not just some rumor.
By now I think you know it’s obvious . ..
that I must find a rhyme for obvious.

[uproarious laughter from group]

If the word does not seem obvious.
Sometimes the best lessons are not so obvious.
You must look within, beneath the obvious.
That much is sure it should be obvious

Group: “He keeps rhyming ‘obvious’ I love it!”

No chance for failure to rhyme with obvious
For you may search the Father’s great omnibus.
All knowing book, far deeper than the obvious
And you find within his love for all of us.
And yet if you’re stuck,can’t reach beyond the obvious.
Your teachers are here, so go ahead and call on us.

Group: “You want this in print?”

Andrew: Very much.

Group: “Oh, Andrew you are so dear, you’re very round.”

Andrew: I would speak to you tonight but we have a lesson from Tarkas and since some of you do appear tired and in need of slumber, we’ll move to Tarkas’ lecture.

Group: “You just got here!”

Group: “You sly boy!”

Tarkas: This is Tarkas returning. Now that the cartoon has been completed, we will move on to the lessons of this evening.

Andrew was actually supposed to be a group member in another state tonight but once they saw this alarming specter of Casper with Groucho glasses . … he was asked to come here.
We are, of course, joking. It goes without saying. We are literally bursting with enthusiasm as we behold the invigorating conversation that many of you have had in recent days and weeks, and we had intended tonight to step forward and accent some of the misconceptions which you still hold. Which perhaps we will.

But when we gather with you and feel the love and camaraderie, joyful and mirthful natures always come to the surface and we tend to speak to you in quiet, loving tones, for we do indeed love you. Perhaps you even get tired of hearing that fact. This is rather a joyful celebration on our side each meeting, and we somewhat must scale down the joy to fit the deliberate pace of the transmission. Know that we are joyful, as we hope you will remain joyful.


We have a matter of continued (?) in collecting from you many questions in recent weeks that have not been asked for one reason or another, and through the assistance of your Thought Adjusters we have made a long list of nagging concerns that many of you have to which we hope we can add some insights.

At the same time we need to continue our discussions on perspectives and on judgements. And tonight I would add to the mix the idea of the immensity of the free will gift, as well as the complexity of the massive universes and how it is quite simple to turn this complexity into a basic and simple truth.

But, however, leaving time for spontaneity this evening, in a somewhat stream of consciousness session with you and give you also the opportunity to speak and interact.
In the course of the evening, as well, I have asked the teachers each to give you a summer project — an assignment which is, of course, voluntary but which we hope will accelerate your growth. I must say quite frankly that although you hear the words, as do all humans, there is often no effective response for living on these exercises or ideals.

Your first assignment came from Elisha. I would ask you to take it seriously if you feel it will contribute to your personal growth, and we encourage you. Other assignments will be made as well for truly we hope to accelerate the growth of your group which has been slow and steady and very sure and has manifested in many wonderful and beautiful fruits. But there is much more that must be done to prepare for the times ahead, which I tell you will be somewhat tumultuous. This is as it should be for struggle is a continuing reality throughout the ascension of all world creatures.

As you struggle in this world for an enlightened viewpoint, and through putting aside the senseless fears which Elisha hopes to make you cognizant of,then struggle can be quite rewarding. Triumph over adversity, over challenges, over obstacles is truly the satisfying elixir of the universe. And on the other side,on our side, you will find that the bad connotations which you’ve attached to the word ‟struggle” are not valid, for you will struggle in the absence of the fears which you must encounter on this troubled sphere.

You would have it no other way, for without adversity there can be no triumph. Without the threat of loss there can be no victory. And you know these things from reading your text. I would ask that Bakim come forward to speak to us further.


Bakim: Good evening, beautiful ones, this is Bakim, I wish to join Tarkas in hoping to help you visualize to understand the lesson that we would bring to you.

You know from reading the text the immensity of the creation. And yet, children, while you know these things, you are somewhat bound by the perspective of your material body, your mind, and in your sense very often you see this as the center of all of your universe.

I ask you to join me now in a new perspective. You are no longer one of millions of material creatures from your planet. You have graduated to the other side. What has ensued? Some persist in believing that by crossing over, life is suddenly in perfect balance, well-rounded and you truly know and understand all of the secrets of the universe. This is not true.

You have passed to the other side where you continue your ascension, and you indeed look back at your side and wonder at all of these strange, weird ideas that you have about the afterlife. Some obviously formulated as a form of entertainment. But you do not truly see that we on this side have so much in common with you on that side.

I ask you to visualize yourself still as the center of your life, as certainly you are. But now you see things on the enlightened perspectives of Mansonia —and you see all of the many worlds, vast numbers of personalities of many kinds.

Now your perspective has truly changed. You now look upon your world of Urantia with different eyes. There, as humans, you endlessly sought uniformity, and came to understand that this does not exist. For if we are to come and help you, what do we find?

Free will, Diversity

We find as many separate free wills as there are personalities. We see as many minds as there are personalities. They range from wealthy to the abjectly poor. To primitives in the jungles. To the most wealthy and elite in the highest circles. And so how do we work with all of these people? All of these separate goals and personalities and minds? There is the complexity.

Even in a class such as this we find no uniformity. We find personalities who have moved in many directions and are each in their own place. You can see the immensity of the quest to bring together all of these separate personalities, these separate, beautiful, loving children of the Father, to the Father, to realize the supreme love of the universe that is the Father.

And so with each of these free wills then, what element of control is there from our side? Indeed, there is none. And there is a great sensitivity in this mission not to do anything to manipulate or even to appear to manipulate those free will choices.

And so this gift is quite immense. It is yours. For all your life and through the ascension plan. And is it not true that we on our side will have the same free will? We each would have our own personality. We each would have our own mind.

Why would you feel that we were different? And why would you feel that your teachers are infallible? Ascended masters. Some have indeed felt us unworthy to teach, for they feel that they have progressed far in their studies and would prefer to study under ascendant masters, that we might be termed as graduate instructors. This is fine, for these are indeed free will choices. Each will make their own choice and follow their own path. This is well and good.

But I say to you that there is much in common on both sides. And we have made decisions involving this Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time to the best of our collective knowledge. Some have been proven correct and fruitful, and some have been less than desired.

But we wish you to understand that your teachers must also triumph over adversity, problems, obstacles and doubts. As you expect in working with so many different free will creatures. And in this free will universe there is a bustle of activity which you cannot imagine.

Sometimes you see the mansion worlds and the celestial worlds as highly regimented, under strict administration and control. This is a perspective that you would do well to modify. For we on this side continue to struggle in the ascension plan, and continue to make decisions. We continue to search for triumph over adversity. And so with this enormous task, how can you turn this to something much simpler?

I say to you that oneness in the Father’s love is the powerful loving energy which brings it all together. You cannot possibly know all that you aspire to know or do all that you aspire to do. And so we ask that you have faith, and love the Father and trust that you will be given knowledge as you can receive it.

And, incrementally, you will continue to grow daily as you can, as you are able, understanding more of the truth, appreciating more of the beauty, and exhibiting more of the Father’s goodness through your own personality.

Urantia Book

The Urantia Book synthesizes a great revelation which also makes this enormous universe much more understandable, another centering force by which you can build a foundation of strong and firm and true knowledge. These are the tools which you have been given. And you are continually disconcerted by the fact that even in Urantia Book groups there are many who disdain reading the book although its acknowledged as a great revelation. Then why would you not read the text?

I may draw an analogy to what we have observed in your educational institutions. In college perhaps you attended courses where you avoided buying the text and yet you would admit that had you bought the text and read and studied it thoroughly you might have learned a great deal more from that class.

But you were in a habit perhaps, as many are, of going to class, listening, taking perfunctory notes, and studying for a test. Outside the classroom, outside the Urantia Book meetings, outside your church services on Sunday, what do you do?

Do you live the teachings? Do you endeavor to live a beautiful, loving and spiritual life? Or are you giving a partial effort? It is disconcerting from the standpoint that many of you for you still have serious questions and doubts, and the answer is immediately at hand.

As you know by now we are not here to teach lofty principles or discuss the many facts, the insights in the Urantia Book, but rather to work with you in somewhat narrow parameters, to engage you in the living a beautiful, loving, spiritual life each day, so that you may feel the joy of love and radiate it around you.

And so the complexity, the massiveness of the vast number of questions of all the universes are not yours to know now. Be patient. There are many glorious years of ascension ahead of you. Do not despair that you don’t know. But revel in the challenge of knowing. The challenge of seeking, of finding.

And if you will center yourself in the Father’s love, you will find him already there, and your lives will be gloriously blessed.
I think we will pause in our lessons at this time to see if there are concerns relating to this or observations that you would share with me or Tarkas or any of the other teachers.


Rebellion, Mercy

Group: Tarkas, this is ____. I heard something that bothered me the other day. I heard that there might be rebel spirits that haven’t been adjudicated like we had been led to believe and I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on that. if it’s accurate information or what you can tell me on that.

Tarkas: I would be pleased to speak on this subject. Although we are not permitted to comment on specific situations and events in other Teaching Mission groups we can comment from a general standpoint, and perhaps point to some problems which are occurring in the Teaching Mission of which some of you are concerned.

The adjudication, as reported, has been essentially made and the leaders of the rebellion are as if they are no more. There have been somewhat accurate but also somewhat misleading reports that rebellious spirits may abound.

It is my perspective that these accounts have been exaggerated, for in addition to being a mythmaker, many humans quite dote on the idea of conflict and the everlasting attitude of good versus evil. This is quite exciting, and quite enticing and invigorating to your minds.

While it is true that each and every order of spirit which was part of the rebellion has not yet been de-materialized there is a very strong and pervasive reason for this.
Your creator, Christ Michael, is the ultimate manifestation of mercy and the expunging of each of these personalities must be a very deliberate and personal task. Michael knows each and every child he has created. This is somewhat like a father having to put to death a child. This is a very trying and passionate experience. Especially to one, as Christ Michael, who personifies such high spiritual perfection and love.

But I would say to you that these so-called rebellious spirits are in retreat and provide no threat to the sanctity of your minds. We have stressed to you many times that which would protect you from any interference, and though these threats have essentially ended, it is strong practice for you to seek the stillness daily and immerse yourself in the Father’s love in this way. This means daily. This does not mean occasionally, for time is…[end of side 1]

[Missed text at beginning of side 2] . ..the love and friendship that you exhibited to one another tonight. With the presence of many morontia teachers, personalities around you, you can have no fear that there will be any threats or problems to you.

Near Death Experience

Group: Tarkas, I recently encountered…I’m pretty interested in the near-death experience, along with millions of other people I presume. Some of the accounts that I’ve read seem to have many similarities and also some pretty extreme differences. And the two sides of the coin, as I understand it, as people on Urantia understand it, is that either folks really do have a near-death experience, have a chance to cross over and come back. Or there is some kind of brain chemistry going at death that creates a sort of tunnel effect and a kind of bright light in the center of the nerve sent out (?). Can you comment about that, about the near-death experience itself and what kinds of things are likely to ring my truth bells? I’m kind of confused.

Tarkas: I would hope to do so and I would hope to relate it to what we have discussed tonight.

Would you believe it if I told you that each one’s near death experience or death experience will be somewhat unique? Each of you is somewhat unique, I hope to impress that upon you in considering the complexity of the universe. No two are alike, no two personalities, no two experiences. So your experiences, such a situation as you describe, are products of your mind and personality working in unison and under strong influence at that particular time of your Thought Adjuster, your guardian angels, and so grateful to impress thoughts, inspirations, impressions and visions in your mind.

So your death experience while being similar will be somewhat unique as well. Just as your life experiences are all somewhat similar but all unique to themselves. Is this helpful to you?

Group: Yes, yes, that certainly does address the differences. But I guess I want to go a little further and say do the reports of near-death experiences seem to be accurate? Are these people reporting something that they actually experienced? I hear you saying that most of these things are happening in our minds and so I want you to go a little bit further and tell me, Is it in our mind or do these people really cross over and come back? Do they experience, in fact, what they say they have experienced?

Tarkas: Of course I cannot comment on each individual case. I will say that the most popular presentations that you have discussed, that which are fulfilling the great purpose of enlightening people on your planet right now are both sincere and heartfelt experiences if we interpret these words the same which is sometimes unknowable.
The experience was very real. May I say that the experiences of your mind are very real as well.

Group: That’s a key thing to have said, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Of course those who are on the threshold passing to the other side are not physically active so I would consider that these are mental experiences, although sometimes our terminologies are somewhat simplistic. Much more could be said and dealt with about the true experience.

Group: Would it be safe to say that these are mental experiences that are not necessarily involved with the brain activity?”

Tarkas: I am advised that we should not pursue this conversation at length, but I will say that these experiences are quite real, quite vivid to the individuals who have actually experienced, very briefly, the scenario of what they are likely to experience upon the conclusion of their lives, as a kind of sneak preview.

Although I am not to say that the matter of their actual death may not be somewhat different, for the time that they actually do pass over may be some years later, their mindsets and personalities have all changed and so too their experience may change. You are growing and advancing, and your perspectives are changing, sometimes moment by moment. Days and weeks and months . .. as they pass, you are becoming a new person. You are rethinking yourself, you are reforming your personality.

You are in a constant state of creation and you are part of this creation which is what Bakim refers to in, ‟living your life as an artistic expression.”and create your life experience as you go.
Perhaps we are delving somewhat deeply into questions that I feel my answers may be too simplistic.

Group: Actually I’m glad you said that because I’m really feeling a lot of anger, not anger…I feel really disturbed about your speaking about near-death experiences, and I can’t tell you why I feel that way. Because I feel like I’ve had experience, not that I had one, but it’s…I feel incensed that it’s so much more, so much grander than just to say that it’s a mental thing or that its of the mind.
I just remember one time I asked Jonathan,and his answer was very simple as all of his answers were, and he said that those who have had near-death experiences were reborn in the light, just like that. So I know it’s more than a mental thing and I keep wanting to say that its a spiritual thing and that we’re mental and we’re emotional and we’re spiritual. You know, we’re whole. But I also feel that its a very spiritual experience, even though I haven’t had one myself, just my intuition about it.”
Thank you, because it was really stirring something for me.

Tarkas: I did not mean to denigrate the mind experience as being something less than real, for it is . . can be . . somewhat profound. I see your minds as remarkable and powerful energy forces. When you say that it is also a spiritual experience this is, of course, quite true. It is not entirely a mind experience. There is the rational mind and there is the feeling mind. And while, may I say, that both have a relationship in these experiences of those who temporarily cross over. May I say that this is not within the curriculum of which we are prepared to speak at length. We are not the true experts though what we have told you is true.

Correcting Time

Group: “Can I ask in closing one short little question on this topic? And that would be . ..there are so many evident things happening around that reinforce the Correcting Time for me. things that are happening everywhere. Is the fact that near-death experiences make the best selling list part of the Correcting Time also? Another way to reach people toward a spiritual kind of existence. Is this a part of all this?

Tarkas: Yes, of course. The spiritual awakening of your planet that is quite an enormous undertaking, much broader than the Urantia Book groups, which are a fertile seedbed, but it will be much more all-encompassing. We see major changes in the political structures. We see major efforts being made at peaceful negotiation rather than mindless war. We see your fields of medicine expanding with new knowledge.

The Correcting Time is as vast as you would imagine Christ’s Second Coming, for it is the preparation of our world for this glorious reception. And so all phases of society must be affected. Many of your institutions, all of your institutions, for what is somewhat different is that it could be said to work from the inside out, from within the hearts and minds of individuals, flowing outward rather than working through the leadership that you have established in your institutions.

So this growth from within will not be so evident for some time to come in institutions which can readily hide their progress. But while the leadership may seek to resist and hide this progress it will surely overflow from the membership ranks, from those who are concerned, who are quite restless for something better, for new solutions. The realization that we must take responsibility for our lives, for turning them over to institutions has not worked.

We have turned over our parenting responsibilities too often to televisions and schools. We must embrace our own children and teach them and love them at the same time. Our institutions will continue to fail. There will continue to be turmoil. There will be economic failures. There will be mighty resistance to those who would change these institutions for they will feel threatened and they will struggle to maintain their wealth and power.

These are truly times of great conflict, growing conflict, but at the same time a joyous conflict as people begin to rise up in numbers, individually beginning to take responsibility for their lives and to cast their lives in a spiritual framework.


I would ask as my homework assignment to each of you that you explore the word ‟secularism.” This is quite a common theme of The Urantia Book and yet you perceive that it is little understood, that the conflicts it presents are not adequately debated and discussed.
It is quite a complex issue of whether to let God into your institutions, and I say to you that proliferating dogma, competitions between churches and the abuses of church power have instigated the separation. But I say to you that the spirituality must be restored to your framework, to your institutions. This is the only way,in this spiritual dimension, that we will see major progress.
The idea of separation of church and state is based on strong reasoning, but it is time to move beyond this, to come to grips with the validity or invalidity of this separation, and how to deal with this issue in contemporary life. Would someone care to make a comment on their understanding of secularism?

Group: I come from a teaching background and there has been a lot of commentary over the years about a term called ‘secular humanism’ and I guess my understanding of that term comes out of that background. And it has been turned in a sort of way that has represented an evil influence in a sense where people who claim to be in the mainstream of Christianity say that because education tries to reach the individuality of people and tries to teach them in a way that is most receptive to them that education itself has turned away from God. So secularism in that sense is not a very spiritual term. Can you set my thinking more right with where you are going with this, based on my experience?

Tarkas: Where I’m going is to ask each of you to read the Urantia Book on this subject so that we may discuss it further. This is my homework assignment.

Group: I would say that secularism is the separation of your daily speaking, thinking and acting from God. Separating God from your daily speaking, thinking and acting. That’s the bad separation that is taking place in a lot of people’s lives and also in (?). And we have to restore God to our thinking, speaking and acting daily.

Group: When our relationship with God becomes a very separate and deliberate act that has nothing at all related to the other things, we compartmentalize that, and put it in its own separate place. It occurs on Sunday morning and only then. (?)

Group: I pray every night at seven o’clock. Boom. That’s it. That’s separate from six o’clock or three o’clock in the afternoon.

Group: If we’re going in this direction talking about separating ourselves from God, I really hope that in our thinking, in addition to trying to get our own personal definition about this, that we come up with ways with which we can fix it, so it will be comfortable and right and integrated and natural and good. Because I would like to know sometimes in some situations how I can interject God without feeling that people are going to look at me like a…Bible thumper…I’m just reaching for a term.”

Group: A weirdo.

Group: Yeah, yeah. A fanatic, maybe. Maybe that. Ways in which things God can become hand in hand as a partner rather than as an overlay onto a situation.
(words missing)

Tarkas: I believe there is a great deal of difference in incorporating spirituality and the love of God in the things that you do in your institutions and having churches, which are essentially organized and administered by mankind, to have that control.

So how will you, in the years ahead, bring spirituality and the great values of spirituality into your lives and institutions while holding the churches and their various competing dogma at arm’s length. These are quite deep questions for which we will not be able to come to satisfying conclusions tonight.

But I ask that since secularism is said in The Urantia Book to be a quite serous problem for all mankind that you consider why this was said, and to consider whether this is still a valid concern more so or less so in these times compared to the years in which the Urantia Book was indited. Perhaps we will have an invigorating discussion on this at a future date.
And now I think you have had an assignment from several of the teachers and I wish you well on these.

Health, Ecology

Group: I get these impressions, I’ve been led to investigate flower essences and the only thing that I could find are the Bach flower remedies and I was going to bring the brochure for you but then I thought, that’s pretty stupid because you’ve probably already read it or you can read it at home, and if you’re so inclined it’s on my desk on the right hand side. I’m wondering if you could comment on the validity of this Bach flower homeopathy, or should I continue to search?”

Tarkas: I’m advised that I can comment on Dr. Bach, who was a remarkable scientist who was able to develop this field of medicine to some degree.
There are many natural healing powers within nature. In the clear and clean purifying waters, taken in larger quantities than you would imagine. The soils, the foods, and the air itself. But over the years, as populations have grown, much has been poisoned and polluted, as you know. The airs are not pure; neither are the waters; neither are the soils. So many of these healing properties have been lost. These must be restored in environmental cleansing on Urantia in many, many ways, as you see around you. This is also part of the correcting time.

As you ascertain, this is quite vast, all encompassing. At the same time greater emphasis will be placed in coming years on improved forms of medical care and focused more towards healing regimes and less on drugs and procedures. There is a strong profit motive in many of your institutions and this has naturally led you away from using the elements of nature which can be attained quite freely and to which no one can gain control. And so natural medicines are controlled and secret and synthetic drugs are made to replace them. There is a strong profit and business motive in many of your institutions which will be examined in coming years. They must be rethought and reformed and reorganized.

Profit, Competition, Change

In your country you feel that business and competition is the most desirable form of organization. But I say to you that, while there is much to be said for a competitive society, there comes a time that competition must give way to cooperation, for your society is reaching a bursting point in environmental pollution, which has been promulgated from the greed and business interests. Have you ever considered why on your world, with such a generous store of nut trees, of fruit trees, of food bearing plants, that these are in much scarcity? Why do they not grow everywhere? Why are they not propagated so that the hungry of the world can eat? They are controlled by those whom out of greed and desire for power, have taken them and turned them into controlling business enterprise, who have exploited and polluted everything to the point that, as has been said before, we project that environmentally caused diseases and illnesses will be quite uncontrollable within the next one or two decades without the infusion of great help.

And this is also part of the Correcting Time. For the time has come when many of these things must be reversed. When your economy is on the brink of collapse, successive doses of inflation and recession, consolidation of the wealth and power in the hands of the few.

Great challenges lie ahead of you. Purification of your planet, so that these natural remedies that were once so promising until they were overcome by those who would control. These things will be coming back into focus in the minds and hearts of individuals who will clamor for change in those institutions and will demand those changes. You have the power to do this, for this collective force will grow as dissatisfaction, frustration, and restlessness mounts.

This is the dark side of the Correcting Time, but the breakthrough, a new flowering, a new birth of this golden age will be quite an exciting time. All eyes look to Urantia especially.

Group: ” Then the Bach flower remedies. Is this valid?”

Tarkas: There are healing properties in these flowers, these essences that can be valuable to you. I would recommend exploration of this form of medicine and all forms of alternative medicine. But may I interject here another point which I would make as we come to a close this evening. The Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission as we see it is quite long and is quite vast in its ambition.

Scripture, New Age

You must overcome a great resistance on the one hand from those who would venerate ancient texts which they would consider to be all-wise and valid. Ancient knowledge is not necessarily good knowledge. There is no need to venerate scriptures and words which have been polluted by the politics of generations before. Unspiritually inspired fears are also politically inspired.
You have learned not to embrace fully the teachings of even great spiritual books which have error, at the same time learning to respect those works for what they do contain, which is a great amount of spiritual information.

As Jesus once answered Nathaniel’s questions on scripture by explaining that he picked those scriptures which he could embrace fully, and taught quite positively in those, while quietly disdaining the others. You must do likewise with what you read today, whether ancient or whether new.

At the same time, the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time must contend with those from the other end of the spectrum who embrace New Age Metaphysics which can also be full of error. We long for the time when you do not need the churches and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a weekend conference in which you learn to develop your spiritual essence. You truly do not need these institutions to go into the stillness and to lovingly upreach to the Father and seek guidance.

This is not a threat to the churches. This is not a threat to those who would make money on helping you develop your spiritual essences. These enterprises can be well and good. I say to you that as each of you individually is able to make contact, meaningful contact with your higher selves, with the morontia teachers. You long for this contact, this interaction, and to speak with God daily. These things are no threats to institutions for we feel that the churches would literally be overflowing with souls anxious to participate in their activities should they take an open-minded, heart-felt stance in accepting t these people into the church. When you realize that it is not necessary, as most humans think, to take a side and choose up and fight, rather to stress commonalities. Churches and channelers and new age metaphysicists can all work together, and when you are all working together, though ‟planetary wide” seems incomprehensible to you at this stage, then the world will be ready for Christ’s triumphant second coming.

Melchizedeks, Materialization

Group: (Question from Rayson transcripts about whether there are two Melchizedeks here, and whether this is in the flesh, human form, or in spirit?

Tarkas: The Melchizedeks are not here in human form, and have not been in that form, however their spiritual presence is quite strong. There is some misunderstanding about what presence means. Sometimes those of material means think that it is a physical presence, and yet our presence can be much different. It can be, in fact, much more encompassing. For example, the presence of Christ Michael can be all-pervasive and encompassing, what might be referred to as a Christ consciousness, for indeed, He is capable of manifesting his presence in many places at the same time. And so ‟presence” can have a somewhat broader meaning than just in a material sense.



In closing, may I make a few comments about the channeling technique, for there have been discussions on this, and we want you to understand that, indeed, the Teaching Mission is much larger, much more encompassing than simply this tool of communicating with you. Some of the lack of progress in your ability to develop this contact has led to this somewhat deliberate pace of coming to lessons as in our imaginary college classroom and simply listening to these lessons presented in this deliberate manner. And yet the presentation of information is so limited in this regard. At the same time, many of you have begun to almost make communications have stopped for fear that you are merely talking to yourselves. In a sense, this is partially correct. I ask you to follow through. Sit with pen in hand in the quietness of your room. You are praying and you are worshiping. I ask you again to express your concerns . … ask your questions and then wait wait for the answer in patience. And when several words come to you, do not accept those words as being your full and complete communications. Even though sometimes just a few words can be beautiful and instructive . .. such as peace . …. balance . …. and love . … they are somewhat limited.

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