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CDM14- Changes to Urantia Since I Was There

1992-09-21-Changes to Urantia Since I Was There
Corona Del Mar #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Changes To Urantia Since I Was There
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand, Signa, Abraham, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Sharing
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Communication
 3.3.2 Chosen People
 3.3.3 Urantia
 3.3.4 Lucifer Rebellion, Judgment
 3.3.5 Adjustment
 3.3.6 Correcting Time
 3.3.7 DNA
 3.3.8 Desire, Thought Adjusters
 3.3.9 Doubt

Topic: Changes To Urantia Since I Was There
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand, Signa, Abraham, Machiventa
TR: Unknown


SIGNA: I am Signa, I am your teacher. Good evening to you all. I am here this evening with several others who will speak at the appropriate time. Bertrand is away this evening on assignment. . . .


As the weeks progress, you should continue this process of speaking and sharing your spiritual truths with those that you chance to meet in your daily lives, for this is where most of the work in the coming time will be experienced. Some of you may have a different calling, to speak in a more formal manner to those who would listen, but for the most part, like the apostles of Jesus, you will go about your life spreading what you learn and guiding your fellow man to Michael and through him to the heavenly Father of all.

At any time during this process that you have questions, doubts, misunderstandings, pause a moment, seek the Stillness, listen to your Thought Adjuster, for he will give you the guidance you need. Also remember, there are many other spiritual agencies at work in any interassociation of humans.
Personal contact between personalities is a universe end in and of itself. It has immense universe value. Every personal contact of your mortal career will be carried with you in your mind transcripts on to the mansion worlds and far beyond.

Personal interaction allows the Father to work not only between Thought Adjuster, but also within the personality circuit of the heavenly Father. So you see, when the spiritual content exists in communication between personalities, the Father is present, Jesus is present, the Thought Adjusters are present, the Spirit of Truth, and also your guardian angels, all are there to support and help you in leading those you meet. Do not be afraid of these personal interactions. There is no reason to have any sort of misgivings or doubt about your ability to affect those that you come in contact with.

Your spirit is shining bright, it is like a magnet, it will draw spiritually minded humans to seek what it is that you know. This is the end of our lesson concerning seeking spiritually minded truth seekers and techniques on how to initiate conversation, initiate interaction and share the knowledge that you have. I will pause for a moment, Father Abraham would like to address you.

ABRAHAM: Fellow mortals of Urantia. I am Abraham. I am here to greet you this evening in your quest of the ages, the service of our brother, our Creator Son Michael in bringing our backward planet back into the fold of the universe. It is wonderful, yes marvelous, to be back here on this beautiful blue planet and to share with the mortals of the realm once again the truths that Prince Machiventa shared with me nearly 4000 years ago. I know that there are among you several who wish to ask me questions concerning my experiences on the planet and perhaps off. I will do my best to satisfy your inquiries. You may ask your questions now.


STUDENT – This is just amazing. Thank you Abraham for coming. I would like to know if you can tell us, if 4000 years ago when you were here do you believe that it was easier for you to be communicating with what you now know is your Thought Adjuster? Do you know enough of what the world is like here today to be able to compare, and make any suggestions for how you were able to know God’s will and follow God’s will?

ABRAHAM: Like you, I had a magnificent teacher. He was with me for most of my adult life. He shared with me many techniques of inter-spiritual contact, and I learned them well. The teachers that went out from Salem also knew this technique, the technique of the Stillness, and taught many ages from then on how this was to be done. Unfortunately, because of little or no written language, much of that knowledge was lost. I did have some measure of contact with my Thought Adjuster, but again understand, I had a Descending Son resident with me to teach me.

It was a marvelous experience to gaze upon the physical form of Prince Machiventa with me sitting at table and eating and enjoying the wonderful air, light, sunsets, all of those things that you have on Urantia. Yes, Susan, I did have some communication with my Adjuster. Today, in the learning of the Stillness, that knowledge is again passed on to the human race, so that you are able through this technique to contact your Adjuster directly and have on-going communication. Practice, practice, practice makes better.

You will all experience this wondrous, joyous part of our heavenly Father, working with you daily, hourly, by minute to shape your lives in a Godly pattern, to help your soul to grow the real you, the real you that continues on into eternity. Listen carefully to his guidance, it is all good.

Chosen People

STUDENT – Abraham, I just have one more question, and then probably some of the other people will have some to ask. Some of us were talking this week-end about the fact that we really feel unworthy of the fact that we are here. We almost feel like, why us, there are other people who seem to be more spiritual, more committed and yet, we just feel so lucky that we are in this position. Did you feel chosen when you were here on earth? Did you feel that as The Urantia Book says, that you were a “chosen one”–that’s what they call you. Did you feel that, or did that grow or do you have any recommendations for us who feel so unworthy?

ABRAHAM – I had many things to learn as a mortal of the realm. Many things I have had to unlearn as I have become a morontia being. As I said, I had a marvelous teacher and part of the time, yes, I did feel chosen. But I harbored doubts just as you do, I wondered, am I doing the right thing, am I following the right course in dedicating my life to this preacher who comes out of no-where. You are doing the same thing. You are having to experience that leap of faith that allows you to move past what you don’t see and believe that which you don’t see. I had a physical being that I could look upon, but his origin was quite as strange as the origin you are now experiencing with the teachers.

Chosen, perhaps, blessed indeed. We are all blessed. You all are blessed with having this knowledge. You are all blessed with having the opportunity to enlist in this army of the circles. I was a great commander you know, and this is a wonderful army that is building to reform this planet, to save it from the missteps of a planetary prince who knew no good, who was completely evil and chose annihilation as opposed to the bright sun-light of living truth. Chosen, yes, but humble yes. We are all still children, even I before the face of God, and we must continue that childlike awe of his loving nature. . . . .


STUDENT – [Abraham, Urantia is] almost a whole different place [from when you were here.] I was wondering if you might have any comments on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes. It is a difference that I would describe as the difference in clothing from one generation to the next. You have technological advances that were never dreamed of when I was a mortal. But the struggles, the pain, the problems, the life that you lead is not far different than our age.

Fortunately, you have gained some knowledge from The Urantia Book, lost knowledge of the way things were, and of the way things ought to be, and this certainly is a difference. There are far more humans on the planet today than when I was here. There are numerous places on the planet where there are more humans than I can possibly imagine or could have imagined then. I see the fruits of my labor to some degree in several of the evolutionary religions; they have changed.

Many have crystallized their dogma and are for the most part dead, requiring their devotees to perform acts that were even abhorrent to my age. Yes, life has changed considerably, and now, it will change even more.

Lucifer Rebellion, Judgment

  • How Is Abraham Able to Return To Urantia?

STUDENT: Thank you. My other question is: We are taught in The Urantia Book that mortals, who have lived on Urantia, cannot return to this planet during the same dispensation. And we were also told, I believe in the Ham teachings, that you received special permission to come back. My question is two-fold, one, is it a new dispensation and what was the originating event of that dispensational epoch; and secondly, what mandate or what authority gave you the permission to be able to return?

ABRAHAM: I assume your question is one of knowledge, not of testing.

STUDENT – Yes, that’s right.

  • Adjudication of Lucifer Rebellion Was A Dispensation

ABRAHAM: The Ancients of Days on Uversa gave me permission to return prior to the most recent dispensation which occurred at the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. All sleeping survivors were taken to the morontia spheres and resurrected at that time. Since then, the special permission was no longer necessary. Before that time I was here, and that was indeed an unusual event.

STUDENT:  Thank you.

STUDENT – Would that mean, Abraham, forgive my ignorance, that some of the other beings that were here before that dispensation period, Moses…I don’t know would Moses make it?

ABRAHAM: Moses certainly would because he was after my existence, he could have been, but he was not.

STUDENT – Abraham, welcome, it is a pleasure and an honor to have you among us. This is David. My question to you is how did the fable of Sodom and Gomorrah come about, and also the turning of your nephew Lot into a pillar of salt?

ABRAHAM: The fable concerning the pillar of salt?

STUDENT – Yes and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

ABRAHAM: That is a fable. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is in fact real. It did occur. They were cities whose natures became sided with the nefarious prince. They were consumed by their own evil. That is all I wish to say on the subject.


STUDENT – Abraham, this is Albert. A little while ago you stated that there were things that you had to un-learn on the morontia worlds that you had learned here. Could you tell us of some of those things? And if we perhaps possess some of those things, we could be aware of them and start working on them now?

ABRAHAM: Yes Albert. As you are aware, from the history of my life, I was a military commander, I wrought great destruction among some peoples. At the time when I lived, those acts were accepted. In going on to the mansion worlds, we learn that peace, truth, beauty, and goodness are far more powerful movers of men than a strong sword. I have had to adjust my thinking. Winning souls for the Father is not behind a sword. It is behind a strong word, a loving, caring word. Does that answer your question?

STUDENT – Very much so, thank you.

ABRAHAM: I must depart for this evening. It is a joy to be with you. Continue your good works. You are all strong and noble soldiers of the circles. Michael himself is proud of you and urges you forward. Farewell.

Correcting Time

MACHIVENTA: Lighten your loads my dear friends, this is Prince Machiventa. What a wonderful adventure you are on. Feel excited, feel joyous, for we are on the adventure of a lifetime. You are all enlisted in this wonderful project, in this wonderful project of the reclaiming of Urantia for Michael. My teachers are broad across the land now, the mission is expanding, the light is growing brighter.

Many within, and without the Teaching Mission are beginning to see the light of the Father once again. The circuits are activated, and God is in their hearts. Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth, sends you his greetings, each of you individually. Close your eyes at this moment and concentrate on his spirit and his spirit will fraternize with yours. Michael’s love is like the shower of rain that falls on everyone. It bathes you, it cleanses you, it makes you whole. Be strong, be wise, share his love, share the love of our Father, and together we go forward in this great adventure. Farewell. . . . .


STUDENT: Signa I have a question. Do some humans have a genetic predisposition to being more spiritually open minded than other humans?

SIGNA: Yes, there are some genetic pre-dispositions but it makes no difference to the heavenly Father. He loves all people equally. Some have a more open mind but the differences are very minor; on the whole, the entire human race has a very evenly distributed commonality of spiritual endowment. Whether an individual chooses to recognize that, is another question altogether. The capacity is there, but the desire may not be.

Desire, Thought Adjusters

STUDENT – Where does the desire come from?

SIGNA: Very good question. The desire is a spark that is lit by your Thought Adjuster. It is recognized by your soul and is translated into action on the part of the mortal to seek our heavenly Father. That sounds simple, but it is not. Because of the electro-chemical process that your body functions under, the life system, some mortals have more control over that process than others.

Thus they are able to recognize that spirit voice when it speaks or recognize the leading when it occurs. Leading is not necessarily something that occurs as a word pattern in your mind, it can be a feeling, a gesture, something that you are moved to do, not in words but in feelings. That can be, and many times is, the leading of your Thought Adjuster.

STUDENT – Signa, this is Martha. Willa and I were having a conversation this week, and I think both of us were feeling a need to be able to know you and Bertrand more personally. Right now this evening, in all that has taken place, I feel very full and very warm and wonderful; but during the week in our day-to-day life I kind of start to wonder is this really real and is there any way that you and Bertrand could be more in touch with us during the week at all? I don’t know, I’d like to know you more, I’d like to feel you more involved in my life.

SIGNA:  One of the main teachings that we are trying to impart is the continual seeking of the guidance of your indwelling spirit. While we could be with you, we are yet mortals, also. We are not perfect. Only God is perfect in this way, and he is with you every moment of every day. We are endeavoring to lead you in that direction, be with you when we can, and help to adjust our teachings in such a way as it fulfills the need.


SIGNA:   You speak of another subject that is important to discuss. And that is the subject of doubt. Doubt is important, it is important for a number of reasons. First, it is important to have doubt so that you can exercise your faith. If you had no doubt you would not have anything to exercise your faith against. You must have something to push against, like gravity, like the mighty oak pushing out of the ground. It could not be the mighty oak without the ground and gravity to push against. It would be marvelous if we were to implore the different celestial agencies and become visible to you, as well as your guardian angels, the midwayers that are here, the Life Carriers, Prince Machiventa, Father Abraham; but it would only satisfy you for short amount of time.

Remember back to the experiences of Jesus and he was a Creator Son. Even his apostles had doubts. It is part of the teaching lesson, it is part of the mission, and they are a natural part of the evolutionary progress of the evolving mortal mind. Your contribution to the Supreme would be severely handicapped without this. Your experience of life is truly unique and one which the Supreme truly desires and needs for his own fullness. It is a gift that you can give.

STUDENT – When we have doubts, should we deliberately make time to seek the Stillness and reconnect with our Thought Adjuster, is seeking our Father the most beneficial thing for us to do?

SIGNA: Yes. You may also wish to examine that doubt, learn of its origin, feel it, do not hide from it. Look at it squarely in the face. It is through your decisions to exercise faith that you truly grow. It would be easy to settle back and just rely on facts for spiritual food. But soon they become shallow. It is through the exercise of faith and belief that you’re able to move out and experience true spiritual excitement and happiness, growth and adventure. This builds enduring qualities that will be part of your soul, part of your person for all eternity.

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