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CDM13- Interest in Spirit

1992-09-14-Interest in Spirit
Corona Del Mar #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Interest in Spirit
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Signa, Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Seekers
 3.2.2 Circuits
 3.2.3 Tools
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Progress
 3.3.2 ACIM
 3.3.3 Morontia, Vision
 3.3.4 Waves

Topic: Interest in Spirit
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Signa, Bertrand
TR: Unknown


BERTRAND:  Good evening, I am Bertrand, I am your teacher. I wish to offer a hearty welcome to our new students. It is most gratifying to see our class grow in size and with such marvelous spiritual lights. Prince Machiventa sends his greetings to you all, urges you forward in your quest for spiritual knowledge, for spiritual growth, and wishes you all God-speed in your journeys.


BERTRAND:  To continue with our lesson from last week, we have been discussing the search for spiritual truth seekers in our daily lives. It is very good that you have all, at least attempted this process during the week. You have all spoken to those who are much more spiritually attuned than in the week previous. Do you see the difference, did you feel the difference? I am certain that you did. Spiritual truth seekers are blooming all over the land. Many who once were not at all spirit minded have awakened to find their thoughts, their yearnings to be headed in a spiritual direction. Idle conversations that occur are no longer solely concerning the day’s events, the acquisition of material goods, or personal relationships. They now involve also the spirit quest.


We have seen this, and it is the effect of the opening circuits that are now encompassing Urantia. The spiritual ministry that is now being applied across the entire planet is increasing, is quickening the mortal’s desire to know God. It will be easier as time progresses to speak with those individuals of spiritual knowledge, of things you know, of sharing the light of God and the love of God with those whom you meet. Truth seekers will come into your midst. You will not have to go seek them, they will seek you. There is a reason for this.

Your spiritual lights are beginning to shine brighter and brighter, and their spirit discernment is beginning to have an effect on them. It is a sense like touching and feeling and hearing and seeing. It is a sense they do not yet understand, but it is a sense that they are guided by, with the help of their Thought Adjuster, their guardian angel, and the Spirit of Truth. So what we must do in our class is to prepare ourselves for their inquiry.

What is it that you have that you can share? You have your faith. Your faith in a God of love, in a God who is everywhere present, and a loving Father who cares and ministers to his children, not just from above, but from within, from within each of you. You are ministers of your brethren, and it is in this way that God activates his love within your realm. You have your belief that you may share.


The belief that you have, in not just this Teaching Mission, the belief you have in Jesus, the belief you have in his love, in his caring, and the belief you have in each other, as friends, and as brothers and sisters. You have love that you can share. This is the love of the Father, and it comes through you and you possess it merely by passing it on. You may share forgiveness for those who seek it. These are your tools.

As Jesus was a carpenter, he had tools. We are giving you tools from which to carve beautiful new sons and daughters who also believe. Whether you chose to attempt the help of a lost sheep, one that we spoke of several weeks ago, or whether you choose a truth seeker is of little importance. The act of choosing to share what you have is the important action. In this next week, take these tools of love, faith, belief, forgiveness and the truth, beauty, and goodness that you know from the living Father and share them with whomever you meet. Look in their eyes, see the Father in there, present them with your love, show them that our heavenly Father cares and is with them at all times. They are never alone.

Those of you who chose our wayward brothers and sisters, understand these humans, these loved ones. These children are afraid of being alone. They do not want to go through this universe by themselves, and it is an unusual point of character that they will throw up walls against those who they come in contact with. It seems contradictory but, hard life will do this to an individual.

Difficult upbringing and difficult life experiences have a tendency to harden people. But sooner or later the egg must crack open and the new shining individual must come forth. After our session this evening, I ask you to share some of your experiences that you have had this past week. And do the same next week when we again speak of this. My lesson is through for this evening, I wish to step aside and allow Signa to be transmitted at this time.

SIGNA: Good evening all of you. Again, it is truly my pleasure to be amongst you and to be with you in this process of learning. We are very excited about the growth of this class and are eagerly looking forward to its further growth. It is not necessary for you to be concerned about the size of this class. There are only several other individuals who may become permanent members. As the desire for more classes gets greater, more teachers will be assigned, more transmitter-receivers will be prepared and they will go off for their own experience.

Once our class has stabilized for a period of time in its size, and once each of the personalities have an opportunity to know and love and understand each of the other personalities in our class, we will really begin the true work, the true work of learning the techniques to go out in our lives and answer those questing souls who need spiritual truth.

Many new and exciting events are unfolding on Urantia. Some of which I can speak of, some of which I cannot. What I can speak of is this: the mission is expanding, there are 35 or 36 classes in operation, teachers who have been assigned. There is [a] superuniverse watchcare resident on this planet. There is local universe control over this reawakening and correcting of Urantia, and the other planets who were in rebellion. The time is coming when great strides will be made in reversing much of the damage that has occurred due to your nefarious and now non-existent Prince Caligastia.

We are encouraged by these developments, they are all planned, they are all the outworking of Jesus. Michael of Nebadon himself sends you his love. He is aware of this Teaching Mission, he is aware of every class, he is aware of every student, and his love is sent to your hearts to know that he is watching and making sure that you are cared for in the most loving and cherished manner. You are all his apostles in this new kingdom that is building on this planet, and he wishes you all Godspeed. I will answer questions now. . . . .


STUDENT: You said that Machiventa was really pleased that all of us were making such good progress. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m making very good progress. There are down times and you feel maybe a little bit depressed or just under stress and you don’t feel like you are making good progress. How can I be making good progress if I am experiencing something like that?

SIGNA: Many times, the fact of your spiritual agitation is indeed evidence of your spiritual progress. If you are undergoing a tumultuous time, that is most likely a time of great growth. Unfortunately, or fortunately, growth is best when you have something to grow against. The tiny seed in the ground must have gravity to pull at it, to keep it growing, in order for it to grow strong. Without gravity you would not be able to walk. There are many analogies that I could make, but I think you understand my point.

STUDENT: Thank you. It just doesn’t feel very good sometimes

SIGNA: It is difficult during those times.

STUDENT: What should we do during those times Signa?

SIGNA: Pray for guidance, seek the Stillness, seek to communicate with your Thought Adjuster, and follow best the leadings that you have. . . . .

STUDENT: Is it proper to refer to Machiventa as our Planetary Prince or Vicegerent Planetary Prince, or does it make a difference?

SIGNA: From a functional standpoint it makes no difference. From a strictly technical standpoint, he is Vicegerent Planetary Prince, Michael himself is the actual Planetary Prince, but he has relinquished that authority to Prince Machiventa. . . . .


STUDENT: Signa, I am a student of The Urantia Book and The Course in Miracles, and I find a lot of similarity between the two, and I was just curious, will students of The Course in Miracles receive teachers as well?

SIGNA: If they desire, most likely they will. We are assigned at a request, the request must be human. If there is a desire, and a transmitter-receiver can be prepared, they will receive yes. There are numerous non-Urantia Book teaching groups around the world right now. While the majority are within the Urantia Book community, there are numerous ones that are not. Eventually they will be brought to the book.

Morontia, Vision

STUDENT: I am interested in the morontia form and it is my understanding when a person is prepared enough, they are allowed to see a morontia form of a higher being? How do we know when we are to that state, that we really desire to see this form of somebody that has gone on that you knew very well, without fear? I have fear. I desire to see this, but on the other hand, I wonder if I would be fearful if it actually happened.

SIGNA: Being a student of The Urantia Book you are aware that those who have lived before on this planet are not normally allowed transit back here during a particular dispensation. It would be difficult to have that occur for a specific individual who has already gone on to the mansion worlds. But to further answer your question, it is possible for humans from time to time to glimpse the morontia form.

There is a requisite level of spiritual attainment that must be had before spiritual sight is able to behold the morontia form. It is so different in its composition than the existing 100 or so elements that you have present on this planet that an adjustment must be made to both the morontia form and that human who is seeing it in order for it to occur. It is not a totally easy process.

When Jesus was here in his morontia form, after his death, there were numerous orders of celestial beings required to make his appearance visible to Mary and the different women who viewed him in the beginning and through his many visitations after that before proceeding on to universe headquarters. It was a very difficult process for the attendant universe personalities to make him visible.

STUDENT: I observe infants and small children and I often wonder if they see the angels? They seem to look past you and they are staring at something beyond you that is not there in the room and they chatter and point. My question is: do small children actually see higher beings, the angels?

SIGNA: It is not my knowledge that they do. It is generally a physiological manifestation of lack of both eye and motor control that creates that illusion. . . . .


STUDENT: Signa, something that Martha said is kind of piqued a question in me. It has to do with the constancy of our moods and our balance. My question is: there are times in our lives, in our recent life, where we seem to see a lot of people, are talking about God, and things are happening, and then there is a more quiescent time where nothing happens. I always kind of start to get depressed then, cause nothing is happening, but what actually is happening? Is that just a time where you should rest or refresh your batteries or what?

SIGNA: Yes. That is correct. When the wave reaches the shore it breaks and then quietly runs to where it spends its energy. Sometimes, your life does the same, where it reaches a crescendo and then you have a quiescent period afterwards. It is a very good time for reflection. It is a very good time for quiet meditation, and preparation for your next action. It is a time that you should also cherish as well as the time that you are on that spiritual high. There are no times in your universe career where you will be on even keel for a long period of time. You will always have the rising and the lowering of the waves. That is part of the evolutionary experience.

STUDENT: I was told this week that there are now teacher groups in a lot of other countries. Can you tell us what countries those are?

BERTRAND: There are four or five in Europe, two in Asia, I believe one in Africa, several in Australia and the balance in the United States, North America.

STUDENT: Can you tell us what countries in Europe?

BERTRAND: Not at this time.

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