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CDM12- Population Explosion

1992-09-08-Population Explosion
Corona Del Mar #12


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Population Explosion
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Sharing
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Angelic Contact
 3.3.2 Atheism
 3.3.3 Dissemination
 3.3.4 Jesus
 3.3.5 Stillness
 3.3.6 Progress, Service
 3.3.7 Survival, Service
 3.3.8 Thought Adjusters, Potential
 3.3.9 Population
 3.3.10 Mansion Worlds, History
 3.3.11 Healing
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Population Explosion
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
TR: Unknown


BERTRAND: This evening we would like to discuss the other side of this experience of communicating God’s love to those we meet. And, I speak of those who have some spiritual light growing within them. Some person that you recognize as beginning to flower. It will be a much different experience, I assure you. Because you are now speaking to someone of like mind, someone who knows God within them, someone who has experienced his love. And when you have an opportunity to share, with a spirit-born individual, you will find common ground. The realization in the two of you, that each of you know the true God, is uplifting for both.


Think back to your experience this past week. Think of how, to your point of view, it was one-sided. You imparting God’s grace, the other side seemingly did not understand. With a God-knowing individual you have true sharing. It is not the point of this mission to contend with other mortals as to who is right in their theology and who is wrong. We are interested only in sharing the love of God and the love of his Son and our brother, Michael.

Your assignment this coming this week is to experience contact with someone who is also a truth-seeker. Someone outside of our teaching group. It may be in your work, it may be in a store, it may be in a church, wherever you find them. Share your inner peace with them, share the love of God, share the love of Michael, of our Jesus, and then see the light in their eyes. Each religion on Urantia has it’s own path. Like a road map, they take their own course to God.

But, the ultimate goal is the same. There is no difference. We may choose a different path, but that is O.K.. The important thing is to know that God is our Father and because of that we are all his son’s and daughter’s. And, it is this unifying fact, that will allow you to share those inner feelings of spiritual happiness with those that you meet.

Now why is this important? There are many truth-seekers on this planet, many wonderful mortals who only need to know that another feels the same way they do, in order for that light to become real. Think in your own life. It’s an affirmation. When you are affirmed in your own belief how much stronger does that fire burn. And so it is, the fire is burning in these individuals. And you will provide for them that additional “fuel”, if you will, to allow them to not just hope that what they believe is true. Now they will know it for sure, because they see it in you.

Tonight, you were as a group involved in discussions before class began. When class is over, each of you share some of those experiences from last week. Share how they affected your life, share how you may have done better, or there may have been an opening to bring some spiritual light to some needy individual, that you didn’t see. But, do not feel discouraged. Every attempt that you make to bring the light of God and the knowledge of Michael, and their love to another individual does absolutely meet with success, on some level. The Thought Adjuster in that human will takes that food that you give him and uses it as the basis for great spiritual growth. Do not ever feel that you have failed, because you haven’t. They only failure is in not attempting at all.

So this coming week, seek out spiritually-minded individuals and share your inner light with them and feel that shared energy, feel that shared love that exists for our heavenly Father. And his love in return, will flow through you and surround you, the both of you, an you will feel it. The reconnecting of the circuits to this planet will aid in this process because the spiritual energy that is being poured out now, on Urantia, is very great. It is like a wind and it blows on everyone’s face. It is like the sun that shines on everyone everyday. Do not be afraid, step forward, act, for we are soldiers of the circles. That is my lesson for this evening.

Signa is also here, as well as several teachers who are observing our class this evening. They are preparing to be assigned to their own groups and are here because of the significant spiritual growth that is occurring within this group. They are also observing the teaching method of using two teachers as well as your responses. I welcome your questions. Signa will speak to you in a few moments.

Angelic Contact

  • Do Celestials Incarnate Briefly So We Can Meet Them?

STUDENT: Thank you Bertrand. I had a bad time this week and I really think I blew it bad. I had some good things. But, what I was wondering was, you know how there’s this phrase “angel unaware”. Do universe personalities ever incarnate to be somebody at a garage sale? You know, who you have an encounter with, does that ever happen?

BERTRAND: No. There are plenty of humans on the planet to stand in your path.


  • Psychology of a non-Believer in God

STUDENT: Bertrand, I was talking with someone and sharing my faith. And when we were discussing it, it was a good conversation, but he asked me if I felt, if I had any different feelings about him because he did not believe in God. It was a person I had mentioned before. And, it was hard for me to answer that. I said I felt I didn’t feel the depth of warmness between us, but I do care about this person a great deal. But, it was an odd question. Do we, have the same love for the people that don’t believe as we. Is that true?

BERTRAND: Yes. Yes. It is like a wayward child. You don’t not love them because they are not exhibiting the type of behavior you wish. You continue to teach them the proper way and sooner or later they will see the light. Some individuals also will profess to be non-believers in their consciousness, subconsciously follow very carefully the leading of the Thought Adjuster and do the Father’s will in their lives. It is an unusual situation but, it does exist. This person of whom you speak may also fall into that category.

STUDENT: I think when I spoke with him and I described my faith I think he thought of a belief in God is like Santa Claus. You just pray and ask for what you want, material things, and when I explained to him what you had taught us about praying and opening the spiritual channels and that we don’t pray for things. That we pray for spirituality and the love and I think it gave him a lot to think about. Perhaps it gave him a new concept that he might be able to hold on to.

BERTRAND: Yes. You may very well be right. Many who find current religion to be un-fulfilling, find it thus because they feel it is somewhat childish in it’s approach to life. When they begin to hear how you feel, your religion reacts within you. They begin to understand that it’s a much bigger picture than they originally had thought and must go back and reassess their concepts of faith, of God and of spiritual reality.


  • Psychology of the non-Reacting Neighbor

STUDENT: Bertrand, you’ve probably heard me tell my tale of the experience that — and I had with our neighbor. And, it was just very frustrating, coming up against an individual in which we weren’t able to sense any spark of God there, I mean we knew that it was there, but it’s a very frustrating feeling not being able to talk and have even a light of love shining out of a person. Is there any way to get through to someone like that?

BERTRAND: Sometimes not. Albert expressed the same problem with an individual at one of our past meetings and the same holds true here. You may not be able to see some affect on that individual, but you had some. Your Thought Adjuster communicated with his Thought Adjuster and gave him some fruit from which to work. It may be that this human must go through his own personal revival before he will begin to see the light in others and that sometimes also is the case. But, as I said earlier, in all cases when you share God and you share your spiritual truth, it does find home. You may not see it come back, you may not see it’s fruits for sometime to come but, the seed has been planted.

  • Student Asks to Take Bertrand Along to Church] 9/8/92

STUDENT: Regarding the lesson tonight, the experience I had last week is most definitely the flip side of probably the experience I will have tomorrow. A few weeks ago I had asked if you would come to church with me on Sunday morning when I had — tell you in Saturday’s private session, not to come because I found that the minister that I really wanted you to hear preach wasn’t going to be preaching that morning. And anyhow, tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with him at 3:00 and I’d like you to come along. I’d like to know if there’s a way you can tell how much he is in touch with his Thought Adjuster.

BERTRAND: If it is possible for me to be there, I will.

  • Not All Experience Lessons Are Conscious

STUDENT: . . . . You said earlier that we all had experiences in this last week of having attempted to communicate our own spiritual posture with a non-believer, or non-truth-seeker. Again, I was not aware of that assignment, and I’m not aware that I did that. Was that a generic comment or are you in fact aware that each of us had some experience? I wasn’t aware of mine.

BERTRAND: In many cases, a particular experience was not something that stands out like the one that Martha described, or the one that Veronica has had. So that you may not have had full knowledge that the experience was indeed taking place. But, at sometime during the week, each of you did have some experience in dealing with a non-believer, in some manner, where through your normal communication process, you attempted to impart some sort of spiritual message. And your’s, you don’t realize. The rest perhaps remember.

STUDENT: And you’re not going to tell me?

BERTRAND: It is between you and your Thought Adjuster.

  • Influence of The Spirit of Truth Since the Bestowal

STUDENT: Bertrand, has the Holy Spirit of Truth been a strong turning factor in this planet since Christ?

BERTRAND: Most definitely. The Spirit of Truth has made it possible for all normal minded humans to receive Thought Adjusters. So, most definitely he has helped yet, is a presence that leads man to Jesus and eventually to God.


  • Jesus Is Not Yet Present On The Planet

STUDENT: Bertrand, in the Ham tapes that James and I were listening to as we drove to the meeting, Ham sounded like he was saying that Jesus, not as the Spirit of Truth, but as his own personality, is back on the planet. Is there anything that you could tell us about that, or am I not understanding Ham’s tape?

BERTRAND: One moment. Michael is not yet present on Urantia. We are unable to predict his future mission with regard to Urantia. The Teaching Mission has his full blessing. It indeed is from Michael. We would be exceedingly joyous to learn of his impending arrival, as we were when we were notified of Gabriel’s visit. There are many speculations as to his personal visit to Urantia, but it would be best for me not to engage in those speculations.


  • The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Consciousness

STUDENT: Bertrand, I wanted to ask you. There’s a man named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who says that if enough people meditate it can raise the consciousness and it can improve the quality of life around the world, like in Africa where people are starving, and the wars. Is that true, does our meditation help spread peace in this world, the more people that can pray?

BERTRAND: Prayer is certainly a powerful tool to move mountains. As far as some concept of many minds thinking the same thought, does not necessarily mean that that thought will become reality. What does become reality is man’s actions, but yes, it is important to pray. And it is very important to pray for the welfare of all mankind. Those prayers are heard on high and reacted to. So in that sense, yes, it does help. But, it also helps for each individual to make his home sphere better and if that occurs, along with spiritual help, we will definitely have a better planet.

Progress, Service

  • We Are Fortunate To Have Time To Think of God

STUDENT: It seems that we are so fortunate because we’re in a very comfortable area and we can pray and think of God. It seems to be so much violence and anger and killing in the world and I feel very helpless when I hear of it.

BERTRAND: It is truly saddening to know that there are those who are so under privileged, so poverty stricken, so in need of food, shelter, clothing. We are, you are fortunate in this country because you have many of the things that they would like to have. But you in this country have made some evolutionary steps to secure security for yourselves. And those steps were hard fought and paid for with the lives of many people over the hundreds of years that you’ve been here.

Nations sometimes must go through these difficult evolutionary time to prepare them for the future. We are all saddened by those types of inhumanity that exists and we pray for that to cease. But man must experience, and those evolutionary experiences going on, eventually will have to be dealt with buy the surrounding, more prosperous world. And, it is a leap of service, a leap of love by the massing of those who have the things in life which make it possible for you to meditate, for you to pray, for you to have that time.

It will be your responsibility as a group consciousness in the future to realize that they are also your brothers and sisters and will have to be helped. But, that also is an evolutionary step for you to make. We are mandated that we are not able to involve ourselves in socio-political struggles.
. . . . We are here for spiritual growth. Machiventa and the other Melchizedek Teachers who are here, some of them are involved in that aspect of planetary growth. I am not involved in that and have no real concrete knowledge to impart.

STUDENT: But what you’re saying is that it’s a human problem and that it has to be dealt with with human solutions?

BERTRAND: Primarily, yes, that is true.

STUDENT: But you also said that there are Melchizedeks that are involved in socio-political problem solving? Or, did I misunderstand?

BERTRAND: The Most Highs do rule in the realms of man, they do have influence that they are imparting. I am unable to discuss with you any of their activities.

STUDENT: Is your spiritual teaching helping us to spiritually evolve so that we might be able to help more of our own choice as we are exposed to this more and more?

BERTRAND: Yes, if that is your free-will choice to involve yourself in that. We are interested in elevating your spiritual knowledge, to your spiritual growth and as you become more aware of your connection with each other human as being a brother or sister, as a nation we will begin to have a compassion that will reach out and try to help them to reach the kind of spiritual peace that we are trying to teach here.

We hope that the Teaching Mission will spread throughout the world, not just here in this country. And, as it spreads throughout the world the message of Michael will begin to reach into those hearts of people who are truly in need of the spiritual saving grace of his love.

STUDENT: That’s a wonderful answer. Thank you very much.

BERTRAND: Signa wishes to address you at this time.

Survival, Service

  • Very Few From Urantia Fail To Survive

STUDENT: Signa, [About Atheism], are we to assume that every person has a God conscious whether they acknowledge it or not?

SIGNA: Let me just say this. Very, very few people who pass on to the Mansion Worlds from this planet do not choose survival, very, very few. And that can be to the credit of the Thought Adjusters, the Guardian Angels, the Spirit of Truth also working. And so you see, if there is just that tiny spark within them, that is leading them Godward, they will not fail. They will choose survival.

The intellectual mind can play tricks on you as you know. The intellectual mind can tell you one thing and facts will tell you another. But, truth is something different altogether, truth is alive, is growing, is active. And the truth of God, the truth of his love, the truth of Michael’s love is alive and active. It isn’t something that can be worked-out in a theory or an equation.

  • Jesus Passed By Some Who Couldn’t Be Reached

STUDENT: So that if we really become good locksmiths, there is a key in each person that we could learn how to turn toward God then.

SIGNA: Indeed that is true. There are a few that you will not have any luck with. Study Jesus as “he passed by” [UB 171:7.5] and his ministry before he turned to his public course and you will see that there were occasions when he would not take time to talk to an individual and this is the Creator Son. He could see within them no hope for lighting the fire. But those were individuals who were here prior to the Spirit of Truth. There are very few of those today. So as you “pass by” don’t forget to see that Thought Adjuster in them because it is there. And yes, it might be behind lock and key. . . . .

Thought Adjusters, Potential

  • [Thought Adjusters And Potentials] Signa 9/8/92

STUDENT: I was saying our Thought Adjuster knows where they’re coming before they’re ever coming.

SIGNA: You are following an inner leading is what I think you are referring to.

STUDENT: But, kind of enlarging on it too, that our Thought Adjusters read our potentials and chose us on purpose?

SIGNA: Yes. They know your potential before you are born.

STUDENT: I mean, I don’t think it was an accident that we’re born here and not in India. . . . .

SIGNA: That is not something that can be planned but, as your physical body begins to grow in your mother and the potential of you from your genetic past begins to evolve, the Thought Adjusters are presented with a life plan, in potential, for you. It is like a tree, there are many different branches and many different directions that it can follow and still reach the same end. It is not like it is a single road from A to B.

So, to a degree, you are here based on the leadings of your Thought Adjuster and, coupled with your own free will choices, you could easily have chosen a different path. Because, in all things your free will choice is supreme. It is heartening to begin to see an awakening of need, an awakening of compassion, for one’s fellows who are less fortunate. And it is not only within this group, within the Urantia community, but it is throughout the world that an awakening to the needs of those who are in dire straights. It has begun to be more viewed, more activated. Did I help answer your question?

STUDENT: Well, I don’t know. . . .


  • The Population Explosion

SIGNA: Their free will choice does not extend past their own surroundings, past their own environment. I am sure if they were given the choice, and had it to be an actuality, they would choose not to be in that situation. On an evolutionary planet, during it’s early cultural evolution, which you are still in, to a large degree, you will have this large differentiation between groups of people. Some who have advanced, have fought the struggle, made the decisions and are sometimes in the fortuitous place of having geography be in their favor, or other physical circumstances.

It is difficult for you humans to have a long range view of your planet. It has been in the very recent past that your population numbers have exploded without guard to any control. And so now, because of the decisions of the many in those regions, their governments do not act in a way that would be beneficial to the people. The problems are multifaceted, many, many layers, and it will take some time to correct those problems in those areas. It will require help from the outside.

Mansion Worlds, History

  • Total Planetary History from Morontia Worlds

STUDENT: On a planet where the people live to be 300 or 350 years old, is the evolution a lot faster?

SIGNA: Not necessarily. We on the Morontia Worlds have an opportunity to see time frames in a much broader perspective. We have the ability to see the entire history of your planet. You don’t. We can also see the projections of what the scholars project off into the future. You don’t have that ability, and therefor it’s very difficult for you to see the outworkings of many of the influences that are in effect, even now.

STUDENT: Will we be able to see the entire history of our planet when we are on the Morontia Worlds?


STUDENT: Will we be able to see the real time goings on our planet when we are on the Morontia Worlds?

SIGNA: You will receive reports. There are areas on the Morontia Spheres where you will be able to receive the space broadcasts concerning Urantia. Yes.

STUDENT: So you can actually observe your own descendants?

SIGNA: So to speak.

STUDENT: Are my ancestors watching me? (laughter)

SIGNA: I hope you are not disturbed by my answer. The whole local universe is watching. (laughter). Do you have further questions this evening? James is tiring.


STUDENT: I just have one question regarding Ham’s healing. All of us have had questions about the healings and why they haven’t worked. And, I’m wondering if you can invite Ham to come one evening and give us a lesson and answer some of our questions?


SIGNA: I will pass your request on. My knowledge of those events is small, but I will indicate to you that healings are a joint effort between a human being who has a certain ability to draw on universe energy circuits with the help of the Life Carriers with an individual who is in need. There is free will choice involved even here.

And the free will choice is of the individual in need of the healing. It is difficult to predict whether an individual will truly wish to be healed. I have no way of expressing what those individuals, who have gone on to the Mansion Worlds after receiving those healings, had in their own mind. l will pass on the request to Father Ham and perhaps he would come and talk to you on the matter.. . . . I will depart now.

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