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CDM11- Approaching the Materialist

1992-09-01-Approaching the Materialist
Corona Del Mar #11


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Approaching the Materialist
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Discernment, Presence
 3.2.2 Service
 3.2.3 Teaching Mission
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Dialogue, Listening
 3.3.2 Thought Adjusters
 3.3.3 Dissemination
 3.3.4 Circuits
 3.3.5 Vision
 3.3.6 Names
 3.3.7 Experience
 3.3.8 Free will
 3.3.9 Atheism, Materialism
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Approaching the Materialist
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
TR: Unknown

SIGNA: Good evening. This is Signa. I welcome you all once again to this class. It is both joyous and wondrous to see you all continuing to dedicate yourselves to this Teaching Mission. Bertrand is also here this evening and he will speak and answer your questions after our lesson this evening. I would like to speak to you tonight about discerning spirit presence in those you meet.

Discernment, Presence

SIGNA: As you pass by in your daily lives, how do you know, how can you tell if a person is spirit led, or if they are led by the material world? It is not always possible to tell quickly if an individual is spirit led. Like most things and most people, in order to be able to get to understand and know that they are spirit led, you must begin to get to know them. You must converse with them; talk with them; ask them questions. It can be done in a matter of fact way, so as not to prematurely disrupt the communication because of fear.

Fear on the other’s part. Humans who are material led, that is having the total of their existence in the material world and very little of their conscious mind seeking spirit values, are often frightened by the prospect of having to discuss spiritual values, spiritual concepts, or even truth, beauty, and goodness.

As a test, it is quite easy to learn quickly, those material minded humans by asking just a few questions that relate to truth, beauty, and goodness; that relate to your spiritual leadings. You must always take the position of one who is sharing your own feelings, not directing them as to what they ought to feel or what they ought to think. It is most appropriate to share you own feelings though. The fear of having to look inside, to begin to see that spiritual existence is very powerful in a material minded human. And as soon as you express those feelings yourself, you will find that they would wish to separate themselves from your presence.

On the contrary, if you are to try the same technique with a human who is spirit led, who knows God, they will respond in a spirit led, God-knowing way. You have all had that experience. You have all had the experience of being in the presence of another ascender who is spirit led. You can feel it in their being. And that feeling that you feel is that spirit light that shines and your spirit can discern that. Like listening for your Thought Adjuster, you must also listen and look for that spirit led quality in others.


Let us not make the mistake though, of assuming that a material minded human should be overlooked. Quite the opposite should be. Those are the ones who truly need to hear the saving words of our Master, Jesus. They are the ones who need to have their fear overcome with love. They are the ones who will take more work, more dedication. They are the ones that you must be patient with because the Thought Adjuster within them will respond positively to the outside stimulus of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Seeds can even grow in the desert if they are given proper nourishment and water. All the earth can support life, if it is given the proper conditions. And so is the light of the spirit able to grow, even in those humans who do not exhibit strong spiritual leadings if the proper nutrients, the proper conditions exist. You also know, and have experienced yourselves, situations with people who seem to be living their days only in the material world. And then, due to some external event, the light begins to shine in them and they begin to change. We have many, many spiritual agencies now who are working diligently to help those lost sheep return to the fold. The shepherds are out in the flock and in the highlands looking for the lost ones.

And that’s what you must be. Like the shepherd who looks for the lost sheep. There are problems with trying to attempt to help these lost and yearning souls. They may not know it, but their Thought Adjusters are working overtime trying to bring them toward God. And when you have the Thought Adjuster on one side applying pressure and have the human showing the mirror to them on the other side of the way they can be, we are then giving the water and the food that is necessary for the seed to grow.

Teaching Mission

Yes, our circuits are reconnected. Yes, those will have an influence. Yes, the Teaching Mission is happening on this planet. And yes, it will have an influence on many. But, we already believe. We already know. We have God in our hearts. We have Jesus to guide us. He lived here, and we know that. And we have His love and His blessings to do this mighty chore. But those who do not live in the spirit world, who do not have a consciousness of the beauty and the grandeur of what this divine service is all about, are truly lost.

Unfortunately, there are many on the planet right now who are in that position. Not because they choose to be, only because they haven’t been shown the way. And that’s our job. To help them see. To give them spirit vision. To help them grow toward the Father. And to help them to know the beautiful and saving message that Michael of Nebadon taught us on this planet nearly 2,000 years ago. This is what being a soldier of the circle really means. Dedicating yourselves to helping those who do not see.

It doesn’t mean marching out of this room this evening and spreading along the street and grabbing the next person you come to. No. It means, in your lives, where you find yourself. Very much like Jesus did before his public mission, where he was able to minister to those as he passed by. So can you. It is most appropriate to do it that manner. It is one on one. You can be sincere and they will see your sincerity. You may not see a change this week in those individuals, or next month, or even next year.

You must be patient. For, as you sow these seeds, the soil is becoming richer because of the spirit influences that exist now on this planet. And the chances for growth are many. That is my lesson for this evening. I will take a few questions concerning the lesson and then I will turn the meeting over to Bertrand who has a few things he would like to say and then answer more of your questions, if you wish.

Dialogue, Listening

Student: Thank you, Signa. That was a very beautiful lesson. I know that we’ll all think a lot about it and listen to it again, and then think a lot more about it. Do you have any advise as to how to approach people. Like what a good opening line might be to a stranger?

SIGNA: It is so difficult to give you an answer to that because every situation is so unique. It can be a natural process that can come out of your initial conversation. Obviously, I cannot suggest just walking up to someone and saying to them, “How has your experience with the Supreme been lately?” (Laughter)

That would be ludicrous. But, in your conversation with them, keep your eye open; keep your ear open and your eye, I mean your spiritual eye open, to see that possibility; that word; that phrase; that twinkle in their eye; that expression of perhaps sorrow; or expression of need that they may have, where you can give them something in return that is of spiritual value. You may not always have an uplifting word that you will impart. You may have words to say to them that are difficult for them to hear.

As you practice this process, you will get better at listening and at hearing what people are really saying to you, even in casual conversation. And you will begin to be able to understand those places that they express that soul emptiness that you can begin to fill. As the spiritual agencies work, as the circuits are opened, as the mission has its effect, as the other things that occur that are outside of the Teaching Mission–the work of guardian seraphim, the work of the midwayers. All of these will begin to have an effect on those material minded humans and they will express that heartfelt need that they have in some way.

It’s our job to learn to listen and hear it when it comes out, so that we can be there and help them and lead them toward God. I know that didn’t give you a phrase or word you were looking for, Veronica. But, maybe that clarified it some what.

Thought Adjusters

Student: Thank you. I had another question. When somebody who is not spirit conscious encounters us, what does their Thought Adjuster do to them? What kind of reaction is generated by the Thought Adjuster to them as a result of the Thought Adjuster knowing who we are and what we are? Is there any?

SIGNA: I’m certain that there is. Though since we are not privy to the actions of Thought Adjusters with their mortal, it is hard for me to say. I am sure that Thought Adjusters communicate with one another in a meeting situation like that. I’m sure they share information, knowledge and so forth. They may, through your Thought Adjuster, indicate the lead that you may be able to use, so perhaps it would be a wise idea to attempt to try to listen to that spirit spark in you when you’re in a situation like that. Cause, there will be that communication with their Thought Adjuster and you may get some information that way on what to say, or how to say it, or exactly how to approach this individual. Listen to those leadings.

You all have them. You’ve all had that experience. I know that. Listen to that experience. Listen to that leading that you have, cause it’s most likely true. You should follow through with it. What can it harm if it doesn’t work. You’ve tried. You’ve given your best concept of what you can do to help this individual. If they refuse it, this is not your fault. This is not something you need to take on as a burden for yourself. The only thing you have to do is to try. And who knows? The spark that you leave, the seed that you plant with this individual may sprout in a thousand ways off into the future at some time when you least expect it. Does that help?


Student: Good evening, Signa. I just want to say that I really appreciate your sense of humor. I’m still chuckling over your comment last week when Albert asked when an event was going to take place and you said, “Not this evening.” (Laughter) It seems so difficult for us, Signa, maybe because the spirit circuits have been cut off for so long. It seems to me in our society, in our community, and if not in the world at large there are so many people that are materialistic, that are not seeking spiritual values, that are rather superficial to a spirit led person.

And, it’s difficult to talk on something that’s deep and not just surface. I think that maybe we all have this question as to how do we approach these people? I think we all want to bring people to a higher conscious, to know God as we are getting to do. And, yet, we find it very difficult to reach out to others. Can you help us at all? I know that’s what the lesson was about this evening, but still think we’re all somewhat questioning exactly how we can approach these other people.

SIGNA: The sharing of truth, beauty, and goodness does not necessarily fall into the realm of what you would call “religion”. It could be the sharing of the beauty of a sunset; the sharing of a particular shared truth that you know; it could be something from the Urantia Book that is quite outside of the usual norm of religious talk. Shared experience of something good; something that has transpired in the news; something that you have learned in your community. All truth, beauty, and goodness is from the Father and it doesn’t necessarily have to reflect a spiritual nature.

Student: Signa, this is Martha. I had an experience this last Sunday that, for some reason, this lesson made me think of. I was reading the newspaper. I don’t know if anyone read in the Orange County section the editorial by Dana Parsons. He was saying that before he died he’d really like to have universal agreement between the creationists and the evolutionists on how we really came about. By the time I finished this little article, I thought, “You know what? I really need to tell this man about The Urantia Book.” So, I went to my computer and I typed him a letter, just telling him about The Urantia Book. I sent it off within the hour. It may be all over the L.A. Times in a couple days!! I don’t know!

SIGNA: That is a leading. You have seen a spark there in that individual in his writing that you felt it was necessary to share your truth with. That is good. It may be useful, after tonight’s meeting, to share some of those experiences that each of you have had. And next week, before our meeting begins, share those experiences that you have had during the week and how they have transpired. And, I am sure that as you share those experiences, you will all learn from that just as much as you could possibly learn from me telling you what I know. Experience is a great teacher and those shared experiences can help you all to learn how this process works, and it does. Are there further questions?


Student: Hi, Signa. This is Albert. I got the feeling that there were more spiritual agencies at work now than there have been in the past, with the opening of the communication channels. Could you describe them and what they do?

SIGNA: What I can say to you is this: With the re-connection of the universe circuits, those normal influences that occur on a planet have been restored. All of the existing spiritual agencies who have been here, for the most part, have had to exist and do their work without that channel of communication. With the addition of the channels, the spiritual circuits, all of the spiritual agencies who have been here working on your behalf now have the power that they for so long lacked. And this is what I mean by that. There are no extra forces at work. But, those who are, are here and now have the full use of the circuits to aide them in their job.

Student: As a follow on to that: You mentioned, a couple of times, the opening of the circuits. Is there anything that is recognizable, that we might be looking for, as evidence of this outside of the Teaching Mission and so on? Something we might be able to point to, to others?

SIGNA: I would describe this with the analogy that follows: Assume you’re in a very hot farm building in the summer, and you have recently purchased an air conditioning unit to cool this building down. Today is the day, relatively speaking that we have turned the switch on, but it will be some time yet before the building is actually cool. You may not feel it for some time. The same thing is occurring with the circuits. It may be sometime before you see real effects. It is somewhat like growth. But, over a period of time, you will see a genuine and general mood change on the planet swinging toward the heavenly Father. That’s about the best I can describe it.

Student: It’s interesting to me that in world affairs you see so much wanton destruction. More so that I remember in recent history; people killing each other off around the world. I’m just wondering: That doesn’t seem to mesh. I’m sure this isn’t the only period in our history of this.

SIGNA: By far, it is not. And, what you’re dealing with here is inertia. It will play itself out. Bertrand would like to…

Student: (this from 9/8/92 Bertrand on Circuit Opening inserted here]
Bertrand, when you described the opening of the circuits, it sounds as though, with the wind in our faces, and that it could have an immediate effect on the world. Is that right? I know that last week you talked about the air conditioning and the hot farm house and things but, that spiritual pressure from above. Is that the sense people will have?


STUDENT: And it will be cumulative or slowly evolving.

BERTRAND: It will be slowly at first. You see this planet has been wandering in the wrong direction for literally hundreds of thousands of years without a constant presence as would be experienced on an average planet. Prince Machiventa was here but, his lifetime was only less than one hundred years. Jesus was here and his influence has lasted nearly two thousand years. We have The Urantia Book and it is beginning to have it’s effect along with the Teaching Mission as a support mechanism.

With the opening of the circuits we begin to have the additional pressure pushing in the direction of spiritual growth. It is subtle, and like all growth is not truly apparent day to day. But, over a period of time will begin to see the ripening of the fruit.
Student: I had another question for you.

SIGNA: Yes, Veronica?


STUDENT: In the legends of Urantia Book “lore”, it’s been said that certain early people, members of the Contact Commission, had a sort of special sight, in that they could look in people’s eyes and see their spirit luminosity. I actually was with somebody that did that to me back in Chicago, twenty years or so ago. Is that an actual gift; or is that appropriable?

SIGNA: As you proceed in your spiritual growth, the ability to discern like spiritual beings becomes stronger. Yes, it is something that can, and will, begin to be experienced by all of you. It takes time. But, you are all on the road of that happening. Does that answer your question?

SIGNA: I am going to depart for this evening. I am needed elsewhere. I will wish you all a wonderful week. I thank you for your attentiveness, your studious nature, love, your good wishes. I will pray for you, for your spiritual growth. I will pray for that spiritual eye that Veronica is speaking of, so that you can see that in others. I will pray for your week’s mission of bringing the light of truth to those that you meet, and sharing truth, beauty, and goodness wherever you find yourself. I shall leave you for this evening. Farewell.

BERTRAND: This is Bertrand. Good evening to you all. It’s a very nice warm atmosphere in here this evening. I feel great love from you all. Keep that love in your hearts as you go through this week also. It will help you. Do you have questions of me this evening?


STUDENT: Bertrand, with the giving out of the spiritual names, have the teachers gotten together and discussed the fact that we spend so much time talking about them and dwelling on them. Have they thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to give them out?

BERTRAND: You bring up an interesting point. We have only seen that this is an important point in relatively new groups. As time passes, quite frankly, it becomes somewhat irrelevant. And, spiritual names are of less and less value. It is perhaps unfortunate that, in the beginning, the spiritual names became an issue because it takes up so much valuable time when we could be dealing with more important spiritual matters. Do you have further questions?


STUDENT: Bertrand, this is kind of a change of subject, but it is on my heart and I wanted to talk about it with you and the group. I’ve noticed, in my own experience, and have talked to some of the other people that were at the Jesus birthday party and there seems to be kind of an experience of pulling away from the mission a little bit, at least mentally. Would you say that this is a normal reaction to such a big event?

BERTRAND: Yes. It is normal. You all experienced a very profound event. It takes time for the meanings, the feelings and the values that were expressed to have an opportunity to coalesce within you. It takes time for your super-conscious mind to work with your Thought Adjuster to help you understand meanings of what transpired. This is not a lessening, no, not a lessening in your own spiritual drive, your own belief level or anything of that nature.

What it is, is an opportunity for your conscious and your super-conscious mind evaluate and assimilate that information. We have all been, or have all experienced the same rebound effect (if you will) of Gabriel and his mandates to us. We are all in a pensive mood thinking about what he has said to us and try to understand how we actualize his message in our teaching mission. So, do not be concerned. It is quite normal. Does that help?

Free will

STUDENT: Yeah. I think the strongness of Machiventa’s message that it wasn’t “optional” kind of created in me like, “I’ve have no more free will”….”I’m a prisoner of this thing”…and, I don’t know, it’s a little disconcerting on a human level.

BERTRAND: Yes. I can imagine. You, of course, all have free will to choose to be involved in this, or choose to withdraw is always your option. This is a difficult service that we have all undertaken, even for us. We teachers who are standing in line and trying to begin to spread the teachings of Machiventa Melchizedek, of our Universe Sovereign, and all of these things, even for us, this is done of our own free will. We are not ever forced into this undertaking against our will.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, of that nature can possibly occur in this universe, or in any of the super-universes of time and space. It is an impossibility. So, you have that free will. Do not feel that you are being forced into anything. You do have the ability, and the power, and the freedom to say “no”. Likewise, you have the power and ability and freedom to say “Yes, I wish to help this planet regain its equilibrium, regain its place within the evolving planets of this system.” Does that help . .

Atheism, Materialism

STUDENT: Bertrand, I wanted to ask you a question about people that I have met that are atheists, that do not believe in God, and believe that all that we have now is all that there is and that there is beauty in a sunset and that there are beautiful trees. When I talk with someone like that and I share my faith, I feel like I can’t continue because I don’t know where to go from there.

BERTRAND: That’s a difficult individual indeed. Mainly, because on one hand they are speaking to you of truth, beauty, and goodness which is evidence of God’s work in their lives. That is also evidence that they believe, although in their conscious mind their belief structure says they do not. It is an intellectual game that they are playing within themselves. Continue to work with them from a truth, beauty, and goodness standpoint until they realize the connection between that beauty and that truth and that goodness is with God. You probably will have very little in the way of success in bringing them to the Father in a conscious way. Your best approach is to elevate that truth, beauty, and goodness that they already believe in. Does that help?

STUDENT: Bertrand, I have a question, which is off the subject. I was reading the Ham tapes this weekend. Ham tells us that the Apostle Andrew had taken meticulous notes of the experience with Jesus and even now, is concerned with the work that he had begun on the planet. Since The Urantia Book tells us that Andrew’s work was lost, could you tell us if his notes are still intact and if so, where we might find them.

BERTRAND: No. His works were lost. The Midwayers, and some of the recording angels, were able to reconstruct his history of Jesus mission here and used quite a bit of it as a basis for the fourth section of The Urantia Book. So, in essence, much of it is right there.


BERTRAND: If there are no questions, I wish to leave you with this thought this evening:
Michael was one man, and granted, he was a Creator Son. But, for the greatest majority of his life on Urantia, that was not apparent to him. He had an idea, but it wasn’t totally made manifest to him until his baptism by John. As he passed by, in his early ministry, with the spreading of his good cheer, a smile, a friendly gesture, a helping hand, he was able to lift the spirits of all those that he met.

He was continually looking for opportunities to serve his brothers and his sisters on this planet. It was a foremost thought in his conscious mind. And as you go throughout this week, hold that thought also in your mind. Look for ways that you can help your brothers and your sisters. Be sincere, be loving. And let us speak again next week of these matters at the opening of our class. . . . I bid you farewell this for evening.

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