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NET85 – Preparedness, Working Together®

2020-March-09  Preparedness, Working Together.


New Era Transition #85 – (Find this and previous NETs at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Basking in the sun of Christ Michael
Preparedness for pandemics
Societal and economic overreaction to COVID-19
Oil prices, sovereign debt, and economic decline
Propped up, man-made economies and man-made declines
Advisability of adding financial obligations at this time
Violent era of seven months. Starting now?
Recycling plastic—Melchizedeks not omniscient
Utility of 3-D printing in an era of impaired distribution
Importance of mental attitude in healing—mental state is captain
Surround yourself with Love
Ultimatons as the water in the aquarium of the infinite universe
Water in the morontial and spiritual realms
Angelic spiritual energy and your connection to it
Bless this food and drink
Colloidal silver and COVID-19
Working together to elevate planetary consciousness
Functioning of the four and twenty counselors
You are blessed and an active agent of much good in the world

 TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present:  Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonté, James Travis (JT), James Leese

Invocation:  Daniel




Basking in the sun of Christ Michael.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Welcome to another day. Today, I know you must have, should have, a huge number of questions to ask. Your world is in tumult, so let’s proceed with your questions.

Stéphane.  Good morning Machiventa. How are you today?

Machiventa. It’s wonderful. I’m basking in the sun of Christ Michael—His brilliance, and I’m enjoying this day greatly. You would liken it to being on the beaches of St. Croix and St. Thomas and enjoying the white sand, blue skies, blue water, and the tropical trees behind you. That’s my kind of day today. Thank you.

Preparedness for pandemics.

Stéphane. Wonderful! Well, my day, I work for an oil company, so a lot of tumult’s going on with the oil prices being affected by the coronavirus and world leaders not agreeing, to precipitate this crisis, which could last a day, a month, a year, or beyond. Any comments on this would be appreciated, but I have a specific question about the coronavirus. You said in the past that it would not be the biological vector that would decimate a large part of the population, but nevertheless, the government and societies of this world have responded to this with a specific quarantine, testing, etc. My question is: Is this level of reaction and preparedness to this particular virus adequate, in your view, and does it get us ready for the eventual biological vector that we’ve been discussing in the decimation?

Machiventa. Yes, you are correct, and your analysis is correct.

Stéphane. So, is this an appropriate response to this virus, and does this get us ready for the next one?

Machiventa. Yes, the precautions that are being taken now are preparatory, and of assistance to the nations that are forward thinking (proactive) in preparing for the more lethal virus that is yet to come. This preparation, this forethought, this proactivity is vital to the sustainable survival of every nation. Those that have not been proactive will have tremendous difficulty when the new virus arrives.

Societal and economic overreaction to Covid-19.

Stéphane. OK. My next question is about the aftereffects of this on what we are seeing today in oil prices, world economies, the stock market, etc. Now, there seems to be a lot of overreaction with some world leaders using this as an opportunity to set the stage for a crisis which may not be fully warranted based on the actual impact of this virus. Can you comment on these other responses—the societal and economic responses—which seem to be amplified and not really commensurate with the actual impact that society is feeling from this virus?

Machiventa. Yes, once again your insight, your intuition is working very well. As you realize, the lack of planning in one way could be seen as a covert conspiracy to eventually place the presiding person of a nation in the position of virtual dictator. There would be the Emergency Powers Act. There would be other powers and other supportive legislation that would approve such action, and this would precede what you would call a police state in some nations. This is very uncomfortable; it should be very uncomfortable for every democratic nation. As for the financial crisis, as you are probably aware, the Dow Jones has dropped 1800 points this morning and an automatic break time was imposed to halt further declines in valuation.

Propped up, man-made economies and man-made declines.

You are aware too, that this economy has been propped up. It is a propped up, man-made economy. Therefore, it will suffer man-made declines. The declines you are seeing are artificial. They are reactionary. They have been caused by the computer buying and selling programs that were in place, and which causes greater and greater fear in individuals. The actual harm that could be done from this virus is probably three times that of the normal seasonal flu, and would cause, perhaps, a three or four percent loss of population for those individuals who contracted this disease. The economic slide you are seeing is a contagion, and it will get worse. It presages the collapse of the global economy. It is the first cataclysm to be obviously evident and it may or may not continue. It may change suddenly, or it may not.

Oil prices, sovereign debt, and economic decline.

You must realize that many nations that are oil producers are also heavily indebted, and that they must keep production coming at huge volumes even if they have dropped the percentage of basic cost of their product by 20%. You may consider the Arab countries as being in that position. They’re heavily indebted. They have an economic structure that is man-made, based upon the sharing of the wealth, and so on. When those individuals who have been receiving the wealth do not receive those monies or it decreases for them, it will cause them great discomfort as well.

Whether you make a billion dollars a year or whether you make $50,000 a year, when there is a loss of this sort everybody becomes concerned, and this causes further panic. This economic slide you are seeing is going to be one with the big personalities slugging it out to see who survives. There will be a tremendous financial decimation among those who compete in this realm. The people who are best off from this are the people who are marginalized economically in third world countries and second world countries, those people who have learned to live simply with minimal support. It helps if they have an agrarian base around them so that they can support themselves. I’ve gone far afield from your question, please respond with further questions if you need to.

Stéphane. Thank you Machiventa. This is a good description of what I was anticipating as an answer and gives me much insight as to how to prepare for the ensuing effect of this. And again, I find the best way to prepare is to ground myself with spirit and perhaps get as much insight as I can from Thought Adjusters and angels in order to protect my family and find a way forward with it all amongst all this tumult.

Advisability of adding financial obligations at this time.

Machiventa. Further, those individuals who have extended deposits, who have extended down payments and such, would be advised to think twice about the commitment that obligation will impose on you in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Stéphane. Thank you.

Violent era of seven months. Starting now?.

Jeff.  I have a follow-up on your comments about the COVID-19. Back in September you told us we will have a violent era of about seven months and I’m quoting from the transcripts: “You will know when this cascade begins because it will then predict what is going to occur in the future. As you have been forewarned and foreknow, there will be no stopping it once it begins.” So far, we have COVID-19, we have locusts, we have rising militarism in the Middle East, and what may be a very serious unwinding of decades of irresponsible central bank policies on lending and sovereign debt. So, my question is: Is month one still ahead of us, or are we in month one now?

Machiventa. According to my transcript that you read from, you simply have to open your eyes and know the answer my friend.

Recycling plastic—Melchizedeks not omniscient.

Craig. Remembering a recent session Machiventa, you talked about new devices for dealing with recycling plastic, and I wondered if you were thinking of the sort of devices that plans are available for making at And if maybe those sorts of things would start to become available to purchase in stores for people to start dealing with their plastic waste? [e.g., as small home appliances] Or was there another type of machine or something that you were thinking of?

Machiventa. Thank you so very much for your comment, and sometimes you mortals do catch us flat footed. We don’t know everything. Christ Michael knows a lot. The First Source and Center knows everything, but the inventions that are on websites have eluded us. Thank you.

Utility of 3-D printing in an era of impaired distribution.

Craig. I was hoping to get some of those things—plastic shredder, tools for making things out of plastic and getting them in use here on Haida Gwaii.

Machiventa. You should be aware of the new generations of computer programs for 3-D copying that now use metals as well as plastics, and that you would want to be able to manufacture one-off copies, for instance, of things that were impossible to order once the distribution process becomes highly impaired. Recently this one saw a copier that was making metal objects out of copper. This is an incredible improvement over those that began with very soft plastics. This is simply a suggestion, it’s not something that you must do or should do, but you could do if you wish. And that having a store of appropriate plastics might help you do exactly that.

Craig. Thank you. I will look into those.

Importance of mental attitude in healing—mental state is captain.

Stéphane. I have a question about health again as we are seeing this virus spread. You’ve told us in the past that mental patterns can have an effect on disease. And, if you break it down, two basic mental patterns of fear and anger are probably at the root of many diseases, but, I assume, are also at the root of healing. So, if we can eliminate these mental patterns it allows our body to better heal for any currents, but also for anything we are presented with such as a virus. Can you comment on the importance of mental patterns in preparing yourself for a healing?

Machiventa. Yes, definitely. Your mental state is the captain, the chief of the physical operation of your body. Many of your body functions are driven/function/facilitated by mental programs that operate in the background. By having an open mind of love, acceptance peace, harmony, and joy (particularly joy) in life and living that you create a bolster to your immune defenses. You will have multiplied the capability of the supplements you take to increase their effectiveness.

Supplements do not work well in a body that is laden down with fear, guilt, resentment, and all the negative emotions. Those supplements do well when they are received and nurtured by an expansive personality, joy, and happiness, so that the supplements can work effectively where they are needed.

Surround yourself with Love.

You would also be advised to see yourself as being surrounded by a cocoon or a bubble of light that protects you from these harmful energies and pathogens. This is a morontial state of materialism that you can generate on your own with your mind by now surrounding yourself with the Love of God as a warm cocoon to protect you from those pathogens. It is not a one-stop-shop healing or protection for everything. You cannot live inside this cocoon and still have fear and all the negative emotional states running rampant.

This cocoon, this shield, this transparent bubble of protection works best with minds that are connected with spirit and know that the presence of God lies within them and that the God presence within them wants the very best for them. This is not imaginary, it is factual, it is morontial, it is invisible, but many of you have crossed enough circles to now be in contact with your Thought Adjuster and have the presence, mindedness, and energy to form this protective bubble around you.

You can also extend that to others. You can extend it to groups of people, though the effectiveness of that depends on your own capability. There is no speedometer, no voltmeter, no oil pressure indicator to let you know where you are with that state. If you have felt the joy of being one with the Father God presence within you as a mystic, then you know that you have the capability to form this in your life. It’s not something to be arrogant about because that is a negative emotional state—it is the fountain of egotism.

You must wear this with humility, appreciation, joy, and deep gratitude. These are factors that also bolster the strength of this shield and assist you to live life without worry. Worry, fear, and anxiety are the substantiating causes for many illnesses and difficulties in life.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, this shield is very interesting. Is it something that you would intentionally turn on when you are most at risk, for instance, in large crowds, on an airplane, or situations like that?

Machiventa. This is something that you would initiate now, after this session if you want, and something that you would wear constantly, but it is assisted by your consciousness of it when you go to the airport for instance, or in a bus, or a transit vehicle of some sort where people are coughing, sneezing, and so on. You will know you are protected by having this in your consciousness at all times.

Stéphane. Thank you.
That is very useful and something that is innately understandable but was not brought to my awareness until now.

Ultimatons as the water in the aquarium of the infinite universe.

Jeff.  Taking your statement puts me in memory of, in my own stillness, imagining that I have gone to the physical house of the First Source and Center, and have metaphorically just kind of turned the shower faucet on and asked for ultimatons to surround me and help cure what maladies I may have. Is that a fantasy, or is there any truth to that—that we can ask for our own help to clear up maladies?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question, and I will take a sidestep to answer it. Oddly, you are surrounded/filled/composed of ultimatons. You walk through ultimatons all the time. Ultimatons are the medium by which electromagnetic waves traverse across the universe. These ultimatons are the water, so to speak, in the aquarium of the infinite universe. Fish do not know that they live and swim in water. Fish have no consciousness of it, just as humans have little or no consciousness of living in this environment of saturated ultimatons in the infinite universe.

How you apply those ultimatons in your thinking and your mental state is something that you can use to bring about outcomes that are desirable. You are now entering the realm of the spiritual metaphysical. You have begun to see that you can impose your will or even your presence, even as a whimsical thought that will bring things about. Scientists have already proven this with their studies of quantum particles, and that the presence of a researcher with something on their mind can change the location of that particle.

Further what this also tells you, if you project this forward, is that: what one ultimaton knows, the whole universe knows. Whether it’s relevant or not depends on your presence and your projection of your mind. It becomes relevant to those across the vast, infinite universe if you have the capability of projecting your consciousness to that point. This is in part how people do astral travel. They are taking this vehicle, this medium, and traveling with their thought to another location. You are able to use these same ultimatons for your good health.

Water in the morontial and spiritual realms.

Stéphane.  Machiventa, I came across research on the secrets of water, and I noticed in the Urantia Book that water is used in the morontial world. My question is: is water a common material from the physical to the morontial world?

Machiventa.  And the short answer is yes.

Stéphane. Are there reasons for that? Are there things we can learn from water to find out more about the morontia world?

Machiventa. Your question borders on curiosity. I will answer the first part. Yes, there is “something about” water that makes it a universal solvent and that it has an actual physical presence in the morontial realm, and that it is appreciated in the spiritual realm as well, though it would be called something else and has a different form. Nonetheless, water is an implement that is useful for all the universe. It contains hydrogen and it contains oxygen. These can form other atoms and molecules and solid materials. Yes, there is something very basic about water. H2O is very simple in its composition and it is much….

I will draw you a parallel that would work quite well. It is the substrate useful for 3-D printing you might say. It can be used as a substrate for the Life Carrier laboratories and for forming those objects by the universe architects where they are needed. It is no small wonder that earth has so much water as it has the potential for so much mental capability to form wonderful outcomes. What you are seeing around you now is one of the worst state situations on a global basis for a planet. It is now time to turn that around so that the water of life is available to everybody, with positive thinking and through spiritual evolution and maturity. These topics may seem far afield from your question, but they are intimately related.

Stéphane. Thank you. Yes, my next comment was that the properties of water enable it to retain positive thoughts as opposed to negative thought and I’m assuming that’s what you mean by saying that the current water state of the world is detrimental or not good because of the current mental state of the world. Is that correct?

Angelic spiritual energy and your connection to it.

Machiventa. That is correct. And let me continue. This is the reason why you have seen, and we have told you, that Nebadonia and her angelic corps have been so powerfully and intimately involved in the upstaging of the angelic spiritual energy of the earth’s consciousness. It is something that is out there for everybody to latch onto. And I use that quite literally. If you think that angelic spiritual energy is around you, then you have access to it. And when you say, or command that energy to become a part of your life to guide you in times of uncertainty and, most importantly, in times of assuredness, then you have become part of that consciousness. It will affect your life as you allow and empower it to operate through you.

Oppositely, you will find that those individuals who have rested on their investments and the multiplication of their dividends and the worth of their participation in the stock market who have lost so much percentage wise for themselves—and we are talking about average individuals of every developed nation—then the fear that they have will overlap their consciousness and make it difficult for them to become part of the angelic-mortal relationship and consciousness. On the other hand, spiritually inclined individuals who have become lapsed spiritually and who recall the need and the power of spiritual energy, may come back to that spiritual energy and renew their foothold in their ascendant career.

Bless this food and drink.

Stéphane.  One last question on this, Machiventa. Before ingesting water for nutritional value if you bless this water using the angelic power you can change the properties of that water before it is drunk and therefore have a better impact on your physical health. Is that correct?

Machiventa. That is correct.

Stéphane.  And that it can be extended to the food we ingest?

Machiventa. Yes.

Stéphane.  Thank you.

Daniel.  James, do we have any questions from readers?

Colloidal silver and Covid-19.

JT.  We do. Going back to the virus, the reader asks: Is there a role for colloidal silver in the treatment and prevention of the Covid-19 disease?

Machiventa. Yes. It has some helpful properties, but it too must be “minded”—minded meaning energized to be effective. It is simply not just an inert fluid, but it is imprintable with your consciousness so that it becomes more effective and empowered to assist you where it is needed.

Working together to elevate planetary consciousness.

 JT.  I have one more reader question. Is it possible for a group of awakened individuals from different parts of the world to come together in mind and co-create with our Thought Adjusters in order to quicken spiritual awakening? If this is possible, how should it be done?

Machiventa. Thank you for your question. It is a very important question, and yes, doing that is very efficacious for the upliftment of the consciousness of your planet. How it is done? Do this consciously in the conscious union with other individuals. Knowing that you are working in concert as one mind. This is the outcome you wish for with a joint consciousness—that you end up with a world of one mind, one consciousness; one of inspirited existence in mind and in living.

JT.  That’s all the reader questions I have.

Functioning of the four and twenty counselors.

Jeff.  Machiventa, I have what is honestly a curiosity question, but I thought you might be willing to answer it. Are the members of the four-and-twenty counselors actively engaged with you in your current mission here?

Machiventa.  Yes, they are. They are advisors and consultants and their input has been useful all along. It is their wisdom of having been mortals or having been “along for the ride” with mortal existence—that understand the mortal way of thinking that pervades most people—which provides us with the mental antidote equivalent to assist your planet at this time and in the future.

Jeff.  Well, that’s good news. Can we expect that the members recruited, from the eight Urantia races, will help bring harmony among the existing races now on Urantia?

Machiventa. You and we wait for the answer for that as well. Thank you.

Jeff.  Thank you.

You are blessed and an active agent of much good in the world.

Machiventa. This is Machiventa. Your benediction today is one of great blessing. Know that you are blessed. Know that you are an instrument of your Father’s will as you will to do your Father’s will, and that you are an instrument of your growth. You are an active agent of much good in the world, and that you can have great power near and far. When you become one with the God Presence within you, then you become far more powerful. You are able to project yourself to places and people and situations that are in need of help.

One of the most powerful things you can do in your lifetime for your planet is to assist in raising the consciousness of your world. Right now, there are sufficient people who are of this consciousness to make an incredible difference on your world. If one-quarter of the world’s population were of one mind to raise this consciousness, it would have a powerful effect. If one-third of the world’s population had the intention and access to project this consciousness to the world, it would have a tremendously powerful effect.

And if fifty percent of the population of your world was of this consciousness to raise the world’s consciousness, then you would overpower it with light, love, and goodness. Thank you so much for participating with us and doing exactly this thing. Good day.

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