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CDM10- Uversa Gives Permission To Use TM

1992-08-25-Uversa Gives Permission To Use TM
Corona Del Mar #10


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Uversa Gives Permission To Use TM
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Remembrance Supper
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Memory, Superconsciousness
 3.3.2 Teaching Mission
 3.3.3 Circuits
 3.3.4 Dissemination
 3.3.5 Second Coming
 3.3.6 Resonance
 3.3.7 Perception
 3.3.8 DNA
 3.3.9 Resistance, Urantia Movement
 3.3.10 Transmitting
 3.3.11 Connectedness

Topic: Uversa Gives Permission To Use TM
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand
TR: Unknown

BERTRAND: Good evening. I am Bertrand. I am your teacher. It is wonderful to be back with you again, to listen to your stories of your remembrances of Friday evening during the celebration of Michael’s birth on your planet.

Remembrance Supper

BERTRAND: You each have your own tale to tell as to your remembrance of the experience. It affected you each differently and sublimely, and at some point in the future, the 28 of you will again meet and share this experience. At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to gather all of the information, all of the words, all the feelings, and all the love that transpired on August 21st, 1992. It was a special event for Urantia. The Bright and Morning Star, Gabriel of Salvington, appeared here on this planet, to our eyes, and spoke to you through the transmitter-receivers.

His message of love and encouragement will follow you, be with you, be in your mind for the rest of your life. In each dark hour of the coming future, as you progress in the spirit and in your assignment to help in the uplifting of this backward planet, his message, his visit will be as a light and shining beacon to you. Prince Machiventa also sends his love tonight to you and says that you are his beloved children. He is extremely proud of your work. He commends you for your efforts, your continued dedication to the Teaching Mission, and is there to serve you whenever the need arises, as are we all.

This evening we did not have a scheduled assignment and, judging from your conversation prior to tonight’s gathering, I understand you have many questions. I will serve to answer some. Signa is also here and she will also be available to answer your questions. So, I will now open our meeting together this evening up to your many questions.


Memory, Superconsciousness

STUDENT-Can you give us a synopsis of what Machiventa and Gabriel said?

BERTRAND: Generally, the messages were ones of encouragement, but also ones to announce our full restoration into the circuits and the love for which they have for you in your mission. Also, to confirm your commissions in this effort of re-building the spiritual base of Urantia. A commission is a charge to move forward. You are all commissioned to be mighty soldiers of the circles. Does that help?

STUDENT-Machiventa mentioned something to the effect that we had, for a long time, received and now we were to give. He said this is not optional. Could you clarify that for us, maybe verbatim?

BERTRAND: I am not authorized to repeat his message verbatim. One moment [Pause] I am instructed that you are, as I mentioned in my opening statement, to share your thoughts of those occurrences during the remembrance supper with one another. There are higher reasons for this to be an experience of you mortals. I am sorry that I am unable to completely answer your question.

  • Students Can Not Recall Gabriel’s Message – Why?

STUDENT-How can Gabriel’s message be a light and shining beacon if we can’t remember what he said? (LAUGHTER)

BERTRAND: Your super-conscious mind is totally aware of every occurrence on that evening. Seeking the Stillness, seeking the higher mind, will help you to understand. But, as I mentioned earlier, you may not recall that message until there is truly a need for it to be recalled.

STUDENT-Can you explain to us, Bertrand, why none of us can remember it? It’s kind of unusual for nobody to be able to…

BERTRAND: Each of you recalls portions. Each of you recalls something different. Eventually, you will each share that remembrance with each other and then fully construct the experience.

Teaching Mission

STUDENT-Bertrand, along the same lines though, when the message came that it was “not optional”, [four of us] were having a conversation as to what was not optional. Somehow, I had the feeling that our job was to shine forth the teachings and the messages that we are receiving, whereas in the conversation, someone else was feeling that perhaps our mission was to go out and tell about the Teaching Mission. I think that’s a point that really needs to be addressed.

BERTRAND: It is some of both. You have received instruction. You have each, in your own way, dedicated yourselves to this mission, and, in that dedication and in that contribution to this Teaching Mission, you have each expressed your desire to know what it is that your particular assignment will be. The desire to know that assignment is coupled with the desire to act. Machiventa is just saying, “now you must act”. Does that help? It is both, yes.

I have one more statement that I will share with you of my recollection of Machiventa’s statement. He reflected that you must proceed and must not be fearful of spreading the teachings now, of spreading the fact of the Teaching Mission and that it would spread abroad, across this country and then around the world. Do you recall that?

STUDENT-Now that you mention it! (Laughter)

BERTRAND:You see, we all have the same situation. I am sure that in this gathering that may occur in the future, we teachers will also be there to add our remembrances also. There is a sharing, a teamwork, a power that can be derived from each participating and adding to an experience. More questions?

STUDENT-You had told us that Gabriel was going to come on August 20th and have meetings with you and the teachers and Ham and Abraham and Machiventa. Did any new directions, or any new work for you teachers, come out that you could share with us?

  • Uversa Gives Formal Permission for Teaching Mission

BERTRAND: Until Jesus’ birthday, until August the 21st, our mission was given permission to begin on Urantia, as well as the other isolated worlds that were part of the rebellion, as a provisional approval. When Gabriel arrived, he brought with him formal approval of the redemption mission for all of the previously rebellious planets, from the Ancients of Days on Uversa. So, therefore, now we are also commissioned, formally, to move forward with this process. We are not hesitant anymore. We know that what we are about has been ordained by Michael himself. And we have his blessings, his love and his presence to guide us. . . . .

STUDENT-It does. And it’s interesting that you said “without fear”, because the first thing I felt was fear when you said it.

BERTRAND:I perceived that.


  • Circuits Opening Aid Uplift

STUDENT-Should we have less fear now, than we might have had in the past, because of possibly being fully circuited at this point. Is there any relationship?

BERTRAND: That is a good assumption also. The heart of man is being changed from without. The reconnecting of the circuits while very subtle in its impression upon man, it no less has an uplifting effect. There will be many, many mortals who are now beginning to seek, and it is our job to help them find the answer that they seek. We should, indeed, be prudent and we should always seek the guidance of our Thought Adjuster in this process.

They will be the perfect guide for you. So it is very important as you begin this mission, for you to daily spend time in communication with your Adjuster. It takes time to develop that; it is something that you and I work on, should work on, constantly in order to be more proficient at it, in order to hear those leadings and those messages that the most beautiful and wondrous spark of God has to give to us.

STUDENT-You said that, because of the changes from without, there will be many mortals now seeking. There are other organizations, non-Christian groups, other individuals, who have claimed to have contact with unseen beings that are not explained in The Urantia Book. Is there only one correct way to become connected properly? If we hear of people working in other ways that are strange to us, should we believe that those are part of this Teaching Mission?

BERTRAND: Your ultimate test for that would be to view the fruits of their efforts. If the fruits of their efforts are to bring mankind to God, whether or not they are of real substance in connection with the Teaching Mission is of little importance. They perhaps are being led by their Adjuster. But, the real test of each one of those is to look at the fruits of their labor.


  • Christian Avenues Not Necessary To Uplift

STUDENT-Which you said, is leading mankind to God. So, it doesn’t have to be through Christian, Jesus-related avenues?

BERTRAND: Not necessarily, no. You see, as we spoke of last week concerning revelation, there is personal revelation where a human can receive personal revelatory messages from his Thought Adjuster and act upon them. While, eventually, a person must be lead toward Jesus, there is no road to the Father that does not lead through Jesus, in the short term, if their teachings or what they have to say leads a person toward God, and the fruits of service, love, loyalty, trust, faith, all of those, are all active in this human, you can trust that what they are saying is most likely from the Father, but not necessarily of the Mission.

STUDENT-So part of what you are saying, and I am trying to understand this thinking again about friends, and people we know who are various kinds of Christians or Jews, or if we see that the fruit of their life is representative of spiritual growth and something we know to be moving toward a relationship with God, then, am I understanding clearly that it isn’t necessarily that we would be required to “set them straight” about The Urantia Book and the latest revelation and all that? It is more the seeking of God.

BERTRAND:  You see, yes. We are to bring the light to those eyes who seek it. Eventually in their search, they will seek the God within. Eventually their search will lead them to greater truth. The greatest source of knowledge concerning spiritual truths on the planet is The Urantia Book. But, it is not necessary to hold the book in front of their eyes, because the truth is in your life, not in the book. Information is in the book–education, direction–but the real leading of the human is through your lives and the light that you shine forth through your spiritual growth. Does that help?

Second Coming

STUDENT-Bertrand, we have a friend who, on Jesus’ birthday, had a meditation and worship experience wherein he actually had a vision of seeing Gabriel give that mandate from the Ancients of Days. He said a couple of things in that experience that I’d like to ask you about, if that is okay. He said that Michael is actually physically back on the planet and directing the

Teaching Mission.

BERTRAND: Are you asking me a question?

STUDENT-Oh, yes. Is Michael actually back on the planet and directing the Teaching Mission–physically back on the planet, in some spirit form, not as the Spirit of Truth?

BERTRAND: Not at this time, physically.

STUDENT-He also said that he felt that Jesus would be making morontia-type visits to people. Is that true?

BERTRAND: One moment. [Pause] I am not personally aware of that plan of Michael, although, [he] can certainly do that if he wishes. As far as I know, it is not currently part of the Teaching Mission. That’s all that I can refer to at this time.

STUDENT-Part of the Teaching Mission, okay. Is that sort of the key phrase there?

BERTRAND:No comment.


STUDENT-In this vision, he was told that there would be a way to recognize truth seekers by a kind of light that emanated from them–that resonated with the light in us. Is there any actual resonance of light, spiritual light?

BERTRAND: Yes. As you become more spiritual, as your soul becomes more morontial, you will begin to be able to perceive the light in others who have also begun that search for God and that evolution of the soul. As their soul begins to grow, and their spiritual natures also begin to grow, that light begins to shine brighter and brighter. That is what I see in each of you right now, is that light of spiritual truth shining from every one of you. As you become more morontial, even in this world, you will begin to see that light. It is a spiritual light and, until you do, it is very difficult for me to be able to describe it, but I can assure you, without hesitation, that it indeed, in fact, does exist.


  • Tell Us What Gabriel Looks Like

STUDENT-. . . . Bertrand, since we are talking about perceiving things, I am thinking about something you said about our remembrance supper, our gathering. Did you say to me that you actually, at least in your way, saw Gabriel and that you saw Machiventa Melchizedek?

BERTRAND: I see Machiventa almost daily. I also perceived of the brilliance of the Bright and Morning Star. It was a very moving experience for all of the assembled teachers. He spoke to us very lovingly, and gave us our mission to teach mortals and to help them to go forth in the reclamation of the planet. He was made visible, also, to us.

STUDENT-So you were actually able to see him?


STUDENT-Are there words that can describe what both Machiventa and Gabriel look like to you?

BERTRAND: There are words. Unfortunately, James does not have that language.

STUDENT Okay, thank you.


  • Some Response To Spiritual Presence Is Genetic

STUDENT:-Bertrand, some people in our group have expressed to me some disappointment that they are not able to feel any kind of spirit presence, and can’t tell when you are around. Do you have anything to share about that? Or, did you cover that a minute ago?

BERTRAND: I did cover it a minute ago, but I will reiterate. Some response to spiritual presence is genetic. Most response to spiritual presences is felt as an outgrowth of one’s soul evolution, its morontiaizing. As you become more and more attuned to morontia-level concepts, morontia-level spiritual attainment, you will indeed begin to sense our presence. It is a broadening, an increasing, an addition, of sense to the five you already have. Does that help?

STUDENT:-Well, not entirely. That sounds like, the people that can are more spiritually advanced than the people who can’t, and I can’t buy that.

BERTRAND: Not necessarily. Some of it is genetic, as I said.

STUDENT: Do the Life Carriers have anything to do with it?

BERTRAND: Occasionally. So do the Midwayers, and so do your Guardian Angels.

STUDENT:-Are people that are transmitter-receivers able to feel it because of some kind of work that has been done on them?

BERTRAND:  Some can, some cannot. James is not very sensitive to our presences. He has an intuition as to our presence, but not physical feeling. It should not be a matter to be overly concerned about. It will evolve in each of you as time progresses. Each of you, with your own free will, can make a decision or invite…one moment can each invite adjustments to be made, if you wish. They will be attempted, but it is not guaranteed. The best solution to your problem is time, at this point.

STUDENT-How do we request adjustments?

BERTRAND: Through your Thought Adjuster.

  • Resistance, Urantia Movement

Why Do SOME UB Readers Reject the Teaching Mission?

STUDENT: [to SIGNA]-Bertrand said that things have changed as far as the way we’re supposed to talk to people, or spread these messages and all. It was my understanding that the Church Angels were in control of The Urantia Book for the first 100 years, and then the Angels of Progress. I’m having a hard time understanding why what’s happening now wasn’t known when the book was first coming through. I feel like some of the people who have been instrumental in their dedication to The Urantia Book are being left out in the cold because they have been misinformed, and so they kind of look like the bad guys that aren’t accepting these teachings.

SIGNA: I think I perceive the question that you have. The Teaching Mission has always been a component of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. It was deemed necessary, for the future existence of the Teaching Mission, to remain quiet, allowing The Urantia Book to be established in the hearts of a core group of mortals. Once that core group had been established, the Teaching Mission could then proceed.

Those who have been in the movement for a long period of time, have the same opportunity of hearing this teaching message as all of you. Many of you have been reading the book for many, many years. The composite, in this room alone, being nearly 200 years. They must look with their heart. They are not being excluded. No one is being excluded in this mission.

In February of this year [1992], we brought together those who are currently the leaders, if you will, of the Urantia movement, and offered them access to this Teaching Mission. Many of them have refused to believe. It is a free-will choice; it is not one that we can arbitrarily force upon any individual. There is a level of belief that has to occur because of the fact that you are Agondonters and we respect that. We have made this mission one whose actual existence must be perceived, and then believed, in your own heart. And as I said, none have been excluded. Anyone, literally anyone, who wishes to be part of this, may. There is no exclusion. Does that help?

STUDENT-Yes. It helps. But, I also think that part of the reason that these people aren’t accepting this is because they were warned after the book came through that there would be things happening….people saying….

SIGNA: Have you completed your question?

STUDENT-I’m not sure!! (Laughter) I’m having a hard time with this. I just know that there are some friends of mine that would absolutely give their lives…they totally believe in the book, they’ve studied it, they know it inside and out and I feel like it’s through no fault of their own…I feel like they really haven’t been correctly exposed to this.

SIGNA: They have access to it. And as the Teaching Mission expands, more and more will have access to the Teaching Mission. That is just an outgrowth of its newness. You are aware of those admonitions that they were given, but yet you are here and you believe. Many of those who were at the February gathering have also heard, have been made aware of what has transpired and, yet, they refuse to believe. It is a personal free-will choice. They must listen to their own heart. As I said, no one is excluded.

STUDENT-Are we allowed to talk to any of them about these meetings?

SIGNA: Absolutely. You sure may.

STUDENT-On Friday, a couple of us had an interesting conversation, when we were sort of hanging out outside, Bertrand,it was about…

SIGNA: This is Signa.

STUDENT-Oh! I’m sorry! Hi, Signa! Signa That is okay.

STUDENT-Glad you know who you are! (Laughter) Signa It’s hard to forget! . .


  • In the Celebration Session Was Transmitter Personality Injected in Messages?

STUDENT: Signa, how much does the personality of the transmitter-receiver have to do with the transmission coming through them? Friday, we noticed a big difference between the messages coming through the transmitter-receivers, and I was just wondering how much was the teacher-personality and how much was the transmitter-receiver personality?

SIGNA: In each of the transmitter-receivers, the four of them who did the channeling work on Friday, I can say that each of them adequately transmitted the personalities of each of the teachers. Very little of the human personality was part of the transmission… very, very little.

STUDENT-Signa, why was Melchizedek’s voice so strong? So heavily projected through Mary?

  • Difficulty in Lowering Energy of Sons of God To Transmitters

SIGNA: He is a very powerful Son of God. He is almost overpowering when he is transmitted. It is very difficult for that to take place. Mary did a marvelous job of maintaining her equilibrium during that transmission. She became very unbalanced near the end. That made it necessary for a break to be taken. It is difficult for the angels to down-step such a being of light to the mortal mind. It is quite overpowering.

STUDENT-Wouldn’t Gabriel be even more over-powering? And yet, her transmission of Gabriel was far more toned down.


  • 7 Individuals Linked To Lower Gabriel’s Energy for Transmitter

SIGNA: You are correct. In this case, extra special methods were taken into consideration for the transmission of Gabriel, including the linking of seven individuals in order to stabilize the overwhelming energy flow. Much of the energy flow was absorbed by [1st T/R], and it was an incredible imbalance for him, in order for [2nd T/R] to be able to transmit the message of Gabriel. It was as if you had seven doing the work of one. It took seven times the energy absorption to transmit Gabriel.

STUDENT-Was that the reason that they were in a circle of seven?

SIGNA: Yes. It could have been any number; seven was not significant.

STUDENT-(LAUGHTER) We all thought we were on to something with that seven stuff.

SIGNA: I sensed that. Are there further questions?

STUDENT-Speaking of Friday again, and the experience we all had and sort of our collective bad memories, and so on that we are trying to recall the words and messages that came through…was that part of a plan that the specifics of the messages would be masked in some way, and possibly reside in our super-conscious instead of our conscious minds?

SIGNA: One moment [Pause]. Yes. You see, all of you are contributors to that experience. All of your spirits joined together in praise of Jesus. All of you are as one cell to a whole body. All of you together will have everything you need to recall those messages. There is a sacred point in that.

STUDENT-Were our Thought Adjusters at work with us when we, for some reason, were hesitant to record the messages? Or, was that just a coincidence?

SIGNA: Each of you has the whole message in your higher mind. Nothing was lost.

STUDENT-Was it a coincidence or sort of a blockage of will in a way, that nothing was taped, since usually we tape these events?

SIGNA: It is my understanding that the humans involved were concerned about taping the event for fear of somehow interfering with the manifestation of Gabriel. It seemed to work into the larger plan.

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