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CDM9- Your Relationship With Your Adjuster

1992-08-04-Adjuster Discussions
Corona Del Mar #9


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Relationship with the Adjuster
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand & Signa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Thought Adjusters
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Thought Adjusters
 3.3.2 Genius
 3.3.3 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.4 Stillness
 3.3.5 Authority
 3.3.6 Teacher Contact, Vision
 3.3.7 Superconsciousness
 3.3.8 Death
 3.3.9 Worship
 3.3.10 Guardian Angels
 3.3.11 Service
 3.3.12 Perception

Topic: Your Relationship with the Adjuster
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand & Signa
TR: Unknown

BERTRAND: I am Bertrand. I am your teacher. It pleases me to welcome a new member to our group. We are growing and it is exciting. To see new believers, to have them join this project of planetary correction and uplift is truly heartening to us all. Prince Machiventa sends his greetings to this group and praises you for your efforts and your growth and urges you forward in this great effort. Tonight we will have a lesson by a visiting teacher.

Thought Adjusters

SIGNA: Good evening, I am your teacher. I am Signa. I have come this evening to speak to you concerning your relationship with your Thought Adjuster. As you are aware, each child of this planet, if they are normal minded, receives their very own spark of the infinite Father at approximately 6 years of age. This has occurred since Pentecost. As you grow, your Thought Adjuster continues to impart universe knowledge, visualizations, guidance, the Father’s love to you with the hope that eventually you and he will become one.

It is a learning process. Each of your Adjusters has had previous experience indwelling mortals, and now they bring to you that vast experience and the knowledge of the grand universe that is there for the asking.

Your Thought Adjusters long to have direct contact with your earthly mind. They long to give you direction. They long to have you hear their voice speaking to you of the Father’s will. But for you it takes practice. It takes time; it takes commitment. But those of you who are diligent and seek to know the will of the Father and seek to communicate with your Adjuster will achieve that heart’s desire. Don’t give up; it is possible. It will happen.

When you have urges to react to life with spiritual thoughts, with spiritual concepts, that is your Adjuster trying to lead you. When you are led to service it is your Adjuster who is leading, carrying the banner of the Father before you both into glorious interaction with other mortals.

Your Adjuster is with you, except for very brief periods, from the moment he arrives to the moment of physical death. He is with you and works with your personality to create the eternal you, your soul. It is he who is the sculptor; it is he who is the poet, it is he who is the artist that helps to give that godly quality to your evolving soul. I thank you for the few moments I have had to speak with you. It is difficult for James at this time to understand all that I wish to impart but I will get better at this very new experience for me. I will return this teaching lesson to Bertrand.

BERTRAND:   Good evening I am your teacher, I am Bertrand. We have had a visit by a new teacher, learning her new assignment of teaching this class on occasion. We welcome her, we thank her for her lesson. And I am sure, along with you, we welcome her into this teaching mission. Again, I wish to welcome our new student this evening and hope that we are able to impart such knowledge as will help him in his spiritual growth, as well as the rest of you. . . . .

STUDENT: Bertrand, is Signa our other teacher?


STUDENT: . . . . I have a question for Signa. Signa mentioned that the Thought Adjuster dated back to Pentecost, which is when I believe Jesus bestowed the Spirit of Truth. Did not Thought Adjusters exist prior to that time for our planet?

SIGNA: Good evening, this is Signa. Yes, my comment was that Thought Adjusters were bestowed universally at Pentecost. Yes, they where bestowed prior to that time but not universally.

STUDENT: Along the same lines, you commented that we all (…..) experienced Adjusters. Is it true, that all of our Adjusters have had prior experience?

SIGNA: Yes. It is a rare occasion on Urantia to find a virgin adjuster. . . . .

  • Signa: Her Personal Background

STUDENT: Welcome Signa. Are you a feminine person?


STUDENT: And where do you hail from?

SIGNA: A planet in a star system not too distant from your system, in astronomical terms–much closer than my friend Bertrand.

STUDENT: But you are a mansion world ascender?

SIGNA: Oh, yes.

  • SIGNA: More Biography

SIGNA: My birth planet was generally in your local area astronomically speaking. I was involved in what you would term social work and the helping of less fortunate individuals, both in their physical needs and psychological spiritual needs. I had a family with three children. I passed on to the mansion worlds when I was approximately 158 of your years. I was involved in an accident of time whose nature, because of the difference in our worlds, would be difficult to explain.

I have mastered the mansion worlds and have the high honor of being involved in this planetary mission. Many applied; few were chosen. It is an honor to be among you, you who are believers without seeing. We who have come from relatively normal planets of evolution are continually amazed at your faith, at your spiritual progress, at your belief. We applaud you and are here to urge you on toward a higher destiny. Does that help your inquisitive nature?

Thought Adjusters

STUDENT: I have a couple of Thought Adjuster questions, while Signa is here. Well I guess she’ll be here all evening. Are there mortals today on Urantia who are conscious of contact with their Thought Adjusters the way you described that we could be striving for?

SIGNA: Yes, there are.

STUDENT: Is that rare or common?

SIGNA: Unfortunately, it is too rare. But, it is improving. With the reconnection of the circuits, certain universe energies are available to augment human contact with their Adjuster. So that it is on the upswing.

STUDENT: Do they know what’s going on? I’m wondering, for instance, if you never read The Urantia Book but suddenly have contact with your Thought Adjuster but can’t describe it, in your conscious mind. What do they think is going on when that does happen?

SIGNA: Most likely they believe they are in touch with higher spiritual forces. Indeed they are.


STUDENT: What about other talents and genius and other forms of expression like the athlete and the intellectual?

SIGNA: Much of human genius is hereditary. I am speaking in those terms of the sculpturing artistry and creation of the immortal soul. They are distinctly different.

There are inherent talents that individuals have that allow them to excel in one area or another, whether it be physical or mental. That ability does not necessarily indicate that they will have greater contact with their Thought Adjuster. There are those who you would describe as being lowly or ignorant, disadvantaged, who have marvelous contact with their Thought Adjuster.

Mansion Worlds

STUDENT: I presume there are not marriages on the mansion world– that is no pairing of the sexes as we have on Urantia. What takes its place in terms of intimate relationships?

SIGNA: There is no procreation on the mansion worlds. That is not to say that there is no close physical association.

STUDENT: Is there a pairing of feminine, masculine, or passive and aggressive?

SIGNA: Yes. If you will refer to the mansion world paper where it discusses the adjustments necessary to certain ascenders, because of some sexual deprivation on their planet of nativity they are assigned to live some period of time with the families of the Material Sons and Daughters to help make adjustments for losses that may have occurred. So, you can look in that area for further information.

STUDENT: You don’t get to have, as your pair, your husband of this world…or do you?

SIGNA: It is possible, though not usually likely. Although anything is a possibility.

STUDENT: Is that a working group? Is that why it is formed? What is the purpose of that union, then, if there is no procreation?

SIGNA: Friendship, sharing of experience. There is no time during your Paradise ascent when you are alone. You either have other ascenders with you, your guardian seraphim traveling with you; always will you have a companion. On the Havona worlds you will have a companion, on Paradise you will have a companion. Ascenders become lonely, disoriented, generally have a difficult time when they are alone. So the Paradise plan has provided for that reality. You are not alone.


STUDENT: I am really having a problem maintaining Stillness, and trying to keep all of my electro-chemical mind activities out of the way. I’d really like to be able to acquire Stillness and to feel like I am doing a good job meditating. Could you check with my Thought Adjuster, since he knows me so well, and, maybe, at some time get back with me, and tell me exactly what it is that I am doing wrong, and if there is anything that he wants me to do.

SIGNA: Yes, that will be done.

STUDENT: Sometimes it’s hard for me to still myself and to control my energy, and I was wondering if you might say something about that?

BERTRAND: Controlling your electro-chemical process is a difficult task. You may ask any of those present and they will also verify. All I can suggest is practice. It is like learning to walk, or learning to ride a bicycle. You must practice, and, as you practice, you will begin to notice that you have much better control. As I mentioned in my lesson, there are two sides. One is your practice, which is your continual prayer.

The other side is the silence, where you are able to listen. Yes, it is difficult to quiet that mind that is incessantly yearning for expression. Even if you are able to quiet it for 5 seconds, that is good. The next time you try, perhaps it will be 6 seconds. Your experience of it will be akin to a growth. You may not see a day to day improvement, but over a period of time, you will see a definite improvement and your ability to pray and to listen will improve dramatically. But, you must practice.


STUDENT: My question is this–when you pause when we ask a question and you are checking to see if you can answer our question, I’d like to know who it is that you are checking with, and if that personality presence is also here in the room?

SIGNA: We generally check with our immediate supervisor. While Ham is our school administrator as you have put it, we have other reporting lines and I have, for a lack of a better term, a chain of command that occasionally Bertrand or I must inquire of concerning sensitive issues. They are not here. I make a pause, and I have a channel of communication not too dissimilar to transmitting and receiving, that we use to make contact and relay the data and receive back confirmation.

Teacher Contact, Vision

STUDENT: Knowing that you are physically in this room with us, do you have eyes with which to see us, do you see our facial expressions? Like, some of the expressions that we relay back and forth tell us a lot about our thoughts and our feelings, and I am wondering if you are sensitive to these looks also?

SIGNA: It is difficult for me to describe the means by which our senses perceive the surroundings here. Yes, we do perceive each of you. We perceive your spirit luminosity; we perceive your individual spirit presences. There is a glow emanating that we perceive from your soul, we hear your responses and pick up your vibrations.

STUDENT: Do you have eyes though?

SIGNA: Physical apparatus like you–not exactly. We have morontia bodies; we have light sensors.

STUDENT: Signa, when we are down, when we are not as spiritually fragrant as we are in other times, does our spirit luminosity dim then?

SIGNA: No, definitely not. That is your own perception of your own conscious mind. It in no way has effect upon your spiritual luminosity.


STUDENT: I have a conscious mind question. (Laughter) In one of the other lessons you said there was some complex concept being described that everyone seemed to be having difficulty with, and Bertrand said, “the superconscious mind understood the lesson in all of you.” When does or will our conscious mind have access to the accumulated knowledge of the superconscious mind?

SIGNA: That is a difficult question to answer because it is different in each individual. Your conscious mind proceeds from day to day with your thought patterns, with your life. Your super-conscious mind, that part of you that has more or less contact with your Thought Adjuster, stands aloof and occasionally can reach down and touch part of you. And sometimes, your conscious mind can reach up and touch part of your super-conscious mind.

Most individuals will not have that joining until you are on the morontia worlds, unfortunately. At this point, you must wait. That does not mean that you cannot have contact with your Adjuster, who works in the super-conscious mind level. By working with your Adjuster, you will be able to have better and better access to that super-conscious. You can work together.


STUDENT: Bertrand, you had mentioned in one of the earlier lessons that we are judged on our motives. If a child is really abused can their motives be a result of them being abused to the point where they become evil, and cannot turn back? Like a soul death?[1]

BERTRAND: This is Bertrand. You speak of one of the more gross and inhumane human traits that occurs in some families where a child will be abused by a parent or some kin or perhaps by even someone not associated with the family, and it will leave lasting marks, marks that will be carried on this planet and into the next, on into the morontia experience. It is a travesty; it is very sad to watch.

It is almost unbearable to see that type of animalistic behavior in such a potential mind. That individual may suffer in those atrocities for its entire life and on into the morontia ascendent career, but there are many, many systems, universe helpers, love, mercy, understanding, every single amount of universe energy that can be…with the effort going to help to erase what has been done. Does that help to answer your question?

STUDENT: Then why would any body not choose to go on to have eternal life?

BERTRAND: I honestly wish I could answer that question. I don’t know why. There are individuals who fail to seek to know God, who fail the leadings of their Adjusters. With such a powerful and wonderful spark given to every normal mind, it is not easy to understand how that can happen. But take heart, it is not that common. It is most common to carry on, it is uncommon to not to carry on from this planet.

STUDENT: Did Caligastia and the rest have a chance to still, at the very end, to repent, after everything that had happened? Does soul death happen to that order of being?

BERTRAND: They have no soul. They are created beings. They are not evolutionary beings. You have a soul that is created between the efforts of the Thought Adjuster and the personality. Caligastia did not possess a soul. He possessed a very high level of intelligence, a high mind; he was a Descending Son of God. He did choose not to continue. He did refuse all efforts to give him mercy. He was totally consumed by himself. He was totally nefarious. . . . .


STUDENT: When we worship the Father, does the Adjuster experience our worship of the Father, too, or does it stand aloof from that worship?

SIGNA: This is Signa. Yes, your Thought Adjuster is most delighted to participate in your worship of the Father, and, in some cases, helps to lead you in that worship. Your Guardian Angel also joins you in that worship, so, in essence, there are three of you.

STUDENT: So, in a way, our Adjuster worships himself?

SIGNA: He leads you.

STUDENT: But participates in it?

SIGNA: Participates in helping you with your worship drive.

Guardian Angels

STUDENT: Do you know the names of our Guardian Angels? Our little daughter was wondering if that is something that is known and if she could find out the name of her guardian angel?

SIGNA: At this time, Guardian Angels are known by numbers.

STUDENT: She wanted to know the number of hers…anything. (LAUGHTER)

SIGNA: I see. I have no answer for her at this time. . . . .


STUDENT: When we run across an individual displaying an anti-social personality, and we are aware of instead an individual with a Thought Adjuster, by what technique can we pierce that veil and help him or her recognize the time when they chose that behavior which will provide for self-preservation, make a new step toward life and improve their future?

SIGNA: I think I understand your question. Sometimes you are able to act in a manner that will allow you through your conversation, through your questioning, through your interaction with another individual, to illuminate the Father to them, to help them to see the Father who lives within them and the Father that lives in all others. Sometimes you are able to do this.

There are those also in which the veil of darkness hangs so heavy in front of their eyes that they are unable to see your light and it is those individuals whose inner light must shine first. They will have to be led from within before they will be able to see from without.
Yes, it is frustrating to meet an individual like that, that you cannot reach, but understand, sometimes it is their job to create the light from within first. It is not inadequacy on your part for not being able to reach them. It is the veil in front of them that they are not able to see out of.
You have a strong desire to serve your brother and I can understand the frustration you must feel from time to time in being able to reach out and touch someone who you feel and see in your own heart that they need that shining God in front of them. But no matter how hard you try, and no matter how bright you try to shine, the wall is there, it is opaque. Move on to someone new.

STUDENT: Okay. I have a curiosity question.

SIGNA: I will try to satisfy your curiosity. (Laughter)

STUDENT: I am sensing two other presences aside from yourself and Bertrand. Can you illuminate those feelings?

SIGNA: You are correct.

STUDENT: Can we be introduced to them?

SIGNA: One moment. (pause) I am sorry, they wish to remain anonymous at this time, though at some other meeting they will make their presence known.

STUDENT: Okay, I understand.


STUDENT: I would like to ask what it is that Albert has that we don’t, physically, that I don’t have, and I want it. (Much laughter) Everyday I kind of waited to feel something.

SIGNA: Your earth humor is enjoyable.

STUDENT I am serious.

SIGNA: I know that. Some individuals are able to feel spirit presence better than others. While James is able to transmit and receive, now, more than just one individual, he does not generally sense our presence. Albert is a fortunate individual. He has that sixth sense of being able to sense our presence. If you wish to know if we are around, ask Albert.

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