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CDM8- Racial Amalgamation

1992-07-28-Racial Amalgamation
Corona Del Mar #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Racial Amalgamation
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Race
 3.1.2 Circuits
 3.1.3 Ufology
 3.1.4 Citizenship
 3.1.5 Seven Psychic Circles
 3.1.6 Personality, Types
 3.1.7 Circuits
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Racial Amalgamation
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand
TR: Unknown

STUDENT: Bertrand, The Urantia Book speaks of the races merging. Is this something that Urantia is pretty far behind in?


  • Racial Blending

BERTRAND: Yes. But, it has occurred because of an adjustment in the evolutionary process. Your races, on an ordinary planet, would generally appear one at a time and each be assimilated into the preceding race before the next race appeared. On your planet, all of the six races appeared simultaneously. Though you still have numerous races, the potential for spiritual advancement and the potential for the planet to enter the age of Light and Life is there, regardless of the fact of the numerous races. Does that answer your question?

STUDENT:Yes. But also, is that to say that it’s possible that on Urantia the races will not merge totally?

BERTRAND: No. In the far off distant future, they most certainly will. But, this spirit of brotherhood that was our lesson this evening, will have to be universal before that can begin.


STUDENT: When the spiritual circuits were cut off, did that hamper the work of the Social Architects a great deal, or were they able to function on the planet without having the spiritual circuits tied…and will we notice a great change in their work now that the circuits are being reopened?

BERTRAND: The functional ability of the different seraphic orders was lessened somewhat by the termination of the circuits. But, you have not been without those wonderful, loving, tireless workers who have aided the races in their advancement over the years. With the reestablishment of the circuits, those tireless workers will be rejuvenated, will also receive the constant uplift of connection with the universe forces. So they will have an increased ability to do their wonderful work. Yes.


  • Are Teachers And UFO’s Related?

STUDENT: . . . . And I have a question, from him, to you. Have any UFO sightings or stories of contact with extraterrestrials been a result of experiences with beings such as yourself?

BERTRAND: From time to time, humans have had experiences with their guardian angels or with our friends, your permanent planetary citizens, the midway creatures, and perhaps some of the reports could be in relation to visits with these individuals. They do not travel, though, in mechanical devices. You do though, have student visitors who come here also, but, as far as interplanetary visiting, I am not at liberty to discuss this.



  • Defining Cosmic Citizenship & Brotherhood

STUDENT: Bertrand, I have two questions regarding the lesson. One, could you define cosmic citizenship to me in relation to brotherhood?

BERTRAND: Brotherhood is a relationship between siblings of a common parent. Universe citizenship is a cultural, many-person relationship where you are a part of a great whole, the whole of the universe. It is your relationship to the many, whereas, brotherhood and sisterhood is your relationship with the singular.

STUDENT: Is universe citizenship and cosmic citizenship the same?


STUDENT: Okay. And secondly, The Urantia Book talks about…I can’t paraphrase it very well, but, something like…in the concept of brotherhood there is this enhanced realization of the responsibility of the individual to the brotherhood of believers. Is that some other higher concept of brotherhood than the kind that you’ve been speaking of with our neighbors?

BERTRAND: No. It is not. It is the same. Your responsibility to the brotherhood of believers is the same as the responsibility you may feel towards your own brothers and sisters. You have a common bond. And as you worship, and as you pray together you experience that bond and solidify that bond into a unifying peace.

Seven Psychic Circles

  • No Special Way To ID Circle Status

STUDENT: Regarding the third psychic circle is there any way that we can determine how close we are to the third physic circle, if we’ve reached it, is there any guideline?

BERTRAND: The only true measure of circle attainment is your communication with your indwelling spirit, your indwelling Adjuster. There are other special circumstances that can advance you from circle to circle into that special realm where you have a personal seraphic guardian. But, only your communication with your Adjuster can truly indicate to you that circle attainment. That is not to say that you can only know of your status by conscious communication. I can tell you all, that you are all with personal seraphic guardians. You are all within that realm.

Personality, Types

  • Personality Types & Cultural Influences

STUDENT: Bertrand, you said that we know of 12 personality types. Are there actually more then that you know?

BERTRAND: Yes. Though some do not reside on this planet.

STUDENT: Bertrand, when you talk of personality types, are we talking of pattern?

BERTRAND: Yes, pattern.

STUDENT: Very good. How much is that pattern varied by culture?

BERTRAND: Culture is only an overlay. It is not personality.

STUDENT: What would be a good mechanism to be able to grow through or see through a cultural difference in order to be able to view the true personality of the individual?

BERTRAND: That could be a life’s work with an individual. Much of a person’s behavior is conditioned by his experiences and sometimes his true personality is buried under many blankets. Warming up to that individual may be difficult, so that he begins to throw off those blankets. It can be done.

Language is a cultural barrier. If you speak one language and the other mortal speaks another language, that is the first blanket that must be removed. And the only way that can be removed is by sharing some common language. Though that is a general rule, that is not an absolute rule. There have been many, many times, on Urantia and throughout the universe, that mortals can become dear and close friends and be as brothers and never share a spoken word. Circumstances can be a powerful uniter of individuals.

STUDENT: Does genetics play a role in personality types? That is, would my parents have a relationship to my personality potential?

BERTRAND: No. There are no genetic predispositions that are inherited. But, they are more of an animal level of existence. Some of it racial. Some personalities are able to overcome that racial mix, especially if the two are not as compatible as some.

STUDENT: Bertrand, on the 12 personality types, is there anything within the twelve that would be of any adverse nature of being able to get along with each other?

BERTRAND: Potentially, no. All personality is from the Universal Father. He would not develop or give of that part of Himself if they were not compatible. The life experiences and the genetic inheritance are the two factors that will overlay the personality to create the incompatibility.


  • Connecting Circuits Back Does Not Affect or Correct Man’s Errors

STUDENT: When the project is completed, will there be a decline in the crime rate and the atrocities that happen in our world? It seems like the crime rate is on the rise. Is that the communications? Or is it on the rise? Or is it on the decline?

BERTRAND: There is no direct connection between man’s errors and the reconnecting of the circuits…or lack of errors. The reconnection of the circuits to the individual mortal, is not apparent. It has no direct influence. But, it does mean that the planetary government, the seraphic helpers, and the midwayers are all in contact and all receive encouraging messages and divine uplift, which has been so lacking. You are now being administered to. One of the first events has been the Teaching Mission and there others in effort at this moment. The closest word that I can use would be “triage” to the planet. And as you know, that is immediate first aid. It will take longer to heal.


BERTRAND: I wish to end with a prayer: Heavenly Father, upholder of the universe, Carer of the tiny creatures that inhabit your vast creation, Give us your peace. Father on high that exists without equal, Give us your guidance. Paradise Son, show us your pattern. Infinite Spirit, give us the ability to act. And Supreme Being, enter our hearts and experience all that we are. We praise you Heavenly Father. We are here to do Your will. Amen. And I will leave you now. God bless you all. Until next week, farewell.

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