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CDM16- Service, Resurrection on the Mansion Worlds

1992-10-12-Service, Resurrection on the Mansion Worlds
Corona Del Mar #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Service, Trouble in TM
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Service
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Service
 3.3.2 Abuse
 3.3.3 Healing
 3.3.4 DNA
 3.3.5 Leadership, Discernment
 3.3.6 Accountability, Rehabilitation
 3.3.7 Temperament, Guidance
 3.3.8 Truth, Discernment
 3.3.9 Socialization
 3.3.10 Teaching Mission
 3.3.11 Resurrection, Mansion Worlds
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Service, Trouble in TM
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand, Signa
TR: Unknown


BERTRAND:  Good evening my friends, this is Bertrand. I welcome you once again to our class, both old members and new. It is wonderful to see our class increase in size. Personalities present are marvelous to behold. Each of you has a spirit light that grows increasingly strong. You are all listening for your Thought Adjuster’s wise words, that being paramount in your personal religious experience.


BERTRAND:  This evening’s class will be on service. Let us think back in our lives to those early days in our youth when we began to have that first inkling of what true service really meant. Think of that first event in your life where you unselfishly gave of your time, your energy, your love, or your caring to another individual to help their life be a little fuller. It may have been something as simple as retrieving a lost object, to assist another in their work, or to give a comforting word.

Think back for a moment and see that beginning service urge. As you remember that time in your life, you must also be aware that that urge for service was from your Thought Adjuster. It was an urge that the Father desires in his children. For in serving one another, we are able to increase each ones standing in life. Life is a little better. Service should not be confused with the concept of slavery, for service is something done of your own freewill, not something that is demanded by another. Service, when wholly given, leaves you with a feeling of fullness, of love, and of accomplishment.

What are the aspects of service? How are they developed in your life? Like communication with your Thought Adjuster, like acquiring the Stillness, service, unselfish service, requires practice. We are selfish individuals in our lives in a lot of ways. Many mortals are very self-centered, and for them to overcome this self-importance is a great trial. Many opportunities are placed in their path for service growth. If they should ignore that leading, they most likely will continue to be placed in the presence of a need, a need for their unselfish service for another.

As we become more aware of our cosmic citizenship, we become more aware of the need of service to one’s fellows. And as we grow in our service awareness, the real fruits of that experience begin to bloom in our lives, we become truly happy.

Joyous are those who serve in the name of the Father. It is a service driven by love, not by duty, but by love. We are all called to service as most of you know, my recent service was to volunteer for this Teaching Mission on Urantia. I was drawn to it. I saw that I would be able to joyously express my need for service to you all and so, in fulfilling this wish, I am able to be more full. I am able to experience the true joy of helping each and every one of you and those yet to appear in our class toward an upliftment of this backward world.

And so, each of you, in your own way need to look for that area of loving service that you can render to your fellows, for that is truly our mission. In your own heart you have that desire. As you ponder it now, sitting and listening to my words, you can feel that desire, you can feel that need. It is strong in each of you. In quiet meditation, seek the direction of your Thought Adjuster, for he will lead you in the realm of service most appropriate for you. We are all called to a different job, we are all called to a different service. No one service is more important than another, for when we begin to feel that our service is of paramount importance, ego begins to discolor what we try to do.

Whether the service that you have to render is to an individual or to a large group is of small importance. What is important is for you to serve God, in your own way, in your own life, within your own capacity. Life begins to have meaning, begins to have true value when service is the motivation, that loving service. Those mortals on the planet who are tied up within themselves feel very worthless. But your true value is in your ability, your willingness and your love of service.

Please pray with me for a moment. Heavenly Father, maker and ruler of all, help us all to recognize your service leading. Help us all to go forth with your spirit of love in our hearts in order that we may serve our brothers and sisters to the best of our capacities. Help us to increase You, Your evolving Supreme Being, with our loving service. And help us realize that the most wonderful server we have ever known is Jesus of Nazareth, Christ Michael. Amen. That is our lesson for this evening. Do you have questions? . . . .


STUDENT: Hi Bertrand, I wanted to ask a question about the lesson. It seems like there are so many ways that we could be of service and for instance, we have a homeless man who hangs out at my . . . [place]. Should we do something for him? Should I go work at the thrift shop that has a Christian ministry around it? How do you…all of those impulses are good…how do you know what the right one for you is?

BERTRAND: All impulses toward unselfish service are from the Father. They are all good. You would not be remiss in choosing one over another. It would be quite acceptable to act upon any leading for service as long as your motive is true and one of love. Does that help? I’m sure it does not help you to decide. (LAUGHTER)

STUDENT: It seems like there are so many different needs that we could all address ourselves to, that you almost get paralyzed with the choices.

BERTRAND: Pick one. The only thing that the Father truly desires is that you do loving service. To whom or with whom you do this service is your free-will choice, it is your way of expression of that service. It is your personality choice.


  • Helping An Abused Person

STUDENT: Bertrand, I have a question. In a recent situation involving an adult who has been a victim of what appears to be very serious child abuse, and who seems to be shut-down at this point, not wanting to help themselves. How do we reach that person, and in essence save them from going back to a home life that is abusive?

BERTRAND: That is truly an unfortunate circumstance for that individual. Humans have a defense mechanism, a mental defense mechanism that comes into play when external pressures, whether it be abuse, or other tragic occurrences. This defense mechanism takes over their conscious thought, it is connected to their animal behavior of self-preservation. It is their only way to protect themselves from the consciousness of a very difficult experience whether it be a single point in time or something over a long period.

The ability to assist the individual in coping with this reality that is upon them takes a very skilled individual, a very trained person who can minister to their needs. If you feel in your heart that you can do this, then, if your service is to try, do so. But understand, the wall is thick and high and you will have trouble in penetrating it. It is of course, a very sad situation and Signa and I will pray for this person. . . . .


  • How Can Teachers Evaluate Our Physical Ailments?

STUDENT: Bertrand, I have a question, were you through? Actually a statement and a question. First I want to thank you. I know you took some time through Veronica this week to have a look at my physical ailment, which I hope is minor, and I want to thank you for taking a look at that. It has me curious as to what your mechanism is, as to how you are able to evaluate physical ailments in us?

BERTRAND: I am personally unable to do that. I must rely on our Life Carriers to assist in that process.

STUDENT: So did you communicate then with the Life Carriers?

BERTRAND: Yes. . . .


  • Spiritual Growth is Faster in A Richer Environment

STUDENT: I have a question about the spiritual progression of Urantia. Being a backward planet, is there any genetic carryover if the parents are elevated during their lifetime with spiritual growth? If we took a child from Urantia and transplanted her to a more advanced planet, would that spiritual development be as strong as that of the other children on the planet? Or is there some connection or carry over from the parent’s attainment?

BERTRAND: You have an inherited capacity for spirit receptivity and spirit growth. Those inherent capacities, under normal circumstances, are incapable of being exceeded as the morontia mota section of The Urantia Book would say concerning a pint holding a quart, it is truly impossible. You receive a spirit endowment of the Thought Adjuster, of the personality, and of a mind, but you have your electro-chemical process and the housing for that are your limitations. Yes, to some degree a child would experience greater spiritual growth when they would be transferred onto a planet of greater spiritual attainment, but only to the level of their capacity.

  • Have We Lost Some Spiritual Capacities?

STUDENT: But if we are backwards then have we down through the ages lost some capacity?

BERTRAND: No, no. The ability for spiritual attainment is there. The capacity for spiritual attainment is there. What has been lost is the inherent drive, the teachings, the cultural stimulation to spirit creativity, to spirit growth, but the capacity is certainly there for all of you.

Leadership, Discernment

  • How Can A Jim Jones Happen?

STUDENT: I have another question about the Spirit of Truth. If it is there for everyone, how can things happen like Jim Jones many years ago? Where a religious cult went to Mexico or somewhere and they ended up all committing suicide with cyanide, voluntarily or involuntarily. If these are people who are seeking, how can you be so misled? How does that happen?

BERTRAND: The desire for truth is strong in many people. There are also, unfortunately, on this planet, and it is not unique here, where a particularly powerful personality–personality is used very loosely here–more your definition than a cosmic definition of personality. A personality comes to the forefront who has the ability to persuade people, to talk a good story, to be believed. It has happened throughout the ages, some of these men have become powerful leaders and have sent to ruin almost entire races of people. You must be discerning in who you follow.

You must listen for the truth in what they say. You must listen for God in their voice. It is a difficult problem when strong spiritual teachers, those who are real, do not exist on a planet such as this. On one hand you have great desire for truth, on the other hand, you have no-one to lead in the true light, like Jesus. And so, anytime someone comes up and stands there and shows a forceful personality, many will follow. If we were in a normal planet, the spiritual light would be brighter, and the error that has occurred in the experience that you described, would stand out clearer against this background of spirit luminosity. Does that help your question?

STUDENT: Very much, I think you sometimes put the Spirit of Truth leading on a back burner and shove it aside to follow the dynamic personality, is that what occurred?

BERTRAND: Sometime that occurs yes, yes indeed.

Accountability, Rehabilitation

  • Is A Hitler Accountable?

STUDENT: Bertrand, kind of along those lines. In The Urantia Book it says something about that you need to be accountable for your actions, or something like that. People who have misled or caused a lot a deaths, Hitler– that type of thing– are they accountable? Do they have to somehow make amends to every person that they caused to die or tortured or whatever. Do they have to be forgiven by them?

BERTRAND: They must realize and understand the error of what they caused on this planet and they must seek the mercy of the heavenly Father. In doing so, a certain part of them does ask for personal forgiveness of each person that they harmed. It is difficult to describe the particular workings of rehabilitation on the morontia spheres because it is so much different than your rehabilitation in your earthly prisons. You have no mental concept of how it could occur. That is the best I can do for you.

STUDENT: Bertrand, I’d like to ask you…this is Susan.

BERTRAND: Good evening Susan.

Temperament, Guidance

  • Are We Drawn To Types of Service?

STUDENT: Good evening, I’d like to ask you a little bit about your lesson tonight. People keep going through my mind like Mother Theresa and I may be repeating Veronica’s question, I’m not sure, but is there a difference in those who chose to serve physically, taking care of those who are sick and needy, rather than those who are spreading the word of God, or am I already going to answer my question by saying perhaps we are living out what God would want us to do and that’s how people will see our light or understand God’s message? Could you work that out a little bit for me?

BERTRAND: Yes. The requirement is to serve to your capacity, to serve to your leading. Obviously, the mortal Mother Theresa has a powerful leading that draws her into her type of service. She is willing and able to totally give of her time and effort into the starving millions in India. Service on other levels can be equally complete, equally satisfying, equally loving as Mother Theresa. The important issue here is to follow the leading to your capacity.

You would not expect a young child to drive a car, but once they have experience, once they have a certain amount of growth, then that can be possible. Once we have growth, whether here on this planet or on the morontia worlds, we learn, we grow, our capacity increases as we progress farther, as well as our capacity for service. It is only important that you serve when led, just listen for that leading. Does that help?

STUDENT: Yes, thank you.

Truth, Discernment

  • The Test for Truth

STUDENT: Bertrand, Grace brought up an interesting question in my mind. You have told us how to recognize truth seekers. I am wondering if there is a kind of test to recognize truth. We all kind of think we know, but are there any visceral impulses or hints that you could give us that we could be assured of that?

BERTRAND: Truth can be discerned with your spiritual eyes, and your heart. You know . . . [the feeling] when truth resonates within your being. It is a developed sensitivity to that resonating tone that allows you to know for sure that you are in the presence of truth. Conversely, if you have doubt, if the pangs of doubt ring in your heart then perhaps you should take a second look. Consider it and maybe not accept it as being truth until it has proven itself either its fruits, as an external test, or the internal test of those truth chords within your heart. Does that answer your question?

STUDENT: Well does it require quite a lot of personal self-confidence that you know…well it seems like I was raised, and maybe some of the other people were raised…as kind of not believing in what it is you think is true. It is like, oh no that’s not the way it is little kid, and you are discounted. And so, your mechanism for identifying and being able to have confidence in your own ability is shaken or shattered sometimes, too.

BERTRAND: It is an ability that you exercise over time, that you experience and begin to trust within yourself. Yes, when you are a child your truth sensitivity is very strong, and you are correct in your statement that over time you are taught to doubt that truth chord in your heart. And now, as you become a truth seeker it becomes important to begin to listen, to listen to that internal mechanism.
Signa wishes to speak, one moment [Pause].

  • Truth Recognition Is a Development Skill

SIGNA: Good evening to you all. Your bright and shining stars above your heads are wondrous to behold, it is a joy to be with you again. To continue with the question, Veronica. Truth discernment is a developed skill. As you begin to experience what appears to be truth, what you are seeking as truth, you must allow it to penetrate you, to meet that soul that is growing within you, for that the part of you that is the truth discerner, and allow that soul to feel that truth invasion.

And if it is real, you must listen to your soul’s words, it will come back to you and say, yes. You must trust that, it is real, it is truth. And you must also be aware and be on the look-out for false truth or error. It is the differentiation of the two, the error on one hand and the truth on the other, that allows the truth to stand out better. You will be able to discern it better with practice. Does that help?

STUDENT: So it is an acquired art, is that right?

SIGNA: A re-acquired art. . . . .

STUDENT: Then are children able to more easily discern a spiritual person or the spirit?

SIGNA: No, not necessarily. They have a feeling reaction to truth when they see it, they are not intellectually mature enough to be able to understand that feeling or to react to it. It is there, but they are far to immature to have a true understanding of what that truth is. . . . .


  • Difference Between A Social Brotherhood & A Spiritual One

STUDENT: What is the difference between a social brotherhood and a spiritual brotherhood?

SIGNA: A social brotherhood can exist for many temporal reasons. It may be an association of individuals who have like professions or similar interests without any spiritual overtones. A spiritual brotherhood, on the other hand, is an association of spirit-minded, spirit growing individuals. The truth seeking spirit growing mortals in this class are part of the spiritual brotherhood of this planet, and it includes all who are thus driven. Social brotherhoods are generally associated with some temporal reason. Does that help.

STUDENT: If caring develops between the people, because they are coming together even for temporal reasons, can it evolve into a spiritual brotherhood?

SIGNA: They then become members of both brotherhoods, yes. . . . .

Teaching Mission

  • Turmoil, Controversy About The Teaching Mission

STUDENT: Bertrand, before the meeting actually officially got started, I was sharing…oh Signa, sorry…about the changes, turbulence, things going on with the other classes and the Teaching Mission in general. I was wondering if you might have anything to add or report or share about it?

SIGNA: It is to be expected that truth seeking minds, spirit indwelt minds, God knowing, and God desirous minds, should have ebbs and flows of their belief structure. It is expected that there will be those who come in and go out of the Teaching Mission, not just students, transmitter-receivers also, but it is normal. It is a reaction of normal skepticism that is natural within you all. It is also the activity of free-will choice. It is something that should be rejoiced upon rather than concerned with, for it is truly the proof that there are no requirements upon any of you. You may come and you may go. We do not require your attendance. We love your attendance. We love to be of service to you, but you are free-will individuals and can choose to go about your earthly affairs outside of the Teaching Mission. Does that help you?

  • Abraham Has Been Here 14 Years

STUDENT: Signa, I’d like to ask you about Abraham. How long has he been back here?

SIGNA: Yes, one moment.[Pause] Approximately 14 years.

STUDENT: What about Melchizedek? Machiventa?

SIGNA: It is hard to say, he has come and gone on many occasions. To say when he arrived is a difficult time to pin-point.

  • Most Teachers Arrived 4 Years Ago (1988)

STUDENT: How long have you and Bertrand been here on this planet?

SIGNA: Approximately, four years.

STUDENT: Four? Have most of the teachers been here for four years? Did you all come at once?

SIGNA:Many of us did, yes. There were those who were a pre-group, an advance group who were here some years prior.

  • The Original 100 Teachers: General Info

STUDENT: Do all of you, the hundred that are here, know each other real well.

SIGNA: Not real well, we know each other.

STUDENT: When you have your meetings are you all together?

SIGNA: No, there are meetings that are for different reasons, that are for different parts of the mission. We are all assigned to different aspects of the mission’s growth, the mission’s plan, yes, a committee if you will.

STUDENT: What actual date did you all arrive?

SIGNA: Bertrand and I arrived October 21, 1988 of your time.

STUDENT: You have an anniversary coming up!

SIGNA: Yes we do.

STUDENT: When you refer to student teachers like the one that came to our service today, what is the difference. Did they arrive here at a different level of training that you and Signa did, or is it just because they haven’t a study group yet? Signa, I said Bertrand didn’t I?

SIGNA: I am Signa. I will help James’ light to shine differently when I am transmitting! (LAUGHTER) Student teachers are not yet assigned as a part of the Teaching Mission. They are here to observe, to learn, to get a feeling for mortal interaction, mortal questioning, and mortal spiritual growth. Someday they perhaps will be assigned to a teaching group.

STUDENT: Where you ever a student teacher?



SIGNA: No I was not.

STUDENT: So these student teachers aren’t numbered among the hundred teachers that are here on the planet?

SIGNA: No, they are not.

STUDENT :How many are there?

SIGNA: Student teachers?The number varies.

STUDENT: Signa this is Matthew again, could I read a sentence out of the book to you and ask you a question about it?

SIGNA: You may.

Resurrection, Mansion Worlds

  • Human Resurrection

STUDENT: It is under the first Mansion World section and it says, “and it is the reuniting of the morontia soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit mind trust of the Adjuster that reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of a sleeping survivor.” (47:3.3) Can you tell me what the reuniting of the morontia soul trust of the seraphim and the spirit mind trust of the Adjuster is?

SIGNA: It is a process similar to fusion though the eternal quality has not been added. The Thought Adjuster and the attending seraphim… again I am in a position not knowing how to express morontia concepts in the English language, it is a fitting back together of the pieces of your self.

STUDENT: And this is the process that you go through when you die and are awakened?

SIGNA: When you are awakened, yes. Your memory transcript is associated with that, those earth memories that are of universe value are also reunited at that time.

STUDENT: And that then becomes you for your travels through the balance of the morontia worlds?

SIGNA: Yes, for the balance of your eternal career.

STUDENT: Thank you.

STUDENT: Signa, to follow up on Matthew’s question. When we are put back together, are we put back together in a body, then, or do the parts come together and then go to a body. You wake up in a new body?

SIGNA: You have . . . a living morontia mechanism.

STUDENT: Is it skinny? Please!!(LAUGHTER)

SIGNA: It will be to your hearts desire. (LAUGHTER) Fear not.

STUDENT : Yeaaa!!!

STUDENT: . . . . It is not a body or an entity that we would necessarily understand or envision ourselves.

SIGNA: Correct. You would not be able to see it, for I am here, and you do not perceive me.

  • How does One Reconnect with Departed Ones Already There?]10/12/92

STUDENT: If I could just follow up on that, then it goes on to say that at morontia world one that it is a time for you to basically reconnect with people who have died before you and so forth. How do you, when you are there, how do you reconnect, is it through the mind exchange, how do you know they are there?

SIGNA: You go and research the registry physically and seek out their abode.

STUDENT: Thank you, and do you then recognize them?

SIGNA: Yes. You recognize them through the personality circuit.

STUDENT: One more question if I may. Will there ever be a time, Signa, through you, that we can or I can, if I chose to, know more about John and what he is doing or thinking. I can do that, is that something that is permissible?

SIGNA: No, unfortunately it is not. I can only relay to you his current whereabouts. As to any sort of communication, that is impossible.

  • How do Departed Ones Know What’s Going on Here?

STUDENT: Does he know, or does a person that dies know what has transpired back here on Urantia?

SIGNA: They can seek out the records of what is transpiring, listen to the space broadcasts, this is what you would call “top news” these days. (LAUGHTER)

STUDENT: So Signa, would they know about specific groups and names or is it more general?

SIGNA: They can, yes, no it is very specific.

STUDENT: So it is not just two-way, okay.

SIGNA: It is one way.

STUDENT: Can we though send a message, like could Matthew send a message to his friend through you?

SIGNA: I would have to investigate that, if you wish I will.

STUDENT: Would you please, that would be nice.


STUDENT: May I ask you one more question, and then I won’t ask any more. (LAUGHTER)

SIGNA: Please do not cease.

STUDENT: It goes on, there is just one other sentence, “between the time of planetary death or translation and resurrection on the mansion world”, which we just covered, “mortal man gains absolutely nothing aside from experiencing the fact of survival. You begin over there, right where you leave off down here.” [UB 47:3.7] What does it mean by that you just pick up where you left off?

SIGNA: In your spiritual growth process, in your development of your immortal soul. That’s what it means. It is not like waking up in the same bed, in the same house.

STUDENT: And not like the traditional view that we have been given, that you wake up in heaven, and boom you are there? Right?

SIGNA: Boom you are there, but no you have not evolved into a spirit being of perfection. No, that is a long, exciting, adventuresome path.

  • Can We Arrive on Other Than Mansion World #1?

STUDENT: Signa, I am backing up one sentence from where Matthew was just reading, it says “on mansion world number one, or another in case of advanced status, you will resume your intellectual training.” [UB 47:3.6] Do ordinary mortals such as those assembled here ever land on somewhere beyond mansion world number one?

SIGNA: Yes. That is possible.

STUDENT Can you elaborate on that?

SIGNA: It depends upon your circle attainment, psychic circle attainment. . . . .

  • Do We Stay Together in a Group after Death?

STUDENT: Signa, do we often times, move through our evolutionary ascendancy with the same group of people?

SIGNA: Yes, work groups, associations of earth mortals who are particularly adept at working together, can certainly reassemble on the…

STUDENT: Signa, is that kind of a humorous statement that we don’t gain anything except the knowledge of the fact of survival? I mean is that a Urantia Book joke kind of?

SIGNA: It could be taken that way, though it is real, it is factual.

STUDENT: You know, because realizing you have survived is kind of big news for everybody.

STUDENT: Signa have I understood right that then you don’t perceive or see the physical planet like we do? Is that right?

SIGNA: I do to a degree.

STUDENT: Do you see things of beauty? Do you see the ocean, do you see the sunset?

SIGNA: Yes, yes

  • Discussion: Those Who Do Not Wish To Survive

STUDENT: Signa, a few lessons ago you stated that there were very few mortals that did not choose to continue? I felt that it was very heartening, it was real positive. And, I was wondering, is that a conscious choice, I mean are there really people like even Caligastia that said, I do not want to exist. Or is that an unconscious choice because you are not making the proper unconscious choices?

SIGNA: Yes, it is a total conscious choice. It is faced with the total reality of what the truth is, and you choose to deny it, choose not to continue.

STUDENT: Is it ever because someone might feel like they couldn’t face what they have done in the past?

SIGNA: I apologize, I have not studied the lives of those who have not chosen to continue so it is very difficult for me, as I am sure it is for all of you, to understand how someone could make that choice. So, I apologize, I am not an expert in that field. I can only say to you that the choice is made with full knowledge at hand. James is tiring this evening, there is another here who would wish to speak to you. One moment.


  • Machiventa Melchizedek Speaks

MACHIVENTA: Good evening once again, this is Prince Machiventa. I again wish to send you all my love, my good wishes, and the words that you are truly, truly wonderful students. We are most pleased with the growth of this class, of its dedicated members, of your spiritual enlightenment. We are constantly amazed at the human adaptability to new and changing ideas and forms, and we wish you all much wondrous knowledge in this expansion of truth on Urantia. The Teaching Mission is progressing quite well. The knowledge of this class is known throughout the wide universe. They are all interested, all of those mortals, ascendant beings on all the planets in Nebadon, are interested in your progress. You are taught by two able and wonderful teachers. Continue with your progress, you are in our prayers, that is all. Good evening.

STUDENTS: Good evening.

SIGNA: This is Signa. That was a surprise for me. We will end this evening with a few moments of silent worship. The songs of the mighty universe sing to you, oh Father. Amen.
Go in peace this week, seeking the service motive in your heart, the service drive, and let it bloom. I bid you farewell this evening, Bertrand would also like to do so.

BERTRAND: This is Bertrand. My friends, thank you for this opportunity to be with you and to help you experience the ever-widening, every growing deeper love of our Father. Farewell.

STUDENTS: Farewell.

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