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CDM17- Mansion Worlds, TM, CT

1992-10-23-Mansion Worlds, TM, CT
Corona Del Mar #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More Service Advice to TR’s
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Service
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.2 Teaching Mission
 3.3.3 Urantia Book
 3.3.4 Correcting Time
 3.3.5 Transmitting
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: More Service Advice to TR’s
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand
TR: Unknown


BERTRAND: This is Bertrand, I am your teacher. I welcome you to the class this evening and as always, it is my pleasure to be here and of service to you. Our lesson last week concerns service and because of its grand importance in the ascension career, I would like for it again to be our topic of discussion.


BERTRAND:  As we spoke last week, service should be your grand desire. It should be the goal of all of your outworking. One moment. The love of service, the outworking of service is our supreme goal. We need..,I apologize for the delay. Within the realm of the morontia career, service plays an ever-widening and important role. As you advance from sphere to sphere, that advancement is accomplished through increased service. You are continually presented with wonderful opportunities and choices that you may make in which you may be of service to not only your fellow ascenders, but you are also afforded the opportunity to volunteer for service on the spheres of time and space.

These opportunities, similar to the Teaching Mission of which I am part, are looked upon as the grandest of opportunities. As we peruse the lists of possible service ventures, we are aided by inner-communication with our Thought Adjusters, with their guidance leading us in directions that would be most appropriate for our spiritual growth. It is through this service realm that our spiritual growth is achieved. On this sphere, there are many ascending mortals who are here for the specific service of serving mankind in its evolution toward a higher level, toward that age of light and life.

We volunteered for this possibility of service long ago, long before your births and the births of your parents, and your parents-parents. The possibility for service in Michael’s legions to assist in the reclamation of the planets scarred by rebellion was viewed as a unique, wonderful and, as you would say, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many, many, many volunteered to be involved in this undertaking. We are just the first. Many will follow as the need arises.

That concerns our service when we are ascenders. How does that apply to now? You wish to experience the morontia level while you are here on earth. You wish for your soul growth to reach those morontia levels, to progress in circle attainment and to begin your morontia career today. All that is needed is to undertake supreme service; service to mankind, service to your brothers and sisters. What is your service here? What is the goal of this Teaching Mission?

What is the goal of this class? It is to bring God to man once again, to again restate the message of Jesus to his children, his children who have forgotten. Michael was here to bring God to man, nothing more complicated than that. Throughout the ages, much of his message has been compromised with other religious teachings and with the religious insights of individuals who have had influence on the Christian church.

Today the knowledge man most needs is to know that he is a son of God, and that we are all brothers and sisters together. Not separate, not of different families, but of the same family of creatures on this planet. Theoretically of course, you may view back into the past and pronounce Andon and Fonta, the wondrous originators of the human species on the planet, as our father and mother but it is difficult for the mind of man to thus view that occurrence as the binding force to make you realize your brotherhood and sisterhood.

So, instead of looking in the past, we must look upward to God who is our Father. And if we say our Father, then that indeed means we are of his family and his brothers and sisters, his children. If you had a true brother or sister in the flesh and they were in darkness, would you wish to bring them into the light?

Of course. We must now begin the task at hand. The service that is in front of you is the changing of the guard now, to bring forth that light of truth that you know in your heart. You must not be afraid of relaying that beauty to others because it is what they are looking for. Service is a trust, a trust that you are building not only with yourself, with your soul, with your Thought Adjuster, but also with God. As that trust increases, more opportunities for greater service will be presented to you.

I have also this evening a message from Michael. My children on Urantia, I feel for the immensity of the job you see before you for I also was faced with the same task. I have sent to you many helpers along with my Spirit of Truth to guide you, to lead you, to teach you in the ways and methods that will most beneficially bring this planet into the age of light and life. I wish to see that, I wish to see that because of all the strife, because of all the pain that my home planet has endured these many years. I wish to see that as quickly as it can be made possible.

I assure you that my love is with you, my understanding of your task, my giving you of the necessary tools, to make this task more easily managed. There will be numbers of classes like this throughout the world, and from each of these centers of light and life, the knowledge of God’s truth and love, the knowledge of your brotherhood, will spread out more rapidly than you can imagine. The stage is set, the time is now. I love you all.

That is Michael’s message for this evening. Signa is not with us this evening. She is on assignment elsewhere. Do you have questions?


STUDENT: I am curious, although I think I sort of know what your response to this question will be, there are so many people in our society that work 8 to 9 hours a day just at jobs, and then somehow work in service clubs or service organizations that they participate in. Would it not be best to have your occupation be service oriented also, something that you really feel led to do as opposed to just going to a normal job and doing your service activities outside of your normal daily flow of work?

BERTRAND: There are multiple service opportunities no matter what work environment you may find yourself in. Personally, it is more stimulating, more personally satisfying to be involved in a type of labor that you desire. Many who are fortunate to have that type of work are quite happy and have also many opportunities for service. Those who are in jobs that are just jobs for them, must be creative in their search for service opportunities.

It is definitely more difficult with the latter to find the energy, to pursue spreading the light of God, but it certainly can be done. If you are happy in what you do, your light is also shining brightly and many will be drawn to you. Further, there is a natural exuberance that you exhibit in your daily life if you are happy at your pursuits. This exuberance certainly carries over into many other aspects of your life. That is all.

Mansion Worlds

STUDENT: Good evening Bertrand, this is David. Did I understand you to say that on the mansion worlds our Thought Adjusters sort of lead us into different service areas?

BERTRAND: They are a counsel to you. They counsel you in different service opportunities to aid in your spiritual growth in areas that perhaps you are lacking. So, one particular choice for you, which would be the perfect choice, would not necessarily be the same choice for someone else because of their spiritual growth. Does that answer your question?

STUDENT: Pretty much but how would I be aware of that, is that a subliminal type thing?

BERTRAND: No, with your morontia mind, you are much more able to communicate much more directly with your Thought Adjuster. There is no veil before your eyes.

Teaching Mission

STUDENT: Bertrand, I have a question about the teaching corps that you are a part of. As far as I am aware, so far, all the teachers are working with groups who have some basis in The Urantia Book and maybe a little more broadly, at least in Christian traditions. Is there a plan in the future for teachers to approach groups coming from Muslim or other non-Christian, but monotheistic groups? Or will humans have to convert those groups so to speak?

BERTRAND: I understand your question. Only about 75% of the existing teaching groups today are Urantia Book based, with Urantia Book readers, those who have knowledge of and have spent some time studying the book. The other 25% are spiritually led mortals who have gathered together through their own leadings and have sought, desired, outside spiritual help, and they also have had transmitter-receivers prepared and teachers assigned. As their group progresses, eventually all of them will be introduced to The Urantia Book and they will become readers but not all at this time are even aware of The Urantia Book.

STUDENT: Can you take that a little further though, the second part of my question was, this other 25%, are they basically coming from a Christian background?

BERTRAND: They are quite broad in their human make-up from religious philosophy though most have an understanding of the Christian religion, yes. There are several who are not affiliated with any particular religion.

STUDENT: What I am getting at, is the world population, I don’t know the demographics but I think there are more non-Christians than there are Christians on the planet. I am wondering if teachers such as yourself are going to be approaching…I am making an assumption that you are hoping to reach everyone on the planet eventually.

BERTRAND: Somehow, yes.

STUDENT: And maybe you don’t know whether that is going to be through us reaching others or in other words, are you going to approaching say Chinese groups of non-Christians?

BERTRAND: I think I understand your point. The initial contact was, of course through Urantia Book reading mortals because of their ability for quick acceptance and understanding the ability of exhibiting that faith leap that would allow them to accept the Teaching Mission. Yes, we will be broadening our scope to include all of the peoples of the planet, Christian and non-Christian alike, because those are evolutionary religions and all evolutionary religions stand the need for revelation from time to time.

The Christian religion has received a most major epochal revelation and this epochal revelation is not just for the Christian religion but for all the peoples of the planet. We will be spreading out our mission to include those peoples, it will not be necessary for the existing classes of Urantia Book readers to be involved in that effort unless of course, it is their choice to do so. But, it is not in the plan for that to take place.

Urantia Book

STUDENT: And you said one step in the teaching is to introduce people to The Urantia Book eventually. That almost seems to me almost require a conversion to Christianity since the Urantia Book is so heavily based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

BERTRAND: It will require that faith leap into the acceptance that Jesus is our local universe Creator Son. The Urantia Book, while it does support much of what has become the evolutionary Christian religion, is not intended, or was not intended, to be an addendum to the Christian religion. It truly does stand alone. Much of what is in the Christian religion today, as I mentioned earlier, has been changed from what it originally was during Jesus’ time.

Much of his teachings do exist but there is much of many of the other evolutionary religions of that time also. In order for the apostles as they spread out in their teaching zeal, they were counting numbers. They were interested in increasing the number of believers and in order to do so, they were required to compromise, to give a little, in order to attract other groups of believers, other groups of believers in evolutionary churches that were there at that time. Evolutionary religions, there were no churches. Does that help to answer your question?

STUDENT: Yes, very well thank you.

STUDENT: You may have answered this before, do you have a time-frame in mind for the teachings to reach most of the planet?

BERTRAND: Our time frame that we were originally scheduled to meet was several thousands of years through a slow growth evolutionary pattern. Michael has set forth his plan of shortening that time considerably, his heart weighs heavy with the pain of this planet and wishes it to end as soon as possible. In specific years, it may yet be in your lifetime.

Correcting Time

STUDENT: Bertrand when you talk about service that the Thought Adjuster guides each person to service that is best, are you speaking mostly of spiritual service and uplifting or also, I keep thinking of things like homeless, famine and starvation. It is so overwhelming, the problems. Are we ever to get outside help as to solutions other than working with our Thought Adjuster and working it out evolutionarily? Or are there beings that will help us formulate a plan that will really make a difference, not a temporary difference like giving food that will last a day, but something that can really change the circumstances.

BERTRAND: The Teaching Mission has many broad goals and objectives but it is only a small part of the total energy and forces that are being made ready to assist this planet. Yes, there is much being done. For yourself personally, seek that inner guidance, for Michael has said whatever you do for the least of these, you also do unto me. It does not matter whether your service is to the spirit or to the body, all is of value. Does that answer your question?

STUDENT: A little bit. I am curious as to what you mean that a lot is being done. I am thinking of something I heard in the Ham tape. There was a person in that study group that had been coming up with a plan, he thought with the help of his Thought Adjuster, for the homeless, to kind of solve that problem. How do we mobilize, to really make a difference in some of these really big areas. It seems like a lot of times the answer has been that it has been left to us to work out as an evolutionary planet. Is that true or if Michael wants this planet to change rapidly…

BERTRAND: Some of what you say is true. Some of the decisions must be mortally inspired, but also understand that the Most Highs do rule in the realms of men. There is change being made, there is direction being given, there are new plans being put into effect to assist those who are able to help the poor and needy as well as the spiritual uplift of those who are in need through outworkings of the re-connection of the circuits to this planet.

Since I am personally involved in the plans and execution of the plans outside of the Teaching Mission I am not able to comment as to the specifics. Only just to say to you that while things appear on the surface to be out of control, they are not. Steps are being taken to correct those errors caused by past planetary administrators. Is that more help?

STUDENT: Yes, that is encouraging.

BERTRAND: Are there any more questions this evening?

STUDENT: Bertrand I have a question regarding the presidential candidates that may be of assistance in the service and reconstruction of this teaching. We here on Urantia are approaching an election [1992 race], there are three candidates Bush, Clinton, Perot].

BERTRAND: And your question?

STUDENT: Can you direct us in the person that would be the most service oriented towards this goal on this planet from a spiritual base?

BERTRAND: Yes I could.(LAUGHTER) But as many of you are aware, we are prohibited from involving ourselves in the political economic realm of this sphere. Our primary objective is in spiritual uplift. I am sorry.


STUDENT: Bertrand, several months ago Martha had indicated she might be receptive to becoming a transmitter-receiver [T/R]. How would she go about developing this?

BERTRAND: There are several steps. First of course, as you know, you must seek the Stillness and listen. When you are in a position where you believe that a teacher is attempting a transmission you must practice. You must begin to transmit what you feel is being broadcast to you. This can be most easily done with an assistant, someone who can ask questions and record answers. Does that help?

STUDENT: That helps very much, thank you.

STUDENT: This might be rather mundane, but, does the lightening in this storm effect your travels here from Yosemite?


STUDENT: I guess I thought because of your morontia form that the physical manifestations of lightening and so on, has no effect?

BERTRAND: No, but I will say that it does have some effect on the transmitting and receiving aspects of this evening. James has had difficulty in transmitting some of my words, thought patterns. In the beginning, several of my pauses were to make adjustments to compensate for this atmospheric disturbance.


BERTRAND: So for this evening, I am going to bid you all a fond farewell. Remember our Creator Son is with you, seeks to uplift you, cares about you, and understands your toil. I bid you farewell.

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