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CDM18- More on Service, Source of ACIM

1992-10-30-More on Service, Source of ACIM
Corona Del Mar #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More on Service, Source of ACIM
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Signa, Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Service
 3.2.2 Archives
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Stillness
 3.3.2 Barriers
 3.3.3 Attunement
 3.3.4 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.5 Growth
 3.3.6 ACIM
 3.3.7 Urantia
 3.3.8 Pain

Topic: More on Service, Source of ACIM
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Signa, Bertrand
TR: Unknown


BERTRAND:  Good evening, this is Signa. I am your teacher this evening. Bertrand is also here, he will speak with you later. This evening I would like to continue our discussion on the subject of service.


BERTRAND: Service of God is a sacred honor. When you enlist yourself in his service you align yourself with the great powers of the universe. As you undertake your varied assignments, be aware that He is at your side, as well as Michael, your guardian seraphim, and other angels whose jurisdiction you fall under. Be joyous in your undertaking, be happy of spirit, be enthusiastic, for all of these traits are the mark of a son or daughter of God. When your mind perceives a service opportunity, it is your Thought Adjuster who is bringing forth that realization. Follow that leading. In doing so you serve the Father, the Son, and the Supreme Being all at the same time.

Each of you as you seek the Stillness should listen, should listen for the guidance of your Father and his desire for the particular type of service that is most perfect for you. In this case we are speaking of individuals, not of the group. When there is a group service that is necessary, you will be led in a larger sense by the combined actions of your Thought Adjusters and the guidance of Prince Machiventa through the teaching corps. At this time, there are several necessities that this group, through your combined willingness should undertake.


BERTRAND: First, there is a need for these lessons to be compiled and then distributed to other teaching groups at your discretion. There is no longer a need for any kind of secrecy concerning these teachings unless there is strong opposition from the members of the group. Again, we are relying on your freewill choice to allow this to take place.

Second, as the teaching groups proliferate, as you become aware of other groups, in this geographic sector of your country, you should begin to collect a library of those local teaching groups’ transmissions. As you are all aware, there are numerous teaching groups in the United States and we have seen a need to have regional repositories of the transcripts from these groups. There will be a central group established, though its particular location is unknown at this time. Excuse me, has not been chosen at this time. As the teaching mission expands, more and more inquiries will be made, and in order for mortals to be drawn, to be made aware, of the information that is available, these local libraries will be necessary. There will be further responsibilities for group activity in the future.

Three, is your personal service to your brothers and sisters. Be open with your discussion of what is occurring, do not be afraid to share this information with those you meet. There are many, many hungry souls in need of this spiritual food. Enthusiasm is contagious, it breeds more enthusiasm. And it is to be cultivated. There is also a need to level off enthusiasm so that it does not get out of hand. Many of the unusual occurrences that have been reported in the different classes around the country are due primarily to ego involvement and a lack of control over enthusiasm.

This is something to be excited about. The plan of planetary rebuilding is from Michael. You are involved in a stupendous activity, but we must maintain our feet on the ground. Life on this planet is changing, people’s spiritual eyes are at last beginning to open, and they are searching. They are searching for you, and they are searching for God. We have the information that they seek, give it freely. That is all for this evening, do you have questions of me? . . . .

STUDENT: I have a question about the mission. You said to speak to people what it is that we are experiencing. Well, how do we do that without any entre, I mean, just, boy we had a neat experience Friday night, we talked to a 3000 year old teacher. I mean, how do you get that into the conversation, or do you have to do sort of what we have done with The Urantia Book and wait for a spiritual exchange to happen?

SIGNA: You ask those questions that are leading questions. What religion are you? Are you seeking God in your life? Has God found you?

STUDENT: So, be a lot more aggressive or outgoing with our evangelism?

SIGNA: Yes. . . . .

STUDENT: You had mentioned this repository for the transcripts. Are you looking for someone’s home or would this be some other commercial place?

SIGNA: No, it would be someone’s home. That would be sufficient at this time. There is no need for that kind of facility. As you are aware, there are only several groups that are currently functioning in this area, and at this moment, your repository would be small. It will grow. It may necessitate something larger at sometime in the future, but at this time no.

STUDENT: I know we would be very happy to offer our house as a repository, at least in the interim, until it got larger, and we could cross that bridge when we got to it.

SIGNA: You may discuss it amongst yourselves, and decide as a group on the best location.

STUDENT: On that same line, last week we had received a message conveyed through Bertrand, from Michael. Can we publish his greetings and message to us in the Monitor and can we pass that on to others as you have asked us to do of our transcripts?

SIGNA: It was a component of the lesson. Yes, it may be shared with others, though separating it from the body of the work that has been done, the transcripts that have been done, is not recommended. It would be best to have it as a part of the whole. . . . .


STUDENT: Signa, I have a question about the lesson. I think it was in your second point, the point about personal service, that we would in order to determine our direction, we would pray and seek the Stillness, and then with the guidance that we got from our Father, go forward. I have found that since I had my operation it is really difficult to seek the Stillness, to get that focused. I talked to some of my other friends in our class and we all seem to have trouble with the Stillness, either finding time or making it a habitual thing.

My question is, what is it, is it just slothful laziness that keeps us from wanting to do it? You would think that if we really realized that what was happening was that we were connecting with the Infinite Father within us, that we would almost want to stay there all the time, not to have to struggle to find time to want to be in that place. So, could you explain to me in our evolving animal natures what is it that keeps us from wanting to have that experience?

SIGNA: Unfortunately, Veronica, it is human laziness. It is an effort for the human mind to place itself in the presence of God. There is a level of fear that also is pervaded within this realm. It is an animal fear, the fear of something greater than one’s self, the fear of something so large that you have no control, that fear drives you away. So, it is two-fold, the problem. One is laziness and the other is fear. Prayer will help on both measures. Does that help? . . . .

STUDENT: Signa, does environment play a role in seeking Stillness? When I try to set time aside in the mornings when I have time, I find that my concentration is not for a very long span of time and that I start thinking of getting ready for business and I can’t help but think that if I were in the country somewhere, in a quiet rural area, that it would be a lot more conducive to me to seek that Stillness.

SIGNA: Yes, environment does play a part. When you are able to set aside the daily pressures of life, you are better able to seek the Stillness. It is not unusual that humans loose control over their active minds and they wander into the things that they need to do, they should do, or they are about to do, instead of being just in the moment and just seeking God. That is the great difficulty to overcome. If there are certain times of day, certain physical environments that would be more conducive to the Stillness, then if it is possible, seek those places or times. Does that help?

STUDENT: Signa, at your level, do you still have problems going into the Stillness?

SIGNA: Mine is a level of morontia being, as you know. And as a morontia being, our communication channel with the Thought Adjuster is greatly improved. Yes, on my level, I would say that we all have our varying degrees of difficulty in understanding the leading of our Thought Adjusters, but you must also understand that it is very, very different than your difficulty. Your difficulty is far greater than ours.

STUDENT: I’ve got one more question on the Stillness, Signa. It has to do with my asking for the Father’s guidance at that particular moment of Stillness, but not being able to carry that after maybe five or ten minutes of attempting the Stillness, of carrying it through my whole day. It seems like it is rather fragmented. The Stillness is one moment in my whole day, and the rest of the day is not related to that Stillness. Is there some place subconsciously that my Thought Adjuster is guiding me? How do we seek Stillness through the rest of the day, besides that ten-fifteen minute period that is set aside in the mornings?

SIGNA: Jesus was a master at maintaining continual communion with his heavenly Father. There is much in The Urantia Book that can instruct you on his level of communion. The Stillness that we seek at this level is to open yourself up and listen for the wondrous words of your Thought Adjuster. It would be quite impossible to be in the Stillness all day, but you may maintain a sort of afterglow of that Stillness when you, during your day, ponder back over those short periods in the morning when you were attempting to contact the Infinite. Those are the types of things you should remember during your day to help you tease your mind into remembering that spiritual contact. Does that help you David?

STUDENT: Yes, I guess it does…you get on the freeway and my whole day changes. There are a lot of frustrations that are extremely difficult for me to try to relate back to that Stillness in the morning.

SIGNA: Life’s vicissitudes will do that. Yes. They are a hindrance. It is an acquired talent to maintain that contact, it is not easy. . .


STUDENT: Signa, I had another question about the lesson. Last week, when I was listening to the tape, you were talking about or Bertrand was talking about when we were on the morontia worlds that we were given service choices. Well, is it just part of being an Agondonter that our choices are not that apparent? Or, it almost feels like you get kind of a chalkboard that you could do this, or this, or this, we just have to fumble around in the dark figuring out what our work is, or what our service opportunities are?

SIGNA: You are not far wrong. Your life on this planet is far different than your morontia life. What is important to you here is not important to you there. What is important to you there is your spiritual growth and your service to your fellows. It is the goal of light and life to achieve a level of advancement of both the spiritual capabilities of mankind and your ability to provide for your welfare and your family’s welfare that will drastically change as time progresses. Those things that are important on this world at this time, have much to do with your backward natures.

Backward in the sense that the planet has a long history of being off of the line of normal. As the planet begins to swing back into the circuits, much of life will transform into a life of beauty and grandeur where the seeking of truth, beauty, and goodness, spiritual growth, service to your brothers and sisters is the goal in life. For you, it is so hard to imagine even a half a step forward. There has been so much history of being backwards that it is very difficult to see what is of true importance in the future.

STUDENT: So in some respects we are only really baby-steps in front of cave men who are in a basic survival mode of food and shelter then?

SIGNA: True, you have much technical development that makes your life somewhat easier, but your cultural and spiritual development has waned.


STUDENT: Signa, this is Matthew. If, in the book, it defines the different morontia worlds and things that occur at the different steps, what would you define as the steps, the goals, the objectives of the world that we are in. If at the end of our life, we look back and we say, this is what we were to have accomplished here. What would those things be?

SIGNA:  As Michael said in his message of last week, the ultimate goal is the achievement of planetary light and life. But on a personal level, that is your goal, whether or not the planet should reach that during your lifetime is of little importance. Your true goal is the seeking of God and trying to know Him and trying to do His will in your life. If you can, upon your cessation of life, look back and know that your life was filled with doing his will, then you were indeed a success. You were indeed following the right path. Does that answer your question? . . . .

Mansion Worlds

STUDENT: Signa, I have a question that is off of the lesson. This last week I lost a wonderful friend and I have a question. She had two small children. The question is, when she awoke on the resurrection halls does she experience a sense of loss of not being able to raise her children?

SIGNA: There is a sense of loss. I have personally experienced that loss also. But it is more than compensated for in the nurseries and in other ways that I may not disclose to you. Do not feel sad for her, she is in wonderful hands. . . . .


STUDENT: Signa, this is Matthew. It seems, following up on Martha’s question, there seems to be a lot of challenging events and experiences and just things that are going on that are, I think, very burdensome, frightening, challenging I think is probably a good word. Scary, right. Are we as, I don’t want to say a group, because I think everybody is experiencing this on our world to different degrees, but are we from time to time tested? Are we confronted with situations to learn from them, to grow, or is it just the normal course of events that unfold because of choices that have been made or not made?

SIGNA: Your latter description is correct. The life on an evolutionary sphere in time and space is beset by much turmoil because free-will reigns supreme. Freewill choice. There are certain normal, general, cultural experiences that every evolving culture must pass through. They are part of the evolution of the culture, just like the evolution of the human. They cannot be circumvented, they are very necessary for the future growth of both the culture and the individual, and difficulties should not also be viewed as being negative for their outcomes are most assuredly positive.

STUDENT: Positive in the sense that we as a people, or as a culture, grow from them, advance? And that therefore, theoretically we will not be there again, it will have passed and there will be other things…

SIGNA: Yes, if the lesson is learned, yes, you will proceed. If in a given situation, the lesson is not learned, then the circumstance in other forms will present itself again.

STUDENT: Would you say that as a race or a culture of people that we have progressed over the last 15-20 years and have learned lessons that will not be repeated?

SIGNA: Yes, there have been many. There have been many that will be repeated. There is still a large imbalance between the advances of technology and the advances of intellectual and spiritual pursuits, cultural balance. These things have not advanced nearly as quickly as your technology. They must reach some equilibrium. Until that equilibrium is met, there will continue to be periodic upheavals.

STUDENT: Could you tell us, is there, in terms of years a gap between the spiritual and the technology on this planet compared to other planets?

SIGNA: It is very difficult to assign a year gap because not all aspects, parts of your culture, finds itself in the same predicament. Other cultures around the world perhaps have broader disparity between technology and the advancement of the culture. As a whole, I don’t think I could give you that number.

STUDENT: Signa, this is Matthew again, there is one other question I wanted to ask as a follow-up to the earlier thought and pattern, and with Martha’s comment, thinking about children for a moment. Will our children as they grow up be in fact in a more advanced culture. Will they reap the benefits of the lessons that we as a generation have learned so that they hopefully, won’t go back to some of the terrible things that our generation has seen and experienced?

SIGNA: That is certainly our hope. That is the hope of every parent for the future. That is certainly the goal of the Teaching Mission and it is also the goal of your parents.

STUDENT: What is necessary on our part to insure that that happens?

SIGNA: Each must work in his or her own sphere to do what you can do to bring our world into Light and Life. Follow the leadings of the Father, seek his will. If we all were to do that, Light and Life would come. It is a difficult concept, but much simpler in execution. It is not as difficult as it seems. . . . .

STUDENT: Thank you. I have another question, sort of what we were talking with Signa about. When problems come up in all of our lives, you know, it is sort of a natural tendency to have worry kick in, does worry actually add anything to the problem solving? Or is that just something we ought to just whoosh away.

BERTRAND: Worry is actually a euphemism for fear. Fear adds nothing.

STUDENT: So, when a problem presents itself, and at age 46 it is kind of late to find this out, but might as well get some expert advice, how are you supposed to, what are you supposed to do about problem things. What are the first steps?

BERTRAND: Analyze its origin and nature. Try to understand what corrective action needs to take place in order for the problem to be resolved. First step though is understanding its origin and nature.

STUDENT: How do you keep emotion out of the equation?

BERTRAND: Hmmm, yes that is very difficult. Practice.

STUDENT: Just do it, do it, worry about the things you can do something about.

STUDENT: When you get to the morontia worlds is emotion gone, or do you still have to deal with that?

BERTRAND: No, you still have emotion. Emotion is not necessarily bad.

STUDENT: So, it is sort of wishful thinking to envision a life where there are no problems, I mean that is just not going to happen.

BERTRAND: There is no such thing. I am sorry to inform you. (Laughter)

STUDENT: You mean you have problems Bertrand?

BERTRAND: Absolutely.

STUDENT: Do you ever worry?

BERTRAND: I try not to, I try to understand the origin and nature of worry. If there is something I can do to alleviate a problem, I will undertake it, if I do not, the problem exists, I will seek advice on how to resolve the difficulty.

STUDENT: It seems like most of our problems at this level have to do with relationships and material things. The need for money, the need for things, and the relationships. It seems to me like those kinds of problems would not exist at your level.

BERTRAND: Interpersonal problems do exist. Material problems, physical problems are much less. But you do not escape the fetters of individual, interpersonal problems because free-will is still quite active throughout the universe.

STUDENT: That’s depressing. (Laughter)

STUDENT: But you said you are only one level, or some small level ahead of us, do those…I don’t know if you know what’s ahead of you, but do those problems disappear as you move up?

BERTRAND: The problems change, but we, you, will begin to look at problems in a different light. You will begin to view them from a different perspective and they no longer become…so oppressive. Problems evolve into challenges which evolve into the excitement and the adventure of the ascension career. So, you are only at the beginning of problems. Ascending to the Father is a supreme effort in problem solving. You are not asked to solve problems without proper instruction, without proper tools. On this sphere, you are most likely asked to solve problems when you do not have either the instruction or the tools to do it.

STUDENT: Bertrand, so in other words, the solution to the problem is more exciting rather than the worry of the consequences that the problem may present.

BERTRAND: Yes. It is exhilarating to perceive a problem, to receive the instruction and tools necessary to solve the problem and then to do so. It is truly exhilarating.

STUDENT: Will we be evolving as we get more, receive more of your teachings on this planet, and I’m talking selfishly in terms of our lifetime, will we move closer to that kind of an attitude toward problem solving?

BERTRAND: From a spiritual nature, of course. That is part of the mandate of the Teaching Mission to give you the instruction and the tools to go out and bring the light of truth to your brothers and sisters. That is a wonderful problem to be faced with. We are attempting to give you those necessary aspects to help you to do it.


STUDENT: Bertrand, on another subject. I have a question about the Course in Miracles. Are they authored by Jesus?

BERTRAND: Authored? No. It is a personal revelation between an individual and their Thought Adjuster. The guidance for The Course in Miracles, the inspiration, most definitely is from Michael. But they are not directly Michael’s words.

STUDENT: I find there is a great deal of truth or at least it speaks to me. The Course in Miracles teachings on relationships, forgiveness, letting go of guilt, and doing the daily exercises, is this…I heard somebody even say that this is the type of training you would get on the morontia worlds. Is this true? Is this that type of training?

BERTRAND: One moment. James [the Transmitter/Receiver] must move. To answer your question. It is similar, the morontia concepts though are much more illuminating because they contain the mota aspects which these do not.


STUDENT: Yes Bertrand, in reading the Pocatello transcripts, Daniel says that this planet is in sad shape. He goes on to say that this planet is environmentally in disarray. I assume this is because of the Lucifer Rebellion, but, has there been a regression in our civilization in the last 100 years? Have we gone backwards?

BERTRAND: No. You have not gone backwards. Your civilization, while it appears to be sporadically violent, sporadically warlike, has begun to realize the folly of worldwide conflict. Man is beginning to understand the necessity for living on a peaceful planet. One of the positive outcomes, positive benefits of increased technology is your ability to instantaneously communicate from any point on the sphere. This has brought everyone closer and as we become closer, we begin to realize we are neighbors. And when we understand we are neighbors, we begin to care about the welfare of our neighbors. That is occurring. It is a positive step forward.

The Lucifer Rebellion had a marked effect on your planet, indeed it did, but it is not the cause of the environmental problems that exist. Environmental problems are primarily caused by ignorance. Once mankind realizes the problems and the effects of his actions, he also realizes their effect on his neighbor because they effect himself also. The reason that it appears as if there is environmental chaos is because now there is an enlightened group, there is an enlightened force happening on the planet as they are aware of the problems caused by this technological advancement.

They are still those who do not and are not aware. It is the difference between the two groups that is apparent. In reality steps are progressing forward in correcting the missteps of those who have come before with regard to the environment. James is tiring, if you have several questions, we can continue.

STUDENT: I have one question I want to ask you. When Abraham spoke to us he said that the teachers that went out from Salem had been taught to communicate with their Thought Adjusters, I believe. Did Jesus teach the apostles also to do that? Where they all in communication with their Thought Adjusters?

BERTRAND: No, they were instructed to continually seek communion with the Heavenly Father. They were given some direct instruction though some had more or less success in that contact while others little.

STUDENT: How was it that the teachers from Salem were able to get in communication with their Thought Adjusters?

BERTRAND: There was a much longer period of instruction time to work on those difficulties. Jesus’ public mission here and the time with his apostles was extremely short.

STUDENT: Bertrand, I am doing a study on the life and letters of Paul. I was wondering, was Paul, as they say in the Bible, a disciple of Jesus, and were his teachings in accordance. They seem a little different to me.

BERTRAND: There is a lot in Paul’s religion that changed the teachings of Jesus.

STUDENT: Was it good for the evolution of the church?

BERTRAND: No it was not.

STUDENT: Did he know Jesus?

BERTRAND: He did have an experience, yes.

STUDENT: And in that moment did Jesus teach him everything he needed to know to go out and be a missionary?

BERTRAND: Yes, but again, Paul’s freewill choice and his past knowledge would not allow him to wholeheartedly and totally accept the simplicity of Jesus’ message.

STUDENT: So Paul’s teachings may not have been or may not be consistent with Jesus’ teachings.

BERTRAND: They are not.


STUDENT: And his idea of suffering, bringing him closer to God, what about that concept?

BERTRAND: That is not a pure concept. The suffering only tends to disconnect one’s connection with the Father. When you are in a state of pain, anguish, anger, fear, the connection with the Father is broken. There is no truth in that statement of Paul.

STUDENT: I found that when I had tremendous pain when I had a rib removed, that if I went into the pain and imagined I was being held in the hand of Jesus, that I got tremendous relief, or was that just a figment of my imagination?

BERTRAND: You were in effect, turning the pain over to the Father. That is one method of the human mind to deal with pain. Not all human minds have that ability. Quite frankly, it is rare, you should consider yourself fortunate to have that ability to contact the Father.

STUDENT: Thank you.

STUDENT. . . I have a question along the same line. We are taught that when you are in pain or have a problem that is too hard to bear that is you just hand it over to the Holy Spirit he lifts that, so to speak, from you. He works with you and you just notice in a short time that it is gone. The fear has been removed or the problem has been solved, or the pain has been removed. So my question is, is this not true that the Holy Spirit does in fact, has been sent to us by Jesus himself for this very purpose?

BERTRAND: What is occurring in that experience aside from the words we use to describe what ministering forces are involved, the truth of the matter is this: Your faith is the healer, your faith that the Father or that Jesus will protect you, will isolate you from the pain, is what actually makes that happen. It is faith that is the key.

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