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CDM2- Triune Harmony

1992-06-02-Triune Harmony
Corona Del Mar #2


1Topic: Triune Harmony
2Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
1Teacher: Bertrand, Machiventa
2TR: Unknown

Topic: Triune Harmony

Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM


Teacher: BertrandMachiventa

TR: Unknown



BERTRAND: The presence of God surrounds us The power of God enfolds us The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we are He is. I am Bertrand, I am your teacher.


BERTRAND:  I welcome you all to the growing body of believers and send you greetings from Prince Machiventa Melchizedek and from our Creator Son Jesus. It is truly a wonderful event when mortals gather to hear these teachings. I have a short lesson tonight on what it is to be an Agondonter. To live on a lonely planet such as Urantia and believe, believe not only with your mind but with your heart in God’s grace, in God’s love is an experience that many in the universe would be thrilled to experience. To have only your Thought Adjuster, that pilot light, to guide you through life’s turmoil and to follow his leading onward and upward without aide of any other spirit source is a magnificent achievement. Long into the future of your paradise career you will maintain the mark of an Agondonter. You will have opportunity to serve that has been reserved for you because of your ability. Also, to believe on a planet where the importance of the spirit, the spiritual life has been all but extinguished. To believe in the face of that pressure is also wondrous. Be joyous of heart, you are truly loved on high. Prince Machiventa Melchizedek also wishes to welcome you.

MACHIVEWNTA:  I AM MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK your Planetary Prince. My arms welcome you. It is such a great joy to be back on this planet once again and to help you fight your struggles arm and arm. Be of good cheer, lighten your load and let us bring together the spiritual awakening of our planet. Farewell.

BERTRAND:  I AM BERTRAND: As in other teaching groups, it is appropriate to ask questions. You may ask any question you like, but I may not answer them all. Do you have questions?


  • Triune Harmony

STUDENT: Yes, I do Bertrand. I was reading today and I was wondering what they meant by this, as I was reading the Adjuster papers. Part of the sentence was “when the physical, mental and spiritual powers are in triunal harmony of development”. I was trying to understand the application of the word “triunal” in relation to our body.

BERTRAND:  The triune nature of our body is indicated by first electro-chemical, physical aspects, functions of the body. The second is the mind function, the gift of the Infinite Spirit. It activates the body. The spiritual forces, the spiritual nature, the third part, being an emerging part – the joint work of the personality and the mind to create the soul, is the third component of the mind, body, spirit continuum. Did that answer your question?

STUDENT: Good to see you, to talk to you again. I really enjoy our times together. Do you need us to identify ourselves by our names when we talk to you or do you know our voices already?

BERTRAND:  I can read ______’s memory, mind transcript of who you are.

  • Agondonters

STUDENT: The whole Agondonter concept has been a very special idea to me and I just wanted you to know how special that lesson was and how joyful I felt having you here. One question I have…Do we have everyone here who is supposed to be a part of this group at this time or is anyone missing?

BERTRAND:  For the moment, this is sufficient. Although I heard your conversation before we began and your friend would certainly be a welcome member as he would be to any teaching group. As we progress in our class there will be those who wish to come. We should be prudent and wise custodians to be sure that those who are, those who wish this group to remain private are granted their desire. It should remain small for a time. Does that answer?

  • Teaching Mission Assignments

STUDENT: Yes. I have some more questions here. Will we each be given specific missions in the future?

BERTRAND:  Part of the teaching corp’s responsibilities is to create mortal teachers who can, as the spirit of our heavenly Father begins to unfold in greater numbers, there will be assignments. Do not be concerned though that you will be given an assignment which you have not been prepared for. We will go slow and we will fullfil your need. Are there other questions?


  • Approaching Death

STUDENT: Yes. We have a brother whose life here on the planet is winding down. He is in much pain and fear by this event. My question is that when we are judged will we be judged by the morals of our society of this day or by our own personal potential for growth?

BERTRAND: Judgement, of course, is in the hands of the Ancient of Days. No individual is judged on the merits of the group. He is judged solely on himself. He is judged on his motives, on what he strived to attain, not only on this planet but on the morontia spheres as well up until that point that the everlasting decision of fusion is made. Potential is an interesting word. It indicates what you could be. What you could be is made actual by your life decisions. It is through those decisions that you traverse the circles from the seventh to the first. In potential, you are a finaliter. It should be your goal. But there is great adventure and service between where you are today and that glorious eternity that waits us all. Did you have a question concerning your friend?

STUDENT: Yes. His friend, our brother, he is suffering terrible because of watching his oldest, closest long friend waste away the way he is. He is nothing of the man when I first met him and is there any message that you would like to give him so that we may pass to him. We love him dearly and we hurt because he’s hurting so much. He can’t be with us and he doesn’t want us to come to him.

BERTRAND: Jesus said the greatest gift that man can give is to lay down his life for a friend. I know the names of those gentlemen. It is easier for me to refer to them by name from _______’s memory. ________ is exhibiting a wonderful love for his friend and is experiencing great pain because of his friend’s deterioration. _________’s reward in heaven will be great for his sacrifice.

STUDENT: Are there any words of comfort that you can give to _______that we might be able to help him to hear?

BERTRAND:  ________ has been a true spirit throughout his long life, a believer, an Agondonter. He has given hope to many, joy to many and love to many. Jesus is with him in his pain, in his suffering. But he should rejoice at the future ahead of him. He will have a new strong body, a morontia form that will serve him well and allow him to, figuratively, soar. I will pray for him.


  • Thought Adjuster Receptivity

STUDENT: Thank you for coming to us. My question is, in the section of The Urantia Book concerning the ]]100:7 The Acme of Religious Living|acme of religious living]], we learn that Jesus enters the human mind to elevate, transform and to transfigure it. My question is, what could I do, maybe all of us, to condition my mind so that it becomes more receptive to my Thought Adjuster? I meditate and pray and I find it difficult, very difficult, maybe just in these times to concentrate. Can you give me some guidance in that area?

BERTRAND: First, it is my pleasure to be here teaching you and I thank you for welcoming me in. It is so very hard for this level of creature to gain control of his mind. The electro-chemical processes are so pervasive that they are indeed hard to quell. Being able to accomplish that in some cases can be a lifelong task. You are proceeding on the right course. Sometimes it may help to be habitual in your [problem with tape recorder] . . .

  • Your electronic marvels confound even me.

Continuing…Sometimes it’s advantageous to set aside a time during the day, a specific time, that you spend in quiet meditation. It is difficult to do long periods at first, so only set a short goal for yourself. Mind picturizations are a help. It’s very difficult sometimes to think of nothing with all there is around. Does that help?

STUDENT: What do you mean by mind picturizations?

BERTRAND: Concentrating on a beautiful view that you recall. A particularly quieting sound, or music. It seems to be different for people what works the best. I suppose some level of experimentation might be able to tell you. But no matter what it is, it’s a process of allowing yourself to step aside and listen, just listen. That is the best I can do for right now.


  • Reincarnation

STUDENT: In discussing The Urantia Book with several of my friends, they displayed great interest until we got to the point where they started to bring up a belief in past lives and they felt that they had actually experienced and had experiences from a previous existence or past life. And when they came across the statements in The Urantia Book that this is the first life, an immediate wall came up from their viewpoint of wanting to take a look at anything else. Could you suggest a way  to discuss the differences of the two viewpoints so someone else could experience that easily.

BERTRAND: Absolutely. I would refer you to the Thought Adjuster papers. Specifically, the areas that deal with experienced Adjusters. It is quite possible that through the Adjuster’s knowledge of all of eternity that some picturizations of past Adjuster experience may occur. There’s also a possibility of genetic memory. I’m not familiar enough with it to be able to explain it. But I could learn more if you wish.

STUDENT: Please do. My wanting to learn about this is one of these individuals has actually talked about death that they experienced during the of history on this planet, clear back to another death experience they will recall during the 1300’s. These experiences are very vivid and real to them. And if this be a genetic memory I would definitely like to know more about that.

BERTRAND: Those instances….I’m sorry, I will speak more at another time.

  • Should Children Be Told of This Mission?

STUDENT: Bertrand. How will this Teaching Mission effect our children and how much should we tell them about it?

BERTRAND: That is a question of a sensitive mother. You are aware, to a degree, of the spiritual level of your children. If it makes you uncomfortable, the thought of them learning of this process that you most graciously allow in your home, share what you are comfortable with or nothing at all for now.

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