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CDM5- Reality

Corona Del Mar #5

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reality
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Supreme
 3.2.2 Dimensions
 3.2.3 Spacetime
 3.2.4 Reality
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Pedagogy
 3.3.2 Destiny
 3.3.3 the Absolutes
 3.3.4 Mansion Worlds
 3.3.5 Understanding
 3.3.6 Healing, Memory
 3.3.7 Bible
 3.3.8 Urantia Book
 3.3.9 AIDS

Topic: Reality
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand
TR: Unknown

The presence of God surrounds us
The power of God protects us
The love of God enfolds us
Wherever we are He is.

BERTRAND: I am Bertrand. I am your teacher. Good evening to you all. It is a joyous thing for me to be with you once again. I have missed your company although I have traveled with you from time to time during this past week. I have also spent many hours in preparation for coming events. Tonight’s lesson on the Universe Levels of Reality begins with a discussion of the meaning of the Absolutes.

In the long off future of the evolution of the Master Universe, the Absolutes will find ultimate completion. They are the experiential, existential deities who are evolving now along with God the Supreme. The completion of evolution begins from the center and carries on to the outermost reaches of the outer space levels. As the Supreme begins to become complete, the evolving mortals will begin to have the same relationship to the Supreme that the Paradise Creator Sons have to the Universal Father.


  • Reality Contains More Than Just Ascension Plans

You children of time will evolve to become to the outer space levels similar to the function of the Creator Sons to the Grand Universe. Universe reality as viewed from Urantia is very close to being one dimensional. Reality viewed from Paradise is multi-dimensional. There are enormous happenings in the universe that are outside of the ascension plan. The ascension plan being one of several different realities existing. Until you reach the mansion worlds, you will be unaware of those other realities. They are beyond mortal comprehension. Universe reality as viewed with regard to the ascension career, also has many aspects. You may view reality existence from your world, from your daily life, from the happenings going on around you, but things are not always as they seem.


  • In Reality All Things Work For The Good

You know well the term “all things work for the good”[1]. When life is viewed from Urantia, sometimes it’s very difficult to see the good that could possibly come out of the missteps of others or the accidents of time. But from the universe viewpoint of reality, all such occurrences do indeed work for the good. And from a long term viewpoint, you will see that is so. The reality of the infinite is very difficult to comprehend when you exist in the reality of the finite. To understand reality that has no beginning and no end from the point of a being who conceives of both beginnings and endings is truly difficult, though not impossible. Through the efforts of your Thought Adjuster and of your personality, you are able to enter that timeless space where the eternal future can become a reality. Because you have a birth, the eternal past is much harder of comprehension.


  • Reality Viewed From Paradise is Awaiting Supreme Completion

Reality from Paradise, which exists apart from time and space, views the unfolding universes with great excitement. The Paradise Citizens and Havona Natives are all waiting and watching the evolution of the Supreme, and for the eventual culmination in universal Light and Life in the Grand Universe. The Absolutes must await their evolution in the post-Supreme Being Age. The Absolute Trinity will be finalized as the outer space levels reach their finality.



  • Why Attempt This Difficult Lesson?

STUDENT: Hi, Bertrand. We’re laughing because it was hard!!!

STUDENT: If James has problems transmitting, think of our little minds trying to absorb it.

STUDENT: Hi. I read pretty much of the paper in The Urantia Book, and enjoyed it, actually a lot. It was very difficult, it stretched my brain like a rubber band. I guess what I don’t quite understand, well okay, I know I’m floundering around here. This appears to me to be a part of the Nebadon teaching regime wherein you teach from the highest concept instead of starting at ground zero and working up.[2] You’ve given us the hardest thing and maybe we’ll work backward from it. Is that somewhat true?

  • We Test To See Who Understands What

BERTRAND: Partly true. There were numerous reasons that Prince Machiventa chose this lesson to bring forth this evening. One was, yes indeed, that is the Nebadon teaching system, starting with the more complex issues and working to the simpler. Second, it is important for us to gauge the level from which each of you comprehend teachings. I guess you could describe it as being a little test. But, do not be concerned whether your conscious mind realizes it or not, your super-conscious mind understood the lesson, all of you.

STUDENT: When I read the paper, the part that I was able to relate to the most was the fact that God will never be all done and that our comprehension of Him will never be final. Both of those realities were exciting, to realize that we would never get to the end of God and we would never get to a complete knowledge of Him, and He would never get to the end of Himself–in words of modern America, He’d never be “all done”. I liked that and in terms of the Absolutes. I don’t quite know how that relates to our daily lives at all.

BERTRAND: Quite frankly, it doesn’t. It is an aspect of cosmology that you will learn as you proceed. Some of it is speculation on the part of the Melchizedek teachers as to the eventual evolution of the Master Universe, but the speculation is founded on long studied fact and truth. Sometimes it’s important to, as you say, “stretch your mind”, and thus by stretching you also increase the capacity to bring in new information.

As you hear the concepts that are difficult to understand, and as you are taught those concepts that are more basic, they will fill in the missing areas in your comprehension and the reality and clearness of the difficult concepts become understood. The Melchizedek Schools have been initiated here on the planet through the teaching classes and there’s no reason for us to withhold teachings to individuals who are ready to learn higher concepts. . . .

STUDENT: I would imagine in most of the teaching groups that between individuals there are probably different levels of understanding. I sometimes feel like my mind is pretty simple and is not able to understand pretty heavy duty concepts. I don’t know how well you teachers know all of us when you’re presenting these lessons to us. You mentioned that this is kind of a test. How do you determine how involved the lessons will be, say if I’m not able to comprehend something. . . ?

BERTRAND: Prince Machiventa prepares the lessons in such a way as there are many levels of comprehension to the lesson. And while for some, the lesson may sound difficult, and easy to others, within the lesson itself there will be truths that all will comprehend. Sometimes, the lessons are designed to, again, stretch your mind, in preparation for perhaps other lessons that may come in the future. As through your teaching systems here, you began with the simpler and build building blocks to the future. In essence we are doing the same, although we are building blocks for increased spiritual comprehension. Does that help?


STUDENT: Yes, thank you. I guess the thing that stood out mostly in the lesson for me tonight, correct me if I’m misunderstanding this, is that we as finaliters are going to become to the Outer Space Levels what the Creator Sons are to the Grand Universe. That sounds pretty awesome!

BERTRAND: That is true. We will be to the Supreme, we, yes “we”, for I am an ascender just as you. We will all be to the Supreme as the Creator Sons are to the Father. Yes.

STUDENT: Does that mean that we’ll have some kind of creative ability then?

BERTRAND: It would only be speculation to say “yes”. There’s no experience yet of that in the universe and we will have to await the finality of the Supreme Being, but that is possible.

STUDENT: At the beginning of the lesson, you said something that was kind of intriguing to me. It was that you’d been pretty busy with working on current events regarding the Teaching Mission. Would you like to elaborate on that at all?

BERTRAND: I would love to elaborate on it, unfortunately, I am not permitted to. . . . .
the Absolutes

STUDENT: . . . I had a couple questions. One I think was answered by you already, but I’m going to take the first here. I know there are two absolutes, Qualified and Unqualified. And they’re coordinated and unified by the Universal Absolute. I’m not sure I fully understand the Universal Absolute and its function in unifying the dynamic infinity of total deity and the static infinity…

BERTRAND: I take your question with a slight grain of salt. The Universal Absolute is the coordinator of the Qualified and Unqualified Absolute, as well as the Deity Absolute, the three functions. This coordination is different than what you would call a trinity. The trinity would be the function of the three Absolutes, the Universal Absolute is the over-control–he will unify those three functions. I’m having a difficult time transmitting more of that concept through James. It is one that I also have my own difficulty in comprehending, for I am certainly not far above you. . . . .

Mansion Worlds

  • Do We Have Better Understanding of Reality Beyond Urantia?

STUDENT: And that’s what really led to my other question which was as we reach the mansion worlds, is there an expanded cosmic consciousness where concepts such as these, are easier to assimilate?

BERTRAND: Absolutely. Look forward to it! Your mind will have much broader function, much better comprehension. You will be aided by mota which you do not have now. And that will be the difference between comprehending some of these concepts and having them pass, shall we say, over your head. Mota is the key to understanding many of these very difficult concepts. . . . .


  • Why Teach What Can Not Be Retained?

STUDENT: . . . . Having read that particular paper, I found it difficult to retain much of the information. I felt that maybe in a week or two I will have forgotten most of the concepts that I have learned and that’s why I wonder what particular value would that be to us at this particular state. I think you’ve answered that though.

BERTRAND: Yes. Again, what it does is, it helps to increase your capacity for learning these difficult cosmological questions. I am grateful, myself, for the assistance of Machiventa Melchizedek in the lesson plan. It would be very difficult for me personally, to be able to create a lesson that addressed those issues. They are certainly things that will be discussed, in depth, in the more advanced Melchizedek schools.

Thought Adjuster, along with your super-conscious, worked with that to help you to gain a more cosmic perspective. Specific facts, are only facts, truths are alive and living and what you take of the knowledge of The Urantia Book and translate it into your life is what is truly important. Does that answer your question or help?

  • [Do Teachers Have Student Profiles?]6/30/92

STUDENT: Bertrand, prior to coming to our group, were you told a little bit about each of us? How well do you know us? I guess I’ve got a lot of questions that relate to the same thing. Are you getting to know us only in this group or are you pretty active in coming around and checking up on us and finding out how we’re functioning during the week?

BERTRAND: I visit you all during the week. I am interested in your spiritual progress. I am interested in your earthly affairs. I am concerned for your welfare and I look upon you as my friends. It is a natural occurrence for one to share and spend time with one’s friends. So I do so when I am not involved in meetings, discussions, and plans for our future.

STUDENT: Bertrand, the first . . . question was not answered about what kind of research did you do on us before your became our teacher.

BERTRAND: I’m sorry, I did miss that. Once the request was made, I did transmit my intent to teach this group through the TR, which he heard. And I was able to also know the individuals that would begin this group. At that point, I was assigned by Father Ham to begin to gauge the spiritual level and the intellectual level of my students. And I began to help Prince Machiventa create the course outline that will eventually be used with this group.

Healing, Memory

  • [How Does Mental Illness Get Healed on the Mansion Worlds?]6/30/92

STUDENT: . . . . My question is that my dad had . . . a history of mental illness [stemming from the war (Vietnam?) and my question is how when he graduated to the mansion worlds…how does this [get healed or overcome?]

BERTRAND: I’m aware of that. The difficulties that your father experienced were due to the acts primarily of others, and his inability to reconcile those with his higher spiritual concepts. Your father viewed all men as his brothers and to be witness and to be involved in such an event, with his strong beliefs, put a stress upon his mind that made it difficult for him to balance what had occurred with what he believed. You know how difficult it is, personally, when you say something that you wish you hadn’t said, but you have absolutely no way of withdrawing those words.

That creates an imbalance in your mind. His imbalance, created by his incident, was of the same sort, but far greater. This was not of his own doing. This will be corrected. What he is unable to forget in his mortal life, he will forget in time, in his ascension career. Yes, this type of an occurrence within a human mind leaves a lasting mark. He will be treated with great love and affection for the burden that he has carried all these years and he will be rewarded for his enduring such pain. Please feel at ease, he is under great love and great care to help erase these memories. Have I helped you?

STUDENT: Oh! Yes. Thank you very much. You’ve helped a lot.

BERTRAND: Do you have further questions of me this evening?


  • Bertrand’s Date For The Biblical Exodus

STUDENT: A question I had asked you two weeks ago, or last week, regarding Moses. Is there any answer as to the time of the Exodus and his birth?

BERTRAND: Approximately, 1327 BC. his birth was, from your time, April 27th. The Exodus occurred approximately 45 years after

Urantia Book

  • Is The URANTIA Book on File On The Mansion Worlds?

STUDENT: Okay. This is something I’ve wanted to know for a long time. When we get to the mansion worlds, will we be able to access The Urantia Book?

BERTRAND: Yes. We have the record there.

STUDENT: So, we can go to sort of a library and read it?

BERTRAND: It is a wonderful document. It is the life of Jesus. We learn much from it. We learn much about cosmology also. It is a great document.

STUDENT: How about the Concordex?



  • The Problem of AIDS

STUDENT: Bertrand, there is another question I have, which we also discussed the other evening which you might be aware of, and that has to do with this all pervasive disease that has hit this planet, called AIDS. One out of 250 people we are told have this HIV virus. Can you tell us, why at this stage of our development that this disease has come upon us? Does it have something to do with Caligastia or not?

BERTRAND: This disease was a legacy left behind by the nefarious Caligastia and Daligastia prior to their dissolution. They are no more. Unfortunately, they have left behind on the planet a hideous disease that our Life Carriers are working diligently to resolve. Caligastia was a brilliant mind. The disease is incredibly complex and is not easily solved. Our Life Carriers have unlocked the key now to the AIDS virus, but it will take some time for that information to be transmitted to those who are able to humanly produce a cure.

There are several other viruses that he also left behind. Those are also known, and those cures are near at hand. Hopefully, in the near future, more news on those cures will be available. It is difficult for me to even speak those names because of their inability to accept mercy, their unwillingness to embrace our Creator Son Michael and our Universal Father, to see within this Grand Universe the beauty of their outworkings.

I feel handicapped in my ability to help with this serious issue and it pains me to see such large numbers of believing, wonderful human beings to be robbed of their possibilities of contributing to the Supreme on this planet.

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