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CDM6- English As World Language

1992-07-08-English As World Language, Admin. Center For TM
Corona Del Mar #6

• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: English As World Language
o 1.2 Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Bertrand
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Materialization
 3.1.2 Teaching Mission
 3.1.3 Urantia Book
 3.1.4 Materialization
 3.1.5 Thought Adjusters
 3.1.6 Service
 3.1.7 Seraphic Transport
 3.1.8 Finaliters
 3.1.9 Urantia Book
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: English As World Language
Group: Corona Del Mar TeaM
Teacher: Bertrand
TR: Unknown

Student: Just out of curiosity, every time we start our meeting, the dog acts up. Do animals sense your arrival at all?

BERTRAND: It is possible, but I have been here for some time, so it may be just coincidental.

STUDENT: ——, our daughter, tonight, when I told her that we were having our Urantia meeting, asked me if the Melchizedeks were here yet. She overheard the Ham tape on which a document was read stating that the Melchizedeks would be coming and setting up schools, and that everyone would know when they had arrived. And her statement to me was: “I don’t know yet Mama, so are they here?” And, I’m just curious, is it true that everyone will know when they arrive or can you let me know a little bit about that?

BERTRAND:  If the Melchizedeks were to choose to manifest themselves materially, their presence would be known. They would certainly make their presence known. We are not privy to all the decisions that are made at that high level. Many times, we see them–the outworking of those decisions–just the same as you would. I am just a teacher. There are currently three Melchizedeks in residence.

Machiventa is involved with the Teaching Mission. The other two Melchizedeks are involved in other matters. They are not physical in their appearance, and from my understanding there is no immediate plan for that to occur. But, again, let me tell you that changes in their activities can come without our knowledge. We will know, when you know. Does that answer your question?
Teaching Mission

STUDENT: Bertrand, in the Ham tape that we listened to on our way home from Yosemite yesterday, somebody asked the question about something they heard on the radio. And that was other people reporting that teachers had come to them. Well is it possible for teachers to come to people on Urantia that are not part of your mission, to other groups, or are you the only teaching corps, the only real one?

Because the answer Ham gave sounded like, now that the circuits were open, there could be lots of different things happening. What I’m asking I guess the most is, does your teaching mission coordinate all the contacts, or could they be independent of your mission?

BERTRAND: As the process has progressed with the Teaching Mission, we are attempting to initiate contact with a myriad of individuals throughout the world. It is definitely a possibility that those individuals have been contacted by the Teaching Mission. As I believe Ham has mentioned earlier, we are attempting to establish teaching groups, like this, both within the students of The Urantia Book, and without.

With the establishment of the circuits… being reestablished rather, many other possibilities have arisen. It would be difficult for me to comment individually on those events, but just to mention that it is possible. We are attempting to establish teaching groups worldwide, this is a worldwide mission. So it would not be unusual for those occurrences to be happening. It is definitely within the teaching plan.

STUDENT: Well for instance, apparently in Sedona there is a person who claims that they are a transmitter-receiver for Gabriel. I guess the core of my question is are all these instances authentic and is there some kind of coordination by Ham or somebody of all these various ones or are there a lot individual missions?

BERTRAND: Yes, indeed, these are coordinated. All contacts are under strict coordination. The only way for you, as a mortal, to determine whether or not one of these contacts is as you say “for real”, is to judge it by its fruits and your own faith and your own knowledge of what truth is. At this time, Gabriel is not transmitting through any individual on this planet. It would require his presence; he is the chief administrator of our universe; it would not be within his realm of activity to do so.

Urantia Book

STUDENT: Bertrand, along the same lines. When you say that there’s basically a lot going on, there’s so many different kinds of churches on Urantia right now. Some are very fundamental; some new age; and some that I guess are very traditional–humanist types. How important, I’m not even sure if that’s the right word is the knowledge that The Urantia Book provides us with? Are all of these churches, at some point down the road, going to zero in and eventually work themselves towards the things that The Urantia Book has taught us? In other words, will all these churches somehow become more open-minded? Right now, we can say very little about The Urantia Book to many of our friends and I guess is what I’m saying, how important is the knowledge in The Urantia Book?

BERTRAND: The Urantia Book is our text book. It contains the information for us to teach from, for you to learn from and to give us guidance. It is the one best source for the life and teachings of Jesus. It helps this planet to know him as best as you possibly can through a written word, of who he really is.

Understand, evolutionary religions which comprise most of the religions on the planet, are comprised of individuals who believe in a certain way. As the power of the opening of the circuits continues to manifest itself; as the spiritual awakening of the planet continues; the individuals within these churches will begin to be drawn to seek new truths. It may take some time, but we are beginning to see this occur even now. And as it occurs, the people, the mortals within the church, within the churches themselves, will begin to ask for changes.

They will begin to ask the questions that The Urantia Book has answers for. Their own truth seeking will lead them in that direction. As their communion with their Thought Adjuster improves, their knowledge quest will be broadened and The Urantia Book will be the answer to what they are seeking. We will be ready for that eventuality.

Most of this comment concerns the existing Christian religion. We must also be aware that there are large numbers of mortals on this planet who exist outside of the Christian religion. We are but a minority. But, they all have one God. They all believe in the spirit within and they will all be led in this direction.

STUDENT: Bertrand, several weeks ago, Rayson had mentioned to their study group that Michael’s birthday would be a special celebration, August 21st. Can you tell our study group about that? We heard that Gabriel’s presence might be felt and it would be a very special time.

BERTRAND: At this time, we still believe, through Machiventa Melchizedek, that Gabriel will be present at each of the celebrations and Remembrance Suppers on Jesus’ birthday, 21 August. More than that I cannot say at this time.


STUDENT: I wanted to ask you, about something that is kind of a funny peculiar thing. I wanted to ask you about Sonarington Corporation. In the early Ham transcripts it was mentioned as a place, possibly, where Christ Michael would reside when he came to the planet. We’ve now sort of heard that it would maybe be an administrative center and that Abraham had told someone in Utah that it would be a good idea. Do you know anything about it that might clarify the whole issue for us?

BERTRAND: It has been discussed that at some point in the future an earth headquarters for the dissemination of knowledge of the teaching regime may be necessary, more or less an administrative center. At this time, it is not seem to be necessary and there are no current plans to make it a reality in the near future. But, yes indeed, it is in the plan and it has been discussed several times. . . . .

STUDENT: Bertrand, are you able to give us messages from our Thought Adjusters at all?

BERTRAND: I’ll have to receive permission to do so. I will ask.

STUDENT: Could you also ask if it’s permissible for that to occur in a meeting setting?

BERTRAND: I will receive instruction on that. Yes.
Thought Adjusters

STUDENT: In some of the other teaching groups, do a lot of other mortals feel somewhat frustrated at not being able to be in better contact with their Thought Adjusters?

BERTRAND:  A simple answer of “yes” really is not sufficient. Once you become aware of the indwelling Adjuster, and you become aware of his presence within you, it is very natural for you to have a desire to begin communication. It is also natural for you to feel frustrated when that is not readily visible, readily discernible to your conscious mind. But, the desire is what is important. If you desire and if you continually put yourself in the place where you are quiet, contemplative and listening–the more you practice–the better your ear will be to hearing his words.

We are so electro-chemically bound in our material bodies that it is very difficult for the Thought Adjuster to break through that barrier, but it can be done. With the passing of time and the addition of practice, you will accomplish this. It will happen. It may begin as just a whisper or a slight breeze across your face, but eventually you will hear the beautiful sound of your Adjuster calling you Godward, leading you in the footsteps of the Father’s will. . . . .


STUDENT: Bertrand, a couple of weeks ago you had mentioned that your specialty had something to do with the future mission of this group. . . . Somehow it came out that we each had individual missions. Can you tell us, does our group have a group mission and then we have individual missions also, or do we each just have individual missions? When you’re finished with that I’ll ask another question.

BERTRAND: There is an overall group mission. That mission is to slowly expand, to bring this knowledge of this teaching regime, the presence of Prince Machiventa, the light of truth to the planet. All teaching groups have this overall mission. Within each teaching group, each individual participant, student, will discover their own mission, what they personally can do to further this light of truth. That will come in time. Be patient, as we work together, as we become friends, as we worship our Father, all things will become known.

STUDENT: Well, no…you said to be patient, so I guess I’ll be patient with my other question.

BERTRAND: Continue to seek the guidance of your Thought Adjuster. He knows today, right now. But, we are working here in the realm of freewill choice, and as you well know, we are forbidden to be involved in your freewill choice. It must be made on your own.

STUDENT: I have two questions. One, —— asked earlier, about Abraham having been a mortal of this planet. We have some confusion about how he’s able to come back to this planet. And I was wondering if you could clarify that for us.

BERTRAND: Abraham has received special permission to do this.

STUDENT: Okay. Is the adjudication a dispensational event?

BERTRAND: It was, yes. [TAPE ENDS] Your mechanical devices amuse me. . . . .

BERTRAND: The Midwayer creatures are much better at recording.

STUDENT: They are? Oh! Yeah! I’m sure they are!!

Seraphic Transport

STUDENT: I wonder if there are any other transport areas on the planet or is the Mariposa Grove the only one?

BERTRAND:  The Mariposa Grove is our main point of departure. Seraphic transports can actually depart from anywhere, but it requires additional Power Directors in order to accomplish that feat. From an energy standpoint, the Mariposa Grove is just about ideal. So if it is possible to do so, that is where they leave. . . . .


STUDENT: And, just tell me if I’m sort of moving on the right track. It was a complicated concept, but I was trying to conjure up but, we learned last week that in the outer space levels the Finaliters would have a similar function to the Creator Son in the Supreme’s master universe, if I can remember the second half of my realization here…

BERTRAND: I believe what you refer to that the Creator Sons are to the Heavenly Father as Finaliters will be to the Supreme?

STUDENT: That must have felt wild Bertrand!!

BERTRAND: An odd experience!!

STUDENT: Bertrand, from listening to one of the recent Ham tapes, there was a mention of some kind of a children’s program being put together. Now, is that something that is just being put together for that group back there, or will there be some kind of a children’s program out here that will be available to our children?

BERTRAND: The teaching group felt that it was important to establish ourselves in the adult population first. Although it may appear that the children are coming secondarily, let me emphasize that their growth, their spiritual progress is equally important as yours. The plan was from the beginning, to include them in this Teaching Mission.

The group in Woods Cross that is preparing a children’s teaching regime, will be made available if it is to our level of standards to all of the teaching groups around the world. The little ones are quite precious to us indeed, and if we can assist them in their spiritual growth, by the time they are your age, just imagine how they will be. Do you have further questions?

Urantia Book

STUDENT: Yeah. I’ve got one Bertrand. . . . There seems to be a lot of emphasis upon The Urantia Book–developing The Urantia Book in a number of languages throughout the world. Should we be placing a great significance upon translating the book into different languages when the book talks about a common tongue, and I imagine it would be English. With that in mind, should we be…

BERTRAND: I think I understand your question. The Midwayer Commission that worked for the production of The Urantia Book, planned for it to be disseminated in as many languages as possible. Yes, English will most probably become the universal language of Urantia. But that time is still off in the distance. How sad it would be to deprive much of the planet’s human inhabitants of this marvelous work just because they cannot speak English. So, yes to your question.

It would be wonderful to have it translated into as many languages as possible. Should an individual wish to read it in the original language, they certainly can do so. But the Midwayers are working with those who work on translations to make sure that they are as accurate as possible. There is no conscious working of those individuals with the Midwayers, but they are there nonetheless, and making sure that it progresses properly.


BERTRAND: I wish to make a few comments or observations before I leave this evening. I dearly enjoy and love each of you. Your personalities are wonderful to behold, your spirits are growing, your light is shining. It is a joy for me to be in association with you. As we progress in this teaching group, your questions will begin to be more spiritually oriented. Please do not fear asking any question.

As I have said in the past–all questions will be asked, but perhaps, not all answered. As you prepare for next week’s lesson, consider the spiritual growth that will be obtained by having fuller understanding of the Paradise Trinity. Listen to your Adjuster, pray for his guidance, and remember that he dearly loves you. And with that I will bid you farewell for this evening.

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