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CNF3- Conference: Spokane #3 – Love & Faith (’94)

1994-07-13 Conference: Spokane #3 – Love & Faith (’94)
Spokane Conference #3



• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Love & Faith
o 1.2 Group: Spokane Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Aaron, Andason, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
 3.3.1 Teaching Mission, Correcting Time
o 3.4 Dialogue
 3.4.1 Dissemination, Ideology
 3.4.2 Demonstration
 3.4.3 Timing, Plans
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Love & Faith
Group: Spokane Conference
Teacher: Elyon, Aaron, Andason, Machiventa
TR: Unknown


Hi everyone, Transcripts are done and in the mail from the Universal Gathering of the Teaching Mission. If you went to it you will get a copy. If you didn’t and would like one, they cost us $5.45 to print and mail. But I got the idea that I can also post a session each week for a while right here on the board. So I will start this time with the Pre conference barbecue session. Enjoy. (My import-text contracted some words. Hope I caught them all).
On Wednesday, July 13, a gathering occurred of some of the early arrivals to the conference. People from Pennsylvania, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington were present. A TR session was held, most of which is included here.]


ELYON:  Greetings to you all. I am Elyon, and I assure you that our connection will be strong and clear. Your opportunities for contact will be great. Naturally I have much to say. However, I have a fair number of my associates present and would be pleased to allow their efforts to come forward. Our blessings are with you, and we will be cooperating often. Thank you.

AARON:  I am Aaron, and I am glad to have this opportunity to say hello to you all. It is an opportunity for sharing that does not come about often to this level. Keep up the thought, keep the focus, know what it is all about. It is about God; it is about love and the sharing of this energy. No matter how you decide to do this, it will be complete and satisfying to the individual so long as you are centered on this sincerity, this love. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak. My friend is bolder than I give credit for. Know that as you all put your thoughts, yourself, aside and realize what you can offer to the other person and what they gain from your sharing selflessly, then you will be free from anxiety and worry. This is thought provoking when you offer insight. Feel free to share from the store that you have built. Everyone is looking for it. I will pass. Thank you.

ANDASON:  Hello, dear friends. My name is Andason, and I am very pleased to be with you tonight. It is quite a gathering that we have collected ourselves here with. It is our pleasure to let you know that we love you all very much. We want you to know that the things that are important to you are the things that are important to the Father, and He knows that it is our wish to do the will of the Father. That is why we are here, to show you how to do it. We are your assistants. We have volunteered to come here to show you how to better do the will of the Father, and this is a very simple process. It only entails that you love. That is the only technique that we are truly interested in. Love will solve all the problems that confront you. There are no other techniques that you can use that will be as effective in solving the problems that confront you and your fellows. Everything else will fall short.

Teaching Mission, Correcting Time

ANDASON:  The knowledge that you have gained through your life of study will always be debated, will always stand to be updated and revised. You will find that your knowledge will not always serve you. It is a useful tool, and we ask you to employ it and to use it wisely, but we ask you to look for other techniques. You will find that love combined with faith are effective tools. You will find there is nothing else that you will need. Your love and your faith will take care of everything. There will be times when you will not know the answers; you will not know what the end is, and it may concern you. But we tell you now that this is not important that you know what the end is. The only thing that is important is what is happening in front of you right now. If you can learn to handle the present with love, you need not know how to do anything else. This is the first thing that we want you to know.

The mission is here, and we are engaged in correcting the planet, and the technique we are using is love. Those who might serve with us, those who would wish to be a part of this process, must only know that the only thing required of them is their love. We know that you are all capable of this. We have watched you all, and we know that you all desire and wish for love yourselves, just as we do. We have all received love and assistance and guidance, and this is why we are here, to return the favor. We have all volunteered for this assignment, and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to be of assistance to the Father. We want you to know that we are here to assist you in any way that we can, that you can count on us. There is nothing that can stop us.

(Much laughter, as the transmitter has been speaking very loudly to be heard over the noise of a weed-whacker in the next-door yard.)

Many of you have traveled a very long way to hear our messages, and we are very pleased at that. We have a wonderful plan to implement, and you will all be thrilled to the core to be part of this, we guarantee you this. We would have you know that the things that we ask of you are the things that you truly want to do. They are the things that will lead to your own self progression. They are the things that will bring joy to your hearts and pride in eternity. You will always look back at your time on this planet and realize that you pitched in when the going was tough. There will be many opportunities for each of you to exercise your faith and your will, and we look forward to being there at your side when these occurrences arise. If you request us we are there. This is assured. We are informing you that the mission is in full gear right now, and we are proceeding ahead.

We have spent a lot of time working out the problems and the techniques and how we would go about this, but they have all been done. So, we find ourselves in the position to take the next step, to shift into the next gear, and that is why this is occurring. We are gathering our numbers. We are performing the roll call. We are letting you know that assignments are on the table, and anyone who wishes to participate is welcome and invited and encouraged to let us know, to look within, to commune with their Father, to make the commitment internally.

That is all that is required, and we will take it from there. The requirements are not very stringent. The work load will not be overbearing. You will not be asked to do things that you cannot do. You will be asked to do things that will be a pleasure to do, and you will find that the more you perform. The more tasks you complete, the more ready you will be for the next one, the more prepared you will be, the more effective you will become. It is a matter of practice. We want you to practice. We want you to discover what your talents are, what your abilities are, where you may be of assistance, and then to practice, become adept at it so that when you find yourself in the occasion where you would be of service, you can do so effectively. You will be able to perform in a manner that would get the job done.

It is important that we all have full awareness of the fact that something definitely is occurring. This will become more apparent day by day as you watch other groups around you feeling the same stirring that you are feeling inside. When you see the friends and relatives having longings that are the same as the longings that you have, you will have no other conclusion than something is going on. And this is true. We are here to bring this planet back into the fold. The time of darkness is over; the time of light is beginning. We ask you to help us in this endeavor. We know that you will all gain tremendously from your efforts as we will and as our fellow brothers and sisters will. You will discover that there is nothing simpler, nothing more pleasurable, nothing more joyful than working with the Father, because His love is our destiny. He is our hope; He is our dream. We are happy to do the things that He wishes, and we know that you all are the same.

We would have you know that in a sense this is a rally cry, that this is a roll call, that we are saying, “All who will, may. All who want to, shall.” It is not just for us, this is for the whole world. We want everyone who could be of assistance to have full opportunity to have complete understanding of what is taking place here so that they also have the joys and the opportunities to participate in this enormous endeavor. It is a privilege that we are being offered and that we offer you and that we ask you to offer your fellows.

Do not worry that they may not understand the message or that they may not accept it or that they may think that you’ve gone nuts. They will understand. Plant the seed. The first time they may reject it. The second time they hear it they will listen, so take that step. Be courageous. Be bold. Do things in a way that you have not done them in the past. Let the people know that something is going on and that they are invited and that they are welcome and that they are encouraged to join, so that when it is all over, they also will have the satisfaction that you will have, so that they also can look back and say, “I did my bit.”

You will find that as more join the ranks, things happen faster and faster. Things that now seem distant will come within grasp very shortly. We are surprised, ourselves, at how fast things have progressed. We have had to update our schedules and our plans to keep with you. You are all very inspiring, and you keep us on the go, I’ll let you know. It is true, we are surprised, and we are very pleased that this has occurred, and we look forward to more of this. We expect it. We are convinced that our job is going to be much easier than we ever imagined that it would be when we initially volunteered for this assignment. It is because of you and the demonstrations of love and willingness to serve that has led us to this new conclusion.

We would have you know how pleased we are and how much we truly love you, and that we are reaching down for you just as you should reach down for your fellows who have not yet seen the light, and together we will all march toward the Father and embrace His love and know that eternity is our destiny. It is no small thing to change the course of a world, and so we ask you to take this seriously. We ask you to understand that this job that is being offered to you is a big job, that it will require effort, but you will find that there is no nobler effort available. You will find that the opportunities that are being placed before you are the opportunities that untold countless beings wished that they had.

We want you to know that this job is also a happy job. It is a job that you will enjoy. It is not a job where you are going to wake up in the morning and wish you didn’t have to get out of bed. It’s going to be the job that (you wish) you didn’t have to go to bed in the first place for. It is important that we all understand that this is a big and important job, but it is also a job that we all love, and we all will be more than happy to participate in. We would pause for questions.

Dissemination, Ideology

Frosty: With fundamental Christians who are so into the devil and evil and the rigidity of it, I feel like I’m against the wall. I don’t even know how to deal with it. I don’t know how to come across with a gentle heart and love. How do you explain the adjudication to someone like that?

ANDASON:  Yes, this is a problem we are all going to be faced with time and time again, so we do have some advice for you. We think that it is not necessary that you attempt to change belief systems. There are many people who are entrenched in their belief systems, and they will never be persuaded out of them. Once again, we get back to the technique of love. Allow these people a sounding board, allow them to expose their ideas, and for you to be a smiling face, a receptor for their beliefs, and return their gestures with love, because there is no way to change their ideas with knowledge as a tool. It will not be effective.

We would hope that the people that you encounter with their strong belief systems will not feel like the things they believe to be true are challenged. We would like them to believe that they are accepted in the brotherhood of God. So, we ask you to be accepting of other people no matter what their beliefs and to love them as a brother and a sister even though their beliefs are not the same as yours. You will find that when their souls have been touched by your love, that will be way more effective than any knowledge you could have imparted to them. It will require patience because everyone is burning to demonstrate what they know. We ask that you take one step back from your knowledge at this point and do not rely on it so much.

The books that you read supply your minds with mountains of knowledge, and this is a very good thing, but this is not the important thing. The important thing is that everyone understands that God loves them even if they have not arrived at this conclusion through their own belief system. That is what we are here for, to show them the love of the Father, and the things that they believe that are not necessarily so will fall by the wayside on their own. This is not our concern. And do not debate. We think the time for debate probably should be put behind us at this point. We should be confirming. We should be looking for opportunities to demonstrate the love and not for opportunities to demonstrate knowledge.


Michael Goodwin: You speak of great changes through the mechanism of love. Yet, does not everyone have this mechanism already in place in their hearts? How do you wish to see, wish to express, to relate to our perceptions the trust, the particular kind of changes there are within your power to initiate in cooperation with our beings?

ANDASON:  A simple answer would be to emulate Christ Michael’s life. He never hesitated to smile, to tell another to be of good cheer. Yes, there are many who understand love and are looking for avenues of expression and haven’t yet found them. But, unfortunately there are also many who have not seen this love, who are not so convinced that it exists, and we want them to know that indeed it is true, that the Father does love them. We think that you will be able to recognize these individuals when you come across them. You will become better and better at being a revelation of the love of the Father.

After awhile you will become experts, and you will find it the simplest thing to do, to be that smiling face that they needed to see, to be that listening ear that they needed to speak to, to be that hand that reached down for them to grab. You will find that these are the techniques that will be the successful ones. You do not have to get into philosophical discussions about love; you openly have to demonstrate it, and they will know. It is not a difficult thing. Your efforts are all welcome, and we will work to guide your efforts to be more productive so that they are simpler, so that they hit the target better. This is a matter of practice, a matter of time, a matter of desire on your behalf. You will see that what is needed is actually quite simple.

Michael: You speak of our loving the work. I assume this means finding an expression of action which blends, synthesizes, is integrated with your heart’s wish to spread love. Can you illuminate this situation? I’m sure there is a lot of unclarity and uncertainty in this area.

ANDASON:  You will find that the assignments that you volunteer for will be the assignments that employ your characteristics and personality traits to the fullest. You will, in time, be required to take steps of faith, leaps of faith, that will result in growth in all respects; in your mind and in your soul and in your ability to demonstrate love. When these occur you will find this to be very pleasant. This is something that you will wish you had more of, something you will look for more and more. You will not want to hold back. You will seek opportunities for service once you realize the joys that are a result of your efforts and the growth.

Timing, Plans

Charles: Could you tell us if we are going to get a structure of the phasing of the next step during this meeting? . .a structure where we are involved and possibly a time sequence?

ANDASON:   Yes, I can. We are now in what we are calling phase one which is the calling to arms, if you will, the beating of the bushes, the bringing of the forces together. We expect this phase to last for 12 to 18 months, when we hope to kick in phase two. Phase two will be geared more towards bringing an understanding to the people of what is desired for this planet. The first step is to make the people aware that a change is occurring. The second step is to tell them what that change will be. Some of you will be more productive in phase one, and some of you will be more productive in phase two.

So, we ask of you to take inventory of your personal talents and think of where you might be most useful. Mike has been employed in phase one because of certain qualities that he possesses, and we are very pleased with his abilities. Not all of you possess these qualities. You possess other qualities that may be useful in other arenas besides recruitment. Nonetheless, we are all to assist each other in the recruitment phase. We can all help in this regard. We can all pitch in even if this is not to be your primary function. So, yes, right now we are concerned with phase one, and phase two will unfold itself as its time becomes more apparent.

Kimo: Having phase one and phase two planned out, do you have phase three, four, etc.?

ANDASON:  : Yes, you can rest assured that we are not entering this lightly.

Kimo: You have reasonable expectations as to what would constitute the completion of phase one and then…?

ANDASON:  : We have projected all the way to light and life.

Allene: Other Urantia Book readers are skeptical of the teaching mission….

ANDASON:  Yes, we know that this is an occurrence, and we understand it. We ask you to be patient with your brothers and sisters who have not seen the light of this mission, that they will in time not be able to doubt it. Just have patience. They will see the fruits of your labors. They will wish these fruits for themselves, too. They will join. Have this faith. Know that those who resist you will be your allies very soon.

Michael: Through our relationships, through our vocations, through our decisions…

ANDASON:  We see the opportunity for you to demonstrate love to be practically in front of you at every second. We do not wish for you to wait for an assignment to demonstrate love. We wish for you to seek these assignments on your own, to discover for yourself how you can be more effective as a demonstration of love. You will find that it is everywhere, and that the more of it that you take upon yourself, the more effective you will become. We ask you not to look for certain circumstances, to wait for a call, to know for certain that this is correct. We ask you to act courageously moment by moment. Judge a situation to see how you may be of use to demonstrate the love of the Father, and you will see that there are ample opportunities for this.

Michael: Changing ourselves is the primary objective, and the world will follow?

ANDASON:  This is true. This is a requirement. To be givers of light you must shine. However, we wish to take it one step further. We are asking you to extend this light, to make it reachable for those who have not witnessed it in the past, so that they have a full understanding of what is available to them. Many people do not have any understanding of what a beautiful life has been planned for mortals from the very beginning. They see their lives in a state of confusion and disarray, and they think that is the natural affair. We want you to know that this is not what the Father had planned or had hoped for His children.

We want you to know that the love of the Father was a gift that was presented to the universe from the very beginning, and He has never withheld it. There have been circumstances that have occurred that have clouded the view of the love of the Father, but this does not mean that it was not there. We want you to be the ones to enlighten those who do not have this concept as yet, so that they know that there is a better way for their lives to be, so that they know that through their faith they will find God themselves, that God is waiting for them.

Michael: We are to extend to the world, project to our fellows a sense of confidence in the existence of spirit in the world?

ANDASON:  you will find that through the exercise of your faith, everything will be answered. You will find that when you use your faith as the guide for your demonstration of love, you will not have to question how to do it. It will be made clear. It is not so very difficult, and you will find that as you practice, it will become simpler and easier to accomplish. So, right now perhaps the important thing is for you to come to grips with your concept of the love of God, to have a firm understanding of what this means so that you can better employ this, so you have a better grip on what you want to share.

You can do this very simply by looking within, by communing with your Adjuster friend. Ask him for the guidance that you need to experience the love of God as a reality in you life, and He will not fail you. He will show you the love that the Father has for all of us. Once you have a firm grip, a complete understanding of what it is that you find so appealing about this love, you will have a clearer idea of what it is the others want to find also. You will find it is possible for you to show it to them. This is what we are asking you to do.

Michael: You mentioned discovering our talents. Is this our journey of self-discovery as to what our propensities are, the nature of our nature, our personality? Who is the keeper of the talent?

ANDASON:  You will discover talents that you never imagined you had. You also know what aspects of your life you enjoy. We ask you to keep in mind when opportunities for you to volunteer arise, when you see a natural propensity of yours being put on the table, to take advantage of this situation. You will discover that you have more potential than you ever imagined. We are not asking you to limit yourself as to what you view as your natural talents, but to take one step further than that to open yourself up to a larger aspect of your personality manifestation.

You will find that you are capable of much more than you ever imagined. But we want these jobs, these assignments that you will be undertaking and volunteering for, to be things that you enjoy doing. There are plenty of people who would enjoy doing a task that may not be suited to you. We will seek those people out. When you see an opportunity, when you see a situation arise, and you know this is something you are good at, we ask you to look within and see if this is something you are willing to undertake. If it is, we ask you to take the step and volunteer.

Michael: Can you amaze us with a verbal visualization of the process by which the spirit of love transformed from its present state as an Adjuster, an associate friend, an angel, through the human mechanism into the earth, into the society?

ANDASON:  Yes. Love is like a circuit. It begins with the Father and emanates out, and we are all transformers, resistors, and conduits, and it flows through us. We receive it, and we outflow it, and it will travel its natural course all the way through you and back to the Father. It is a continuous circuit. It has no beginning and no end, and you can link onto it and be energized by it and become uplifted by it and moved along by it. You will find that this current is what will bring you to the Father.

It is the river that we are rafting on to the Father. This has been very pleasant for all of us. We are very pleased to have had this opportunity, and we see much ahead of us this weekend. We think this will be the primary opportunity at this point in time for the forces to come to a better understanding of what the general plan of attack is here. So, we would have you know that there are great plans, and you will all be entertained and enlightened and uplifted, and you will leave to go back to your homes with a better understanding of what is going on.


MACHIVENTA:  Bring Christ Michael into your hearts, for he is your light, your walking stick, your way-shower. He has led this path before you and knows of your struggles. He is ever with you, your watch-carer. Make this weekend successful for him, for he is full of joy and very pleased that this is taking place. He sends you his love and will be with you and will give of his messages later on. This is Machiventa. I will be with you all weekend and will be bringing you more messages. I am so inspired by your faith, your hope, and your trust. You make our job much easier. I give my love.

(unidentified): In the pleasant light of all that has been done, may we always look with joy at that which is left to do. May we accept wholeheartedly the course which is leading us forward. May we take that as our light, our way to find the everlasting glory. Trust, faith, love, hope; these are all road markers. They show us where we are going, and as we pass them by they tend to cling and become a part of the movement. Accept all that comes knocking and asking with the light of what it has to offer. Take reason to sort out what it is that you have to offer that knock on the door. Don’t forget to step. It is what takes it out of the mind and releases it into the flow.

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